37 Best Places To Stay In Santorini – Santorini Accommodation Guide

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Here is a detailed guide to the best places to stay in Santorini. We’ll start with an overview of the best villages in Santorini, followed by a list of our recommended accommodations on Santorini.

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Santorini is a magical destination in the middle of the Aegean Sea. It’s a romantic island with world-famous, whitewashed, beautiful landscapes and postcard-perfect views. Santorini is one of those places that everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime.

If you’re planning a trip to Santorini, you will definitely want to know not only what you can do there, but first and foremost, you will be eager to find out about the best area to stay in Santorini.

Being such a popular island, Santorini receives thousands of tourists each year. Therefore, to find the right accommodation in Santorini, it’s paramount that you book in advance.

Booking in advance will secure a more affordable rate and allow you to find the accommodations in Santorini, Greece, that are right for you (and your budget) when considering what things you plan to do while on the island.

Are you on a romantic getaway in Santorini? Are you traveling with friends? Are you a solo traveler? Or are you in Santorini to spend a wonderful holiday with the whole family?

The good news is that there are Santorini island hotels and villas for every kind of traveler and for every budget. Even though Santorini is known for being a romantic destination for honeymooners, the island receives every traveler type and has things to offer to all who visit – we even recommend Santorini with kids!

Now, let’s see which Santorini accommodations and the things to do on the island suit you best.

Villages In Santorini – Accommodation Santorini Village-By-Village

The crescent-shaped island of Santorini is not that big if compared with other Greek islands such as Crete. That means you will have a smaller choice of villages and areas to stay in Santorini, but also that you can rely on public transport to move around.

Although car rental is always comfortable in Greece, this is one of those islands where renting a car is not really essential, since most villages are well connected by the local transport network – and it’s busy!

These are some of the best villages where you can choose to stay in Santorini.



Those traveling to Santorini for a romantic holiday, a couples getaway, or the most idyllic honeymoon usually prefer to stay in the gorgeous village of Oia, on the northern tip of the island.

Oia is a fantastic whitewashed village perched on the border of Santorini’s Caldera, with traditional Cycladic blue-domed churches, a few windmills, and an old castle where people gather every day to witness one of the most romantic sunsets in Greece.

Oia can be a bit overpriced if you book at the last minute, but this is also because hotels in the area tend to have spectacular views that you can’t easily get anywhere else. This is arguably the best town in Santorini to stay in if you want to enjoy and experience that classic Santorini image that we all know.

Most hotels in Oia are luxurious. Many feature indoor pools, in-room jacuzzis, and private terraces where to enjoy a rich international breakfast in total privacy, while still enjoying the unique panorama of Santorini.

There are several places to see in Oia, all of them full of charm and elegance. A popular thing to do is to take an afternoon to walk along the beautiful cobblestone alleys. You can also shop in the magnificent souvenir boutiques that sell exclusive art from Santorini, jewelry, and local cosmetics.

Oia is also a wonderful place for photographers. The village is so pretty that it’s easy to capture one-of-a-kind pictures of every step you take.

Suppose you have more of an explorer spirit. In that case, instead, it’s a good idea to rent a car and drive along the opposite coast of Oia, to discover the lonely villages and the forgotten beaches of Baxedes and Koloumbos.

Although Santorini is usually not the place you would choose for a beach holiday, these northern shores have lunar white landscapes and a good swim option when it’s not very windy.


The capital of the island is Fira, and it’s the liveliest and best part of Santorini to stay for bustling island town life. The landscape remains as traditional as it is in Oia, but price tags tend to be lower, while there’s definitely more to do in Fira.

Fira has a great choice of places to stay and shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars, and traditional tavernas, some of them enjoying a privileged view of the most famous Caldera in the world.

In Fira, it’s also possible to discover a part of Santorini’s past, visiting some of the island’s museums, such as the Archaeological Museum of Fira and the Museum of Prehistoric Thira. Additionally, the village is also known for the beautiful churches, some of them with colorful domes and several interesting art galleries.

The port of Thira receives many cruise ships every day, so if you’re reaching Santorini with a cruise ship instead of by plane, you will enter the island through this gate.

For the best shopping and any basic need, you will need to reach Fira’s central square or Plateia Theotokopoulou. Here’s also the public bus station, a taxi rank, banks, drugstores, and a hospital. Again, this is probably the best side of Santorini to base yourself on for convenience combined with a plethora of attractions and amenities.

