21 Things To Do In Omiš Croatia: It’s Not Just For Pirates

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Written by our local expert SJ

Sarah-Jane has lived in Croatia for 10+ years. SJ, as she is known, has been traveling the Balkans & beyond since 2000. She now shares her passion for traveling with her husband & kids.

Travel Croatia like a local with these 21 things to do in Omis Croatia. Fishing, sandy beaches, adventure sports and history, Omiš has it al!

Omiš is a historical town located 25 km south of Split on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. Omiš lies between the Cetina River and the Adriatic Sea.

Once a famous pirate town in the Middle Ages, Omiš town’s economic prosperity was born from piracy. Omiš had excellent seamen who navigated the Adriatic sea, keeping the town wealthy. This wealth saw the erection of fortified walls in the late 12th century to protect it from invaders. The pirates of Omiš were fierce and were known to have fast ships, protecting the city for over 400 years. The pirate’s alliance was defeated in 1444 by the Turkish invasion, ending the pirate’s rule forever.

Now, what things can you do in Omiš?

Volleyball On The Beach

Things to do in Omis Travel Blog | Chasing the Donkey Travel Blog | Beach
There are Several Sandy Beaches in Croatia For Kids – Like This One in Omis

Okay, so I know I said that Omiš was more than a place for beach bums… and as you can see by this impressive list, it is. I was not going to include the beach. However, a day (or more) at the beach is very much warranted. The beaches of Omiš are not just for (safe) tanning; head to the sandy beach stretching half a kilometer not far from the town center. It makes a great day for families with little ones and offers beach volleyball.

And if you want more beaches, Omiš has a few. Plus, you could take a day trip to the Makarska Riviera and enjoy the blue flag beaches along that stretch of coast.

Chilling On The Square

Sit, have coffee in the beautiful Old Town, and take a trip to St. Michael’s Square. There are charming alleyways to get lost wandering. If you have extra time, stop by the Church of St. Peter, which dates back to the 10th century.

Visiting Tvrđava Mirabela – Mirabella Fortress

Omis Croatia - Omis Mirabela fortress

This 13-century  fortress is settled on a steep cliff, high above the city; the sweeping views go all the way to Brač bay. It is easy to reach via a staircase, but it is a steep trek, so ensure you wear comfy shoes. 

Fun fact: This was once a reliable hideout for the Omiš pirates who used to retreat into the safety of the Cetina gorge. Legend says that in 1537, during an attack by the Turks, the defenders of Omiš confused the attackers with their shouting and shots so much that they overestimated the number of defenders and fled.

Canoe Safari

Paddle along the Cetina River, taking in the incredible natural scenery. Canoe down one of Croatia’s prettiest rivers with one or two of your best buddies, and then enjoy a picnic lunch by the river.


The calcareous canyon on the Cetina River is the ideal place for canyoning. The cliff face reaches up to 180 meters, with underground tunnels, waterfalls, and lakes all calling your name.

Extreme Canyoning

One of the popular things to do in Omiš is only for the serious of serious adventurers. Descend Gubavica Waterfall on the Cetina River. You’ll need professional alpine gear, and if you book it as part of a tour, you’ll be paired with experienced instructors.  


Family Activity Holidays | Active Holidays Croatia |Zipling | Croatia Travel Blog

Eight wires. 65 km an hour, set over 150 meters off the ground. That’s what you call heart-racing fun! Experience Zip Lining Croatia as we did. You’ll love it.


Experience the sea and mountains all in Omiš. Nature-lovers will want to lace up their boots for a trekking adventure, offering you a trekking experience like nowhere else in Croatia.

You can also sail to Brač and Hvar’s islands for the day, where trekking overlooks the glistening Adriatic sea.

Free Climbing

On the left bank of the Cetina River in Planovo, a 200-meter-high cliff set awaits, ready for you to climb. Both experienced climbers & beginners meet at Planovo all year round. 

