23 Must-Buy Greek Souvenirs: Best Gifts To Buy In Greece

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If you’re wondering what are the best & most authentic Greek souvenirs we’ve got you covered with this list of what to buy in Greece. 

Greece Travel Blog_Souvenirs To Buy In Greece

If you’re planning a visit to Greece and are wondering what souvenirs to bring home from your vacation, this list of gifts from Greece will help.

Souvenir collecting is always fun. The good news is that Greece is a country of rich culture and local specialties. You will find Several items that are also excellent gifts for someone who loves Greece.

Below, you will find the most unique souvenirs you can take home from Greece.

Traditional Greek Foods And Beverages

1. Traditional Greek Coffee

Greek Coffee - Frappe, ice coffee on the beac

Greek coffee is undoubtedly strong, and you’ll find it everywhere in the country, no matter where you go. You can take it a step further and buy a traditional pot to brew your coffee in, called a briki. Then, you can brew it slowly over the hob and serve it in small demitasse cups (below) for an authentic coffee break!

I love to drink Greek coffee first thing in the morning for an extra kickstart to my day. Fair warning, though: that stuff is strong!

2. Greek Honey

Wild Honey - Serbia Travel Blog

Greek honey is known for its good quality, sweet fragrance, and heavenly taste. From spreading it over bread to adding it to tea, Greek honey will take your dish to the next level and offer innumerable health benefits. It is one of those souvenirs from Greece that makes a really unique and extraordinary gift—ask the small mom-and-pop shops, as they often make it with plastic jars so it won’t break in your suitcase on the way home.

It comes in different varieties, depending on where the bees forage. Thyme honey is considered the best out of all the types. Some people take Greek honey back home because it is denser and richer in aromatic substances than honey in the United States or Australia.

3. Greek Herbs And Spices

Turkish spices, including dill powder, are displayed in two bowls on a wooden table in Turkey.

You’ll find countless different herbs and spices anywhere in Greece; many are considered beneficial for your health. Greek saffron is a good purchase, as it’s in its purest form when bought from Greece, and it’s costly if you buy it overseas.

Greek Mountain Tea

Cretan mountain tea, mountain mint, red oregano, and Olympus tea are worthwhile buys.

Greek Oregano

But my favorite herb to bring home from Greece is oregano (I also bring it back from Türkiye too). Greek oregano, scientifically known as Origanum vulgare subsp. hirtum, or Origanum heracleoticum, is a type of oregano native to the Mediterranean region, including Greece. It is highly valued and renowned for its rich flavor and aromatic qualities, making it a staple herb in Greek cuisine. 

The aromatic properties of Greek oregano are particularly noteworthy. When the leaves are crushed or dried, they release a captivating and invigorating scent. When I unpacked my bags to pull out all the souvenirs from Greece from my last visit, the oregano bags I had purchased made everything smell fresh… for days. 

4. Greek Olives And Olive Oil

Greek souvneirs - Greek olive oil

Olives have been a staple in Greece for thousands of years – and there is no better answer to the question “what to buy in Greece” – OLIVES!  Kalamata olives are the most famous; that said, you can not go wrong with any Greek gown olive.

You can get fresh olives from all local markets. They are a significant part of Greek culture and history, making them an ideal gift to bring back from Greece. Be prepared to face an abundance of choices as there are multiple varieties of olives in Greece with varied colors such as green, red, and black.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is another product of the olive tree made in Greece. It is highly popular around the world. Greeks consume the most olive oil in the world. If this seems like a good option, you can get high-quality pure olive oil from any Greek market or farm.

Fun fact: Being a symbol of peace, the olive branch is universally used to denote a truce. This started with the Greeks using them to declare a truce with their enemies. The winners wore crowned wreaths made from olive branches in the ancient Olympics. In Greek culture, the olive tree is associated with good times and abundance.

If you get stuck deciding which olive oil bottle to buy, then head to a place where you can get an olive oil tasting. While in Kalamata, I went to an olive oil tasting room and purchased 3 brands. 

