16 Best Mainland Greece Beaches You Cannot Miss

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Mainland Greece beaches are perfect for summer. Here are 16 of the best mainland beaches in Greece that you simply cannot ignore.

Greece Travel Blog_Mainland Beaches In Greece Not To Miss

When we talk about Greece during the summer, we tend to think about the Greek islands first and foremost; after all, the photos we see all over Instagram of Greece beach vacations from everyone we know are usually from the islands. And that is no great surprise; the islands are stunning and ideal for forgetting all your cares for some fun and relaxation in the sun.

However, we shouldn’t forget about the beauty of mainland Greece too. Oh, and it is not all about all of the best beaches in Athens either.

If you always think about Greece and beaches and automatically think of just the islands, be prepared for a shock – the mainland beaches are just as perfect for those fresh summer vibes. Here are the best mainland beaches and Greek coastal towns that you cannot ignore.

1. Karidi Beach, Halkidiki

Best for Instagram

Best Beaches In Sithonia - Karidi beach

Karidi Beach isn’t known for its quietness during the summer months as it’s always rated as one of the best beaches in Sithonia, but that shouldn’t stop you, as the beach itself is simply beautiful and very photogenic. 

Despite its popularity, there are no bars or cafes on the beach, so you must take your parasol and towels. However, there is a small restaurant just at the entrance to the beach, where you can buy refreshments and food to take with you. 

The water here is shallow and extremely clear, and the sand is white and very soft. You can walk out quite far without the water passing your waist. This is a great family beach too. 

2. Alonaki Beach, Parga

Best for snorkeling

If you want a day away from everything, totally secluded and enjoying peace, Alonaki Beach is a great choice. Around 25km from the greek coastal town of Parga, the beach sits in a cove protected from the sea breeze. The fragrant pine trees slope down towards some of the clearest water in Greece, and the sand is golden to boot!

Visiting this beach is best done by hiring a car, as you will need to drive down a dirt road to access the beach.

This beach, although beautiful, is not the best for young children as the pebbles under the sea can be a little sharp; however, if you love snorkeling and checking out colorful marine life, this is a top beach choice for you.

The beach does have a bar for refreshments, and sunbeams are complimentary, along with showers. Even though the beach is a little challenging to get to, it can become quite crowded, so be sure to get there early during the peak summer months.

3. Ammolofoi Beach, Kavala

Best for families

Beaches on mainland Greece - Ammolofoi Beach, Kavala

Ammolofoi Beach is one of the most excellent mainland Greece beaches for families who want a lazy day on the sand, building sandcastles, splashing, and enjoying the sun. Packed with massive dunes, kids will love hiding and exploring in and around them, and the green-tinged waters are clean, calm, and ideal for swimming.

This beach is relatively easy to reach as it can be accessed directly from the road. It is located just outside of Kavala, and there is plentiful parking. However, as you would expect, it can be busy during the summer, so get there early once more.

There are many facilities on the beach, including bars and restaurants, sunbeds and umbrellas, and showers.

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4. Armenistis Beach, Halkidiki

Best for camping

Aerial image of Mount Athos Greece - Pine forest tree by the sea in Halkidiki, GreeceThis particular beach is an excellent option for everyone, as it’s large, sweeping, and rarely crowded. However, thanks to the surrounding region, many nature fans flock here, which is ideal for camping. The beach has been Blue Flag rated and
the sea is crystal clear and calm, making it a good choice for families too.

Regarding how the beach looks, it’s stunning and a definite Insta-worthy snap. Many on-site amenities include restaurants, cafes, small markets, and toilets/shower rooms. You will find umbrellas on certain spots, and be sure to head to the far end of the beach to check out the sunset too.

You can reach Armenistis Beach easily from the main road from Halkidiki, and there is plentiful parking. You walk along a short track from the car park and are on the sand.

