Best Travel Jewelry Organizers

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We’ve reviewed the best travel jewelry organizers for you. So, now you can travel with all your rings, bangles, and necklaces.

Best Jewelry Organizers for Travel_Travel Gear Reviews

When heading off on your travels, you must have everything you need close to hand.

Rummaging around in an unorganized suitcase is not the way to be efficient and stress-free! To achieve that aim, you need several pieces of kit to keep your belongings in place and prevent them from slipping around and mingling into one massive mess.

Are you someone who loves to take a personal stash of jewelry with you when you head off? After all, you never know when an event or a big night out might turn up!

Having jewelry with you can also cut down on the number of outfits you need to take; a maxi dress can easily be worn day and night and jazzed up with a bit of jewelry for an evening. We also highly recommend cute, wrinkle-free travel clothing pieces that can be worn for multiple occasions!

Flexibility indeed!

The problem with jewelry is that it has a habit of tangling itself up, and it’s far too easy to lose the backs of earrings without even trying. To solve that problem, you need one piece of kit – a travel jewelry organizer or a travel jewelry case, as you will also see them called.

What Is A Travel Jewelry Organizer?

A travel jewelry organizer does what it says on the tin; it keeps your jewelry organized while traveling from A to B and can also be used as a storage method when you’re at home. You could opt for a hanging travel jewelry holder and keep it on the back of your door, or you could try a jewelry travel purse, which looks exactly like a fashion item!

Put; there are many jewelry organizers on the market, ranging from pouches to hanging organizers, which roll up, available roll-up bags, and cases.

You can also choose a hard-case travel jewelry organizer if you prefer something more protective. It comes down to what you want, how much space you have, and how much jewelry you’re planning on traveling with to which option you choose.

Best Jewelry Travel Organizer Reviews

Below are our top picks for travel organizers for jewelry. Some are for earrings, but many will hold all your jewels as you travel the globe

WODISON Zipper Carry on Travel Jewelry Case Organizer With Removable Pouch

This particular jewelry carrying case is an excellent choice for those with several different jewelry types while on the go. It is the right size to be used as a carry on and has a removable pouch, which can be used as a separate bag for smaller pieces, such as brooches and clips. The organizer is made of nylon and has a suede interior to stop jewelry from snagging while inside.

Six different snaps hold your necklaces and keep them straight and organized, as well as clips for earrings (capacity to fit 12 pairs) and a ring strap that can be removed. This organizer zips up like a CD case and is an elegant black shade.

Reason to buy this travel jewelry bag: An elegant organizer which is ideal for carry on luggage

Why you should keep looking: Not the most exciting design, e.g., plain black



Csinos Jewelry Organizer Portable Earring Holder

If you’re a big earring fan who loves to jazz up an outfit with a pair of studs or hanging earrings, this is the ideal option. Designed like a book and made of quality PU leather, this earring holder has a slide fastening to hold the ‘book’ closed and comes in 7 different color designs to accessorize with your luggage.

The organizer contains around 42 pairs of earrings, and the pages turn so you can keep your colors and designs together. Additionally, this travel jewelry holder for earrings is small enough to fit inside your carry on luggage and is a fashionable design.

Reason to buy this travel jewelry organizer: Easy to organize all your earrings

Why you should keep looking: It only holds earrings.



BAGSMART Jewelry Travel Storage Case

This is adorable jewelry traveling case that could easily be used as a general storage case, too. The case has a zipped outer and a small carry handle with three color options to choose format. The exterior is made of polyester, and inside, you will find several compartments with five necklace snaps and card holes that can hold up to 15 pairs of earrings.

There are also loops for rings, which are padded for extra safety, and small zipper pouches for other miscellaneous jewelry items.

The reason why this is the best travel jewelry case: A feminine and elegant issue that can also be used as general storage

Why you should keep looking for travel jewelry holders: Doesn’t have a tremendous capacity.



Specialty Styles Travel Jewelry Case

This lady’s travel jewelry case is perfect for standing out in a packed suitcase or carry on bag, with a bright pink shade for fashion! This product folds up, almost like a book, and closes with a press stud strap.

There are necklace snaps at either end of this travel jewelry roll to keep everything flat and untangled, as well as two small drawstring pouches that detach from the main product. You’ll also find several zipped compartments for smaller items and a section for stud earrings to keep everything together.

Reason to buy this travel jewelry organizer: Brightly colored, an attractive design that is easy to spot in your main luggage.

Why you should keep looking: Not a huge amount of space for your jewelry



CASE ELEGANCE Vegan Leather Travel Jewelry Case

The name says it all. This is a very elegantly designed jewelry travel kit, and it’s also vegan-friendly, so there are no conscious issues to deal with! Choose between four different colored options with a product that folds up like a book and has a press stud fastening. Once closed, this jewelry travel pouch and organizer resembles a purse, so easy to find in your luggage and quickly flattens to protect your jewelry on the go.

