Winter In Dubrovnik? Yes & Here Is Why & 10 Things To Do

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Sarah-Jane has lived in Croatia for 10+ years. SJ, as she is known, has been traveling the Balkans & beyond since 2000. She now shares her passion for traveling with her husband & kids.

While massive hordes of day-trippers, cruisers, and beach-goers flock to Dubrovnik in the peak season, intelligent travelers will consider winter in Dubrovnik as arguably the best time to visit this gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage-listed city. After living here for 11 years, I can say without question that Dubrovnik is a year-round destination, and this guide will show you just what I mean.

Croatia Travel Blog_Winter In Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik i one of the top destinations in the Balkans and while it is not exactly your typical winter wonderland type of vacation spot, you may be surprised to know it is a great time to make a quick visit.

Any time of year is, of course, suitable for visiting such an iconic Mediterranean city. Yet, winter has a lot going for it—it may be surprisingly more so than you might think – and the Dubrovnik winter weather isn’t what you may think!

Croatia in the winter months isn’t like winter in Norway – it’s not that kind of winter destination. But Dubrovnik, also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic Sea,” has many great things to keep you busy during the cooler months.

Plus, many incentives make you want to visit Dubrovnik in winter. The following are the five best reasons winter in Dubrovnik is a great idea.


Here Is Why Winter In Dubrovnik Is A Good Idea

Dubrovnik With Fewer Crowds

Fort St. John_Dubrovnik__shutterstock_253784749
Fort St. John

During the peak summer months, it’s not uncommon to see a handful of cruise ships pull into the harbor, dumping a mass of tourists into the Old Town of Dubrovnik.

Summer vacationers, too, add to the sometimes extreme crowdedness of the inner city. But to be fair, those visitors are usually day-trippers who arrive in the morning and leave after or even before dinner. Summer evenings in Dubrovnik are glorious—let’s be honest.

However, if you would like to experience Dubrovnik in a totally different way all day long, winter in Dubrovnik is when you should go there. There are still tourists around in December and January, but much fewer, meaning you can snag a seat at some of these top local restaurants in the city without an extraordinary wait. And this, of course, makes it a completely different vacation.

Experience A More Authentic Dubrovnik

During a Dubrovnik winter, you can explore and discover the real Dubrovnik—the Dubrovnik that locals know and love—not the tourist attraction it is in summer. More locals are in the narrow streets in winter, taking advantage of the low season to enjoy their cherished city.

People are more relaxed and open, which creates a more authentic atmosphere and vibe. Winter in Dubrovnik is what the city is like.

Save Money

Let’s not kid ourselves. Money is an essential aspect of any trip, and if you can avoid spending more of it, why shouldn’t you? Dubrovnik in the winter season is a whole lot cheaper than in the height of summer.

Restaurants don’t charge a “summer surcharge” in winter, while parking fees drop by as much as 50%. However, the most significant savings lie in Dubrovnik accommodation prices (usually the most considerable expense of a Croatia vacation).

Avoid The Heat

This is an apparent reason but no less valid. The blistering summer heat attracts a massive crowd of beach bums and water sports fanatics, which is understandable. However, if you’re someone who enjoys wrapping yourself up in warmer clothes, winter is an ideal time for you to visit Dubrovnik.

This is still the Med, with the Mediterranean climate, so don’t expect any below-freezing temperatures or snow (although that occasionally happens). A Dubrovnik winter is a bit wetter than summer, but there’s still plenty of sunshine to enjoy – bring a coat and some travel pants.

The historic Old Town of Dubrovnik is relatively compact and walkable (besides the necessary transport to and from the airport), but not necessarily in summer. For example, an afternoon walk on the shade-less City Walls in July is not the best idea. On a sunny day in winter, on the other hand, it’s absolutely glorious.

Photograph The Sights Without People In Your Way

Besides making the Old Town much more authentic, the lack of crowds also has another benefit. It allows you to photograph the numerous beautiful buildings, structures, and Dubrovnik attractions—the City Walls, Dubrovnik Cathedral, the Cable Car…—without other people blocking the view or taking selfies in front of them.