Firostefani And Imerovigli

Far enough from Santorini’s most touristic villages’ crowds and bustling lifestyle, these two small towns are located halfway from Fira and Oia but still remain an oasis of tranquility.

Although there’s not much going on in either of the villages, you can still find things to do, such as hiking to Skaro Rock, an old Medieval castle in Santorini, or hiking the coastal path that connects Fira and Oia.

Both Firostefani and Imerovigli are, more than anything else, the hotel havens. Some of the most exclusive hotels in Santorini are located in the area, but it’s also possible to find good bargains if you’re willing to trade sacrifice the view.


Kamari is one of Santorini’s black beaches. The village is quite alive and can be a great place for friends traveling to the island to have some fun.

Other than a wide black beach, there are several seafront hotels where you can stay in Kamari. And since there are no caldera views in the area, prices will definitely be more affordable in this village.


Located in the southern area of the island, the place is quite relaxing and isolated; Perissa is the other famous black beach in Santorini.

There is not much nightlife, and activities are reduced, but there’s a fantastic set of restaurants by the sea, and the beach is one of the best to practice waters sports on the island.

The best-priced hotels in Santorini are probably located in Perissa, a village that has become a top-pick among families staying in Santorini. This is arguably the best part of Santorini for a peaceful family vacation, as well as water fun.

Always remember that these black beaches have pebbles of volcanic origin, so they tend to be scorching hot when the sun heats them.

Those traveling with kids might want to consider protective beach shoes for the smaller family members. For adults, flip-flops will be enough.


The remote area of Akrotiri has turned into a trendy place to stay on the island during the last years. It’s a quiet area of the island, very close to the magnificent Red Beach of Santorini.

Red Beach is another excellent spot to enjoy Santorini’s magnificent sunsets. Other attractions in the area include the romantic Lighthouse of Akrotiri and the unique Archaeological Site of Akrotiri.

The archaeological settlement treasures the mysteries of the island before the catastrophic volcanic eruption that put an end to the ancient civilization of Santorini in 1500 BC.

Where To Stay In Oia

When choosing accommodation in Santorini, most of us would know to look at Oia first as it is the most well-known. Here are our top picks for places to stay in Oia.

1. Filotera Suites

Best Luxury Hotels In Oia

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini Greece_Filotera Suites
Photo Credit: Filotera Suites

The Filotera Suites is an excellent place for couples, with unique views of the Caldera, a magnificent infinity pool, and every comfort you need.

As a plus, each of the suites has its private seating area with a coffee machine, a comfortable sofa, and flat-screen TV. Most of the rooms also host an outdoor hot tub or a private pool. Set in the island’s most iconic town, this is hands down one of the best places to stay in Santorini if your budget allows it.


2. Charisma Suites

Best Luxury Hotels In Oia

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini Greece_Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini Greece_Charisma Suites
Photo Credit: Charisma Suites

The all-white architecture of Charisma Suites will definitely enchant you and put the perfect frame to your romantic holiday.

The pool overlooking the Aegean Sea features a fantastic Greek-style snack bar. Every suite also comes with a modern iPod dock station, satellite TV, and a comfortable sitting area.


3. Santorini Secret Suites & Spa

Best Luxury Hotels In Oia

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Santorini Secret Suites & Spa
Photo Credit: Santorini Secret Suites & Spa

This 5-star boutique hotel features suites overlooking the caldera and the volcano.

Each suite comes equipped with its own private outdoor pool or hottub on the spacious terrace along with a roomy interior, featuring a seating area and minimalist decor. 

Guests can enjoy services at the hotel’s spa as well as delicious Mediterranean cuisine at the hotel’s Black Rock restaurant.


4. Katikies Kirini Santorini

Best Luxury Hotels In Oia

Greece Travel Blog_Best Resort Hotels In Greece_Katikies Santorini
Photo Credit: Katikies Santorini

The Katikies Kirini Santorini hotel in Oia, Santorini, a member of Leading Hotels of the World, ensures that every guest’s stay will be one that they will remember for a very long time to come. The hotel’s location is perfect- far enough away from the main tourist street with shops and restaurants that felt secluded and quiet, but a 10-minute leisurely walk to access them. Carefully maintained, lantern-clad patios are interspersed by ancient Caldera stone blocks.

Guests love the hotel’s clean pool areas, unique restaurant menu, and fine wine list. All of the hotel staff is highly professional.
Breakfast with local and international fresh products, with a view of the caldera, will surely satisfy you! But the best thing about Katitikes Garden has to be the suites with private pools. Perfect for couples on honeymoon.


