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If you want to see all of Croatia’s islands, you’ll have your work cut out. We suggest you start with these best Croatian islands!

Croatia Travel Blog_21 Best Islands To Visit In Croatia

Croatia is not just about holidays in Dubrovnik and city breaks in Zagreb – far from it! The country is also home to many beautiful and unspoiled islands, which are easy to get to and can be used as a base for a holiday or as island hopping destinations.

With a claim to over 5,835 kilometers of spectacular Adriatic coastline and more than 1,000 Croatian islands, isles, and inlets (not all of which are inhabited), all with shimmering blue seas, Croatia is tempting you at every turn.

With so much on offer, choosing where to go island hopping along the Adriatic Coast can be challenging.

  • Maybe you want gastronomic delights or to party all night long?
  • Or it is that you wish to a sandy beach?
  • Do you want to sail to the islands or ferry from the mainland?

The various and varied Croatia islands offer culture, nightlife, history, relaxation, and excellent home bases they make for digital nomads. Find out which one is perfect for you in this Croatian Islands guide.

Islands line the entire coast of Croatia, beginning in Istria and running south to Dubrovnik through the sparkling Adriatic Sea. Because there are so many islands in Croatia, you might not know where to start, but luckily, we’ve compiled a handy list to help you get started.

1. Brač

Best Beaches In Croatia: Zlatni Rat - Travel Reviews - Croatia Travel Blog

Best For Nature Lovers And Views

Brač is a large island and very easily accessible from Split. Its rolling hills and fig trees characterize the island. Still, the towns of Bol and Supetar have generous accommodations, from hostels to hotels and restaurants, to keep you occupied.

Where to stay in Brač

Blaca Hermitage in the south of the island is a must-visit, as well as Vidova Gora Mountain, the highest peak on the island, offering you stunning views across the Adriatic and to neighboring islands on a clear day.

Brač is also where you’ll find the famous Zlatni Rat Beach, one of the absolute best Croatia beaches (and even in all of Europe), and the perfect place to spend a day. This makes Brač one of the best islands to visit near Split, a perfect day trip from Croatia’s second-largest city.

The most popular tours in Brač:

2. Brijuni Islands

Aerial view of Brijuni Islands

Best For Natural History Lovers

This archipelago may be just minutes from the mainland but it is a living timeline of natural history. For that reason, it is a protected area. Over 5,000 years of natural and human history are on display here, including prehistoric times. Out of the sixteen islands, you can only visit two of them.

The safari park is also home to countless animals to check out, and overall, the landscapes are lush, green, and typically Mediterranean.

The most popular tours in Brijuni Islands:

3. Susak

Best For Families

The tiny, relatively unknown island of Susak is filled with iconic dusty yellow sand. This island in Croatia is perfect for the true connoisseur of Mediterranean getaways. I’m sure this island won’t stay unknown for long, though.

It is predominantly made up of sand, ochre-colored cliffs covered in ferns, wild fennel, and tall bamboo-like grass. The island has no roads, no nightclubs, and few tourist facilities. Instead, this mysterious island consists of only one village, dusty hiking trails, vast fields filled with oregano plants, and sandy beaches.

It is easy to explore and is quite popular among passionate kite flyers. An annual Air and Kite Festival takes place here each year. Susak lies in the Kvarner Gulf, to the southeast of Istria. It’s one of the islands furthest from the Croatian mainland.

Fun Fact: Susak Island has the shortest national costume in Croatia.

4. Cres Island

View to the village Valun with harbor

Best For Cycling Fans

Cres Town is the largest Croatian island by size and is also rather hilly. The landscapes are perfect for those who like to jump on a bike and explore Croatia! The island is becoming increasingly known for cycling, and there are many routes and hiking routes if you prefer to go on foot.

Beach enthusiasts will want to focus on the many pebble beaches in the north. One hint: make sure you try the seafood; it’s deliciously fresh!

