Best Travel Flat Irons & Travel Hair Straighteners

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Here is your guide on how to choose the best travel flat irons and hair straighteners. Included is a helpful comparison chart with detailed reviews.

Best Travel Flat Irons | Travel Blog

For me, traveling with a flat iron is an absolute must. A travel flat iron is one of the first things I pack in my case – always.

There are many reasons you might want to pack a flat iron whenever you head off somewhere exotic or even on a business trip. They range from sorting out that crazy hair due to the weather to reinvigorating a flagging hair-do when you can’t be bothered to rewash it or want to look cute while traveling.

Whatever your reason for traveling with one, the question remains, what is the best travel flat iron to buy? I’d suggest you pack a travel-size flat iron to save space in your case; here are the ones:

Best Travel Flat Iron Reviews

Best Mini Travel Flat Iron: Turboion Baby Croc Professional Dual Voltage Mini Travel Flat Iron

Baby Croc_Best Travel Flat Iron Reviews

This baby croc flat iron might not have the big name of GHD, for example, but it is a fantastic manufacturer that is much more affordable, too, and we vote it the best mini flat iron.

This particular product is fuchsia pink, which is excellent for the fashion-conscious. It comes with rounded floating plates, so various styles, such as curls and so on, can be achieved on the go. The baby croc flat iron is dual-voltage and comes with a free heat-proof carry case.


Turboion Baby Croc Professional Dual Voltage Mini Travel Flat Iron. White, 5/8.”

Baby Croc_Best Travel Flat Iron Reviews_Dual Volatge

This is a very similar baby croc flat iron to the product mentioned above, but this one comes in white and must win the 2nd best mini hair straighteners award! Again, there are rounded floating plates, which means you can achieve practically any hairstyle you want.

Moreover, the plates also emit negative ions, which cut down on frizz and keep your hair perfect for longer. This baby croc flat iron is also dual voltage, and a heat-proof case is included.


Mermaid Portable Ceramic Hair Straightener Salon Professional

This small but mighty flat iron is perfect for anyone who needs to style fast and on the go. Needing just five seconds to heat up to full capacity, this portable travel iron can also be charged using the USB connector, which means you can style it as you please at work or in the car. Don’t style and drive, though!

The plates are made of ceramic, one of the best options, and the handle is ergonomically shaped, so you can hold it easily, allowing you to style your hair much more effectively. The negative ions emitted by the plates also help to cut down on frizz and static, leaving your hair smooth and soft.

The straighteners are also suitable for thick or coarse hair, making this flat iron a great all-around product. The irons also come with a storage bag and USB cable for charging.


FARI Travel Mini Hair Flat Iron ½ Inch Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener

This is a great travel hair iron for anyone on a budget and anyone who travels a lot and wants to take their flat iron with them. The dual voltage and included travel bag make jetting off with stylish hair much easier, and the low price certainly doesn’t hurt either! Choose between purple, pink or black.

Thanks to the 7″ plates with tourmaline ceramic material, you achieve professional-looking results, which distribute the heat evenly across the hair shaft and cut down on burning or damage. The straighteners are also ergonomically designed for holding easily and comfortably. They heat up fast, staying at a constant temperature while you use them.


NEXGADGET Hair Straightener Rechargeable Mini Cordless Flat Iron With Power Bank Function

This travel-size hair straightener is cordless, which means you don’t have to deal with tangled cords or find a power plug to use them. It comes with a power bank, so you can still style your hair if you’re running low on juice! You charge the flat iron using a USB.

This flat iron is small and compact, so you can easily take it with you to work or on your travels, while its safe locked button ensures that it won’t accidentally turn on when it’s in your bag or stored away. There is an automatic switch-off after 30 minutes of non-usage, too.

You can quickly adjust the temperature from 248-338F to find a temperature that suits your particular hair type, and the straighteners are strong enough to curl or even tame curls.


BERTA 0.5″ Mini Hair Straightener Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Flat Iron For Travel

This is a highly low-priced product with high quality despite its price! Designed for travel, the flat iron has dual voltage, so you can take it wherever you go, and it is small enough to pack into your bag without using up your precious luggage allowance! At just 7″, the flat iron is ideal for those on the go, and the fast heat-up time to 356F means you can style quickly and effectively.

