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Serbia Travel Blog_Things to do in Serbia_Local's Guide to Novi Sad

Here are the best things to do in Novia Sad, Serbia, for every type of traveler. We’ve covered a dozen Novi Sad attractions to keep you busy.

Tourists who visit Serbia tend to make the same mistake: they’ll go to Belgrade but skip Novi Sad. Or they’ll make a trip from Belgrade to Novi Sad day trip – which in my opinion isn’t enough time to explore this remarkable Serbian city – just an hour’s ride from the capital city.

Novi Sad - Best Day Trips from Belgrade, Serbia
Novi Sad Serbia- Photo Credit

How could you miss the “Athens of Serbia,” the 2019 European Youth Capital, and the 2021 European Capital of Culture? With its grandiose architecture, vibrant art, and music scene, and welcoming locals, it’s a no-brainer to rent a car, pack your travel essentials and come to Novi Sad. I think it’s an absolute must-visit city in Serbia.

Below we have written all the Novi Sad travel advice we think you’ll need to have a grand time exploring this top Serbian city.

Best Time To Visit Nova Sad Serbia

Novi Sad experiences warm summers and relatively cold winters like the rest of Serbia. In July and August, temperatures reach up to 81°F, while January and February can get as cold as 27°F. Because of this, we recommend visiting in the spring and fall.

How To Get To Novi Sad Serbia

Novi Sad SerbiaNovi Sad is connected to all other major Serbian cities, and the fastest way to get to Novi Sad is to take a bus. The most common route is from Belgrade, which is only an hour away and can cost as low as 3.5 euro.

You can also opt to take the train from Belgrade, which takes about an hour and a half since you can find tickets for as low as 3 euros.

Best Active Things To Do In Novi Sad

Are you wondering what to do in Novi Sad? We’ve got you covered – here is a list of Novi sad tourist attractions for those who like a little action in your travel day.

Join A Free Walking Tour

If you’ve only got a day to visit Nova Sad, this is the best way to find all the famous places in Novi Sad. Free walking tours help you find you see all the key attractions while hearing insider stories from your tour guide.

Visit The Cathedral

Though not technically a cathedral, locals fondly refer to it as “the Cathedral.” Decorated with bright, colorful tiles on its roof, the Cathedral is a sight that’s impossible to miss, especially under the Novi Sad sun.

Wander Liberty Square afterward to snap some unique shots and see other interesting Novi Sad attractions:

  • The Neo-Renaissance-style Town Hall
  • Tanurdžić palace
  • The Monument to Svetozar Miletić

Stroll Through Dunavska Street And Danube Park

Serbia Travel Blog_Things to do in Serbia_A Local's Guide to Novi Sad_Dunavska Street Facade
Dunavska Street Facade. Photo Credit: Byron Howes

In Novi Sad city center is Dunavska Street, a quaint, charming street that is nostalgic and romantic. This vibrant street is filled with unique facades, old-fashioned craft shops, a bustling marketplace, and gorgeous architecture, all of which feels very much like the 19th century.

Danube Park, a green haven within the city, is not far from this magical street. This is undoubtedly the place to be, with more than a hundred benches, a peaceful lake with swans and ducks, and beautiful monuments. Covered with endless greenery, Danube Park is the perfect spot to breathe some fresh air and enjoy the serenity nature offers.

Varadinska Duga Bridge & The Petrovaradin Fortress

After enjoying the beauty of Danube Park, make your way to the Varadinska Duga Bridge, connected to the famed Petrovaradin Fortress, the number one tourist spot in Novi Sad. This bridge can be crossed on foot and is a worthy activity on its own! You cross at night; it will be illuminated in rainbow colors.

The Petrovaradin Fortress is famous for never being infiltrated by an enemy army. To appreciate the fortress’s history best, go with a tour guide who can explain the story behind it. If you’re lucky, they’ll also take you through the underground tunnels used during the war.

If you’re a music fan, this is also where Serbia’s most popular music festival, Exit Fest, takes place every year.

Climb To The Drunken Clock Tower

Located at the top of the Petrovaradin Fortress, this is a must-see Novi Sad attraction for those who like a good vantage point.  Once you reach the top, you will find the “Drunken Clock,” named as such because its shorthand shows the minutes and its longhand the hours, which made telling time easier for sailors on the Danube back in the day. Additionally, the clock is known to speed up in warm weather and slow down in the cold. 

You can access the clock via stairs outside the fortress, and the climb is worth the panoramic view of Novi Sad from the top! Local artists often sell and display their works near the clock tower. 

