18 Best Mykonos Beach Clubs For A Tranquil Summer

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Are you visiting the island of Mykonos – the party island – and are wondering which Mykonos bars and clubs are the best for good music and delicious cocktails? I’ll help you find the answer.

My list has bars and clubs with palm trees, sun beds, and crystal clear waters, so we know you will find the best Mykonos beach club for you.

Since Mykonos is a popular holiday destination for international travelers, the island is home to many beach bars and clubs. This comprehensive guide will help you find the best clubs in Mykonos.

Greece Travel Blog_Best Beach Clubs In Mykonos

Mykonos, known as the Island of the Winds, is a paradise for beachgoers and nature enthusiasts. Despite its small size, the island is home to some of the best beach bars in Greece and Europe.

Thanks to its lively nightlife and active party scene, a wind of partying truly blows on the island. Beach bars in Mykonos offer customers the experience of their lives with delicious dishes, refreshing drinks, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Best parties in Mykonos cater to the spirit of partygoers, adventurous experimenters, and individuals bursting with youthful energy. Of course, to quench your thirst for partying, you should first find the perfect Mykonos beach club.

We have an extensive list to help you find the ideal venue in case you’re new to the island and unsure of how to find the most beautiful beach clubs!

1. Alemagou Beach Club

A summer aerial view of a beach in Mykonos adorned with colorful umbrellas and featuring a boat sailing in the sea.
Photo Credit: Alemagou Mykonos

Alemagou Beach Club is among the best party beaches in Mykonos. This great place has a Bohemian feel, which attracts a predominantly young crowd.

The club’s menu contains authentic dishes made with fresh local ingredients. Since the bar is just next to the sea, you won’t have to walk too far from your sun loungers to grab drinks.

A significant attraction of Alemagou Beach Club is the well-organized events they’re known for. From their crazy parties to entertaining activities, the venue offers magical experiences to all visitors.

While Alemagou Beach Club is known for the best beach parties in Mykonos, their breathable space allows a comfortable experience. The place almost never gets too crowded, even during parties or events.

Besides their famous organizations, Alemagou is popular for a scrumptious lunch or dinner. From local fares to international food, you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes at this extraordinary place.

NOTE: Alemagou Beach Club operates during certain times of the year. Therefore, before visiting, you should check if it’s open. You can communicate with the establishment for more information.

2. Buddha Bar Beach

A tranquil summer outdoor dining area with a view of the sea in Mykonos.
Photo Credit: Buddha Bar Beach

Address: Ornos Bay, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Buddha Bar Beach is among the best bars in Mykonos, with its extraordinary atmosphere and sleek décor. As an Asian fusion restaurant founded on a majestic Greek island, the venue offers a perfect mix of authentic Greek food culture and Asian delicacies.

Thanks to its prime location, the establishment has a very zen energy with mesmerizing views, a tranquil atmosphere, and a paradisiacal private beach. Plus, their pricing is quite reasonable for such a marvelous place.

Most alcoholic beverages, such as cocktails, wines, and spirits, have affordable prices, changing from €19 to €40 per glass. For bottles, however, you might need to pay a bit more.

Beers usually go around €15, and non-alcoholic beverages range from €6 to €20. As for food, the establishment has fixed menus with a rich selection of dishes starting at €120 per person.

Besides fixed menus, you can order plates and great food for very reasonable prices ranging from €15 to €300, depending on the dish. Buddha Bar Beach also has a rich shisha menu with authentic flavors.

3. Guapaloca Mykonos

A group of people at a Mykonos beach party with summer vibes and lively DJs at beach clubs.
Photo Credit: Guapaloca Mykonos

Address: Paradise Beach Right Side, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

A Mykonos party beach famous for its crazy parties and wild events, Guapaloca is the party animal’s paradise. Unlike your regular beach parties in Mykonos, most of Guapaloca’s festivities start in the late afternoon and continue all day.

Guapaloca’s supreme location on the famous Paradise Beach offers visitors plenty of opportunities to take Instagrammable pictures. Also, the presence of other beach clubs nearby helps social butterflies meet new people and make the best of their time in Mykonos.

The establishment might have the best prices in the area with special offers for couples. You usually pay around €20 for two glasses of cocktails and between €30 and €150 for cocktail buckets.

While the food Guapaloca serves is mostly bar snacks with some local touches, their prices make the whole experience better. Nevertheless, the food they serve should suffice if you’re visiting the club for partying and having a good time.

4. Hippie Fish Mykonos

A group of people enjoying a summer retreat on the beach, relaxing in hammocks at one of the popular beach clubs in Mykonos.
Photo Credit: HippieFish Mykonos

Quality food, extraordinary atmosphere, and friendly staff are three qualities that Hippie Fish Mykonos boasts. The establishment defines its approach to dishes and ambiance as a “hippie experience,” where you can find authentic Mediterranean delicacies with an out-of-the-ordinary twist.

