Greece Packing List & What To Pack For Greece

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Greece Packing List & What To Pack For Greece

Summer is already here, and getting ready for your holiday trip is one of the things you probably have in your mind. If you’re heading to Greece this year, it’s a good idea to take a look at this super-detailed Greece packing list.

Don’t leave your packing organization to the last minute, have this Greek packing list at hand, and be prepared for an unforgettable holiday in Greece.

Packing for a trip to Greece is quite an easy task. It’s not difficult for you to find anything you might need almost anywhere in Athens and some other big cities, especially on the mainland. However, if your itinerary includes a few off-the-beaten-path destinations, or if you’re heading to some smaller islands, all the essentials you might need may not be available.

This is where this packing list for Greece comes in handy, as it includes all the essentials you might need for a hassle-free trip to Greece.

Greece Packing List: Practical Details

Passport Holder Travel Review_COVER

Once you’ve decided, check the following list to make sure you’re ready for your trip to Greece.

  • Visa: If you’re coming from a European country belonging to the Schengen area, you will be able to access the country only with your ID. Those traveling from other countries should contact the Greek Embassy in their home country and check whether an entry visa is needed. If yes, do start the process as soon as possible.
  • Passport: Now it’s a good time to check if your passport is valid or if you need to renew it. Please keep it safe in a passport holder.
  • Car rental: It’s quite a good idea to discover Greece by car, especially on the mainland and the bigger islands. We’ve published a guide to driving on Crete that might be quite useful for you to check. Find out if you need an International Driving Permit, and if you do, check how to get the request process started. Also, check what other documents you might need to rent a car in Greece, including your credit card here.
  • Tickets: Start looking for reasonable ticket prices to accommodate your dates around them whenever you can. As soon as you find the prices that suit you, book the flight. If your itinerary also includes bus trips or ferry trips, book those too
  • Accommodation: Have a general idea of your itinerary to look for convenient accommodation. Start the booking process early. We have guides for accommodation for Crete, Mykonos, and Santorini.
  • Insurance: Never travel abroad without adequate insurance coverage. Now is time to take care of it!


Greece Travel Blog_What To Pack For Greece


Learn about your destination beforehand to know what to expect.

  • Travel guide: Use the search function on Chasing the Donkey and check if we have a guide to the Greek destination of your dreams. It’s also a good idea to add a good travel guide to your bag. This Lonely Planet Greece is a fabulous one. Go for something thorough but not too bulky. If you’re only visiting the islands, check if the island of your choice has a guide of its own and prefer that book over the general travel guide to Greece. It will be more convenient.
  • Navigation: Get yourself a map of the destination if you’re traveling by car. Road trips are certainly more manageable with a small, foldable map. If you’re more of a tech guy, feed your navigation device with the coordinates you might need. Doing this before the trip will save you loads of time. Check TomTom prices here.

Greece Packing List Carry-on

What To Pack For Greece - Greece Packing List

Get your carry-on ready and the one for the rest of your family too:

  • Please choose the right carry-on: To decide on the best size, first check the airline regulations; they vary from company to company, so keep this in mind when you travel with two different carriers. 
  • Toiletries: Get all your liquids inside a ziplock bag or choose a more fashionable (and reusable) transparent toiletry pouch. Add toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, shower gel, deodorant, and any other product that you usually use.
  • Earplugs: Include earplugs or eye-mas if your trip to Greece is a long-haul one
  • COVID-19: Don’t forget hand sanitizer and mask as well. This last item has been made mandatory on every flight and in every Greek airport.
  • Pillow: Also, for long flights, neck pillows can help you get to your destination fully relaxed and rested
  • Entertainment: Such as books, magazines, a Kindle
  • Medicine and prescriptions: Prepare a special pouch for these items
  • Carry-on for kids: If you’re traveling with kids, choose a comfortable backpack to let your kids free to move around. In your kid’s carry-on pack, entertaining activities, maybe a Kindle if they’re older, or a table with entertaining activities for the flight. Add a few travel-sized games, cards, dice, and their favorite snacks to your Greek packing list. Get a water bottle that can be refilled on the go. Airplanes tend to be chilly; pack a light jumper or jacket, too.

Greece Packing List: Clothes

Best Wrinkle-Free Clothes For Traveling - Black Wrap Dress

Let’s get to it: what to wear in Greece? Clothes are very personal items. However, these are some of the basic clothes to wear in Greece.