Kalamata olive oil tasting room

5. Ouzo

If you’re looking for Greek things to buy, consider this anise-flavored aperitif. It is one of the easiest things to buy in Greece, as it is available all over the country in various sizes and brands.

Most countries have their brand of local spirit for you to try, and it’s Ouzo in Greece. The Ouzo is Greece’s most widely drunk spirit, especially in rural Greece.

Ouzo is a clear liquid that turns milky white when diluted with water or ice. It is an excellent appetizer, mainly served with seafood appetizers called mezedes. Ouzo is also served as a late afternoon or evening drink, slowly sipped with snacks.

The intense flavor of anise makes Ouzo an interesting drink. This also means you won’t like Ouzo if you don’t like anise flavor.

Cases called “Ouzeries” focus primarily on Ouzo of different flavors and fragrances in Greece. These are also good places to buy a bottle of Ouzo as a souvenir from Greece to take back home.

6. Greek Alcohol, Aside From Ouzo

A bottle of Greek beverage sits on the table.
Tsipouro I brang back from Kalamata

Everyone has heard of ouzo, but there are other delicious spirits and liqueurs to try in Greece which make great souvenirs. Try tsikoudia, raki, and tsipouro. If you’re into liqueurs, you can also opt for Metaxa (a type of brandy), mastiha liqueur, Kitro, and Tentura.

Plus, of course, wine! 

7. Greek Wine

A bottle of wine with an evil eye embellishment from Greece.

Greek wine is a hidden gem in the world of enology, offering diverse flavors and styles that reflect its rich history and unique terroirs. From the ancient vineyards of the Greek mainland to the sun-soaked islands of the Aegean, Greece’s winemaking heritage is as captivating as its landscapes.

Some of the varieties and styles of Greek wine you can find in Greece are:


Hailing from the volcanic soil of Santorini, Assyrtiko is Greece’s white wine superstar. It is renowned for its crisp acidity, mineral notes, and vibrant citrus flavors. Assyrtiko’s maritime influence makes it a perfect companion for seafood dishes.


Often referred to as Greece’s answer to Pinot Noir, Xinomavro is a red grape variety grown in northern Greece. It yields complex wines with bold tannins, red fruit aromas, and a characteristic tomato-like acidity. Xinomavro wines can age beautifully, evolving into intricate, earthy wines with time.


From the heart of the Peloponnese, Agiorgitiko produces versatile red wines. These wines are often characterized by their dark fruit flavors, supple tannins, and a touch of spice. They pair well with a wide range of Mediterranean cuisine.


This aromatic white grape thrives in the high-altitude vineyards of the Peloponnese. Moschofilero wines are known for their floral and fruity aromas, often accompanied by a zesty acidity. They make refreshing aperitifs and pair wonderfully with Greek meze.

Expect Greek wines to be a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation. Many winemakers are revitalizing ancient techniques and native grape varieties while also experimenting with modern methods to craft wines that appeal to contemporary palates.

8. Greek Traditional Pasta – My Fave Greek Pasta Is Pastitsio No.2

Buy Greek souvenirs and pasta in Greece.

We all know that nothing says Italian food like pasta, so when I say that one of the things to buy in Greece is pasta, people look at me weirdly.

But surprisingly, Greek pasta is tasty and a delicious souvenir from Greece. You can find the best kinds of pasta and wheat products in Athens and Crete supermarkets, which can be a nice change from shopping in souvenir shops.

Different types of pasta are found in other regions of Greece. The most popular ones are the hilopites and trahanas. So don’t waste time wondering what to buy in Greek supermarkets while searching for the best souvenirs from Greece – the answer is pasta shapes that you’d never get at home.

Hilopites are traditional Greek pasta made from eggs, milk, and salt. The word hilopites means egg noodles in Greek. These can be long and thin or square-shaped. Trahana is another popular type of Greek pasta and is among the best souvenirs of Greece – specifically from the Island of Crete. It is made with wheat, bulgur, or semolina. You can find this pasta’s sweet and sour varieties in Greek markets.