The flat iron is made with tourmaline ceramic plates, which help to cut down on frizz and static, while the long power cord of 1.6m means you have flexibility when styling, and you don’t need to be close to the plug at all times.


Mermaid USB Hair Straightener Irons

This cute and highly portable flat iron is ideal for all types of styling, not just for straightening! The ceramic plates are suitable for cutting out static and frizz, leaving behind a much silkier, smoother style after you have finished. USB charging means you can charge your irons on the go, and you don’t have to worry about finding a power socket in unfamiliar surroundings.

This is undoubtedly one of the best portable straighteners on the market. There are two temperature settings, 180 and 200C, and the red and green on/off light tells you easily when the irons are on and hot. There is also a safety lock function, so you can store the flat iron away when not in use, while an included accompanying carry bag protects them from damage when traveling or storing.


Surker Mini Hair Straightener Curling Wand Tourmaline Ceramic Iron Automatic Hair Curler Straightening Flat Iron

This small but very powerful flat iron comes in three cute colors so that you can color-coordinate your styling needs! Ideal for travel, the flat iron locks closed and has dual voltage, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

There is a 3D suspension heating plate, which means that the hair is treated to even heat without having hot or cold spots, which can cause damage to the hair shaft. The irons heat up to 200 degrees in around 10 seconds and maintain their heat until turned off.

Overall, this is one of the best travel straighteners for those on a budget, and the pastel color appearance makes it a winner with younger hair styling wannabes!


BaBylissPro Nano Titanium ½” Mini Iron Blue

Baby Croc_Best Travel Flat Iron Reviews_BABY BLISS

BaByliss is a huge name in the beauty world for a good reason. This particular set of travel flat irons heats up fast, and they have the bonus of getting close to the scalp, so you don’t have those irritating kinks in your hair. Additionally, they are long-lasting, too, is protected against chemical corrosion. The Babyliss flat iron dual voltage feature means you can use it worldwide.


BaByliss Flat Iron 2581BU Pro Cordless Straightener

Babyliss- 2581bu Professional Cordless Gas Hair Straightener

This is a cheaper choice in the BaByliss flat iron family, which would make this the best travel-size flat iron you could buy for anyone on a tight budget. As a bonus, it comes with a two-year guarantee. Cordless straightening means no need to fight with a cable, so you have total freedom over where you style.

The fast heating time gives you salon-quality results, while the ceramic-coated plates give you that famous smooth, kink-free look. For safety, the irons have a cool tip, so you have less chance of burning a finger.


GHD Classic 1″ Styler

Best Travel Flat Iron_GHD

Everyone knows GHD, and for a good reason. They are arguably the best travel straightener manufacturers in the business. However, the downside is that they cost a pretty penny. Is it worth it, though? I think so, yes. These are arguably the best travel flat irons you can buy.

This particular product has thin plates so you can style those hard-to-reach bits of your hair, and the universal voltage means you can use it anywhere. The swivel cord is also 9 feet long, so you can style it no matter where the plug socket is in the room. There is also a perk of automatic sleep shut-off when not used for 30 minutes, which gives you peace of mind.


Remington S2900 Ceramic Pearl Mini Hair Straightener
Best Travel Flat Iron_REMINGTON


This is quite an expensive flat iron, but it comes from a good quality name in the beauty world. Whether it is better than the GHD flat iron is really a personal choice, but the ceramic pearl plates mean a sleek and smooth style without frizz or static. Worldwide usage means total freedom when you want to travel in style.


Revlon Perfect Heat Ceramic Hair Straightener With Bonus Travel Pro 1″ & ½.”
Best Travel Flat Iron_REVLON


This is a set of two straighteners: one that is 1″ and the other that is ½.” There are no fewer than 30 heat settings, and both flat irons heat up fast, with an automatic on-and-off switch for ease of use. This means you can style ends and fringes without fuss.


AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Hair Straightener For Travel

Designed specifically for travel, this mini flat iron is barely more significant than your hand and wrist. It’s tiny and lightweight, allowing you to pack it anywhere easily. Even though it’s so tiny, that doesn’t mean it lacks functionality. It boasts titanium technology, which heats up faster than most travel hair straighteners, saving you that little bit of precious time on the road. A heat-resistant glove prevents burning.

This travel iron well on both long and short hair, bangs, curls, and even beards. So, if your bearded husband or boyfriend has issues with a wavy beard, this would be an incredible gift. Suitable for both women and men, how surprising is that?

However, note that there’s only one fixed temperature, so there is no temperature-adjusting button like in many other travel flat irons.


Lovani Portable Dual Voltage Travel Iron For Worldwide Use

The ceramic tourmaline plates of this top-rated travel iron distribute heat evenly and gently, allowing for perfect straightening. These 3D floating plates provide even better contact and, as such, results. It also heats up really fast, while negative ions offer a shiny and healthy look.

Whether you’d like straight hair or curls, you can get both with this handy little travel tool. Size-wise, this is a super-small and portable travel hair straightener that fits pretty much anywhere, including your purse. Its dual voltage design allows you to use it all over the world. Additionally, it also features auto-adjust functions, which adjust to the thickness of your hair and even hair type. It also comes with a heat-resistant portable bag.


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What Is The Best Flat Iron To Buy?

Your choice of which travel straightener to invest in primarily comes down to your personal preference. Things to consider include the following.


The size of the irons and the size of the plate are something to take into account. This comes back under the hair type” subheading below, but you also need to decide whether you want a travel flat iron that is much smaller, e.g., suitable for fringes and hair ends, or whether you want a full-sized flat iron, which will cover all needs. For me, the best travel hair straightener is small but will still do the job. So, this is why I will buy one that is a little bigger.

When buying mini travel straighteners, you also need to think about how durable it is for travel. This is especially true if you plan to take it with you in your carry-on.

Dual Voltage Flat Iron

Dual-voltage flat irons are pretty common these days. This means they will work just about anywhere, although you must buy an adapter to ensure it fits the plug in your country. Older models may be slower to heat up than the newer ones, which is down to the change in voltage. Also, older models may not work overseas, so you need to look at this, depending on where you’re going.

Cordless Flat Iron

Do you want a cordless flat iron, or are you OK with the cable? This is a personal preference and is really up to you. Cordless flat irons have the perk of being able to style your hair regardless of the location of the mirror in your room. However, flat irons with a cable mean you need to do your styling near a power outlet, obviously.

Lightweight flat irons won’t take up much space in your suitcase, and they can easily be packed in hand luggage without eating up most of your weight allowance. A standard weight may be fine if you don’t have that issue. Again, though, look at your needs.

Hair Type

Do you have thick, thin, frizzy, or curly hair? What is the best flat iron for thick hair? What is the best travel hair straightener for any hair type, for that matter? You’ll need to answer these questions before purchasing the best flat iron for you.

There are different plates for different styles and hair types. However, most are ceramic coated, so your hair won’t get burnt while you’re using them. Ask your hairdresser what the best travel flat iron for your hair is. Then, go online and buy one. Online shopping is cheaper, after all.


The best flat irons in the business cost more, such as GHD. However, if you’re not planning on using them much, perhaps you could pick a cheaper option, which isn’t going to set you back much in the way of cash. Shop around.

Tips For Traveling With A Flat Iron

When using a flat iron on your travels, remember these few tips:

  • Always use a heat-proof mat – you would be surprised how easily surfaces can burn when subjected to the high temperatures of flat irons!
  • Always use a travel pouch – this will protect your flat iron from damage and scratches while traveling and help your product last longer.
  • Remember travel adapters, just in case – while most have worldwide or dual voltage, that will not help you when the plug doesn’t fit in the power outlet! Remember the different adapters that are used across Europe, Asia, and the USA.
  • Always turn it off when not in use – most products these days do have an automatic shut off after half an hour of non-use, but it’s not worth taking the risk. Always turn your flat iron off when you’re not using it.
  • Please don’t leave it in the wall and forget it! As a last tip, remember your flat iron when you are ready to exit the hotel! Please don’t leave it in the wall and forget it.

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