Brands We Use And Trust

5. Dugi Otok

Sakarun Beach_Dugi Otok_Kayaking Zadar

Best For Relaxation

One of my favorite islands in Croatia is Dugi Otok. This is an unspoiled and stunningly beautiful island to enjoy, perfect for chilling out in peace.

There are many picturesque villages to explore, and the beaches are always far from crowded. If you like walking, the lush vegetation and cliffs are ideal. At the same time, if you want to do some underwater exploration, there are many snorkeling, kayaking, and fishing opportunities like these. Additionally, Dugi Otok is home to one of Croatia’s best sandy beaches, Sakarun, which some compare to the Caribbean beaches, making it a great family spot.

6. Hvar Island

Best Islands In Croatia - Hvar

Best For Everything!

One of the most popular islands in Croatia, Hvar is well known for being the leading party island in Croatia. The nightlife is mainly concentrated in Hvar Town, but the island has two sides, and the other side is ideal for a family break.

You won’t struggle to find a nightclub in Hvar Town, and you may even spot a celebrity, but the rest of the island is quite traditional and laid-back. Recently, Stari Grad celebrated its 2,400th year and is home to the UNESCO-listed Stari Grad Plain. The towns of Jelsa and Vrboska are two idyllic Dalmatian Coast towns that should not be missed.

The most popular tours in Hvar:

  • 🚢 Admire the stunning architecture in the world-famous town of Hvar and visit all major Adriatic island destinations in just one day
  • 🍷 Enjoy a small-group wine and olive oil-tasting tour that takes you from Hvar
  • 🌊 Experience the beauty of the Blue Lagoon, where the sun rays create a glowing blue light on this tour from Hvar
  • 🌺 Enjoy a small-group tour of the remains of the lavender fields around the village of Brusje
  • 🏞️ Enjoy this fantastic day tour encompassing scenic views and visits to Stari Grad and Vrbovska towns with delicious dinner from locals

Spend a few days exploring the island by booking accommodations on Hvar, or, if you’re rushed for time, see the highlights of Hvar Town in just 24 hours.

7. Korcula Island

Things To Do In Korcula

Best For Exploration

Korcula Island (pronounced KOR-chu-la), also known as the Emerald Isle, is one of the best islands near Dubrovnik. Located in southern Dalmatia, this small 279-square-kilometer island is a favorite among travelers. A great place of culture, history, beauty, and charm, the island of Korcula offers various activities and unique traditions, all surrounded by the stunning Adriatic sea and excellent Korcula weather.

If you ask the locals, they will tell you that Marco Polo was born there. Aside from that, Korcula town is ideal for heading off on foot and exploring. The main town is also called Korcula, but Vela Luka is a great town to enjoy, and this is also where you get the ferry.

Vela Luka, Korcula

Vela Luka is a small town located in a wide bay on the island of Korčula. The town is rich with many coves to discover, vineyards, olive trees, fig trees, and pine trees. Vela Luka is the biggest village on the island and has one of the largest nautical harbors in the area. It also has some of the best stone beaches in Croatia!

Vela Luka is the largest town on the island of Korčula. It has a deep, sheltered bay with tranquil inlets and tiny islets. Vela Luka has 2.671 sunshine hours, which is the highest for the whole of the Adriatic and the warmest temperature in the Mediterranean – even higher than Hvar, Dubrovnik, Nice, and Naples.

And if all that tremendous beach-friendly environment doesn’t lure you in, maybe the history will – the Mediterranean region’s life and culture can be traced through archaeological finds from Vela Špilja.

What to Do in Vela Luka

Visit the Vela Špilja:Visit the Vela Špilja – the Large Cave. This cave is an important prehistoric archaeological site in Europe.

The findings in this cave prove the existence of several prehistoric communities from the early Stone Age (about 20,000 BC), the Iron Age, and the Copper Age. The findings indicate a long cultural, social, spiritual, and economic history of the relations between the inhabitants of Vela Špilja and other parts of the Adriatic Islands and the Mediterranean.