9. Greek Sweets

Diples or thiples traditional greek Christmas dessert -

Everyone knows about baklava, but there’s more to try besides! Try kantaifi, ekmek, and kourboubinia as a starter, all based on honey syrup and phyllo dough. You won’t want too much, as they’re quite sickly, but they’re certainly delicious! Other options include halva, koufeta, tahini, pateli, and loukoumi.

10. Greek Cheeses

In the world of gastronomy, few things evoke the rustic charm and rich history of Greece, quite like its diverse array of cheeses. From the craggy slopes of Crete to the sun-kissed pastures of Thessaloniki, Greek cheese embodies the essence of the Mediterranean.

Feta cheese, perhaps the most renowned of them all, reigns supreme with its crumbly texture and salty tang. It lends its distinct personality to iconic Greek salads and savory pastries.

Beyond feta, Greece offers a treasure trove of cheese varieties, each with its own unique character. Manouri, the creamier cousin of feta, melts in the mouth with a delicate, milky sweetness. Graviera, aged to perfection, boasts nutty undertones and a hint of caramel, making it a sought-after delicacy on both sides of the Atlantic. With its stretchy, golden strands, Kasseri graces the tables of Greece with its versatility, while halloumi, a Mediterranean favorite, sizzles to perfection on the grill.

Greek cheese production, deeply rooted in tradition, is a testament to local artisans’ skill and dedication. The ancient art of cheese-making thrives, passed down through generations, preserving the legacy of flavor that defines this Hellenic treasure.

The supermarket sells a wide variety of cheeses, making this great souvenir super easy to find.

11. Spoon Sweets

Greek spoon sweets, known as “glyka tou koutaliou” in Greek, are a delightful and culturally significant type of dessert or preserve that has been cherished in Greece for centuries. These sweet treats are traditionally made by preserving fruits, nuts, or even vegetables in a sugar syrup, creating a luscious, sweet, and often slightly tangy concoction. These preserves are typically served in small quantities, often a spoonful or two at a time, hence the name “spoon sweets.”

How to Enjoy Popular Greek Spoon Sweets

  • Serving: Greek spoon sweets are typically served as a gesture of hospitality to guests who visit a Greek home. A small dish with a few spoonfuls of these sweet preserves is offered along with a glass of cold water or a cup of Greek coffee or tea
  • Accompaniment: spoon sweets are often enjoyed alongside a piece of unsalted, mild cheese, such as feta or mizithra, which provides a delightful contrast to the sweetness. Alternatively, they can be paired with a small serving of yogurt
  • Presentation: the presentation of spoon sweets is an art form in Greece. The fruits or nuts are often meticulously arranged in decorative jars or on small serving plates, showcasing the craftsmanship and care that goes into making them

Fun facts: My Aunt explained to me that the tradition of making spoon sweets dates back centuries in Greece and has its roots in preserving the bounty of the land, especially during times when fresh fruits and vegetables were in abundance. The practice of preserving fruits in sugar syrup can be traced back to the Byzantine Empire. It gained popularity in Ottoman-ruled Greece, where Turkish and Middle Eastern culinary traditions influenced it.

Greek families, particularly those in rural areas, would prepare spoon sweets to enjoy throughout the year, especially during the winter months when fresh produce was scarce. These sweets were also offered to guests as a sign of hospitality and to celebrate special occasions like weddings and religious festivals.

12. Items Made Of Mastiha

Mastic trees (Pistacia lentiscus) are native to the Greek island of Chios, where they are predominantly cultivated. Chios is renowned for producing mastic, a resinous substance derived from mastic trees. Products made from mastiha make very good souvenirs to take home. You can buy liqueur, ouzo, drops, perfume, cosmetics, supplements, and even chewing gum!

13. Greek Gin

Greek souvneirs - Greek Gin. Mataroa Gin

Anyone who knows me knows I am partial to a gin or two. When I was in Greece last May, I discovered several gins made in Greece. My favorite was “Mataroa Gin,” as you see pictured. As a bonus, the bottle is hella pretty on my open bar.

