2024 Ferry From Split To Dubrovnik – Tickets & Times

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Are you planning to explore Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian Coast? If you’re considering the journey from Split to Dubrovnik, let me share a gem of a travel option: the ferry trip.

Having taken this route myself numerous times over the past 20 years, I can vouch for its appeal. It’s admittedly slower than driving, but trust me, it’s worth the pace.

The ferry offers a relaxing, comfortable trip that is also a scenic way to experience the Adriatic Sea. Read on for the ferry timetables, average price, popular routes, and more.

Here’s what you need to know to make your ferry from Dubrovnik to Split the total highlight of your Croatian trip.

Croatia Travel Blog_The Split To Dubrovnik Ferry Options

  • Ferry Travel Time: 4-6 hours, depending on stops and operators
  • Best Way to Book: directly through the ferry company websites or a site like this well in advance in high season; no need in low season
  • Ferry Operators: Jadrolinija, Krilo & Kapetan Luka
  • Reservations: recommended during peak season for guaranteed spots

Ferries in Croatia are a popular way to hop between coastal cities and islands. They’re like big buses on water, carrying people, cars, and sometimes cargo. It’s a practical and scenic way to travel.

For your Split to Dubrovnik ferry, you can choose from several operators, including Jadrolinija, Krilo, and Kapetan Luka. You can book directly on their websites or use aggregator sites like this for convenience.

Most routes stop at Milna (Brac Island) and Hvar Town (Hvar Island) before reaching Dubrovnik. Some extend to Korčula Island. The journey typically takes between 4 and 6 hours, depending on the route.

Jadrolinija offers traditional ships, usually slower and more budget-friendly. Krilo and Kapetan Luka operate fast catamarans with amenities geared toward sightseeing and comfort.

Split To Dubrovnik & Dubrovnik To Split Ferry Details

How to Get from Split to Zadar Croatia

  • Ferries run 1 or 2 times daily, starting in the morning until mid-afternoon. Pick a time that fits your schedule and allows for daytime exploration
  • The ferry services between Split and Dubrovnik, as well as Dubrovnik to Split, are operated by Jadrolinija, TP Line, and Krilo
  • These ferries are specifically catamarans and are only available if you are a foot passenger – no cars allowed
  • They operate during the summer season only
  • In the winter season, you can fly, take a bus ride, or book a private transfer to travel between the two cities
  • You can’t use these ferries as a day trip – as you will have no sightseeing time
  • Ferry ticket prices vary; budget 45 euros per person each way
  • Ferries are dependent on the weather conditions

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Split To Dubrovnik Ferry Schedule

  • Jadrolinija Catamaran
    • Ferry Route: Split – Bol – Hvar – Korčula – Dubrovnik
    • Sailing Time: About 6 hours
  • Krilo Catamaran
    • Ferry Route: Split – Bol – Makarska – Korčula – Mljet – Dubrovnik
    • Journey Time: About 5 hours
  • TP Line Ferry
    • Ferry Route: Split – Milna (Brač) – Hvar town – Korčula – Pomena (Mljet) – Dubrovnik
    • Sailing Time: About 5.5 hours
  • Departure Time: 09:15 from Split
  • Arrival Time: 14:35 in Dubrovnik
  • Operational Period: From April to October, daily departures
  • Price: Approximately 45 EUR per passenger

Dubrovnik To Split Ferry Schedule

Best Beaches In The Mediterranean - Banje Beach, Croatia

  • Jadrolinija and Krilo Catamarans
    • Jadrolinija Ferries: Dubrovnik – Korčula town – Hvar town – Bol (Brac) – Split
    • Krilo Ferries: Dubrovnik – Sobra (Mljet) – Korcula old town – Makarska – Bol (Brac) – Split
    • Sailing Time: About 5 hours (Krilo) and 6 hours (Jadrolinija)
  • Departure Time: 15:15 from Dubrovnik
  • Arrival Time: 20:30 in Split
  • Operational Period: From April to October, daily service
  • Price: Approximately 45 EUR per passenger

Please note that these schedules are subject to change, and it’s advisable to confirm the exact timings and availability closer to your travel date.

