Best Carry On Garment Bags

With this list of the best carry-on garment bags, you’ll never again arrive at your destination looking crumpled and having to iron your clothes.

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Suppose you’ve never managed to arrive at your destination without looking crumpled and having to iron your clothes once you arrive at your hotel. In that case, you’re missing one essential piece of your travel kit – a carry on garment bag!

What Is A Carry On Garment Bag?

A carry on garment bag is basically what it says on the tin. It is a large garment bag you can take into the plane’s cabin as part of your hand luggage, and inside, you can store clothes. Certain compartments and hangers within the bag so your clothes don’t get crumpled or mixed up.

These bags are ideal for business travelers, but overall, they’re an excellent idea for those trying to travel light and not pay inflated check-in baggage fees.

Women, check out our favorite wrinkle-free clothing items too!

World Traveler 40 Inch Carry On Hanging Luggage

This bag is ideal for funky travelers who want to look fantastic while moving around and is available in 23 different patterns and colors! This carry-on garment bag is one size, but it’s ideal for regular trips, e.g., a weekend away. Made of 600D polyester, this is a durable and strong bag with strong dual zippers around the outside. This is a folding garment bag, and it also has a front pocket on the outside, which zips up.

With the included metal hanging hook, you can hang this bag on the back of doors or in wardrobes, and the eye-catching design means you’re not going to miss it! The dimensions are 24 x 1 x 40, which, as we mentioned, is enough for a weekend or a few days away, but perhaps not much more.

We recommend this carry on garment bag for a style-conscious traveler who isn’t going away for longer than a few days.



WallyBags Luggage 45″ Extra Capacity Hanging Suit Bag Carry On With Pockets

This bag is available in two dark-shaded colors and is quite large at 45″, so perfect for business trips and storage of suits, etc. Among the best travel luggage for suits, this men’s luggage garment bag has a hanger clamp inside, which holds anything up to 8 different clothing items, and the hangers are secure at the top, so they don’t slip around. Two large pockets are also included for shoes and other accessories you might need, such as small toiletries.

The bag is made of durable polyester and water repellent for extra peace of mind. The zippers are strong and long-lasting, and the side zip allows the bag to open up entirely from its one-fold position, so you can get to your items quickly and easily when you arrive.

We recommend this carry on garment bag for business travelers, either men or women, looking to buy the best carry on luggage for suits.



Modoker Convertible Roll-Up Garment Bag With Shoulder Strap

Available in a stylish grey shade, this is a garment duffel bag combo type of garment holder and is a chic option for overnight or weekends away. The bag rolls your clothes, keeping them flat and free of wrinkles, with two pockets to either side – one for shoes and one for smaller items. It contains 45L of space, which is more than enough for a few days away, and it is soft-sided, so it fits most airline restrictions as your carry on luggage.

The bag is made of polyester and Jacquard and is scratch-resistant, anti-tear, and water-resistant. There is a detachable strap, so you can carry it on your shoulder if your hands are full or carry it with the top handle.

We recommend this carry on garment bag for the style-conscious traveler looking for the best suit travel bag.



Hook & Albert Women’s Garment Weekender Carry On Luggage

This is a stylish garment bag to take with you on your travels. It looks like a regular designer bag! This is a hybrid garment duffel bag, and it also has included shoe pockets on the inside, so it ticks all boxes a woman might need for a few days away.

The bag has carry handles on the top, just like a regular purse, or it has an adjustable shoulder strap if you prefer to use carry it on your shoulder. The main compartment has a wide and strong zipper, and when the bag is open and unzipped, the central section is large enough to hold dresses and suits easily. There is a small zipped compartment outside for smaller items, such as keys, passports, etc.

The only downside is that this soft garment bag is quite heavy compared to some of the other choices, and that is mainly down to the material, which is thick and durable.

We recommend this carry on garment bag for the female style-conscious traveler.



Helium Sky 2.0 B/O Suit Luggage Carry On Garment Bag

This is the ideal stylish garment bag for business trips or events with a formal edge. The look is sleek and chic and comes in a plain black shade. The top carry handle is solid and durable, and there is a detachable shoulder strap if you want to carry it on your shoulder. The bag has several compartments and the main garment section, making organizing your items easy.

The bag is lightweight and made of micro-ballistic fabric, which is waterproof and has a privacy tag within it. The zippers are interlocking and very strong, making this a quality choice of carry on garment bag. The hanging clip included in the bag is universal so that it will fit all types of hangers, and there is a removable hanging hook so that you can store it in a wardrobe or on the back of a door.

This bag is excellent for those who don’t travel light, as it has an extender section and interior pockets.

We recommend this carry on garment bag for male or female business travel.