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What To Do In Winter In Dubrovnik

Now that you have plenty of reasons to go to Dubrovnik in winter, let’s look at what to do in Dubrovnik in winter. Naturally, going to the beach and sunbathing won’t be an option, but that’s totally fine. There are still plenty of fun things to do in Dubrovnik in winter, as you’ll see below.

1. Games Of Thrones Experience / Game Of Thrones Filming Locations In Dubrovnik

Games Of Thrones Tour Guide_Ivana
Games Of Thrones Tour Guide Ivana

One of the main reasons Dubrovnik has gained so much popularity in recent years is the Game of Thrones hype. Fans of this popular TV series instantly recognize it as Kings Landing, the Seven Kingdoms’ capital. On informative guided tours, you can visit various Game of Thrones filming locations in and around the Old Town.

2. Festival Of St. Blaise

Croatian Cultutre_TZ_ Festivity of St. Blaise, Patron Saint of Dubrovnik
Croatian Culture: St. Blaise. Photo Credit – Croatian National TZ

Since as early as the year 972, the Festivity of St. Blaise has occurred in Dubrovnik every year. It is the festival of the patron saint of Dubrovnik, St. Blaise. The story goes that St. Blaise helped the people of Dubrovnik defend the city against the armies of Venice. It’s a prominent cultural event in Croatia, attended by Dubrovnik locals and by people from other parts of Croatia and the world.

Taking place in early February each year, the Festivity of St. Blaise is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. In winter, if you visit Dubrovnik, try to plan your trip in February to experience this fantastic festival featuring theater performances, secular and religious concerts, book presentations, and a variety of exhibits.

3. Dubrovnik Winter Festival

Many people know of the ever-so-popular Dubrovnik Summer Festival, but fewer know about its winter-time cousin, the Dubrovnik Winter Festival. This reasonably new event is fun for both children and adults.

It takes place from the start of Advent and runs into the New Year, early December through early January. It is a feast of culture with various events and entertainment happening all over Dubrovnik’s Old Town and other parts of the city. You can expect Christmas concerts, performances by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, heart-warming music, hearty comfort food, and children’s and adults’ New Year’s Eve parties.

4. Spend The Holiday Season At The Christmas Markets

Winter in Dubrovnik - Advent Markets with fritule

Croatia is known for delightful advent celebrations, and Dubrovnik does not disappoint. The Dubrovnik Advent Markets are part of the Winter Festival, but it’s worth highlighting them a bit more. Lining Stradun, numerous food, drink, and crafts stalls offer everything you can expect from a European winter market, from mulled wine and traditional Christmas cakes to locally made handicrafts and Christmas tree decorations.

The Dubrovnik Christmas fair will undoubtedly change your mind if you ever doubted that a Dubrovnik winter is a good idea. Just imagine the Old Town covered in Christmas lights, basking in an atmosphere so enchanting it will make you fall head over heels in love with the city.

5. New Year’s Celebrations

Winter is a season of celebrations, not only Christmas but also New Year’s. Each year, a diverse New Year’s program covers three days. Visitors can enjoy an excellent musical program that starts on the morning of New Year’s Eve, and on New Year’s Day, there is the traditional 10-kilometer race and a concert with champagne and oysters.

6. Walk The City Walls

Dubrovnik old town city walls. Minceta Tower - Game of Thrones

Walking the City Walls is a significant highlight any time of year, although summer afternoons can be unforgivingly hot. The stairways and steps will undoubtedly warm up your body on a chilly winter day, while the views are always phenomenal.

A perfect time of day for a walk along the walls is late in the afternoon in winter when the Old Town below is lit up by thousands upon thousands of shining lights.

7. Dubrovnik Cable Car

Cable Car in Dubrovnik

One of the city’s star attractions, the Dubrovnik Cable Car, operates annually. Once again, summer crowds can make a ride feel like you’re a sardine in a can; winter in Dubrovnik offers an entirely different experience. You will never be alone in the car, but you’ll definitely have much more room to enjoy the spectacular views. At the top, visit the Panorama Restaurant for a coffee, beer, or glass of Croatian wine while enjoying the city’s best view.