5. Canaves Oie Boutique Hotel

Best Luxury Hotels In Oia

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini_Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel
Photo Credit: Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel

Canaves has one of the most renowned spas in Santorini, so if a spa holiday is what you want, this luxury accommodation should be at the top of your list.

Filled with serenity, spacious suites feature private pools, incredible sea views and ultra posh decor. Grab a delicious dinner at the hotel restaurant or order a specialty cocktail at the bar while you watch the sun set over the sea.


6. Perivolas Hotel

Best Luxury Cave Stay In Oia

Greece Travel Blog_Best Cave Hotels In Greece_Perivolas Hotel
Photo Credit: Perivolas Hotel

Sitting atop a cliff high above the Aegean Sea, Perivolas Hotel is a short walk from scenic Oia while offering ultimate tranquility and panoramic views. Built “amphitheatrically,” as their website states, this 5-star hotel in Santorini has a cave infinity pool and a fantastic wellness center with an open-air hot tub, massage rooms, and steam bath. There are no fewer than 22 private houses set in restored 300-year-old caves.

Perivolas Hotel feels like a private residence—it was initially designed as a family home—with each house having its own charm and atmosphere. Interiors feature a Cycladic style characterized by smooth surfaces, snug alcove beds, sculpted whitewashed stone walls, and vaulted ceilings.

Additionally, guests can enjoy the delicious Mediterranean and Greek cuisine at the Perivolas Restaurant, which occupies an amazingly restored wine cellar. Both free parking and free WiFi are available to guests as well.


7. Strogili

Best Mid-Range Hotel In Oia

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini_Strogili
Photo Credit: Strogili

With most of the hotels so far landing in the expensive category, here is a more affordable option to check out in the Oia area of Santorini. Located on the edge of the Caldera, you can still enjoy impressive views while saving a bit.

Studios and apartments feature traditional styling along with options for fun extras, like hot tubs.

Continental breakfast is served daily and hotel guests can enjoy access to the outdoor pool, seasonal pool bar and sun terrace.


8. Ambelia Traditional Villas

Best Quiet Stay In Oia

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Ambelia Traditional Villas
Photo Credit: Ambelia Traditional Villas

Ambelia Traditional Villas offers spacious accommodation to guests 15 years and older, about a 10 minute walk outside of Oia. It makes for the perfect, quiet oasis, while still being close to the main heart of the city.

Breakfast is provided in these cave-style one or two bedroom units, decorated with soft colors and charming textiles.


9. Thetis Cave Houses

Best Family Hotel In Oia 

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini_Thetis Cave Houses
Photo Credit: Thetis Cave Houses

Being perched on top of a mountain hill, most hotels in the Caldera don’t accept children. However, there are a few exceptions worth checking if you’re traveling to Santorini with the family and decide that Oia is the place where you want to stay.

Thetis Cave Houses are one of the places in Oia happy to receive children in their facilities. The family-friendly accommodation in Santorini’s Oia town also offers a comfortable shuttle to reach the airport.

The suites have great Caldera views, and breakfast is delicious. This is a top-rated place to stay in Santorini.


10. En Plo Boutique Suites

Best Budget-Friendly Hotels In Oia

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini_En Plo Boutique Suites Oia Santorini
Photo Credit: En Plo Boutique Suites Oia Santorini

To save a few bucks and enjoy the area, it’s a great idea to stay close to the area of Baxedes, still close to the Caldera, but without the stunning views. This way, your expense will be lower, and you can even stay more days in Santorini!

En Plo Boutique Suites is a fantastic hotel with a huge sun terrace, a garden, and a swimming pool. The suites are very comfortable, and the beach is just a few minutes away.


11. Anemoessa Villas

Best Budget Hotels In Oia

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini_Anemoessa Villa
Photo Credit: Anemoessa Villa

One more of our favorite budget options in Oia, Anemoessa Villas is just a 15 minute walk from the main center of Oia.

Built using traditional architecture styles, apartments and suites offer a quiet escape. A beautiful pool and a delicious, homemade breakfast are also both of offer to guests.


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Where To Stay In Fira

Beautiful accommodation in Fira is not hard to find, but since the village is bigger than Oia, the choice is wider too. Let’s see some of the hotels in Fira you can book today.

