7 Best Greek Party Islands: What Greek Islands Have The Best Nightlife

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Greece is known for many things, including archaeological sights, stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture, from the ancient ruins of the Acropolis in Athens to the majestic sunsets as well as the best party locations in the Mediterranean. 

Here are Greek party islands you’ll love. These party islands in Greece are where you can dance the night away and party like it’s 1999 again. 

Greece Travel Blog_Best Party Islands In Greece

Are you heading to Greece for a blast? You’re right on track, especially if hitting the best islands for partying topped with beautiful beaches is your thing. Mykonos leads the pack, famous for its wild party scene that lures celebrities and party lovers alike, ensuring every evening of your holiday is unforgettable. Not far behind, Paros lets you soak up the sun by day and dive into fantastic parties to the beats by night, a haven for those who cherish both relaxation and nightlife.

Islands off mainland Greece, like the bustling island of Skiathos—known as one of the busiest islands of the Sporades—and the iconic island of Ios, showcase the authentic Greek vibe mixed with lively beach parties, including the famous Paradise Beach full moon parties. And let’s not overlook Rhodes, an island in the Dodecanese island group, where history meets modern nightlife shared across old town bars and beachfront clubs.

Greece is home to some of the most beautiful Greek party islands, where every summer month promises adventure, from Zakynthos with its stunning Agios beach to the serene yet vibrant nightlife of other islands. So gear up for an epic journey where the pulse of Greece’s nightlife beats strongest, offering a perfect blend of partying and laid-back beach life.

Top Greek Islands For Nightlife On Your Trip To Greece

1. Mykonos – Ibiza Of Greece

Mykonos To Crete - Crete To Mykonos Guide
Mykonos, Greece

Diving into Mykonos’s nightlife is a top experience when visiting Greece! Mykonos sets the gold standard for Greek island nightlife with its unique blend of beachfront dance parties and exclusive clubs that attract top global DJs, offering an unmatched mix of music and scenic beauty. With its reputation as a Cycladic island offering the biggest parties and hosting the world’s best DJs and clubs, it’s a magnet for party-goers and celebrities alike.

Mykonos serves up a mix of high-end nightclubs, stunning beaches, and chic boutique hotels, ensuring there’s something for every taste. And if you’re in the mood for a chill vibe away from the bustling party scene, you’ll find plenty of tranquil spots, too. It’s not all about the parties; the island allows for relaxation amidst its scenic beauty, featuring iconic sights like the Windmills.

Whether you’re seeking the best beach party, indulging in the nightlife shared with the island’s vibrant party people, or exploring Greece’s most popular islands, Mykonos strikes the perfect balance between lively and serene. It’s the go-to for those looking to enjoy the essence of Greek nightlife and the ideal island in the Cyclades for an extended stay beyond just a few days.

After your party, be sure to check out Mykonos’ traditional Cycladic architecture, its famous windmills, and the nearby archaeological site of Delos, which offers a glimpse into ancient Greek civilization.

Mykonos Nightclubs

  • Cavo Paradiso: situated on a cliff overlooking Paradise Beach, it’s known for hosting international DJ sets and all-night dance parties
  • Skandinavian Bar: a staple in Mykonos Town for decades, offering multiple bars and a dance floor where locals and tourists mix
  • Toy Room Club Mykonos: a London-based nightclub that offers hip-hop and rock tunes with a playful and exclusive atmosphere

Mykonos Bars

  • Caprice of Mykonos: located in Little Venice, it’s famous for its sunset views and cocktails, making it a perfect spot to start the evening
  • Astra: offers a mix of cozy atmosphere and lively music, attracting a chic crowd in Mykonos Town
  • The Queen of Mykonos: an elegant champagne and cocktail bar in the heart of Chora, known for its vibrant atmosphere

Mykonos Beach Bars

  • Scorpios Mykonos: a bohemian beach club that combines natural beauty with upscale dining and music events, located on Paraga Beach
  • Nammos: set on the exclusive Psarou Beach, it combines luxury dining with beachside entertainment and often attracts celebrities
  • Tropicana: famous for its beach parties, located on Paradise Beach, it’s known for its lively DJ sets and dance parties starting in the afternoon

2. Paros

Where to party in Greece - Party Islands in Greece

Paros surprises with its under-the-radar nightlife, from beach bars playing indie tunes to clubs where local DJs spin a mix of international hits and Greek favorites. This island is all about fun, offering a dynamic party atmosphere that keeps visitors coming back for more.