The Hippie Fish stands out with its exceptional décor and sleek look. What appeals to most visitors, though, is the serene sunset view and scrumptious dishes they offer.

Unlike most venues around, Hippie Fish has a more tranquil and relaxed atmosphere. This place is where you can grab a book and a refreshing cocktail to go on a peaceful journey in your mind.

The only possible minus of Hippie Fish is their somewhat expensive menu, so it will eat into your budget. So, keep in mind that most dishes and cocktails are above the Mykonos average.

NOTE: Hippie Fish Mykonos operates during certain times of the year, and you should check if it’s open before visiting. You can communicate with the establishment for more information.

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5. Paradise Beach Club Mykonos

A tranquil Paradise beach Mykonos with a lot of people on it.

Address: Paradise Beach, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

One of Mykonos’ best clubs, Paradise Beach Club, boasts a tranquil atmosphere with delicious food and refreshing drinks. While the place is a tad smaller than other clubs nearby, its prime location on Paradise Beach makes up for the limited space.

Mykonos Paradise Beach Club is also known for its quite affordable prices. Their “buy one get one” campaign for cocktails, which goes about €15-20 for two cocktails, is unmatched in the area.

Due to these affordable prices and quality of service, the venue has a large customer base. So, if you like to meet new people and socialize, you won’t have difficulty doing so in Paradise Club Mykonos.

Also, the Mykonos Paradise Beach party, which starts around 4.00 PM, is the right place to be for the most unique beach club experience. You can book a table from the VIP section to make the most of your time.

6. JackieO’ Beach Club

A tranquil summer aerial view of a swimming pool on a cliff overlooking the beach clubs in Mykonos.
Photo Credit: JackieO’ Beach Club

Address: Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Jackie O’ Beach Club is one of Mykonos’ most popular beach clubs with its chic décor and LGBTQ+ friendly environment. The establishment provides plenty of out-of-the-ordinary activities, such as drag shows and Mykonos pool party organizations.

The venue boasts a large selection of alcohol with both classical and signature cocktails. The pricing for beverages is somewhat on the average; beers and non-alcoholic ones are even cheaper than in most places.

As for food, JackieO’s Beach Club offers global fare with a local twist. Nevertheless, food prices might be a tad more expensive than regular restaurants in the area.

You can consider booking couches by the swimming pool to make the most of your time at the venue. While these VIP lounges have a minimum spending limit of €300, with the extensive menu and refreshing drinks, it won’t be hard to spend that in one day.

NOTE: Since JackieO’s Beach Club operates during certain times of the year, check if it’s open before visiting. You can communicate with the establishment for more information.

7. Cavo Paradiso Club Mykonos

A crowd of people at a tranquil concert on the beach in Mykonos beach clubs.
Photo Credit: Cavo Paradiso Club Mykonos

Address: Paradise Beach, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Cavo Paradiso Club Mykonos is a chic and modern nightclub where you can have a wonderful time with fantastic music and incredible people. As Cavo Paradiso Mykonos is a popular destination, it might be a tad more expensive than other nightclubs nearby.

Most beers go about €10, and for cocktails, you might need to pay as much as €25 to €30 per glass. Nevertheless, considering the superb atmosphere inside, the prices are only a tiny convenience.

Cavo Paradiso Club Mykonos often hosts special nights with world-renowned DJs, usually in the electronic music scene. Therefore, electronic music fans constitute the main customer base of the venue.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that people who listen to other genres shouldn’t add Cavo Paradiso to their itinerary. On the contrary, the club promises everyone a great time with the best quality booze and an exceptional atmosphere.

NOTE: Cavo Paradiso Club Mykonos is another establishment that operates during certain times of the year. So, you should check if it’s open before visiting. Communicate with the establishment for more information.

8. Kalua Beach Bar & Club

A tranquil beach with lounge chairs and umbrellas under trees.
Photo Credit: Kalua Beach Bar & Club

Address: Paraga Beach Mykonos, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Located on the scenic Paraglia Beach, Kalua Beach Club stands out with its tasty dishes and outstanding atmosphere. The venue is preferred by international travelers thanks to its spectacular views and quality service.

Kalua Beach Club is home to a Japanese fusion restaurant that provides delicious Asian dishes made with fresh ingredients. While the price for drinks is around €20, the establishment makes up for the above-average pricing by offering the finest quality alcohol.

While the club is exceptionally family-friendly, crazy parties are going on, too. Overall, it’s the perfect place to socialize, have fun, and get away from the bustling urban life.

NOTE: Kalua Beach Club serves customers during certain times of the year. So, you should check if it’s open before visiting. Communicate with the establishment for more information.

9. Tropicana Beach Bar

A tranquil aerial view of Mykonos beach with lounge chairs and umbrellas set up by beach clubs.
Photo Credit: Tropicana Beach Bar

Address: Paradise Beach Post Box 506, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Tropicana Beach Bar is among the most popular venues for travelers, with affordable prices and quality service. The establishment has a neat atmosphere, thanks to its sleek décor and friendly staff.