Climb The Fruska Gora Mountain

Fruška Gora National Park - Best Day Trips from Belgrade, Serbia
Fruška Gora National Park – Photo Credit

The Fruska Gora Mountain promises a pleasant hike for hiking enthusiasts and a chance to enjoy nature fully.

Take A Monastery And Wine Tour Just Outside Novi Sad

Just a fifteen-minute drive away, you’ll find places to visit in Novi Sad for history and wine biffs. It is here that you discover countless monasteries and local wineries. Krušedol is a particularly well-loved winery as it sells homemade honey, the famous Balkans moonshine named rajika, and wine made by the monks themselves.

Go Shopping

While in Novi Sad, visit some of these places and indulge in some shopping to pick up a souvenir or two:

  • Zlatara As Or The Shops Along Zeleznička: Cheaper, high-quality jewelry
  • The Manual Company Or Zmaj Jovina 18: Top-notch luxury leather goods
  • Mercator: A shopping mall for all your needs
  • Futoška Pijaca And Riblja Pijaca: Open public markets with cheap clothes, fresh produce, and Hungarian groceries
  • Limanska Market: Fresh produce, smoked sausages, dried meat, cheese, and kajmak

Walk Along The Strand

Novi Sad Beach on the Danube. Photo Credit: Nick Savchenko

Lined with stalls, bars, and various activities, the Strand is the perfect beach to have yourself a good time. The Strand is the place to be if you’re looking for Novi Sad’s nightlife. 


The Best Arts & Culture In Novi Sad

Are you looking for Novi Sad activities of the artsy-type? If so, read on…

Appreciate Art At The Foreign Art Collection

Found in the City Museum, the Foreign Art Collection houses the largest international art collection in Serbia. You could spend a whole day here immersed in the art and culture for art lovers.

Visit The Museum Of Vojvodina

This art and natural history museum are perfect for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of Serbia.

Museum Of Contemporary Art

Within walking distance of the Museum of Vojvodina, you will find the Museum of Contemporary Art. This museum celebrates the region’s modern works of art and culture with a mission to preserve these unique contributions to the art community. 

Experience Jazz And Blues At The Foxtrot Club

Novi Sad has a long history of jazz and blues music and is the most iconic place to enjoy a drink and listen to the smooth tunes of the Foxtrot Club. It’s an experience that should be on every itinerary in the city!

Attend The Festival Of Street Musicians

If you find yourself in the city in early September, enjoy the performers who bring acrobatics, dances, and street shows featuring all types of unique instruments to the streets. This annual festival is free, and the colorful performances can be viewed at the base of the Petrovaradin Fortress.

Kill Some Time At Bulevar Books

Bulevar Books is a fun shop for avid readers, making it an excellent stop for music lovers. Live bands often play on the weekends in the shop, making the atmosphere quite chill. 

Catch A Concert At The Old Synagogue

While an incredible piece of history in its own right, the old Synagogue in town has the best acoustics and hosts many concerts. If you enjoy listening to music in a historic venue, this is the place!

Where To Stay In Novi Sad

Now you’ve got your list of what to do in Novi Sad; it is time to look at the best places to stay. Novi Sad offers some of the best hostels you’ll ever find for backpackers and budget travelers. Many apartment-sized hotel rooms come at very affordable prices.

Best Hostels In Novi Sad

Varad Inn

Serbia Travel Blog_Guide To Novi Sad_Varad INN
Photo Credit: Varad INN

This is an ideal choice for high-quality, low-cost accommodation. Located in a baroque-style building close to the fortress, the Varad Inn has a lovely garden, communal café, and rooms with private bathrooms.

Check Rates or Find More Novi Sad Hostels Here


Hostel Sova

Serbia Travel Blog_Guide To Novi Sad_Hostel Sova
Photo Credit: Hostel Sova

This hostel is a great place to meet other like-minded travelers in Novi Sad, close to some of the best bars in town, shops, and restaurants.

Check Rates or Find MoreNovi Sad Hostels Here


Downtown Hostel Novi Sad

Serbia Travel Blog_Guide To Novi Sad_Downtown Hostel Novi Sad
Photo Credit: Downtown Hostel Novi Sad

Located in the pedestrian zone in the city’s heart, Downtown Hostel is one of the best cheap places to stay in Novi Sad. All major attractions lie a stone’s throw away, including the Cathedral, the Danube River, and Danube Park.

The Petrovaradin Fortress, famously home to the EXIT Festival, lies only 15 minutes away on foot. Dorms and rooms come with cabinets, while bathrooms with showers are shared. Free WiFi is available.

