How to Get From Split to Bol, Brač Island (& Bol To Split)

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This detailed transportation guide tells you how to get from Split to Bol on Brač Island and from Bol to Split on mainland Croatia. 

Croatia Travel Blog_How To Get From Split To Bol Brac Island

During the space of one holiday, you might want to see more than one destination. That’s good travel sense!

Every country has different sights depending upon the region, including gastronomical delicacies and cultural hotspots. Croatia is no different.

If you’re visiting Split, why not venture over to the Island of Brač and check out Bol for the day or even a few days? Or, why not take it back in the opposite direction; if you’re in Bol, you could head over to one of Croatia’s biggest tourist hot spots, Split.

Blaca Hermitage On Brac Island In Summer
Pustinja Blaca Hermitage on Brač Island

Split is undoubtedly a great spot to spend a few days. Not only is it a large and busy city, but it’s also an excellent spot for beach time. Located on the eastern coast, with the glittering waters of the Adriatic lapping at its shore, Split is a beautiful city to visit. It has some delicious food and plenty of history to explore too.

But, maybe you want to try island life for a few days, and in that case, Brac Island is just a short ferry hop away. Bol is on the southern part of the island, an old town with plenty of history to check out.

The beaches are large and sandy, and the town is home to Zlatni Rat Beach, a long spit of sand that extends into the bluest sea you can imagine. Of course, this being a Mediterranean island, you can also expect genuinely delicious food to try!

So, how do you get from Split to Bol or back in the opposite direction?

Split To Bol, Brač Island, And Back Bol To Split

Split Or Zadar - Split Croatia at sunrise
Split, Croatia

If you look at the map, you might be worried that you’re going to be traveling for a considerable length of time, but the good news is that the two locations are only around 32km away from one another, and the ferry will take you no more than a couple of hours!

As Brač is an island, the ferry is your only option for getting between Split And Brač Island.

Different companies run the ferry service – Kapetan Luka, Jadrolinija, Adriatic Fast Ferries, c, and Krilo Shipping Company. There isn’t a significant difference between any of the companies, simply who runs a service at what particular time. There are more ferries in the summer than in the winter months, although visitors will undoubtedly be able to get to and from Split and Bol on any particular day, so long as the weather isn’t adverse.

During the summer months, the ferry leaves Split and arrives at Bol seven times per day, and in the winter months, there is one service per day. Ferry times vary according to service, but the lowest time is 50 minutes, and the longest is 3 hours. This is also a relatively cheap route as you can expect to pay between 40-160 Kn, depending upon service and time of year.

So, what about heading back from Bol to Split?

The same information generally applies, with the same companies running regular ferries between the two. Times and prices are roughly the same, although we suggest that check during the winter months as poor weather can sometimes mean that ferries are canceled at short notice.

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  1. Hi SJ
    I am travelling to Croatia end of December this year and planning to visit Bol. Is there a confirmed ferry that takes workers/travellers from Split to Bol and back daily irrespective of weather conditions? Just making sure that I don’t get stuck there and miss the flight 🙂

    1. No, if the weather is bad, then you can’t travel by ferry – even for work. That said, the weather has to be VERY bad for it to be cancelled.

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