Rafting The Cetina River

Things to do in Omiš Cetina River Rafting Video - Travel Croatia like a local

Of all the things to do in Omiš, enjoying the foam of the rapids on the Cetina River has to be one of the best ways a family can spend an active day together. Starting at Penšići and finishing at Radmanove Mlinice, rafting the 9 km route on the Cetina is a day to remember.


Adrenaline-pumping paintball makes for a great day when the weather is ho-hum in Omiš. Just be sure you’ve done your last sun tanning. After all, those welts don’t look so pretty in a bikini. 


Things to do in Omiš - Paragliding - Travel Croatia like a local
Things to do in Omiš – Paragliding Photo Credit Texaus1

Soar high above the pirate town of Omiš overlooking the Cetina River. Beginning from Imber, paragliding trips are not as well known as the beaches of Croatia, but once you’re in the know – you won’t be able to stop at just one glide.

Horseback Riding

Things To Do In Slavonia Croatia - Horses On The Farm

A short trip to Sinj will see you horseback riding. The town of Sinj has a long history of horses and horseback riding, including a UNESCO inscribed event that dates back to 1715. Regular riding options are available, as are riding schools for those just starting.


Cycling trails stretch across the whole country, with Omiš being no exception. Away from the village, set in the hinterland, are paths of various degrees of difficulty. Cycle through the village of Poljica and try the famous Poljica soparnik – a flatbread filled with chard made by the people of Poljica for centuries.

Want a more challenging, more gritty biking experience? Then head into the mountains for some extreme mountain biking.

Hunting And Photo Safari

The Mosor Mountain of over 12,000 hectares provides an expansive hunting ground. You can legally hunt wild boar, chamois, barbary sheep, and deer. Also, the rock partridge, rock dove, and rabbits can be found. With an expert guide, you’ll be taken to places of extraordinary beauty to photograph.

If one day of hunting is not enough, you can also pre-arrange an overnight stay in the open-air hut.

Scuba Diving

THINGS TO DO IN CROATIA - Adriatic Sea 000362

It’s Croatia, after all. So there are places to dive everywhere; head out on a day trip to the islands of Brač, Hvar, and Šolta for the very best diving experiences.


Fly fishing in Una National Park, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Leave Omiš early in the morning for the open sea, where you’ll have the chance to reel in over a dozen fish species. Prepare them for lunch, and enjoy a swimming spot before returning to Omiš in the afternoon. 

The Cetina River is the place for river fishing. Your likely catch of the day will be trout, chub, or carp. Not far from Radmanove Mlinice, you can fish for eel and mullet.

Sea Kayaking

Spend the day paddling in the Adriatic clear blue sea. Magic.

Brands We Use And Trust

Getting Lost

Wander the narrow cobbled streets of Omiš and take in her historical sites & churches. Look out for the sign claiming the best pizza in Dalmatia – try it and let me know what you think.

Getting Musical

During the summer, Omiš hosts a famous Dalmatian Klapa Singing Festival. The festival is one of the biggest in Croatia and is held annually and inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Renting A Small Boat 

Things to do in Omis - Travel Croatia like a local

The Cetina River is calm, which makes renting a boat fun and safe. Small boats can be hired with or without a skipper. Either way, you’ll make your way up the river through canyons, so have your camera handy.

Visiting Starigrad Fortress

Also known as Fortica Fortress, this 15th-century stronghold is one of the main attractions in Omiš, Croatia. Starigrad Fortress sits on cliffs high above the old town and is accessible only via a hiking trail. The 1-hour hike from Omiš to Starigrad Fortress is easily one of the best things to do in Omiš. The glorious view of the town and sea below at the fortress makes the effort well worth it.

Seeing The Mila Gojsalić Statue

Located about 5 km from the Omiš town center, the viewpoint at the Mila Gojsalić Statue by Ivan Meštrović is one of the greatest in the entire region. Get a rental car in Omiš and follow the winding road up the hills/cliffs. At this iconic statue, you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the Omiš Canyon and the surrounding mountains. This is without question one of the top Omiš attractions.