Check Rates or Find More Novi Sad Hostels Here


Best Hotels In Novi Sad

ARTA Boutique Hotel

Serbia Travel Blog_Guide To Novi Sad_ARTA Boutique Hotel
Photo Credit: ARTA Boutique Hotel

With spacious rooms and affordable rates, including buffet breakfast, the ARTA hotel is close to the center and suitable for accessing all the city’s main attractions.

Check Rates or Find More Novi Sad Hotels Here


CitiHotel Veliki

Serbia Travel Blog_Where to Stay in Novi Sad_Garni Citi Hotel Veliki
Photo Credit: Garni Citi Hotel Veliki

With the choice of both rooms and apartments, this hotel offers excellent breakfasts and is only three blocks from the main pedestrian street.

Check Rates or Find More Novi Sad Hotels Here


Prezident Hotel

Serbia Travel Blog_Where to Stay in Novi Sad_Prezident Hotel
Photo Credit: Prezident Hotel

This hotel offers affordable luxury with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a spa, a gym, a lounge bar, and an international restaurant.

Check Rates or Find More Novi Sad Hotels Here


Hotel Leopold I

Serbia Travel Blog_Guide To Novi Sad_Hotel Leopold I
Photo Credit: Hotel Leopold I

Great views of the Danube, a fitness and wellness center, and friendly staff are just a few of the things that make Hotel Leopold I one of the top places to stay in Novi Sad.

Check Rates or Find More Novi Sad Hotels Here


Hotel Sheraton Novi Sad

Serbia Travel Blog_Where to Stay in Novi Sad_Sheraton Novi Sad
Photo Credit: Sheraton Novi Sad

A trusted name in the accommodation industry, Sheraton also has one of its sophisticated hotels in Novi Sad. This four-star hotel features a spa center, sauna, fitness center, restaurant, and business center.

Check Rates or Find More Novi Sad Hotels Here


Garni Hotel Centar

Serbia Travel Blog_Where to Stay in Novi Sad_Garni Hotel Centar
Photo Credit: Garni Hotel Centar

As its name might suggest, Garni Hotel Centar is in the center of Novi Sad. While staying there, the amenities at this stylish hotel are modern and include everything you can expect from a four-star hotel. You’ll be near points of interest like the Serbian National Theater, the Cathedral, and the Danube River.

You can grab breakfast at the morning buffet and wind down in the evening with an aperitif at the bar. Additionally, there’s free WiFi available and even a 24-hour guarded underground parking garage, which is a huge bonus.

Check Rates or Find More Novi Sad Hotels Here


Where & What To Eat In Novi Sad

Serbia Travel Blog_Things to do in Serbia_Local's Guide to Novi Sad_Where to eat in Novi Sad
Photo Credit: Aqua Doria
  • Savoca Picerijia: The best pizza in town
  • Fish & Zelenis: Mediterranean fine dining
  • Aqua Doria: A great restaurant to discover local cuisine
  • Ananda: Cheap and delicious European food
  • Toster Bar: Great burgers that will satisfy your stomach and your wallet
  • Bistronomija: Have a taste of French and European food

While in Novi Sad, find some ćevapčići, which are Balkan sausages. You can easily find this in any barbecue restaurant across Serbia.

Also, don’t miss trying the famous Index Sandwich, a popular street food you can find at Vanessa’s or Maja’s.

Novi Sad’s Nightlife

Serbia Travel Blog_Things to do in Serbia_A Local's Guide to Novi Sad_Pub Two Dogs
Photo Credit: Pub Two Dogs

After you have found all the key landmarks in Novi Sad, it is time to unwind…

Best Bars

As mentioned earlier, the Strand is where the party’s at, but Novi Sad has a few other bars that will also guarantee a good time:

  • Pub Two Dogs
  • Skripba Pub
  • Gerila Bar
  • Pub Lazino Tele
  • Martha’s Pub
  • The Quarter

Best Nightlife Experiences

Tamburitza and Wine

The Tamburitza is the national instrument of Vojvodina (an autonomous province that occupies the northernmost part of Serbia), and a night out in Novi Sad wouldn’t be complete without listening to this lovely stringed instrument while sipping on wine. Truly one of a kind experience!

Night Life of Laze Telečkog

Laze Telečkog is the place to be for nightlife in the heart of the city! This narrow street is lined with bars, pubs, clubs, and cafes and is a favorite of the younger crowd.

Wrap Up On Fun In Novi Sad

Whether you visit for a day or a week, or a month, Novi Sad has a way of never entirely leaving you. With its thriving art, music, culture scene, and colorful architecture, Novi Sad is a city you can keep coming back to again and again and still find something new and fun in Novi Sad to please you.

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