  • Bike, Hike, Trek: Adventure seekers will enjoy the many cycling routes in the area (four circular cities in Vela Luka stretch along the island). There are also four trekking and hiking trail routes.
  • Visit Local Monuments: En route, visit local monuments, such as the chapel of Sv. Juraj, an old fortress called Hum, and an abandoned village called Dub. All the trails are very well marked.
  • Town Centre Museum: Visit the Museum in the town center of Vela Luka; it has many archaeological and art collections, including two Henry Moores, works of contemporary Croatian Artists, and finds from the Vela Špilja.
  • Islets of Proizd and Ošjak: Visit the islets of Proizd (a famous beach in the area) and Ošjak – two of the most visited destinations. Proizd is a small island that can be reached by a small excursion boat featuring three beautiful beaches with turquoise waters, several walking trails, and a small restaurant and cafe. A day trip to this island is highly recommended. Ošjak is known as the Love Island because of its beautiful nature, peaceful surroundings, and tranquillity. Enjoy swimming in unspoiled waters, walking through dense pine forests, and exploring an exciting cave.
  • Take a Day Trip: While in Vela Luka, you can enjoy many trips and excursions to Dubrovnik, Hvar, the Town of Korčula, Split, and other bays, coves, and islets located within the vicinity. Find day trip options below:

8. Kornati Islands

Low Res_Boris Kacan_Licenced_Kornati Islands National Park | Croatia Travel Blog Chasing the Donkey
Best Croatian Islands: Kornati Islands

Best For Marine Life

The Kornati Islands are ideal for anyone exploring what lies beneath the Adriatic’s surface. This dense cluster of islands is home to numerous small coves, beaches, and bays where you can stop and swim or enjoy the pristine environment, all close to each other.

Kornati National Park, protecting 89 islands, is perfect for those looking to experience unique natural landscapes, soaring cliffs, and barren, rocky, mostly uninhabited islands. The Adriatic is at its glorious best in this national park, and with the backdrop of the Kornati Islands, you will be stunned at the area’s natural beauty.

Also, this is the ideal spot for some superb slalom sailing if you love sailing. However, you will need a permit/ticket to do so. There are countless diving and snorkeling opportunities and many diving schools to help you out.

9. Mali Iź

Best For A Day Trip From Zadar

Mali Iź, pronounced as ‘mar-lee eesh,’ is one-half of the island of Iź, just a short ferry ride from Zadar. It is located between the islands of Dugi Otok and Ugljan, both of which make great day trips from the Zadar.

Mali is the Croatian word for small, and while the island may be small, she has a big heart and is full of centuries-old history. You will also be drawn to its crystal-clear waters, where you will surely want to dip your toes into the inviting Adriatic Sea.

10. Krk

Baska Beach Krk Island - Croatia Travel Blog

Best For Walking And Wildlife

Krk is a large island with many towns and villages to explore and fun campgrounds and resorts to stay at. Connected to the Croatian mainland by a bridge, this is a very accessible island. Krk has varying landscapes, with an arid feel to the north, a lush green side to the south, full of bays and beaches, and a hilly and rocky interior. If you want to enjoy wildlife, head into the woods on one of the many walking trails and see what you can spot!

11. Lastovo

The coral reef from Lastovo island, Adriatic Sea in Croatia

Best For Architecture And Nature

Easily reached from Split and Dubrovnik, Lastovo is packed with 15th- and 16th-century architecture, including countless churches in different styles. The island is rich in history, and the main town is full of various types of architecture, including beautiful Renaissance houses. Lastovo and its surrounding islands are Croatia’s newest Nature Park.

The island doesn’t get many tourists and has remained somewhat of an untouched paradise. Lastovo is renowned for its annual carnival, a celebration in which all residents participate by wearing elaborate folk costumes. Another notable attraction on the island is the unique cylindrical Lastovo chimneys, which look like mini-minarets (although no Turkish or Arab influences have ever reached the islands).