Summers tend to be quite hot on the Greek islands. So don’t go crazy when packing for Greece. Try not to overpack. The weather, especially on the islands, is quite hot, and usually, the Meltemi wind blows strongly enough for your clothes to dry fast.

If you’re wondering what to wear in Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, what to wear in Corfu, or any other Greek island, these are some essentials on your packing list for Greece.

Everyday clothes

  • Tops: Choose light materials, such as cotton or linen, to let your skin breathe. Include 3 to 6 tops depending on the length of your stay.
  • Shorts: Add 2-3 pairs of shorts. They are great to visit the villages, go hiking, go exploring, and even go to the beach.
  • Cover-up: A key piece to spend long days at the beach. It’s a versatile piece you can simply put on top of your swimming suit to head to the pool bar or beach bar for an afternoon drink.
  • Swimming suit: Two bikinis (shorts for men) are usually enough for any trip to Greece. Toss one more in your bag if you are a fashion victim!
  • Fresh summer dress: We can’t not mention a couple of fashionable outfits for Greece! Summer dresses are another versatile piece that can be used to visit the islands, landmarks, museums, or even for a quick trip to a shop. Add one or two according to your travel style. Avoid synthetic materials; go for cotton or linen for more comfort.
  • Underwear: Pack enough underwear for you and the family. Obviously, underwear is among the essential clothes to wear in Greece. Add a couple of pairs of summer socks if you plan to hike or love to wear running shoes. Include your favorite pajama or a nightgown.

This basic packing list for Greece is identical for every member of the family. However, if you’re traveling with small kids, include some extra pieces. My thumb rule is to double the number of items you’re carrying for yourself. So, for instance, if you’re packing three t-shirts for you, pack six tees for each of your kids.

Other items to include are:

  • Light raincoat: It’s quite odd to find rain in Greece in the summer, but occasional showers do happen. Please don’t get caught under the rain unprepared; add a light, foldable raincoat or a light waterproof jacket and have it at hand. Showers are usually brief, so an umbrella is not necessary. We like these travel raincoats best.
  • Sunglasses: A must when traveling in summer, especially if you’re heading to the beach or if you’re planning to spend a lot of time in the outdoors. Choose a good quality pair with high UV protection. Pack sunglasses for kids too
  • Hat: Hats are a super useful item you need to pack for every member of the family. Hats for children are essential when spending long hours at the beach or in open spaces, especially in the hottest hours of the day. A cap is also a good alternative. There are some models in the market with USV protection; they’re not so expensive and are a good idea when traveling with babies and toddlers.

Greece Packing List: Shoes

Best Shoes For Travel_Cole Haan Women's Capri Sandal | Travel Blog

So, what shoes to wear in Greece?

Three pairs of shoes for every member of the family is my rule of thumb. The must-have shoes for Greece are:

  1. Flip-flops for the beach.
  2. Hiking sandals, running shoes, hiking boots for long walks in the mountains, or hike to less accessible beaches.
  3. A pair of cute but comfy flat sandals to go out at night. Streets on most islands are not paved, but they’re those picturesque but uncomfortable cobblestoned alleys, so heels are not a great idea.

If you really need to have heels, trade the flat sandals for a comfortable pair of wedges.

For men, a nice pair of summer loafers are a great addition to appropriate Greece outfits for nightly walks and going to a restaurant.

When it comes to kids and shoes for Greece, their hiking sandals can double as shoes to go out for dinner or visit museums and archaeological sites. In that case, add a pair of water shoes as the third pair of shoes. Many beaches have small stones and pebbles, something quite uncomfortable for kids.

If you’re wondering how do people dress in Greece, don’t worry. Greek people are usually as casual as the people who visit their beautiful country. Just like you, they’ll wear comfy, light clothing on hot days and bundle up when it’s cooler. Don’t overthink this, the typical Greece dress attire is pretty casual!

Greece Packing List: Extra Toiletries

Best Hanging Toiletries Bag: Greece Packing List

You’ve already packed some essentials in your suitcase. Don’t forget this key product: a very high protection sunscreen lotion. Go for a very high factor when traveling with kids. When traveling with babies and toddlers, look for a fragrance-free formula specially designed for sensitive skins.