8. Mandarin Harvesting In Neretva

Not all things to do in Dubrovnik in winter are within the Old Town. There are also plenty of opportunities to go for a day trip. And there’s no better excursion from Dubrovnik than mandarin harvesting in the Neretva Valley.

Sometimes referred to as “the garden of Dubrovnik,” this lush and gorgeous region is filled with farms and orchards. Citrus fruit has been grown in the Dubrovnik area since the 15th century, and the orchards are more alive and buzzing than ever. Especially mandarins are a widely grown fruit—estimates say there are no fewer than 1.3 million mandarin seedlings in the Neretva Valley. This explains the valley’s other nickname: “The Mandarin Valley.”

This glorious region has also become a popular tourist destination because of the mandarin harvest. The mandarin harvest season starts in early fall but runs well into winter, which is ideal for increasing your body’s vitamin C levels just in time for the coldest time of the year.



9. Rent A Fancy-Ass Apartment Or Hotel For Much Cheaper Than In Summer

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, one of the reasons to go to Dubrovnik in winter is its affordability. Prices drop significantly after the summer season, sometimes by as much as half. This makes it a brilliant idea to plan a visit in mid-winter. Even the most exclusive resorts and most stylish hotels in the Old Town will have rates that are too good to ignore. If you’ve ever wanted to spend a winter break in an old, iconic European coastal town, this is the time to do it with class.

10. Spa Day At A Hotel On The Cheap

Balkans Travel Blog_17 Best Hotels in the Balkans_Sun Gardens Dubrovnik -- Dubrovnik, Croatia
Photo Credit: Sun Gardens Dubrovnik

Another wonderful thing about winter in Dubrovnik is all the discounts. Not only are parking fees, accommodation rates, and guided tours much cheaper, but some activities are as well. Spending a day at a luxurious hotel spa, for example, becomes a highly tempting thing to do in Dubrovnik just because of those significantly lower prices.

So, walk the City Walls, explore Dubrovnik’s Game of Thrones locations, and stroll the Advent Markets, but don’t forget to relax. Treat yourself to a spa session after a long day of sightseeing or, even better, get yourself a sublimely luxurious hotel room for a mind-bogglingly cheap rate. Winter in Dubrovnik makes all this possible!

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  1. Dubrovnik in winter sounds amazing! I’m definitely adding this destination to my bucket list. I find tourist spots tend to be quieter in the winter, which is nice. It’s never much fun fighting the crowds in a popular restaurant or joining endless queues outside attractions. Winter is also a much cheaper time to take a vacation. I must admit, I do love chasing the sun each winter. We are heading to the Caribbean this year, and I can’t wait!

  2. Dubrovnik looks really awesome place to explore. You shared great detail and information of that place. There are so many things to do there. I would love to visit that place and see all the things which you shared with us. Thank you so much for sharing a ultimate destination.

  3. I am very interested in a one month visit to Croatia this winter and am trying to decide between Split and Dubrovnik. Are there really a lot of stairs in the city of Dubrovnik? Is English spoken by many of the citizens? Any advice would be more than appreciated. Thanks so much.

    1. Yes, there are lots of stairs, but you can avoid lots of them if you stay in the main few streets and do not venture up to the walls. And yes, English is very widely spoken, you’ll have no issues there at all. Enjoy.

  4. Thank you for sharing your insights on spending winter in Dubrovnik and providing ideas on what to do. It was very informative and helpful.

  5. Thinking of visiting the Mandarin Orange Farm. Allowed to pick the fruits ? Any contact?
    Will be there in Mid December. Mandarin Oranges is important in our culture. During Chinese New Year (around Jan.) we get lots of Mandarin Oranges from China. We give each other Mandarin Oranges ( Kum in our language which also means GOLD). We don’t give Sunkist Orange. Thanks

  6. Are the Christmas Markets open on the 24th and the 26th? Trying to decide how much time to spend in the city and the Christmas markets are a big attraction…as long as they are open on the days we will be there :-). Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. 24th is a HUGE celebration here in Croatia, so yes the markets are open, people come our from morning and go home after lunch. Enjoy the celebrations.

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