Best Beaches In Omiš

Yes, I did say that Omiš is about much more than sunbathing, swimming, and lazing around on the beach, but the town’s stunning beaches have to be mentioned.

After all, the beaches of the Omiš Riviera also contribute to the area’s popularity as a tourist destination. From the town’s own Velika Plaza to sandy beaches in nearby villages, as well as hidden coves and bays, there are plenty of great beaches to enjoy. These are some of the absolute best beaches near Omiš:

  • Velika Plaza Beach
  • Duće Beach
  • Brzet Beach
  • Ruskamen Beach
  • Mala Luka Beach

Accommodation In Omiš

We recommend you stay at the Hotel Villa Dvor, where we spent several nights as their guest while we toured the sites of Omiš.  Nestled between two canyons along the Cetina River, Hotel Villa Dvor is set high above a sheer marble stone cliff. Your stay is surrounded by the warm hospitality of the entire Curlin family & they also have a rooftop jacuzzi..seriously.

So, are you tempted? How many things to do in Omiš do you want to try?

Comments (57)

  1. Omis looks like a nature lover’s paradise, I personally would love to try the white water rafting.

  2. I loved Omis, even though I only spent a day there! I knew about the zip lining and a few others, but I honestly had no idea there was this much to do there – now I wish I’d stayed longer!

  3. What is this rubbish? Pirate parties in Omis are FOR THE WIN y’know ;)
    Number 16 should come with a health warning, we *had* to do that the day after the pirate party, and with my shitty knees I didn’t even make it a quarter of the way up. Everyone’s pictures looked pretty, but my knee’s said NO WAY!
    I wanted to go rafting, but my guide wouldn’t book it for me (Boooo)!

  4. I really must get to Croatia, it looks like there is so much to do in Omis alone! While I would skip the hunting, I would definitely do the paragliding!

  5. Omis looks like an ideal place to photograph, with those vibrant colors in and around the water. All 19 things sound good, but the canoe safari would be a perfect afternoon for me.

  6. A suggestion for a future blog: could you please list a few common words in Croatian with the phonetic pronunciation? I’m going to Croatia soon and I’d like to be able to say please and thank you. Guide books print the words but with no hint for how to say them. Please and Thank You!

      1. I just found your reply to my request and your post of helpful Croatian language instruction. I’ll print it and share it with my group. I will be in Croatia in about three weeks — yippeeeeeee!

  7. I had no idea there was so much to do in Omis! Loved the history too… I’d love to try sea kayaking and diving there.

  8. Interesting ideas! I would love to do a lot of them, although some are a bit extreme for my liking! And who knew about diving, I had no idea there would be something ‘worth seeing’ underwater in Croatia!

    I recently learnt about this Sunday Traveler campaign and I love it already! This week is the first I took part and I’m excited to read all these wonderful travel stories :)

    1. Super! We are glad to have you – each week I learn so much about this big world!

  9. I love all the outdoor options available! I can’t think of a single one that doesn’t appeal, but the horseback riding especially stands out. I trained horses before I started traveling, and love the idea of riding in a foreign place.

  10. I’d like to try the rafting, the zip lining, cycling…lots of outdoor things and they all look awesome!

  11. Looking at this list, it does seem that Omis offers something for both the adventurous and those who like things a bit tamer. For myself, I think I’d like hiking to the fortress the best followed by some trekking. I like my feet planted firmly on the ground. And of course, the beach sounds great.

  12. Oh so many things to choose from! Diving, zip lining, and rafting are definitely top of the list for me :)

  13. Hey, on behalf of Christa, Host of The Sunday Traveler, I was stopping by to check out your article. You have a good amount of info here. That Zip lining looks like an awesome rush and I appreciate the Dive info. Great read!