Mercury Tactical Gear Code Alpha Hybrid Garment Duffel Bag

Available in eight different colors, this hybrid garment bag is a great all-rounder and can be used for leisure travel with ease, thanks to its sporty, casual look. The bag is made of 600 denier vinyl and has polyester for extra durability. At 25.5 x 12 x 11.5″, this roll-up suit bag is certainly big enough for a weekend away or a few days and is a comfortable and easy-to-carry bag, thanks to the padded shoulder straps adjustable and also detachable. There is also a top carry handle if you prefer to hold it that way.

The duffel garment bag has a dual front pocket, and the ends each have a small pocket for smaller items. There is another mesh pocket inside for smaller items, such as underwear. When rolled out flat, the bag is large enough to hold trousers or shirts and keep them in a wrinkle-free state throughout your journey until arrival.

We recommend this carry on garment bag for budget travelers looking for the best travel garment bag.



Tumi Alpha 2 Carry-On 4 Wheel Rolling Garment Bag Carry On

This is a carry on wheeled garment bag with four wheels, which is ideal for those who don’t want to carry their bag and would rather have the ease of pulling it along instead. Ideal for business travel, this bag looks the part and is very stylish. The large main compartment has an expandable section, giving you more room for your belongings.

There is a large hanger bracket, which will easily fit your own hangers, and compression straps to hold everything in place. The mesh zip pockets on the inside are ideal for keeping smaller items secure, and there are four outer pockets with zippers.

As we mentioned, this is a four-wheeled item, and when extended, it has a length of 43″. Be sure to check with your airline that this fits their regulations, but it does fit most. The telescopic handle is strong and has carry handles on the top and sides for ease.

We recommend this carry on garment bag for business travelers, either male or female, searching for the best-wheeled garment bag.



Henty Wingman Two-Piece Compact Garment Bag

This very stylish and casual-looking garment bag comes in two pieces. The exterior color is grey and made of tough nylon, with strong zips for durability. The two-piece design means that the outer layer is ideal for rolling more oversized items of clothes, e.g., suits or trousers, and the inner section is perfect for smaller items, such as shoes or toiletries. The inner chamber is also waterproof, so toiletries aren’t an issue.

The bag also has an inbuilt support system to stop your clothing from becoming crushed by whatever is inside the inner section. This all makes it an excellent option for those looking for the best garment bag for suits that are also small.

A front zip holds a padded section, which is excellent for a tablet or other gadgets, as well as pens, papers, and other things you might need for your business trip. Carrying the bag is also easy as the shoulder strap is padded.

We recommend this carry on garment bag for business travel, probably geared more towards men.



Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Expandable 22″ Upright Rolling Garment Bag

Available in three colors, this is a wheeled carry on upright garment bag and suitcase in one. The bag is made of strong 1680D ballistic nylon and leather in certain sections, protecting your belongings from bumps or scrapes. The pack also expands, so if you don’t have enough space, you can simply add a little more. This makes for a very versatile product.

This hard-sided garment bag has a strong fiberglass frame, which is ideal for keeping your clothes flat and free of wrinkles, and the handle to carry it is solid and durable. Equally, the zips are strong and interlocking for extra security and durability. This bag is easy to maneuver with four wheels, and the telescopic handle is solid and long-lasting.

We recommend this carry on upright garment bag for the style-conscious traveler.



ZEGUR Suit Luggage Bag Carry On For Travel & Business Trips With Shoulder Strap

This is the ideal bi-folding garment bag for those on a budget while keeping the professional, stylish look. The bag has several zipped pockets inside and is surprisingly spacious too. In addition, there is an outside pocket for other items, such as a tablet or your chargers.

The main garment compartment has a dual buckle to hold your clothes in place and a hanger clip that secures your clothes. Carrying the bag is also very easy as it has a detachable shoulder strap, which also adjusts, and a regular carry handle at the top. This bag also fits in with most airline garment bag carry on rules. So if you’re wondering, “can you carry on a garment bag?” the answer for this particular one would be “yes.”

Made of 1800D polyester, the bag is strong and durable, and the zippers are also long-lasting with outstanding construction.

We recommend this carry on garment bag for the budget traveler, as well as the business traveler.



Victorinox Werks Traveler 5.0 WT East-West Carry On Spinner Garment Bag

Are you looking for the best rolling garment bag? This stylish, two-wheeled garment bag is ideal for business travel. With a long, telescopic handle with a multi-staging ability, this is an easy case to carry and maneuver. The outer is made of strong ballistic nylon, so you can be sure that your items will remain undamaged during your journey.

The inside section of the bag has a hanger clamp to keep everything in place and a bolster compression strap made of foam, which won’t damage your clothes but will keep them from moving around and becoming wrinkled.

A panel also extends to fit longer or larger items inside without any issues. The outer features a large zippered pocket for smaller items or paperwork. This bag also fits in with most airline garment bag carry on rules, garment bag dimensions, and restrictions.