Travel In Off-Peak Season

The ferry services between Split and Dubrovnik, operated by Jadrolinija, TP Line, and Krilo, are specifically scheduled for the summer months, running from May to September.

Outside of this period, from October to April, these ferry services are not operational.

If you need to travel between Split and Dubrovnik during the off-season, you’ll need to consider alternative means of transportation such as bus, car, or flight. Always check with the ferry companies or local travel information for the most current schedules and available services.

Ferry Booking Tips


During summer, it’s wise to book in advance. Have your printed tickets or a mobile QR code ready for boarding, and arrive about 30 minutes before departure.

The ferry ride itself is part of the adventure. You’ll get unique views of the coast and islands, a chance to relax and move around on the ferry, and the opportunity to briefly explore island ports.

Split and Dubrovnik, your start and end points, are cities rich in history. Split’s Diocletian Palace and Dubrovnik’s impressive city walls are just a couple of the historical highlights. Hvar Town, a stop along the way, offers a glimpse into its Venetian-influenced past.

Enjoy the scenic coastal views, relax in the lounges, and maybe spot some dolphins! Whether you’re sunbathing, reading, or just gazing at the sea, the ferry offers a peaceful and memorable experience.




How long is the ferry ride from Split to Dubrovnik?

The ferry ride duration is typically 4-6 hours, depending on stops and the operator.

What is the best way to book ferry tickets?

Booking online directly through the ferry company website well in advance ensures the best fares and availability.

Which ferry operators run between Split and Dubrovnik?

Popular companies include Jadrolinija, Krilo, and Kapetan Luka. Each offers different routes and amenities.

What activities are there to do during the ferry journey?

Relaxing in lounges, sunbathing on open decks, reading, people-watching, and enjoying refreshments are top ways to pass the time.

Should I make a reservation for the ferry?

Yes, reservations are highly recommended during peak season to guarantee a spot, especially if you have an onward travel connection.

What are the border crossing procedures for the ferry journey?

When taking the ferry, there is no border crossing.

Can I catch a ferry directly from Dubrovnik Airport to Split?

There’s no direct ferry from any airport to Split. You’ll need to travel to the Dubrovnik ferry port, which is well-connected by bus or private car transfers.

Is the ferry route between Split and Dubrovnik a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

While the ferry route itself isn’t a UNESCO site, it passes near several, including the historic centers of Split and Dubrovnik.

How do private car transfers compare to ferry travel between Split and Dubrovnik?

Private car transfers offer a more personalized and direct route, often using the scenic Peljesac Bridge, but they miss the unique nautical experience of the ferry.

Is renting a car a better option than taking the ferry?

Car rentals provide more flexibility and can be faster, but you will need to pass the border crossing at the Neum Corridor.

Are there any shortcuts or less-known routes to travel between Split and Dubrovnik?

The most direct route is by road, but the ferry provides a more scenic journey. 

What’s the price range for a one-way ticket on the ferry from Split to Dubrovnik?

Prices vary depending on the ferry company, season, and type of service. 

Taking the ferry between Split and Dubrovnik is more than just a means of getting from point A to point B. It’s an integral part of the Croatian coastal experience, blending travel with discovery. So, when you’re mapping out your Croatia adventure, definitely consider this ferry journey as a key part of your itinerary. Happy travels!

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  1. Thanks for this very well written, clear and helpful information. We were thinking of doing a small ship cruise along the coast but this sounds like a much cheaper option to see the coastline of Croatia. Could you please explain:
    1. Is this 45 EUR for a one way or return ticket?
    2. Do we have to stay on board for the whole ferry ride or is it possible to get off at different places and get back on a later ferry? Or Get off and stay overnight somewhere, to do sightseeing before continuing the journey the next day?
    Any other advice you can give would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks very much.

    1. As far as I know the ferry ticket is for the day of travel only, and does not allow you to break up the journey. But, ask the company as they may allow it.

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