Whether you’re into live music bars, pubs with DJs spinning the latest tracks, or clubs where you can dance until dawn, Paros has it all. It’s also become a popular party destination, known for fantastic parties that can rival some of the best clubs in the world.

Just an hour’s ferry ride away from Athens, Paros is not just about the nightlife. Its beaches are among the most beautiful in Greece, perfect for those looking to unwind during the day. 

The island boasts excellent restaurants and bars, ensuring there’s always something exciting to do. Paros is an important nightlife hub in Greece, offering a mix of relaxation and partying options, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to experience the best of Greek island life. Whether you’re partying in Greece for the first time or returning to find somewhere new to spend your evenings, Paros promises a memorable holiday experience.

Along with its nightlife, Paros has charming villages like Naoussa and Parikia, the Byzantine church complex Panagia Ekatontapiliani, and the island’s marble quarries, which have historical significance.

Paros Bars

  • Pirate Bar: located in Parikia, this is one of the oldest bars on the island, offering drinks crafted around local ingredients
  • Resalto: a casual seaside bar in Drios, popular with locals and travelers for its romantic sea views and classic rock music
  • Sativa Music Bar: an eclectic bar in Parikia with North African décor, offering a party atmosphere with loud music and king-sized cocktails

Paros Beach Bars

  • Cabana Bar: located in Parikia, offers various cocktails, drinks, snacks, and dishes with live summer music vibes
  • Santa Maria Beach Bar: nestled directly on a sandy beach with clear turquoise waters, providing cocktails and a beach bar experience
  • Punda Coast: an all-day hotspot in Marpissa that transforms into a vibrant night bar with DJ tunes by the Aegean waters

Paros Nightclubs

  • Linardo: a Cycladic-style nightclub in Naoussa, perfect for partying next to the sea
  • Envy Club: linked to the Dubliner, this club in Parikia pulls in big DJ names and offers a variety of events and a hedonistic vibe
  • Vareladiko: located in Naoussa, known for its stylish ambiance and electronic music, making it a popular all-nighter spot

3. Corfu

Ideas For Things To Do In Corfu In Winter For Everyone - Paleokastrisa

Corfu offers a laid-back approach to nightlife, with its historic old town bars offering live jazz and traditional Greek music alongside modern clubs.

You’ll find some creative ones here, so you can dance all night long while enjoying some incredible scenery and music.

There are plenty of other options for nightlife in Corfu as well—it’s not just about dancing! Some places have live bands performing super fun songs that everyone knows, making it a memorable party for all the right reasons. There are also lovely restaurants where you can eat before heading out if you want to fuel up properly!

Beyond the nightlife, Corfu’s UNESCO-listed Old Town, its Venetian fortresses, and the lush landscapes that have inspired artists and writers for centuries are also worth looking at.

Corfu Nightclubs

  • 54 Dreamy Nights: located in the heart of Corfu Town, it’s known for its energetic atmosphere and hosting top DJs
  • Edem Beach Club: situated on Dassia Beach, offers a unique party experience with beachside dancing under the stars

Corfu Bars

  • Cafe Bristol: found in Corfu Town, this bar is perfect for those looking for a relaxed vibe with good music and cocktails
  • Boite: a popular spot among locals and tourists alike, known for its live music nights and wide selection of drinks

Corfu Beach Bars

  • Pazuzu: located on Glyfada Beach, it’s famous for its day parties, offering a vibrant atmosphere with DJ sets and cocktails
  • La Grotta: a unique bar carved into the rocks, offering stunning sea views and a chill atmosphere near Paleokastritsa

4. Rhodes

Best Beaches In Rhode - Tsambika beach view from the Tsambika monastery on Rhodes Island

Rhodes mixes history with modernity, where ancient walls encircle lively streets filled with bars and clubs, offering everything from electronic beats to rock bands. Located near Turkey, it boasts stunning beaches and nightclubs for endless dancing. It’s ideal for those wanting a mix of leisure and entertainment, offering bars and nightclubs with live music loved by locals and visitors alike.

As part of the Dodecanese islands, Rhodes caters to all tastes, from epic DJ-led parties to chill beach bars. Known for its vibrant nightlife scene, it’s perfect for experiencing the best parties and laid-back evenings. Rhodes, one of Greece’s busiest nightlife destinations, promises an unforgettable experience for every traveler.