12. Lošinj

Best Islands In Croatia - Panoramic view of Mali Losinj, Croatia

Best For Relaxation And Health

Lošinj is the island of vitality and has a long history in health tourism. This is primarily due to its mild Mediterranean climate. The island has several spas to pamper you, loads of hiking and cycling trails through woods, and plentiful clean beaches for you to relax on.

Mali Lošinj is full of exciting history and culture, so be sure to visit the Apoxymenos Museum and see the Bronze Apoxymenos found in the sea off the coast of Lošinj.

13. Zlarin

Best For Seclusion And Freedom

Despite Zlarin’s small size and relative obscurity, it is undoubtedly an island with dazzling beauty. It is known locally as the ‘Golden Island’ because it’s that eye-watering gorgeous! This small island is just off the mainland, separated by the Šibenik Channel, and is primarily famous for its history of coral harvesting; there is even a Coral Museum where you can learn more about it.

Aside from coral, there is a lot of history in Zlarin, dating back to the 13th century. If, however, you’re more about beaches and beauty, then Zlarin has it covered and then some! The long sandy beach is ideal for families who want to run free and explore, and the green background gives you that ‘castaway’ feel. You won’t find a lot of hotels on the island, though. Instead, there is excellent private accommodation, which helps you get that home-away-from-home vibe to your break.

14. Mljet Island

THINGS TO DO IN CROATIA - mljet national park

Best For Couples

Mljet is a relaxing and stunningly beautiful island, making it ideal for a romantic break for two! This gorgeous island is easily reached from Dubrovnik, perhaps as a day trip, and has numerous walk and cycle trails leading you to romantic bays.

About a third of Mljet is a national park, and it’s here you can find two salt lakes, one of which has a little islet with a former Benedictine Monastery, which is now a cafe. Rent a kayak and spend the afternoon on the islet Melita for a beautiful afternoon.

15. Pag

Pag Island - Sail Croatia

Best For Partying

Zrce Beach on the island of Pag is undoubtedly one of the best Croatia party islands. Over the summer, you have numerous festivals such as Hideout, Spring Break Europe, and Sonus, where tens of thousands of people worldwide descend on Zrce to see the world’s best DJs perform.

Of course, the island is not all about Zrce. Pag Town has a more cultural, slow vibe and is worth exploring. Be sure to try the award-winning Paški cheese while visiting the island. You can easily reach Pag from Zadar, as a bridge connects it.

16. Rab

Best Islands In Croatia - Rab Island

Best For Beaches

Most of Croatia’s beaches are pebbly or rocky, but Rab is one of the few islands with golden sandy beaches to enjoy. The most famous beach is Rajska or Paradise Beach, where you will find the most visitors during the summer months as well as families. On the other hand, the island’s mountainous interior is ideal for walking and exploring the landscapes. The beaches, however, are the main pull.

17. Vis

Things to do in Croatia - VIS ISLAND_CROATIA

Europe’s Best Beach

In 2016, Stiniva Beach on the island of Vis was named the best beach in Europe. One of Croatia’s top beaches, Stiniva, is well hidden from the sea and not the easiest beach to access.

It’s either a hike to the beach or access by a small boat, but a spectacular view will reward you for your effort. Although Vis Island has never had large tourist numbers, Vis town has become a popular stop for those sailing the Croatian islands.

Those looking for a quiet, outdoor getaway and music festival lovers, not to mention its new status as a UNESCO Global Geopark.

18. Silba

Silba Island, Croatia - Car Free Islands In Croatia

Silba is a small island in the Zadar region with an area of 15 km2. It is located southeast of the island of Mali Lošinj. The highest peak on the island is Varh (80 m).