We recommend this carry on garment bag for business travel, either male or female, searching for the best rolling garment bag.



Travelpro Crew 10 Carry-On Rolling Garment Bag (22 Inch)

This is another wheeled garment bag with two wheels for ease of motion. The telescopic handle is made of power scope aluminum, designed to stop the bag from wobbling around when you move it, and there is also a solid handle for the top section for lifting into the overhead locker on a plane.

The bag is made of strong nylon and has a DuraGuard coating on the outside to keep your items safe and free of water damage. This bag is designed with stability in mind, which makes it ideal for business trips and looks very professional.

The bag’s interior has compression straps to hold everything in place and a hanger lock section to keep your larger items from slipping and wrinkling. There are also outer pockets for smaller items and a small interior zipped pocket.

We recommend this hard-sided garment bag to people searching for the best garment bag for business travel.



Samsonite Luggage Liftwo Carry On Wheeled Garment Bag

Samsonite is perhaps the biggest name in the luggage world, so you know instantly that you’re getting quality for the money with this product. This is a four-wheeled garment bag with a long and strong telescopic handle and an easy lift handle on the top section. The zippers are super-strong and interlocking, and the outer is made of strong nylon, with the usual professional Samsonite appearance.

The inside of the bag has crossing compression straps with a buckle closure for keeping your clothes in one place, as well as a hanger lock at the top. There are several smaller, zipped pockets on the inside, and the outer has a large, zipped pocket, which is ideal for keeping a tablet or any business papers you might need to grab quickly.

We recommend this carry on garment bag for business travel, either male or female.



Mercury Luggage Tri-Fold Carry On Garment Bag

This tri-fold garment bag is ideal for those on a budget, and despite the low price, it looks professional. The size is 45″, which means you can easily fit whatever you need inside, and the outer is made of denier polyester for true strength and durability. The zippers are strong and long-lasting, and the bag has a detachable shoulder strap, which can also be adjusted for comfort. If you prefer to carry the bag the usual way, a large loop handle is also on the top section.

The main folding section has compression straps to hold your luggage in place and a lock for hangers. There is also a zipped section on the outside for other items, such as any business papers or documents you need to grab quickly. The attached luggage tag helps keep your bag safe from being lost.

We recommend this carry on garment bag for business travel, especially for those on a budget.



Victorinox Luggage Werks Traveler 4.0 Wt Deluxe Garment Sleeve Bag

This stylish garment bag is a tri-fold design, so it is large enough to fit your suits and dresses without becoming wrinkled and smaller items that you might need during your travel. This is a compact choice and fits in with most airline regulations.

Inside the garment bag, you’ll find a hanger clamp that holds your clothing in place and foam compression straps that do the same job without damaging your clothing. There is a zippered mesh pocket on the inside for your smaller items, a U-shaped zippered front compartment, and a full-length pocket on the inside too.

The bag has a hook on the top for hanging on the back of a door or inside a wardrobe, so you can keep your bag open with your clothes inside. The shoulder strap is padded and adjustable, and the back section has a pocket that you can slip over a wheeled cabin case for more comfortable carrying.

We recommend this carry on garment bag for business travel, either male or female.



NOMATIC Shirt Organizer

This is a good option if you want to organize your shirts on the go and keep everything crease-free. At an excellent price for the quality you get, this small garment bag and organizer folds up and keeps your shirts flat and uncreased.

The fabric is made of quality nylon, so you don’t have to worry about rips or tears affecting your clothing. The material is vented to keep your clothes smelling fresh, and there is a hanging loop on the outside so you can easily carry it or hang it up when you arrive at your destination. You can easily fit up to three shirts inside. 



UNIQUEBELLA Carry-on Garment Duffel Bag With Shoe Pouch

Perfect to take on a plane with you, and this stylish carry-one duffel garment bag is much larger than it looks. Thanks to numerous interior pockets, it has a capacity of no less than 45L. With this huge storage capacity, you can take everything from suits and ties to electronics, books, and business documents on board. It even has a convenient side shoe pouch for your dress shoes.

A carry-on bag with a suit compartment includes a trolley sleeve, detachable shoulder strap, a couple of easily accessible exterior pockets, and an ergonomic design. It’s an elegant choice for both men and women, available in light and dark gray.



Tips For Finding The Best Garment Bag For Carry On

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If you’ve never used or shopped for a carry on garment bag in the past, you’ll need to know about the top things to look for.


There are two main sizes of garment bags: the carry on one and the checked-in one. You’re reading this because you want a carry on version, so make sure you look for a bag around 21″ or less in size. This is the length of the bag.


