Island Hop The Dodecanese Islands

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Island Hop The Dodecanese Islands

Situated on the southeast side of Greece between the coast of Turkey and the Greek Cyclades Islands, the Dodecanese islands offer travelers a different side of Greece. Such as peaceful beaches, fascinating medieval-style buildings, and monuments reflecting the islands’ eventful history.

How To Visit The Greek Islands From Turkey In One Day - Rhodes, Lindos bay There’s a reminiscence of both east and west on most of the Dodecanese islands from people of ancient Greece and the Roman knights. And, of course, the Ottoman rulers and Byzantine emperors.

The most popular islands in the Dodecanese are:

Both of these Dodecanese islands share a cosmopolitan aura.

But in recent years, other charming islands in the Dodecanese have gained interest from tourists, such as:

Some other islands in the Dodecanese you should look to sail around are:

  • Agathonisi
  • Astypalaia
  • Chalki
  • Kalymnos
  • Kasos
  • Leipsoi
  • Leros
  • Nisyros
  • Tilos
  • Kastellorizo

A wealth of visual history, sunshine from spring until autumn, warm crystal blue seas, and spectacular views make touring the Dodecanese islands an incredible vacation.

Leading many not to ponder whether to explore the Dodecanese but when and how.

For help answering how to travel the islands, chartering a yacht is the best way, and here’s why.

Dive In The Dodecanese IslandsSailing Croatia - Amazing view to Yacht sailing in open sea at windy day. Drone view - birds eye angle

Depending on the size and ability of a specific yacht. Passengers may have the opportunity to dock their boat in shallow waters and dive off to explore the inhabited reefs, caves, and wrecks.

The Cave of Seal, in particular, is one of many diving opportunities for travelers to explore on their journey throughout the Dodecanese islands. The cave is situated just off the island of Rhodes. Here, divers can enter the cave and greet families of seals.

Other hot spots for diving include the Plimiri wreck. However, the wreck can only be reached by boat, making chartering a yacht perfect for this occasion.

Moreover, sea temperatures range between 22 and 26 degrees during the summer months because of the dry, hot weather.

And in the winter, the water only dips to 15 and 18 degrees; as such, a pleasant diving experience in the Aegon and eastern Mediterranean Sea is possible all year round.

Personalize Your Travels

Greek islands - Symi, Dodecanese Island Hopping
Symi Island

By chartering a yacht, travelers can create a travel itinerary that suits them and opt to dock near the places they’re most intrigued by.

And with the go-ahead from the captain, they may also be able to make detours and changes to the itinerary, which is ideal for spontaneous holidaymakers.

Equally, with a vessel out at sea, travelers have more options at their disposal to enjoy their stay by indulging in activities on land and at sea.

For instance, they can dock up in the middle of the ocean and go swimming or watch an unobstructed view of the sunset.

Go diving and explore one of many wrecks in the depths of the sea or scour the reefs on the coasts for marine life.

And, of course, land on an island of your choice and opt to explore for as long as they wish: while using the yacht as a base for their accommodation.

Variety Of Yachts To Suit All Pockets

Lesser-Known Greek Islands - Karpathos
Karpathos Island

While searching for a yacht to tour the Dodecanese, travelers will notice there are a plethora of sea vessels to choose from to suit various budgets.

So whether travelers are aiming to be savvy with their holiday budget, or guests are hiring a boat for a special occasion and want more space and luxury onboard. There are a range of boats to suit all.

Amenities, Capacity, Capability

Boat browsers can also adjust the amenities, capacity, and type of boat required.

For example, a catamaran is relatively easy to navigate in the marina and can comfortably tread water in the shallow seas without the bottom hitting the sea bed, which is ideal for day sailors who want to explore the coasts and reefs of the islands.

Whereas for larger holiday parties, wanting to stay overnight, a greek gulet may be more suitable for travelers.

Lastly, here are a few tips to help holidaymakers find and charter a yacht;

  • Explore the reviews for a specific boat of interest
  • Look out for discounts that can slash hundreds, sometimes thousands, off the price of chartering a yacht
  • Read the description and amenities carefully on offer
  • Hire a skipper if you and members of your party have never operated a vessel before
  • If possible, book a tour and take a look at the boat to ensure it meets your expectations before your planned trip
  • Always read up on best practices for sailing. The ocean can be a dangerous and sometimes unpredictable place. Therefore, wearing the right equipment, such as life jackets, while in the sea. Refraining from swimming solo when it’s late at night and wearing sunblock while on the deck are all critical for having a safe and pleasurable journey


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