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5. Chorefto Beach, Pelion

Chorefto Beach is situated nearby to the locality Agioi Saranta and the town of Zagora. Choreftо is a small resоrt situated in Pelion, on the northeast coast of the peninsula. It features an impressive and long beach that stretches for over 2km without interruption. Located 8km from Zagora, a traditional mountainous village, and 5km from Makrirachis. During the summer, visitors can enjoy beach bars and fast food venues. Kids can play in the sand and crystal clear waters.

6. Bella Vraka Beach, Syvota

Best for relaxation

Mainland Greece Beaches - Bella Vraka Beach, Syvota

Located in Thesprotia, close to Syvota, you’ll find Bella Vraka Beach. This mainland Greece beach is ideal for anyone who wants to grab a good book and a sunbed to chill out for a few hours.

The main beach is separated into smaller coves by a long strip of white sand which gives you isolation if you need it but easy access to the main section of the beach if you want to be a bit more sociable! The shallow water is ideal for all swim levels, but it can be pebbly in places. As the beach is associated with a hotel, you will find that it’s jam-packed during the primary summer season, and watersports are available for residents of the hotel. There is also a small cafe on-site and sunbeds and umbrellas.

If you’re not staying at the hotel, you can easily reach it by road, but from there, you will need to walk down a somewhat uneven path that is quite rocky.

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7. Kalamitsi Beach, Halkidiki

Best for traveling with kids

Best Beaches In Sithonia, Halkidiki - Kalamitsi Beach

On the southern part of Sithonia, you will find Kalamitsi Beach, a relatively large beach that is ideal for families who want a day splashing in the sea. The water is calm, and there is plenty of shade. 

You’ll find restaurants and cafes backing onto the beach, and watersports are on offer too. There are parasols and sun loungers to use, but there’s also a large stretch where you can take your own towels and parasols if you prefer. 

8. Faksitra Beach, Pelion

Best for off-the-beaten-track adventures

You will struggle to find one to beat Faksitra Beach in terms of beautiful beaches. Although you need to walk down a relatively long and steep hill to get to it from the road, it’s more than worth the effort for the end destination. The beach is also only 15 minutes away from Fakistra itself.

The beach is surrounded by high cliffs and trees, making it seem like you’re cut off from the rest of the world, but you’re pretty close in reality! The water is a green-tinge, perhaps reflected from the plentiful trees, but extremely clear and almost mirror-like.

Be sure to take your snacks as there are no cafes or shops for refreshments. This is a wild and natural spot with no tourism amenities – that’s what makes it so beautiful in many ways.

There is a lot of shade on this beach, but you can also easily find open sun if you want to tan. There is also a mix between pebbles and sand on the shore.

9. Foneas Beach, Mani

Best for nature

Mainland Greece Beaches - Foneas Beach

Foneas Beach is pretty secluded, but that gives it ultimate beauty. The cove is protected by the trees surrounding it, but it’s also quite rocky, so be sure to take some beach shoes with you for extra comfort and protection. You can reach the beach by road and walk down a forest track to reach it.

The beach does have some families, including a cafe and shower, but it may be best to bring your own refreshments if you prefer a wide choice.

Because the beach is pretty wild, it’s not the best for children as the rocks are quite large and can be slippery. However, it’s a stunning beach for adults to spend the day. If you enjoy snorkeling, you’ll find a great experience here too.

10. Karavostasi Beach, Between Parga and Sivota

Mainland beaches in Greece - Karavostasi Beach

This beach is located 13 km from Sivota on the Ionian coast near the town of Perdika. There are umbrellas and sunbeds available for hire. As the beach is west facing, you’ll be able to enjoy incredibly beautiful sunsets. It is 700 meters long and 70 meters wide. The beach is a mix of sand and pebbles. A lifeguard is on duty every day, and there are showers, cabins, and toilets on the beach. As the beach does not have natural shade, we advise you to bring an umbrella. 