Other gins to buy in Greece are:

  1. Mavrikos Gin: Mavrikos Gin is produced on the island of Rhodes and is known for using local botanicals, including citrus fruits and herbs
  2. Stray Dog Wild Gin: Stray Dog Wild Gin is crafted on the island of Zakynthos and is known for its use of wild botanicals found on the island
  3. Theros Gin: Theros Gin is produced in Santorini and features botanicals that reflect the unique flavors of the island, including capers and fennel
  4. Cretan Botanical Gin: Made in Crete, this gin often incorporates local herbs and botanicals from the island
  5. Veto Gin: Veto Gin is produced in Athens and is known for its small-batch production and use of Greek botanicals
  6. Leventis Artisan Spirits: This distillery in Thessaloniki produces a variety of craft spirits, including gin. They often incorporate Greek botanicals and Mediterranean flavors
  7. Aegean Gin: Aegean Gin is made on the island of Naxos and features botanicals from the Aegean region, such as citrus and herby

14. Kumquat Chutney – Part Of Greek Culture On Corfu Island

What to buy in Greece - Kumquat Chutney

Corfu, known for its lush green landscapes and Mediterranean charm, has a delightful culinary gem to offer: Kumquat Chutney.

This tangy-sweet condiment is a local specialty that encapsulates the island’s flavors in a jar. The star ingredient, the small and citrusy kumquat, thrives in Corfu’s mild climate, adding a burst of zesty freshness to the chutney. Crafted with a blend of kumquats, sugar, and spices, this condiment strikes a perfect balance between sweet and savory.

When I got home, we paired it brilliantly with cheese on a crusty piece of bread. If you’re exploring the charming villages of Corfu, don’t miss the chance to pick up a jar of Kumquat Chutney from a local market or shop – it’s a savory souvenir that will transport you back to the island’s vibrant culinary scene long after your visit.

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Best Souvenirs From Greece – Crafts And Cultural Items

15. Handmade Ceramics – My Fave Greek Ceramics Is A Mati To Hang On The Wall

What To Buy In Greece - Ceramics On Crete

Ceramics is a great starting point if you want a Greek souvenir that brings some personality to your space. Handmade Greek pottery has existed for centuries; it still makes a tremendous Greek souvenir. Ceramics can complement your home’s style, steal the spotlight, and make your job in the kitchen easy, as these are incredibly easy to clean.

The island of Sifnos in the Aegean Sea is famous for its incredibly versatile and unique handmade ceramics. You can also find fabulous ceramics on Paros, Rhodes, and Milos islands.

16. Greek Worry Beads (Komboloi)

What to buy in Greece - Greek Souvenirs - Komboloi

Komboloi is among the best Greek gifts for your loved ones to bring back from Greece. Representing Greek culture in its proper form, Komboloi are worry beads that Greeks use for the following:

  • To relax and generally pass the time
  • To guard against bad luck
  • To show their social status, by using expensive worry beads

Kombolois are made of different types of beads, including grass, wood, and silver. You will find several stores that sell handmade kombolois in unique designs. Amber is the most common material used in making worry beads.

Such a significant part of Greek culture are Kombolois, an entire museum located in the old city of Nafplion that showcases hundreds of Komboloi. This Komboloi museum was established to save and spread the knowledge of the traditional worry beads.

I personally suggest this as the most unique Greek souvenir—and that one is 100 percent going to be used. I use mine almost daily. I chose a resin set infused with incense for the extra chill factor. 

17. A Greek Backgammon Set (Tavli)

Get a traditional Greek wooden backgammon board as a souvenir from Greece.

Tavli means “board” in Greek. It is used to refer to the games played on a backgammon board. A backgammon set consists of a wooden frame, two sets of 15 checkers, and two dice. Backgammon is popular in Greece among people of all ages. Men usually gather in kafeneia and play backgammon during their coffee breaks.

The rules of the game are pretty simple to follow. So you can buy a backgammon set and play the game back home to recreate your memories in Greece!

I think this has to be one of the best Greek souvenirs I have ever brought home. My kids (pictured) and I were taught how to play by my Greek friend, and now I have a hard time winning over my 11-year-old. He loves the chance to beat me in a game of backgammon. 

