Serbia Travel Blog: Best Things To Do In Novi Sad

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Serbia Travel Blog: Best Things To Do In Novi Sad

Written by travel writer, Sam Ross, of The Hammock Hombre.

Tourists who visit Serbia always tend to make the same mistake: they’ll go to Belgrade but skip Novi Sad, which is just an hour’s ride away.

Novi Sad - Best Day Trips from Belgrade, Serbia
Novi Sad – Photo Credit

How could you miss out on the “Athens of Serbia,” the 2019 European Youth Capital, and 2021 European Capital of Culture? With its grandiose architecture, vibrant art and music scene, and welcoming locals, it’s a no brainer to rent a carpack your travel essentials and come to Novi Sad. I think it’s absolute must-visit city in Serbia.

Best Time To Visit

Like the rest of Serbia, Novi Sad experiences warm summers and rather cold winters. In July and August, temperatures reach up to 81°F, while January and February can get as cold as 27°F. Because of this, we recommend visiting in the spring and fall.

How To Get To Novi Sad

Novi Sad SerbiaNovi Sad is connected to all other major Serbian cities, and the fastest way to get to Novi Sad is to take a bus. The most common route is from Belgrade, which is only an hour away and can cost as low as €3.50.

You can also opt to take the train from Belgrade, which takes about an hour and a half, since you can find tickets for as low as €2.86 at

Best Things To Do In Novi Sad

Join A Free Walking Tour

If you’ve only got a day to visit Nova Sad, this is the best way to go. Free walking tours in Novi Sad let you see all the essential attractions while hearing all kinds of insider stories from your tour guide.

Visit The Cathedral

Though not technically a cathedral, all Novi Sad locals fondly refer to it as “the Cathedral.” Decorated with bright, colorful tiles on its roof, the Cathedral is a sight that’s impossible to miss, especially under the Novi Sad sun.

Stroll Through Dunavska Street And Danube Park

Serbia Travel Blog_Things to do in Serbia_A Local's Guide to Novi Sad_Dunavska Street Facade
Dunavska Street Facade. Photo Credit: Byron Howes

Right in the heart of the city is Dunavska Street, a quaint and charming street that’s both nostalgic and romantic. This vibrant street is filled with unique facades, old-fashioned craft shops, a bustling marketplace, and gorgeous architecture, all of which feels very much like the 19th century.

Not far from this magical street is Danube Park, a green haven within the city. Covered with endless greenery, Danube Park is the perfect spot to just breathe some fresh air and enjoy the serenity nature offers. With more than a hundred benches, a peaceful lake with swans and ducks, and beautiful monuments, this is surely the place to be.

Explore The Petrovaradin Fortress

After enjoying the beauty of Danube Park, make your way to the bridge connected to the famed Petrovaradin Fortress, the number one tourist spot in Novi Sad.

Its claim to fame is that it’s never been infiltrated by an enemy army, so to best appreciate the history of the fortress, go with a tour guide who can explain the story behind it. If you’re lucky, they’ll also take you through the underground tunnels used during the war.

If you’re a music fan, this is also where Serbia’s most popular music festival takes place every year.

Appreciate Art At The Foreign Art Collection

Found in the City Museum, the Foreign Art Collection houses the largest collection of international art in Serbia. For art lovers, you could spend a whole day here simply immersed in the art and culture.

Climb The Fruska Gora Mountain

Fruška Gora National Park - Best Day Trips from Belgrade, Serbia
Fruška Gora National Park – Photo Credit

For hiking enthusiasts, the Fruska Gora Mountain promises a pleasant hike and a chance to fully enjoy nature.

Take A Monastery And Wine Tour Just Outside Novi Sad

Just a fifteen-minute drive away, you’ll find countless monasteries and local wineries. Krušedol is a particularly well-loved winery as it sells homemade honey, the famous Balkans moonshine named rajika, and wine made by the monks themselves.

Go Shopping

While in Novi Sad, visit some of these places and indulge in some shopping to pick up a souvenir or two:

Zlatara As Or The Shops Along železnička

Cheaper high-quality jewelry

The Manual Company Or Zmaj Jovina 18

Top-notch luxury leather goods


A shopping mall for all your needs

FutošKa Pijaca And Riblja Pijaca

Open public markets with cheap clothes, fresh produce, and Hungarian groceries

Walk Along The Strand

Novi Sad Beach on the Danube. Photo Credit: Nick Savchenko

Lined with stalls, bars, and various activities, the Strand is the perfect beach to have yourself a good time. If you’re looking for Novi Sad’s nightlife, the Strand is the place to be.

Where To Stay In Novi Sad

For backpackers and budget travelers, Novi Sad offers some of the best hostels you’ll ever find. There are also a number of apartment-sized hotel rooms that come at very affordable prices.

Here are some recommended accommodations for your Novi Sad stay:

  • Hostel & Cafe Bar Rookies
  • Varad Inn Hostel
  • Tesla Art Hostel
  • Garni CitiHotel

Where To Eat In Novi Sad

Serbia Travel Blog_Things to do in Serbia_Local's Guide to Novi Sad_Where to eat in Novi Sad
Photo Credit: Aqua Doria
Savoca Picerijia

The best pizza in town

Fish & Zelenis

Mediterranean fine dining

Aqua Doria

A great restaurant to discover local cuisine


Cheap and delicious European food

Toster Bar

Great burgers that will satisfy your stomach and your wallet


Have a taste of French and European food

While you’re in Novi Sad, be sure to find some ćevapčići, which are Balkan sausages. You can easily find this in any barbecue restaurant across Serbia.

Novi Sad’s Nightlife

Serbia Travel Blog_Things to do in Serbia_A Local's Guide to Novi Sad_Pub Two Dogs
Photo Credit: Pub Two Dogs

As mentioned earlier, the Strand is where the party’s at, but Novi Sad has a few other bars that will also guarantee a good time:

Pub Two Dogs
Skripba Pub
Gerila Bar
Pub Lazino Tele
Martha’s Pub
The Quarter

Serbia Travel Blog_Things to do in Serbia_Local's Guide to Novi Sad

Whether you visit for a day or a week or a month, Novi Sad has a way of never quite leaving you. With its thriving art, music, and culture scene and colorful architecture, Novi Sad is a city you can keep coming back to again and again and still find something new to fascinate and amaze you.


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  1. The fortress is so awesome!! My dad grew up there and it was cool to see the city and all the history surrounded by it.

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