12. Athina Luxury Suites

Best Luxury Hotels In Fira 

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini_Athina Luxury Suites
Photo Credit: Athina Luxury Suites

Fira can also be a very romantic place and a luxurious one. Several boutique hotels are overlooking the sea – so you have several to choose from.

The one we like is Athina Luxury Suites – it is in a great location overlooking the center of Santorini’s volcano.

The hotel is nestled upon a rock, and every suite features the magic architectural style of the Cycladic Islands.

There’s also a majestic swimming pool and a sun terrace as well. This property is also happy to welcome small children in the facilities.


13. Volcano View By Caldera Collection

Best Luxury Hotels In Fira 

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Volcano View by Caldera Collection
Photo Credit: Volcano View by Caldera Collection

This adults only accommodation offers incredible views of the volcano, with a restaurant and three different pools overlooking the caldera. All guest-rooms also feature a terrace or balcony with this same view.

The hotel offers rooms in three separate sections: the main hotel perched on top of the cliffside, private VIP villas featuring private swimming pools, and an area of more affordable rooms which are given access to the hotel’s facilities.


14. Sienna Eco Resort

Best Family-Friendly Hotels In Fira

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini Greece_Sienna Eco Resort
Photo Credit: Sienna Eco Resort

Sienna Eco Resort is a gorgeous villa located in the village of Fira, and it’s an exceptional place for a family holiday.

These traditional villas enjoy stunning views over the Aegean as well as the garden. If you’re renting a car to see the rest of the island, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a free parking spot on the property as well.

If you want an extra dose of family, book one of the villas with a private pool.


15. Kalisti Hotel & Suites

Best Family-Friendly Hotels In Fira

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Kalisti Hotel & Suites
Photo Credit: Kalisti Hotel & Suites

This Cycladic style hotel is perfect for families, with everything from a double room up to a royal suite to accommodate groups of all sizes.

An outdoor pool, sun terrace and hot tub, along with an onsite, kid-friendly restaurant, kid pool and child services will ensure children of all ages enjoy their stay. The pool bar and the onsite spa services offer a well-needed break for parents.


16. Lignos

Best Budget Stay In Fira 

Lignos is an excellent two-star hotel, ideal to still enjoy the best of Santorini without breaking your budget. It might lack the spectacular caldera views, but there’s an incredible pool, and it’s also open to families with small kids.


Where To Stay In Firostefani

When selecting accommodation in Santorini, Firostefani probably is not the first place you’d consider. That said, it has some top-class places to stay in Santorini; here is what we suggest:

17. You & Me Suites

Best Luxury Hotels In Firostefani

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_U & ME SUITES
Photo Credit: U & ME SUITES

You & Me Suites is one of the top-rated places to stay in Firostefani, providing every luxury and comfort you could ever ask for. Their infinity pool has stunning views at sunset, and it’s a key feature of this hotel.


18. The Tsitouras Collection

Best Luxury Hotels In Firostefani

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini_Tsitouras Collection
Photo Credit: The Tsitouras Collection

The Tsitouras Collection is another luxury hotel in the area. Among the main features, the stay of this 18th-century mansion includes spectacular sunset views and antique decor, with romantic domes and vaults.

Every morning it’s possible to enjoy a free a la carte breakfast, which is served at any time. Instead, every evening, a complimentary cocktail is served by the pool to enjoy during sunset.


19. Mill Houses Elegant Suites

Best Family Friendly Hotels In Firostefani

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Mill Houses Elegant Suites
Photo Credit: Mill Houses Elegant Suites

This traditional Cycladic style hotel offers cave rooms with verandas overlooking the volcano. 

The hotel features a swimming pool, a gourmet restaurant and large, spacious suites, perfect for those traveling as a family. Despite being on the higher end in terms of luxury accommodation, children of all ages are welcome at this hotel.


20. Splendour Resort

Best Family-Friendly Hotels In Firostefani 

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Splendour Resort
Photo Credit: Splendour Resort

Splendour Resort is a top-choice hotel in Firostefani for families. It features beautiful swimming pools, and breakfast is usually included in the room’s price.

The hotel has excellent reviews praising the staff and the superb service they provide to customers.


21. Alonia Studios

Best Budget Stay In Firostefani 

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Alonia Studios
Photo Credit: Alonia Studios

Alonia Studios can be placed on the cheaper price range in the area and yet, is a great location to stay (also with the family). The traditional complex in Cycladic style is conveniently close to Fira and has pretty panoramic views of the sea. The studios feature a well-equipped kitchenette with every facility.