Inside, you will find three tabs to hand your necklaces, a slight catch pouch, two ring bars, and two small pockets, which are ideal for smaller items. There is also one large pouch and an earring holder, which stores up to 7 sets.

Reason to buy this portable jewelry case for travel: Stylish option which folds flat for easy storage

Why you should keep looking for the best jewelry case: A very feminine-looking product, which might not be what you’re looking for



Mele & Co. Dana Travel Jewelry Case in Faux Leather

This is a stylish option that comes in two different color choices. The faux leather material is durable and hard-wearing, so there are no issues with the number of times you use it, and there is also a drawstring pouch included, which you can remove and use to store smaller items, such as brooches and clips. The jewelry travel case organizer zips up as a compact container, but a flat version is easy to store and find in your main suitcase.

You’ll find several ring rolls inside the case, so you can keep your rings in place and organized, as well as a mirrored divider and small cubed holders. This organizer is almost like a travel jewelry box, so you can easily use it at home and on the go. Therefore, it’s a great travel necklace organizer.

Reason to buy this travel jewelry organizer: It can easily be used at home as storage and on the go.

Why you should keep looking for a travel jewelry case for long necklaces: Necklace snaps fold over, so your chains may become tangled.



Bundle Monster 3-Tier Compartment Mini Velvet Travel Roll-up Case

This is the ideal jewelry carrying case for those on a budget who want to keep small amounts of jewelry organized without fuss. The design is also quite stylish, with faux suede material and a cube design, which fastens with a firm press stud.

Once opened, the case has three small circular compartments, which swivel outwards and can stand unaided on a nightstand. One compartment has sections to organize your earrings, and the others are ideal for rings and smaller items.

The reason why this is the best travel jewelry roll: Low cost and stylish design

Why you should keep looking for a necklace travel case: There is no space for keeping necklaces flat and untangled



Tidybagz Jewelry Roll Bag

This is an ideal jewelry travel roll for anyone with several different types of jewelry that they want to take with them on the go. The organizer rolls up and fastens with a tie section, and there is also a hook on the top so it can be hung up inside a wardrobe or the back of a door.

Even though this is a small travel jewelry case, it has several different compartments, all of which fasten with zips, with alternate sizes for additional items. The downside is that there are no snaps for necklaces.

Reason to buy this travel jewelry organizer: Ties up into a small, compact design and also has a hook for hanging up/easy storage

Why you should keep looking for a travel necklace holder: No snaps for necklaces



Ellis James Designs Jewelry Travel Bag And Organizer

This is a very stylish-looking piece of travel kit that adds a spot of luxury to your luggage! The outer is made of soft padding, which keeps your jewelry safe and secure. Inside, you will find several compartments, including two large pockets with zip closures, the main compartment for large items, a watch strap, and a bracelet section. The jewelry travel bag is also water-resistant for added protection.

Reason to buy this travel jewelry organizer: Water resistant and attractive design

Why you should keep looking: It might be slightly too bulky for carry on luggage.



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Why Is A Travel Jewelry Organizer A Good Idea?

These jewelry-carrying cases are usually relatively small and compact and are designed to separate your items. We’ve all had that annoying occurrence when a necklace goes in straight but comes out tangled up with knots!

Also, your organizer will allow you to see what items you have without a need to rummage around and waste precious sightseeing time.

These jewelry cases for traveling are also suitable for keeping your items safe in your hotel or apartment. They have several compartments that turn into a jewelry box or bag on your nightstand or in the bathroom.

Getting ready has never been easier, and keeping your jewelry safe and untangled is, of course, the most significant plus point.

What To Look Out For When Buying A Compact Jewelry Case

Due to the popularity of these items, several are on the market, and it can be hard to figure out which is the best for your needs. The following are the essential aspects to think about.


It’s a good idea to shop around and find the item that suits your budget first. Identify what you can afford and go from there.

Type Of Organizer

There are different types of organizers, including boxes, pouches, and roll-up organizers. Which you opt for depends on your preference, the types of jewelry you will be traveling with, and how much.

How Many Compartments

How many chambers does the organizer have, and how are they secured? Most will have plastic pouches to ensure you can see what is inside each section, but actual cases tend to have small boxes within them. How many compartments you need depends on how much jewelry you’re taking and what type.


You’ll find jewelry organizers in various colors and designs, so find one that calls out to you. You might even want to match it to the rest of your luggage!


As with the number of compartments, what size is best for you? This will depend on how much jewelry you’re traveling with. You also need to know whether it is small enough to be used as carry on luggage if you’re not traveling with a larger suitcase.

How It Fastens

Another aspect to think about is how the organizer closes securely. For instance, does it have a tie fastener? A press stud? You’ll find many options, but go for one that is safe and robust to avoid the organizer undoing itself while in transit.

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