In addition to its party venues, do not miss the medieval Old Town of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Palace of the Grand Master, and the ancient Acropolis of Lindos with stunning views over the Aegean.

Rhodes Nightclubs

  • Paradise Club: one of the island’s most famous nightclubs, located in Faliraki, known for hosting international DJs and vibrant parties
  • Colorado Club: situated in Rhodes Town, it offers a variety of music genres and themed nights, attracting a diverse crowd

Rhodes Bars

  • Lindos Ice Bar: a unique experience in Lindos, offering a cool escape with drinks served in ice glasses
  • Orfanidou Street Bars: a strip in Rhodes Town famous for its lively bars and pubs, perfect for bar hopping

Rhodes Beach Bars

  • Tropicana Beach Bar: located on Faliraki Beach, known for its day parties, beach volleyball tournaments, and DJ events
  • Nikolas Beach Bar: offers a more laid-back vibe on Kallithea Beach, with comfortable sunbeds and refreshing cocktails

5. Skiathos

Aerial view over southern skiathos island, Greece
Skiathos Island

Skiathos captivates with open-air cinemas and beachside bars that transition into vibrant nightclubs as the evening progresses, perfect for those who love to party under the stars. You’ll find many great nightclubs here, including some with incredible music and amazing DJs; it’s always super crowded and lively, so you can dance all night long if you want to.

There are also plenty of excellent bars on this island, and they have a relaxed vibe where you can find places to sit outside while enjoying your drink or watching other people party from inside.

There are excellent restaurants on Skiathos if you want something different than just a bar or club—the cuisine here is lovely! You can also find some great places to stay on this island, so you’ll have the perfect nightlife experience when it comes to Skiathos.

Skiathos has extensive pine forests and over 60 beaches, including the secluded Lalaria Beach, accessible only by boat, alongside its lively nightlife.

Skiathos Bars

  • Gin Fish: one of the newest members of the Old Port’s “gang”, known for its elegant environment and frequently updated cocktail list
  • Rock n’ Roll: situated on the Old Port of Skiathos town, under the large Plane tree, known for its cocktails and overlooking the sea
  • Danny and Zoe’s Blind Dog: the most exciting Live Music Venue in Skiathos with fantastic live sets played til the early hours

Skiathos Beach Bars

  • La Bussola: a must-visit bar in Koukounaries known for its famous mango margaritas with a fiery kick of bird’s eye chili

Skiathos Nightclubs

  • Totem: a unique, intimate bar offering a refreshing change from the typical party scene with nightly performances by local bands
  • Apotheke Club: hidden down Politechniou street, this warehouse transforms into a wild dance-on-the-bar club with a mix of classic Greek pop and international dance tracks
  • Tesla Cocktail Bar: a steampunk-style venue across from the Papadiamantis House Museum, known for live music and Tesla’s Secret Cocktail Experiments binder menu

6. Lefkada

Where to party in Greece - Egremni beach, Lefkada island, Greece

Lefkada has three different towns that are all incredible for party animals! Lefkada is located in the Ionian Sea, near Albania and Italy. There are three notable towns here: Nidri, Vasiliki, and Lefkada Town—each has its vibe!

You can find many bars with house music everywhere up north in Nidri. Vasiliki has several social clubs that play live music and dance music where everyone dances together without being too strict about it; if you want to go out but don’t feel like doing the whole dancing thing, you can sit back and relax.

The best place for nightlife in Lefkada is Lefkada Town itself! Once the sun goes down, people of all ages come out to party; many bars and clubs will keep you busy dance floor-hopping until early in the morning! Of course, there are plenty of great restaurants on this island as well—plus, it’s only a fifteen-minute boat ride from mainland Greece!

Lefkada’s stunning turquoise waters, white sand beaches like Porto Katsiki and Egremni, and the island’s mountainous interior, which offers hiking opportunities, in addition to its nightlife.

Lefkada Nightclubs

  • Apollon Club: a popular destination in Lefkada Town known for its lively atmosphere and variety of music genres
  • Gurugu Bar: located in Vasiliki, this spot transforms from a chill daytime lounge to a vibrant nightclub as the sun sets

Lefkada Bars

  • Nautilus Beach Bar: offers a relaxed vibe right on the beachfront, perfect for enjoying a cocktail with stunning sea views
  • Copla Beach Bar: situated on Kathisma Beach, known for its laid-back atmosphere, it’s ideal for sunset drinks and casual gatherings

Lefkada Beach Bars

  • NYDRI Beach Bar: located in Nydri, it’s a favorite for both locals and tourists, offering refreshing drinks and lively music near the water
  • Señor Zorba’s Mexican Bar & Grill: combines amazing beach views with a unique Mexican-inspired menu and cocktails, located near Agios Ioannis Beach

7. Ios

Things to do in Ios Island - Traditional Greek taverns on the streets. Ios island

Ios shines with its beach parties and hilltop clubs, where the party doesn’t stop till the sun comes up, making it a haven for dance enthusiasts.