11. Papa Nero Beach, Pelion

Next to Agios Ioannis Beach and north of Milopotamos Beach, you will find Papa Nero Beach is a popular destination. In addition to the green of the trees and the blue of the sea, this beach features golden sand, taverns with delicious Greel specialties, and organized camping facilities very close to the beach.

12. Kavourotrypes Beach, Halkidiki

Best for Instagram snaps

Kavourotrypes Beach, Halkidiki - Mainland Greece Beaches

Once you set foot on Kavourotrypes Beach, you’ll question where in the world you actually are. It looks like you’re on another planet entirely, such is its exquisite beauty. But no, you’re in Greece – Halkidiki to be precise.

The is no doubt a top contender for the award for finest beaches in mainland Greece. It is surrounded by huge rocks and pine trees which slope down to the shore, and the sand is blinding white. The sea? It is idyllic, bright blue, and reflects your face when you look down into it. It’s stunning and will make everyone on your newsfeed crazy with jealousy. To add more detail to the beauty, you can also check out the imposing sight of Mouth Athos in the background. There’s nothing this beach doesn’t have when it comes to aesthetics.

There are some facilities on the beach, including umbrellas and sunbeds, but you should bring your own refreshments. While it’s not the most accessible beach to get to, you will find some parking, and you simply walk through the forest to get down to the beach itself.

13. Mylopotamos Beach, Pelion

Best for swimming

Mylopotamos beach, Pelion, Greece - Mainland Greece Beaches

Located in Pelion, a very short distance away from Tsagkarada village, you will find Mylopotamos Beach. The beach actually separates into two, but it’s one and the same – it’s simply a very large rock that causes the split! This beach in mainland Greece is ideal for those who enjoy swimming and sunbathing, although the beach is pebbly and not sandy.

It’s an untamed kind of beauty here, but one which is perfect for a day of chilling out in the sea. You’ll also find sunbeds and umbrellas for rent and cafes for refreshments throughout the day.

To reach the beach, you can simply drive, but you will need to walk down some steep steps to get to the shore.

14. Sarakiniko Beach, Parga

Best for watersports 

Sarakiniko Beach in Parga is named after a group of pirates who were stuck on the sand back in the day. So, if you’re into history and seafaring tales, this is a good start for you! However, if you’re more about the beach itself, you won’t go far wrong here. It’s beautiful, has plenty of amenities on-site, and you’ll have a fantastic day enjoying the natural elements. Another plus point is that there are plenty of options for watersports here and canoeing, snorkeling, sailing, and even fishing.

You can reach Sarakiniko Beach from Parga by road, and it only takes around 15 minutes to get there. There is plenty of parking, and once you’re there, you’ll find restaurants and cafes for refreshments. You can also rent a sunbed and umbrella. If you want to stay, you’ll find accommodation too!

15. Voidokilia Beach, Messinia

Best for wildlife lovers

Mainland Greece Beach Spots - Voidokilia Beach, Messinia

Anyone who adores wildlife, in particular birds, will love Voidokilia Beach. The beach is formed by huge sand dunes, which create a horseshoe shape. The waters are blue, calm, and shallow, making them ideal for swimming as it’s never genuinely wavy, thanks to the protection around the beach from high winds. The beach is sandy and ideal for children and adults alike.

You can easily reach the beach by road and a short path, but there isn’t any parking, so perhaps a taxi or excursion is the best option here. There are no cafes on the beach, so be sure to bring your own refreshments.

If you venture around the sand dunes, you’ll find Gialova Lagoon, a habitat for countless species of birds.

16. Glyfada Beach, Attica

Mainland Greece Beaches - Glyfada Beach, Athens

Laid-back pebble beach with lounger rentals & sunset views, plus adjoining bars & seafood tavernas.

If you are looking at which mainland Greece resorts are best, you can start here to help you find your favorite. 

So, tell us, which of these best beaches in mainland Greece will you swim at first?

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