Some boats and ferries sail daily to the island, and it takes about 1.5 hours to arrive by catamaran from Zadar. Silba has Mediterranean vegetation and many aromatic herbs, a perfect location to spend a vacation in untouched nature with a peaceful vibe.

There are no roads for motorcycles or cars on the island; in fact, there is only one small car on the island that the locals use to transport things. If you are after peace, it doesn’t get much better than this!

What To Do On Silba

  • Beach Day: Spend a day on one of many beautiful small beaches and bays, including pebble and sand beaches. Beaches to check out our Pocukmarak (the biggest beach on the south side, which also happens to contain a stone sarcophagus and two covers in the water around 1500 years old), Tratica, Carpusina, and Sotorisce (the biggest and the most popular beach on Silba).
  • Explore the Bays: Visit attractive bays, such as Pernastica Bay, the most beautiful Silba Bay, and Porat of Sv. Ante Bay, the bay of Dobre Vode, and the Nozdre Bay.
  • Sports and Recreation: There are many sports and recreation activities, including running in the woods, walking along the bays, and team sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, or handball on Sotorišce beach. Additionally, visit the complex Mirta to try table tennis or rent a small boat. For the more adventurous type, Silba is a good place for windsurfing.
  • Gallery of Marija Ujević-Galetović:Visit the gallery of Marija Ujević-Galetović located in the center of Silba, designed as a park consisting of open original sculptures from different periods.
  • View the History: Visit many historical monuments and churches, including the impressive 19th-century Toreta Tower, known as the Tower of Love. You can observe stunning sea views and the nearby Olib and Premuda islands when you climb up the tower.

19. Island of Šolta

Solta Island Croatia

Šolta is an island in the Split region. It is located south of Split and west of Brač Island. The economy is based on tourism, fishing, olive growing, and vineyard cultivation. The settlement of Rogač has the main port, while the main tourist centers are Nečujam and Maslinica.

What To Do On Šolta

  • Hike: Take a walk from the coastal villages of Maslinica, Stomorska, Nečujem, or Rogač. Explore the inland villages of Grohote, Gornje Selo, Srednje Selo, or Donje Selo.
  • Vela Straža: Visit the highest peak on the island, Vela Straža. Enjoy the sights of old white stone houses, olive groves, lively town centers, and old churches. Oh, and don’t forget to visit the local taverns and treat yourself to fabulous local cuisine and excellent Dalmatian red and white wine.
  • Bike:/strong>There are numerous bike paths on the island to explore. The mapped paths (asphalt and unpaved trails) connect the island towns and villages.
  • Sea Kayaking: Try sea kayaking. Kayak rental is available in the towns of Nečujam and Maslinica.
  • Scuba Dive: For the adventurous types, explore the deep waters of the island by scuba diving. Visit sites of sunken ships, hidden caves, and unique species.
  • See the Island by Scooter: If you are visiting for a day, rent a scooter and visit many beaches, taverns, and cafes.

Local Tip: from the main port, make Stomorska your first spot and visit a cafe called Africa, enjoy refreshing cocktails, and swim in the crystal clear waters in front of the cafe.

If you want to find lesser-known islands of the small kind, check here.

20. Murter

Best Islands In Croatia - Murter Bay

Best For Music Festivals

Tisno, on the island of Murter, is one of Croatia’s two major electronic music festival locations. Over the summer months, people flock to Tisno to attend festivals like Suncebeat, Electric Elephant, and Love International. Besides music, Murter is incredible, and you can easily make a day trip to the Kornati Islands from Murter.

Planning Your Croatian Islands Escape

A network of ferries conveniently runs between these top islands in Croatia to visit. These ships are certainly not glamorous sailboats, to say the least, but they get you to the islands at a very affordable rate, allowing you more time (and money) to explore the islands! It is not easy to see them all (like we said), but here is one idea for a week-long vacay.

You can start your Croatian island vacation in Split and head to Vis for under 8 USD per person on a Jadrolinija ferry.