  14. I think I will skip the hunting but the boating, photo safari, and zip lining sound like lots of fun!

  15. These all seem fun – especially the canoeing and canyoning – but I was in as soon as you said ‘Pirates.’ Historic pirates! What else does a city need?

  16. Wow, this looks like an outdoor adventurer’s paradise. So many fantastic things to do.

  17. Judging by your posts, it looks like there are loads of places in Croatia with absolutely amazing scenery.

  18. Had no idea such a small town that most people have never heard of could be such an adventure travel hotspot!

    1. You and me both! So many adventure travel activities across Croatia I am discovering.

    2. Hey Ryan,

      guess why we decided to live here :-)
      Coming from The Netherlands this is f@cking paradise !
      Cheers from Svinisce (ten minutes from Omis).

  19. Hi SJ,
    We went today (Sunday) to Omis and were disappointed to see it was a ghost town. We were there to see Mirabella Fortress and were surprised that the gate was locked. Couldn’t get in. Surprised because haven’t seen any mention of it closed anywhere. Is it because it was Sunday? (2 weekends in a row we go out on a Sunday – and starting to get the idea that everything shuts down on Sundays in Croatia…)
    Anyway, looks like a lovely town (the cliffs are spectacular) and since we’re here for 2 months we’ll come here again and organize ourselves better. Maybe just too early in the season. And maybe we’ll even do that zipline, sounds awesome.
    Frank (bbqboy)

    1. Welcome to Croatia’s coast in the off-season. Like I mentioned when you said you were coming so early, not much is open. Especially on a Sunday – that’s God day :D People stay home with families and go to Church. But, as to why it was locked – perhaps it does not open out of season. That happens with a lot of attractions and museums. The start of the season is May 1. If you are in Split, head into one of the tourist agencies and just ask – they’ll know for sure. Let me know, and I’ll update the post.

      1. Thanks SJ, appreciate the thread you started on facebook.
        I might write them myself, I don’t want to go again and find everything closed…there was no explanation on the gate why it would be.

    2. Hi SJ, We are Aussies living in Perth. Our plan is to move to Omis and embrase the culture, lifestyle and language. We want to take a break from the high stress of corporate life and slow down. We are planning to send our 6yo son to school in Omis. We are of Croatian heritage and encourage Luka to speak the language at home. We know that eventually it will become more difficult for Luka to keep that connection to his background. So our plan is to stay for one year. I would be interested to know if there are any other people with small Children from Australia in school over there.
      Love the work that you are doing on your blog. Interesting to read about the day to day stories of life over there. I can relate to some of the frustrations but just as in life you sometimes have to have patience and not allow those things to bother you.


      1. Heya! Kids here do not start school until 7 – you know that right? Yes, loads of Australians in Croatia – how many in Omiš I have no clue. BUT, you should join this group and ask, and make some great connections before you come. They are all so nice and helpful. Plus there is also this group https://www.facebook.com/australiansinsplit?fref=ts
        And, thanks for your kind words on my blog *blushing*
        Have fun!

  20. Hi,
    In the summer i like to go paragliding in Omis. But I can’t find where to call to make an appointment for this. Does anybody know how i can come in contact with the organization?

    1. If you google it, there are several agencies who can book you in – if you don’t one you like email we can find an agency to book you into one.

      1. Hi Sj,

        I know Robert of did it himself once (duo mind you) and knows who takes passengers.
        Cheers, Pim.

        1. Hi Pim, last summer we booked a paraglide flight with Robert with your recommendation. Due to several circumstances the flight was cancelled. We still have to get our payment back after having a lot of contact with Robert. As we know him he is a deceiver, do you have any way to get to him and get our money back?

          1. Hi Vera,
            it´s not easy for me to give a proper answer, since I don´t know the circumstances that lead to canceling the flight.
            Also I do not know what the conditions of the agreement were.
            Knowing Robert well, I´m 100% sure he´s not a deceiver !
            Best advise is to contact him once more via email, asking him why there was no flight and if there is any chance of a complete or partial refund.
            All the best, Pim.

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