Where To Stay In Imerovigli

22. Aqua Luxury Suites

Best Luxury Stays In Imerovigli

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Aqua Luxury Suites Santorini
Photo Credit: Aqua Luxury Suites Santorini

Aqua Luxury Suites Santorini is a condo resort with exclusive characteristics facing the spectacular Skaro Rock and the Aegean.

Some of the suites feature an outdoor hot tub or plunge pool. Another bonus is that breakfast is served in-room.


23. Grace Hotel 

Best Luxury Stays In Imerovigli

Greece Travel Blog_Best Resort Hotels In Greece_Grace Hotel Santorini
Photo Credit: Grace Hotel Santorini

Often described as the most luxurious hotel in Greece, this exclusive boutique hotel features extremely luxurious accommodations and panoramic sea views over the most famous cliff in the world, the Santorini Caldera.

Rooms and suites artfully blend modern decorations with the island’s traditional architectural style, respecting local traditions but never disregarding style.

Some rooms offer a private plunge pool overlooking the sea. In contrast, the hotel’s infinity pool is arguably the most inviting swimming pool on the island and certainly the largest facing the Caldera.

Guests can enjoy deluxe in-room spa treatments or sample a delicious afternoon tea on their private terrace with a seating area.

Luxurious bathroom amenities, in-room fitness kits, and an extensive pillow menu are only a few of the perks it can experience during a stay at The Grace.

The on-site restaurant with picturesque sea views serves Mediterranean-inspired fusion cuisine. At the same time, every day, it is possible to indulge in the sophisticated 5-course champagne breakfast or taste delicious cocktails, refreshments and light meals at the 363 Champagne Lounge, sitting exactly 363 meters above the sea. Needless to say, sunset views from here are phenomenal.


24. Andronis Concept Wellness Resort

Best Luxury Stays In Imerovigli

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Andronis Concept Wellness Resort
Photo Credit: Andronis Concept Wellness Resort

Andronis Concept Wellness Resort is a lovely place to stay, offering every imaginable comfort and overlooking the beautiful landscape of Santorini.

Among the key features, suites have a minimal interior, a private swimming pool, a living room with a flat-screen, and a satellite TV.

The hotel offers spa treatments, personal training services, and yoga classes as well. There’s an incredible on-site restaurant too.


25. Kivotos Santorini

Best Luxury Stays In Imerovigli

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini_Kivotos Santorini
Photo Credit: Kivotos Santorini

5-star luxury found at the highest point of the Caldera makes for an unforgettable experience!

Suites are decked out with all the little luxuries you’d expect with a 5-star stay: plush mattresses, customizable sound and light system, indoor or outdoor jetted pool and custom made furniture just to highlight a few.

An infinity glass pool and a sunset terrace along with a fabulous on site bar and restaurant will make your stay one of a kind.


26. Astra Suites

Best Sunset Views In Imerovigli

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini_Astra Suites
Photo Credit: Astra Suites

Set right on the cliffs of the Caldera, guests can enjoy suites that feature lovely verandas with Caldera views. It’s the absolute perfect spot to take in a sunset over the sea!

Along with verandas, suites feature bedrooms, kitchens and seating areas – plenty of space to stretch out! Not to mention, some suites have private pools and spa baths.

A heated infinity pool overlooking the sea, hot tub, steam room and massage area provide the ultimate package to unwind, and an onsite restaurant offers a menu of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.


27. Vista Mare Studios

Best Family Accommodation In Imerovigli

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini Greece_Vista Mare Studios
Photo Credit: Vista Mare Studios

If you want to stay in Imerovigli with the whole family, choose the comfort and convenience of Vista Mare Studios right on the cliff’s edge.

The property features studios and suites and a few cave suites with a typical Cycladic style that have been carved into the rock.


28. Phaos Santorini Suites

Budget-Friendly Stay In Imerovigli 

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Phaos Santorini Suites
Photo Credit: Phaos Santorini Suites

Phaos Santorini Suites are the perfect answer for a convenient stay in Imerovigli. The beautiful and traditional apartments are surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, giving a complete sense of quietness to your stay.


Where To Stay In Kamari

29. Makris Beach Hotel

Best Seafront Hotel In Kamari

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini_Makris Beach Hotel
Photo Credit: Makris Beach Hotel

Makris Beach Hotel is located right opposite the beach of Kamari, and it’s a great place to stay whether you’re traveling alone, with your partner, or with the whole family. It has a modern decoration, and a fantastic pool too.