Another essential part of the answer to the question ‘what do I need to travel to Greece?’ is this: after-sun lotion. These tend to be overpriced at a lot of destinations since most tourists end up buying them. Make sure to add this to your Greece packing list, for sure.

Include protective lip balm and hair-specific products for the beach if you have difficult hair. Sun, sea salt, and wind are a terrible combination for the health of your hair.

All of these are best packed in a hanging toiletries bag like this to save room on your suitcase.

What To Pack For Greece: For The Beach

Lesser-Known Greek Islands - Karpathos

Visiting the Greek islands and wondering, say, what to wear in Santorini or Mykonos? How to dress in Greece in July? What to wear to Greece in June, the start of summer? Here are some beach essentials that you should put on your Greek holiday packing list.

  • Pack a comfortable beach bag: Go for a foldable model or a comfortable backpack, or repurpose your carry-on tote if you’re on a budget. Cotton totes are practical and easier to pack than beach baskets.

If your vacation will include many days to be spent at the beach, it’s a good idea to add a few extra beach items to your Greece packing list.

  • A good pair of goggles or even a snorkeling set, including a mask and pins, are a fantastic thing to add to your beach bag. Remember to get a set that’s specific for kids if you’re traveling with children. These are items that tend to cost more at the destination, so buying them beforehand can save you a few bucks.
  • Beach towel: I always prefer the microfibre models, which dry fast and don’t take up a lot of space like this. They’re lighter even when they are wet, so your beach bag won’t end up weighing a ton. There are microfibre towels specific for kids. Don’t forget to pack one towel for each family member; this year, towels are mandatory whenever you rent a sunbed, don’t leave it at home!
  • Sarong: If you want to visit an isolated beach, you won’t easily find sunbeds for rent, keep your towel clean and free of sand, and just add a light cotton sarong for you to sunbathe. These can also double as a cover-up.

What To Pack For Greece: To Go Out At Night

Best Wrinkle-Free Clothes For Traveling - Packing List for Greece

Pack a fancy dress for you, a nice pair of Bermudas, and a light t-shirt for your hubby for night walks and dinners. Depending on the length of your stay, you can double or triple on this item. Choose something fancy for your kids too, but make them comfortable and easy to clean.

Fashion in Athens, Greece, for example, is pretty similar to other Balkan countries. It’s usually not too fancy or over-the-top, but generally just nice and appropriate. So, don’t worry too much about what to wear in Greece for nights out, museum visits, or other activities. Wearing jeans in Greece, for example, is totally normal. General nice clothes are usually all you need!

If you go hiking or practice sports

Not everybody is aware that Greece is a very mountainous country. So clothes dedicated to hiking, trekking, canyoning, or similar sports are vital pieces to pack if you are an adventurer.

If you practice any sport for which you need specific garments or equipment, don’t forget to add it to your list.

Choose hiking pants and hiking shirts made of breathable material. Include a hat, and don’t forget those hiking shoes we discussed above!

What To Pack For Greece: Electronics


So, this is definitely a topic for the internet and smartphone age. What to pack for Greece in terms of electronics? These are the basics you should carry with you.

Phone, charger, and extra cords. Remember to include a specific adapter to keep all your devices charged at all times. Greece uses plugs that have two round pins and two earth clips on the side. Greece operates on a 230 V supply voltage and 50 Hz.

It’s not legal to drive and talk on the phone at the same time. Choose a Bluetooth headset to respect the law and be on the phone even if you’re driving. Earbuds are also a good idea if you love to hear music on the beach.

Include your computer or tablet (and their chargers). They are helpful to book excursions and to investigate more the area where you’re traveling. They are also a great way to keep you busy on long flights and ferry rides from one island to another. Pack it with downloaded films, games, or other entertaining activities.

If you’re taking photos with your phone, add an extra memory card. You might also want a good stabilizer for a more professional result. Instead, if you love to shoot the traditional way, don’t forget your camera, the charger, and the cord. Include any extra batteries to keep charged at all times, additional memory cards, filters, extra lenses, and even a tripod if you’re a photography geek. Action cameras (such as the GoPro Hero 8) are great for underwater pictures.

Are you ready for a great experience in Greece? I’m sure that you’ll know exactly what you need to be packing for Greece with this Greece packing list. You’re now one step closer to your following summer holidays!


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