The Jadrolinija fleet includes car ferries, classic passenger ships, and catamarans. They connect the mainland to the Croatian islands, provide service between them, and even transport passengers between Croatia and Italy. They really do make planning your Croatia island-hopping itinerary super-easy.

Local Tip: The price will obviously be higher if you want to bring a car onboard the ferry. It is also important to note that car ferries do not operate on all routes. Additionally, you will need to book early in peak season.

When it’s time to leave Vis, we suggest the high-speed catamaran to the Island of Hvar. This costs less than $6 per person for the 50-minute ride.

Local Tip: You can only book tickets one day in advance at the local ticket office if you want to be sure to reserve your spot. And you should because these journeys can and do sell out.

You can then jump aboard the Kapetan Luka to get to the island of Korčula. The ride is just over an hour and will cost less than $12 per person. Hvar or Korcula should be the cornerstone of your itinerary. They’re arguably the two coolest islands to visit in Croatia.

Local Tip: Again, tickets must be purchased one day in advance from the ticket office located right near the harbor’s boat docks.

So, which of the Croatian islands will you choose?


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  1. We had a fabulous time roaming from Island to island in Croatia. They are all great and all offer something different depending on what you are looking for! I can’t wait to comeback and do it all again!

  2. Sj, We’re not sailing, but right now I’m in Korcula…gorgeous! I’ve loved the terraced vineyards with spring green leaves on them!

  3. Ah the islands. They evaded us on our first visit but wont get off so easy next time. Stunning photos, you’ve got me shaking for a warm vacation :)

  4. I haven’t been to Croatia but each day I read your posts I want to hop on a plane and start exploring. I think it would be amazing to charter a boat with family and friends. Such a fun way to see an area.

  5. We went to whichever one had the most convenient ferry during our very short stay, and from that completely-unresearched experience I conclude that you can’t go too far wrong! I would have to look up the name again, but it was a fantastic visit.

  6. I’m amazed at how much your blog has grown over the past year! Croatia looks absolutely gorgeous, I can’t wait to visit! Dropping in from the #atozchallenge, and because I drop in for recipes anyhow. :)

    1. Glad you two had a great time Nike, looks like you’ll have to start planning a return trip for an anniversary huh?

  7. Always thinking about the islands. One important ‘not to miss’ about Cres is the Griffon Vultures. Look up & you may see them soaring elegantly in the cloudless blue skies.

    1. Saw 1 above Cres town around 3pm in early August 16 but almost impossible to get a picture.

  8. Excellent post.
    Croatia is home to us now for at least a year (we got a temporary stay). We’ve done a lot of exploring BUT haven’t seen many of the islands for the simple reason that they can be hard to get to off-season – ferries leave Split for most of the islands in the late afternoon and return early mornings. Great for commuters but not ideal for tourists.
    But a nice wrapup and we’ll hopefully visit some of the islands in the summer when the ferry schedule changes.

    1. Yeah ferries can be hard off-season, but let’s face it who wants to day trip in this weather when you can’t swim. You are better off staying o/night and moving to one island after the other. Enjoy Croatia.

  9. Shame on you .. you failed to mention the amazing Otok Oib! It’s beautiful beaches !

  10. Hvar has lost its charm… to many young drunken louts now…. Korcula by far the best!

    1. Sonja Debeljuh All the more reason to try to encourage people to move about like I did in this post. FX it helps.

  11. Sarah-Jane — Thanks for another helpful article (this one on planning an island-hopping trip). Chasingthedonkey.com is a great website and my first go-to place for information on Croatia. I have scheduled my third 3-month-long stay and still have so much to do and see in Croatia. Personally, my favorite times to visit are in the “shoulder” seasons …. September-November and March-May.

  12. Thank you for such an interesting article. I traveled to Croatia for the first time this summer and absolutely loved it. I only visited Brac of the islands but got so many new ideas from this article and comments. I think Korcula will be my next island destination in Croatia!

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