There are many places with the house and EDM music playing, making it a nonstop dance party all night long! The best clubs are in Chora, so if you want to do some dancing, this is where you should be.

You can also head to Mylopotas Beach once the sun goes down since it’s home to many bars and restaurants. They play fantastic music here, too, plus there will be other people partying away while you’re eating your dinner or hanging out at the bar—which means that you’ll never run out of entertainment when it comes to Chora or Super Paradise.

Along with the party scene, Ios has traditional Cycladic architecture, the archaeological site of Skarkos, and Homer’s Tomb, which is said to be the burial place of the epic poet.

Ios Bars

  • Blue Note: popular among Germans, English, Irish, and Australians, playing Swedish, Rock 40, Top 40, and Party rock music
  • Astra: a music bar in the heart of Chora, transforming from a chill-out bar into a club with various DJs and a taste for diverse music genres
  • Coo: known for its minimalist character and brilliant lighting, offering a special choice of drinks and cocktails
  • Click: considered an old-time classic spot in Ios Town with a comfortable and stylish ambiance, nice music, and quality drinks

Ios Beach Bars

  • Karma: a beach bar located on Mylopotas beach, offering Italian food, excellent coffee, and amazing cocktails with a tropical setting
  • Cantina Del Mar: housed in a Cycladic-style building with an outdoor patio accentuated by lovely wooden flooring and white furniture

Ios Nightclubs

  • Slammer Bar: famous for its Tequila-based drinks, cozy with brick walls and arches, playing a range of music from hits to classics
  • Pathos Club: perfect for chilled partying with a boho chic vibe, located on the breezy clifftops of Koumpara, known for its sunsets and on-site pool
  • Ios Club Sunset Dining Bar: offers panoramic terrace views, known for Mediterranean cuisine, located near Chora’s center

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Party The Night Away On The Mainland, Too

You can also enjoy the nightlife at clubs and bars on the mainland. It is not just the many islands that are where the parties are. Here are two other places to spend an evening of your holiday..


Aerial image of Mount Athos Greece - Pine forest tree by the sea in Halkidiki, Greece

Halkidiki is the party central in Northern Greece, near Thessaloniki! What could be better than enjoying good food while watching everyone around you party away on the dance floor?!

Halkidiki is a place full of bars and clubs—the nightlife here is always something fun to do! The best places to visit are Sidirokastro and Neoi Poroi; they offer incredible music, great beach views, and plenty of dancing!

In addition, there are lots of restaurants and several cafes if you want to have a different experience than just dancing all night long.


Greece Travel Blog_Rooftop Bars & Restaurants In Athens_Galaxy Restaurant & Bar At Hilton Athens
Photo Credit: Galaxy Restaurant & Bar At Hilton Athens

After you’ve partied on the islands, head to Athens.

This city buzzes with places to party, each offering a unique vibe to match any mood. Start your night in the lively district of Psiri; it’s packed with bars where the music spills out into the streets, creating an instant party atmosphere.

For something a bit upscale, head over to Kolonaki, where chic bars and clubs cater to a more refined crowd. Gazi is another hot spot, famous for its industrial setting turned party central, with venues ranging from laid-back bars to full-on nightclubs pumping out beats till dawn.

And let’s not forget about the rooftop bars scattered around the city, offering stunning views of the Acropolis lit up at night – perfect for those Instagram moments. Whether you’re looking to party like a local or soak in Athens’ vibes with a drink in hand, you’ll find your spot here. Just remember, Athenians start their nights late and keep going until the early hours, so pace yourself!

Best Greek Party Islands To Visit Wrap Up

So, if you’re looking for party destinations in Greece, we think this list covers them all – if not, let us know.

Greece has something to offer everyone in your family – from sandy beaches and watersports to historical sites and nightlife. With so many diverse options on this list of the best Greek party islands Americans will love, there’s no reason not to book a trip as soon as possible!

So, tell us, which of these Greek clubbing islands do you think is most interesting?


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