Not all bags have wheels, and we’ll talk about the types of bags shortly. If you want to pull your bag along and not carry it, you’ll need to go for a bag with wheels. Two-wheeled types are often better because the wheels are built-in and add less bulk. If they’re too big, you won’t be able to take them as a carry on. Remember, the carry on size includes the wheels.


This is another feature that is usually on a wheeled type of bag, but is there an extendable handle? This makes it easy for you to pull. If you’re going for a carry type of bag, you need to ensure that the grip is strong and durable, as the weight could be pretty heavy in some cases. We don’t all travel light, after all!

Zipper quality

Make sure that the quality of the zip is high because it’s going to be holding a fair amount of content. Small zips might break easily, so it’s better to go for thicker or larger zips if you want a durable, long-lasting choice. Look for dual zippers too.


Go for durable, ripstop fabric, and avoid putting too much stress on the garment bag itself. Of course, waterproof is always better too. Nylon and polyester are the two main types you’ll find, but if you can, go for one with corner guards, as this will also protect your clothing if you happen to bang into anything while moving around the departure lounge.


There will be an area inside the bag which is for hanging items. You need to look at how the hangers are secured within the bag after you’ve closed it. Better quality bags come with a locking system, which holds everything in place, and stops your hanging items from crumpling up.

Fold Or Roll

How does the bag dictate you pack your clothes? If you don’t like to roll, go for a fold, and vice versa.

Extra Compartments

Some bags have different sections so that you can pack shoes, accessories, and other items, like towels. This is an extra you might like to look out for.

Types Of carrying On Garment Bags

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We’ve already alluded to the fact that there are a few different types of carry on garment bags, so let’s check each one out in a bit more detail now.

Wheeled Garment Bags

Wheeled garment bags can have either two or four wheels, but ensure that the measurement includes the wheels to keep within airline carry on rules. These are similar to carry on wheelie cases but are far less bulky. These also usually have an extendable handle and make moving around super easy. The downside is that they are a little bulkier than the other types.

Garment Duffel Bags

This type of bag typically has two main compartments, an outer section for you to roll your clothing and an inner chamber for other items, such as shoes. These can look sporty or business-like, and you carry them like a traditional duffel bag, i.e., on the shoulder.

Traditional Garment Bags

A regular type of garment bag can be either tri-fold, or-bi-fold. This means that it will fold a certain number of times to close. These are often light and compact to carry and have various features, so it’s worth shopping around carefully to find the space and features you want.

Airline Rules For Carry On Garment Bags

“Can a garment bag be a carry on?” is a very common question. Every airline has different rules for their carry-on luggage, so the best advice is to check with your particular airline about the carry-on bag sizes they will allow. Most carry on bags do fit in with these regulations, but it’s best to check to be on the safe side.

You won’t often find airlines mentioning garment bags per se, but as long as your bag fits into the size dimensions, you wouldn’t usually have a problem.

Advantages Of Using A Carry On Garment Bag

The main advantage of using a carry on garment bag is convenience. If you check in a bag, you will have to pay hefty checking-in fees, and you also have to wait for your case to come around the carousel when you arrive at your destination. Besides, there is always the small risk of your bag not reaching your destination and becoming lost. This is an inconvenience and worry that nobody wants!

Garment bags also allow your clothing and belongings to be organized to keep them flat and crumple-free.

How To Pack A Garment Bag For Wrinkle-Free Clothes

If you’ve never used a travel garment bag before, you might be unaware of the best ways to pack to keep your clothes flat and free of wrinkles. Wash your clothes before you pack to keep everything inside fresh; if you need to iron them, go for it. This will help with the wrinkle-free aim!

A few other tips include:

  • To avoid wrinkling of shirts, blouses, and trousers, place tissue paper or newspaper (be careful of transferable print) inside them. This helps them stay wrinkle-free and in shape
  • When packing, keep your garment bag somewhere flat
  • Pack your clothing facing the back of the bag. You’ll get creases from any folds or rucks in the bag, and if this happens, it won’t show on the front of your clothes.
  • Secure your items with the straps which are usually inside the bag, and clip any hangers in place to keep them from moving around
  • Pack your outer pockets last, after you have folded or rolled (depending on the way the bag closes)

Tips For Traveling With A Carry On Garment Bag

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It’s easy to try and cram everything inside your garment bag to get the most out of it, but overpacking will increase the risk of wrinkling what you already have. This bag is perfect for keeping clothes flat, which are pretty susceptible to crushing in general. Anything quite regular, e.g., jeans, are probably better off in a normal wheelie case or suitcase.

Also, always use the straps which are inside the bag. This will stop everything from moving around and creasing. We mentioned washing and ironing everything before you pack, and that’s a great tip for keeping everything flat and in excellent condition.

We Also Have A Lot Of Packing And Travel Products Tips Including

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