Croatia Travel Blog – Split, Dubrovnik & Beyond

We travel Croatia seeking out Croatian food, wine, the best things to do in Croatia, & accommodation in Croatia for you.
Croatian Currency: Croatian Kuna
Language: Croatian. Learn Croatian here
Croatian Population: 4,144,236
Capital City: Zagreb
National Day: 8th October
Timezone: UTC +1 (UTC +2 during summer).
Croatian Fun Facts: 100+ Croatia facts here
UNESCO Sites: Croatia has ten sites. Read about them here
Things To Do In Croatia: So many! Start here for a few ideas
Driving: Very easy. Driving guide here
International Airports In Croatia: Dubrovnik Airport, Zadar Airport, Sofia Airport, Rijeka Airport, Pula Airport and Zagreb Airport. Zagreb is the biggest airport in Croatia, receiving the most international flights.
Mesmerizing turquoise waters and charming little towns, ancient ruins and modern highways; Croatia beckons the traveler to come. With an area of 56,594 square km to wander, including spectacular national parks and beautiful beaches, a holiday in Croatia could last forever.
We came for a visit many years ago and now live here permanently.
There’s a lot to see and do in Croatia for every type of traveler. For the adventurer, there are activities such as hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, zip lining, and much more. For those who need rest and relaxation, stunning beaches and calming waters offer a respite from the heat.
For the children, there are waterparks, safaris, ferry rides, and family-friendly resorts. For the history buff, there are ancient towns, magnificent castles and educating ruins.
For nature lovers, stunning national parks, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, canyons, and caverns to explore. For the foodie, a variety of local dishes and the best Croatian wines.
The scintillating beauty that is Croatia has something for everyone. Add it to the top of your bucket list!
Top Things To Do In Croatia:
Visit the once grand Trakoscan Castle
Visit Marija Bistrica, the home of the Black Madonna
Visit the Palace of Diocletian
Go sailing or kayaking on the Adriatic Coast
Look for fairies at the medieval Ruzica Grad castle
Walk across Kriznica’s hanging bridge
Eat at a konoba, a restaurant offering traditional fare
Explore the Moric Cave
Walk the Moli Ston, the second longest wall on earth, and the longest in Europe
Go truffle hunting in Motovun
Visit Tesla’s Birthplace Museum
See the 4th-century relic of St. Silvan in Dubrovnik
See the Jablanac shipwreck from WWII, visible from land
Visit the Kastrum archaeological site
Visit the glowing Blue Cave of Bisevo in Komiza
Explore St. Nicholas Fortress
Visit the Belvedere Hotel where the Game of Thrones was shot
Drink mistletoe brandy aka Biska in Hum, one of the world’s smallest cities
Visit the palace gardens from Season 3 and 4 of the Game of Thrones – Trsteno Arboretum
Gaze at historical treasures at the Visovac monastery.
Major Places Not To Skip:
Old Town Dubrovnik
Plitvice Lakes National Park
The Royal City of Knin
Ancient Trogir
Croatia’s largest river port, the town of Vukovar
The hilltop town of Motovun
Papuk Nature Park in the Slavonia Highlands
The Golden Island of Zlarin
The ancient town of Nin
Paklenica National Park, famous for the Dolomite canyons
Djakova, the Bishop’s town
Beautiful Omis, once a pirate town
Quiet Vinisce
Susak, the island that smells of oregano
Osijek, with its Baroque architecture
Krka National Park.
Croatian Traditional Food:
Croatian Traditional food guide here
Skradinski Rizot, a veal-based risotto
Pasticada, a Dalmatian pot roast
Brodet, a seafood stew
Bakalar, made with salted cod
Octopus salad
Soparnik, a flat vegetarian pie cooked on a hot stone
Crni Rizot, or a black risotto made with fresh squid
Hand rolled Fuzi pasta
Rozata, a creamy custard pudding
Skradin Cake.