18. A Mati Talisman And Local Jewelry

Turkish Souvenirs - Cappadocia, Turkey- Tree hanging Nazar amulets

If you’re wondering what to shop for in Athens, here is another excellent Greek souvenir to take back home: a mati talisman.

Evil eye jewelry is a massive part of Mediterranean culture. Mati means “eye” in Greek. According to Greek tradition, a mati talisman will guard you against bad luck and protect you from the envy of others. You will find the peculiar blue evil eye in pendants, bracelets, and earrings in jewelry stores throughout the towns.

It is among the best jewelry to buy in Greece as it genuinely represents Greek culture and tradition. In addition to mati talisman, you will also find beautiful handmade jewelry in the towns of Greece.

19. Bouzouki – Greek Music

Bouzouki is a popular Greek musical instrument with a round body, long neck, and fretted fingerboard. It was brought to Greece by Greek immigrants from Anatolia after the 1919-1922 war in Asia Minor. It is now an important part of modern pop Greek music and occupies an extraordinary place in the hearts of Greeks.

If you are a music lover or have a music lover friend, Bouzouki is an excellent Greek souvenir to buy in Greece. If you are low on budget, there are miniature Bouzoukis available that are less expensive and lightweight.

20. Products Made Of Olive Wood

Keeping with the olive theme, also look at Olive wood items.  Olive wood is an excellent choice for kitchenware due to its natural properties that protect against discoloration and wear. The striking grain pattern of olive wood will give your kitchen a classy vibe. 

You find many olive wood items in Greece; when you find products made of it, you should consider purchasing them. Olive wood is known for its strength and durability. Spoons, bowls, and bottle stops are the main ideas of the best Greek gifts to bring back. But you could also consider platters and board games like Backgammon. 

21. Handmade Leather Sandals

A man is working on a pair of Greek souvenir shoes, available to buy in Greece.

The Monastiraki and Plaka areas in Greece are home to many local shops with handmade leather goods. As a Mediterranean country, Greece is ideal for wearing sandals; naturally, leather sandals are highly popular in Greece.

Fun fact: Even the word “sandal” is derived from the Greek word sándalon!

In ancient Greece, sandals were made from cattle skin and colored leather. Sandals are still worn by both men and women in Greece and hold much significance in Greek culture. They are excellent summer wear and generally high in quality and comfort. Sandals are available in various designs and fits, giving you countless options.

The most well-known handmade leather sandals are the ones made by Melissinos. Melissinos’s design craft has made the Greek sandals famous worldwide as celebrities and fashion icons wear them in many countries.

Their popularity can be gauged because the artists of the well-known band Beatles used to wear Melissinos sandals as a fashion statement. Melissinos’s shop is located on Theklas Street in the Monastiraki Psirri district of Greece.

I now have two pairs of his shoes, the “Cleopatra” and the “Ceasar” – I totally recommend them. 

22. Demitasse Cup Sets

Another great souvenir from Greece is a “demitasse cup.” This small Greek coffee cup serves both Turkish and Greek coffee. Interestingly, Greeks love sipping coffee and watching the world go by for hours—coffee breaks are an essential part of daily life in Greece. You’ll see coffee shops packed with Greek people at all hours.

Fun fact: Greeks turn their cup over the saucer when the coffee is finished. This is to let the residue slide onto the saucer. Some fortune-tellers predict the consumer’s future by studying the pattern created by the coffee residue on the saucer!

But above all, the handmade cup designs are unique and beautiful — you will not regret taking these to your kitchen back home!

Health And Beauty Products From Greece

23. Greek Cosmetics

Ancient Greeks were known for their beauty and were indeed into skincare and makeup! Often made of natural ingredients, authentic Greek beauty products can be purchased at markets and boutique stores all over the country.

One of the most famous brands is Korres. These products are internationally known, and you’ll find them everywhere in Greece. These are made of pure ingredients and have great reviews. You can also purchase bubble baths and other skin products made of olive oil, and if you ask me, it makes the perfect gift from Greece – for yourself!!

Now that you have my list of souvenirs in Greece, I suggest you tell me which popular Greek souvenirs and gifts you plan to bring home.



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