49 Fun Facts About Serbia You May Not Know

49 Fun Facts About Serbia You May Not Know

We all know that Serbia is a beautiful Balkan country, and it is becoming more and more open to tourists as the years go on. Belgrade, the capital city, is one of the most architecturally wonderful cities you’ll visit, but what else do you need to know about Serbia as a whole?

We’re not talking about language, currency, and electricity conversions here; we’re talking about the interesting stuff, the stuff that you don’t find with a simple Google search!

If you’re hungry for more knowledge all about Serbia, you’re in luck – check out these fun facts about Serbia!

1. Serbia is one of the world’s biggest exporters of raspberries, and in the year 2012, Serbia was responsible for almost 95% of the world’s raspberries!

2. One-fifth of the ancient rulers of Rome were born on what is now Serbian soil

3.  This is a Serbia fact for kids – There is a river called Year, and it is called that because it is 365 meters long!

4. Forget the Swiss clock; Serbia is the site of the clock invention, around 200 years before anywhere else

5. Gostusa is a village on Mount Stara Planina, and it is made of only natural products, such as stone and mud; yes, people do live there!

6. The Vinatovaca Rainforest is more than 350 years old, and it is forbidden to touch or cut down any part of it

7. Head to the Testice River Canyon if you can’t afford to head to America, as it looks exactly like the Colorado River Canyon!

8. Serbia is home to the largest gorge in Europe, the Derdap Gorge

Holidas In The Balkans - Belgrade

9. Fancy some nightlife? Head to Belgrade; Lonely Planet has been voted as the city with the best nightlife on the planet!

10. The Prerasts of Vratna are situated in Serbia and are the tallest stone gates in Europe

11. A Serbia history fact you might not know – Serbia produced some of the most famous inventors, scientists, and chemists from history, including Pupin, Milankovic, Marie, and Karadzic, to name a few

12. Serbia is home to a mountain which is shaped like a pyramid – Mount Rtanj. Nobody is sure why it is this shape, but there are a few theories that it is an alien mothership that landed thousands of years in the past

Facts About Serbia - Mount Rtanj

13. Coffee is a bit deal in Serbia; in fact, you will find most locals drink it in abundance

14. The language of Serbia was used during the Ottoman Empire as an official language

15. The world’s first vampire? Do you think it’s Dracula? Wrong! The first vampire was Peter Blagojevic, from Serbia

16. Head to the Tisza River in June and watch the blooming of the Tisza River. It is here that the Palingenia Longicauda, an insect, will dance on the top of the water.

17. Three Serbian nationals took part in the first moon landing

18. Serbia is totally landlocked – no beach time here, sorry!

19. In 1992, Serbia joined forces with Montenegro as a union, but they became independent once more in 2006

20. The word ‘Serbia’ actually comes from the Greeks, and means ‘land of the Serbs’


Serbia Travel Blog_49 Fun Facts About Serbia to Know Before You Go


21. There are five national parks in Serbia, and they are all beautiful

22.  Serbia is small and is actually smaller than South Carolina in the USA!

23. Serbia’s highest point is 2169 meters, and the lowest is 35 meters

24. Serbia regularly experiences earthquakes

25. An interesting Serbia fact here – for every female in Serbia, there are 0.95 men.

26. For every 100 people, Serbia has 130 mobile connections, and 40 landline connections

27. Only half of the population in Serbia use the internet

28. Most last names in Serbia end in ‘ić.’

29. Serbians are amongst some of the most welcoming and hospitable people in the world. As an interesting Serbian cultural fact, locals believe that they will not receive luck or favors from the Gods if they don’t treat their guests well

30. Serbia aims to look after the planet and recently built the first wind powerhouse, called the Kula Wind Farm. They are aiming to reach 500 MW of wind capacity by the year 2020

Folklore Group From Serbia

31. Serbia’s official name is the Republic of Serbia

32. Serbia shares land borders with several countries, including Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, and Romania!

33. The Serbian Dinar is the official currency, although you’ll find many other currencies accepted, including Euros and Dollars

34. Belgrade might be considered a party capital nowadays, but throughout history, it has been a vital trade crossing between east and west Europe

35. Serbia has a 30% landmass of forests

36. There are 70 different species of mammals in Serbia, including bears

Balkan Flags_Serbia 1

37. There are many monasteries throughout Serbia, some dating back as far as the 12th century. If you’re asking ‘what is Serbia famous for?’, monasteries are certainly one thing!

38. White Angel is a famous fresco and is found in the Mileseva Monastery. This also features the first broadcast of a satellite signal between Europe to America

39. The oldest Serbian manuscript on UNESCO record is the Miroslav’s Gospel, dating back to 1180

40. The Palace of Galerius features the Gamzigrad-Romuliana complex and dates back to the late 3rd century

41. Nikola Tesla is from Serbia – or so Serbians claim. Croatia also claims him as a Croat

42. The most expensive cheese in the world is made from donkey milk in Serbia, called Pule. It costs $576 for 1lb of cheese!

43. The Roman Empire, Constantine the Great, was born in Niš, in Serbia, in 274 AD

44. Located in Cacak, you will find the Old Downtown Church. This has been turned into a mosque ten times – a record!

45. The Danube runs through Serbia and is the longest river in the country

46. You will find the Cyrillic alphabet and the Latin alphabets both used in Serbia

47. Slava is a big deal in Serbia and is the day of a feast to commemorate a patron saint

48. You will find trees bought for New Year, rather than Christmas in Serbia

49. If someone shakes your hand, it is vital to make eye contact, as a good-will gesture

These Serbian facts to whet your appetite before heading off and enjoying everything this beautiful and cultural country has to offer.

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