30. Aegean View Resort

Best Family Friendly Hotel In Kamari

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Aegean View Hotel
Photo Credit: Aegean View Hotel

Aegean View Resort is another hotel ideal for families with kids since it features both a sweet water pool and a swimming pool specially designed for children.

Villa Ostia is a perfect place for families in Kamari. Every apartment is surrounded by stone-paved pathways, and there’s also a pool available for guests.


31. Selini Hotel

Best Budget Hotel In Kamari

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini_Selini Ηotel
Photo Credit: Selini Ηotel

This 3-star hotel is the perfect budget friendly choice. It’s a simpler stay than others featured in this post, but rooms are spacious and there is an outdoor pool and sun terrace to enjoy Santorini’s weather.

An onsite bar/snack bar is handy when you need a quick refreshment.


Where To Stay In Perissa

32. Drossos Hotel 

Best Family Friendly Hotels In Perissa

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini_Drossos Hotel
Photo Credit: Drossos Hotel

Drossos Hotel is a gorgeous property with a magnificent pool and modern decor where to spend your holidays in Santorini.

There’s a sun terrace that features sun loungers and umbrellas ideal for relaxing in a quiet environment. This is a top-rated hotel for families in the area.


33. Aretousa Villas

Best Family Friendly Hotels In Perissa

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Aretousa Villas
Photo Credit: Aretousa Villas

Just 800 feet from Perissa’s black beach, these villas and apartments make a great stay for families. From single rooms and studio apartments to family rooms and full size apartments, there’s something for your group size.

A seasonal swimming pool and breakfast are available, and each room includes a fridge, with most units also including a kitchenette.


34. Irigeneia Hotel

Best Budget-Friendly Accommodation In Perissa

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Irigeneia Hotel
Photo Credit: Irigeneia Hotel

Irigeneia Hotel is located on the main road of Perissa, right in front of the black beach. It’s a great and convenient accommodation, with a rich breakfast included in the price.


Where To Stay In Akrotiri

35. Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel & Suites

Best Luxury Stay In Akrotiri

Greece Travel Blog_Where To Stay In Santorini_Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel & Suites
Photo Credit: Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel & Suites

Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel & Suites is a five-star luxury accommodation with panoramic views of the Santorini volcano.

There are suites with a private pool in the traditional architecture of Santorini, such as vaulted ceilings and arches, which magically blend with modern touches of style.

Private pools with hydro-massage as well as a stylish Greek restaurant are also part of the services offered on the property.


36. Kokkinos Villas

Best Family-Friendly Accommodation In Akrotiri

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Kokkinos Villas
Photo Credit: Kokkinos Villas

Kokkinos Villas is a great family-friendly place to stay in Akrotiri with enchanting volcano views and mid-range fees. Every place of interest in Akrotiri can be easily reached from the villas.


37. Caldera Romantica

Best Budget-Friendly Hotel In Akrotiri

Greece Travel Blog_Best Places To Stay In Santorini_Caldera Romantica Hotel
Photo Credit: Caldera Romantica Hotel

One of Akrotiri’s top places to stay without excessive prices is Caldera Romantica, with beautiful traditional Cycladic rooms and verandas with views of the Caldera, the pool, or the garden.

The friendly owners serve each day a traditional homemade breakfast. Kids are also welcome.


Where should I stay to be near the black beaches of Santorini?

Kamari & Perissa – Although beaches are not usually the main reason to travel to Santorini, there are two wonderful beaches you need to see on the island. Their main characteristic is their volcanic soil made of black rocks and pebbles in striking contrast with the deep blue of the sea.

Where can I find the most exclusive, quiet hotels in Santorini?

The two quiet villages of Firostefani and Imerovigli are known for their luxurious, exclusive hotel options. They are perfect for a romantic, adult getaway.

Where should I stay for the best views in Santorini?

Oia is home to the very best views on the island. From incredible sunsets to picturesque caldera and sea views, you won’t be disappointed.

Where should I stay for the best shopping and island life in Santorini?

Fira – Santorini’s capital city. Fira’s central square or Plateia Theotokopoulou, is a great place for shopping, dining, and general island life hustle and bustle. 

Where should I stay for history in Santorini?

Akrotiri – this is an up and coming area of the island in terms of tourist options. It’s much quieter than other areas so far, and offers close proximity to the famous archaeological site of Akrotiri, which is a must for all history lovers!

Is Oia or Fira more expensive to stay in?

Fira is a slightly cheaper town to stay in on Santorini.

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