The club’s animation service is quite strong, with plenty of exciting shows and entertainment. DJ sets and the party usually start after 4.00 PM and last until midnight. However, the high-volume music might be unsuitable for those looking for a more tranquil experience.

One of the biggest pluses of Tropicana Beach Bar is its extensive food menu. You can find a wide range of dishes on the establishment’s menu, from pizzas to grills to a sushi bar.

Visitors can rent two sunbeds with umbrellas for around €50, with a minimum spending limit of €15 per person. While the alcohol menu is adequate, cocktail prices are pricier than other beach bars in the area, with an average of €20.

10. Super Paradise Beach Club

Best sandy beach in Greece - Super paradise beach on the greek island Mykonos, Greece.

Address: Super Paradise Beach, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Paradise Beach Club offers a relaxed vacation with its superb location and exceptional service. While their prices are a tad higher than most places in Mykonos, the food and experience they offer are truly outstanding.

Situated in the heart of Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach Club is a perfect Mykonos beach party spot. Their hotel part is also ideal for travelers looking for a strategic base to explore this paradisiacal island.

The beach club offers a menu with rich options that cater to every taste and preference. While the menu has dishes from various cuisines, such as American, Mediterranean, and Asian, the food is prepared with local ingredients, giving it a distinct Greek twist.

As a bonus you can, you can also walk to Super Paradise along a lovely path from Psarou Beach. Hello, two-in-one beach day.

NOTE: Super Paradise Beach Club operates during certain times of the year (high season it is open ), so we recommend that you check if it’s open before visiting.

11. 54 Cocktail Bar & Sunset Lounge

A rooftop terrace with lounge chairs and a view of the sea, perfect for enjoying the summer in Mykonos.
Photo Credit: 54 Cocktail Bar & Sunset Lounge

Address: Manto Square Mykonos Town, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

Let’s end our list with 54 Cocktail Bar & Sunset Lounge, which might be the best spot to watch sunset over the island. While it’s not a beach club, the bar is quite close to the sea, providing scenic views of the Aegean Sea.

The establishment’s customer base consists of middle-aged individuals, yet its chic décor and outdoor setting attract plenty of youth, too. If you’re a fan of live entertainment, 54 Cocktail Bar & Sunset Lounge might be the perfect place for you.

Compared to overall prices in Mykonos Island nightlife scene, 54 Cocktail Bar & Sunset Lounge is an affordable option. With cocktails priced around €15-20 and reasonable dishes, you can have a fun night with your loved ones for €40-50 per person.

The bar’s menu contains regular bar food, yet they prepare all the dishes with fresh, local ingredients, offering a truly authentic taste. The establishment has quite an extensive cocktail menu with classical and signature products.

Didn’t get enough of the hottest beach clubs? Well, here are some others that my friends recommended to me

  1. SantAnna Beach Club 
  2. Principote Beach Club & Restaurant (Panormos Beach)
  3. Scorpios Mykonos Beach Club
  4. Nammos Mykonos
  5. Hippie Fish Beach Club
  6. Pasaji Beach Club
  7. Branco Beach Club

Where are the best beach clubs in Mykonos located?

Some of the best beach clubs in Mykonos are around Praga Beach and Paradise Beach on the southern tip of the island. On the other hand, Ftelia Beach, located in the north, is known for its water sports activities.

What are the most popular beach clubs in Mykonos?

Following are the most popular beach clubs in Mykonos:

  • Alemagou Beach Club
  • Buddha Bar Beach
  • Guapolaca Mykonos
  • Paradise Beach Club
  • Super Paradise Beach Club
  • Kalua Beach Club
  • Tropicana Beach Bar
  • JackieO’ Beach Club
  • Cavo Paradiso Club Mykonos
  • NAMMOS Beach Club Life
  • SantAnna Mykonos
  • Pasaji Mykonos

How do I get to the beach clubs in Mykonos from the main town or my hotel?

Taking a taxi is the easiest way to get to the beach clubs in Mykonos. Public transportation, on the other hand, is quite well-scheduled and has routes to the most popular beaches around the island. You can visit the official website of Mykonos Bus to see their timetables.

Are there any beach clubs that offer transportation services?

While most beach clubs don’t offer transportation services, popular ones might have bus stops near them. For example, Super Paradise Beach Club has an active bus stop with buses running every 30 minutes.

What is the entrance fee or cover charge for Mykonos beach clubs?

The entrance fee or cover charge might differ depending on the club and the organization. Nevertheless, most places will charge you around €30 and €40 per person. Some clubs might not charge you an entrance fee, yet you might need to pay for sunbeds or have a minimum spending limit. You should contact the beach club beforehand for more information.

Do I need to make reservations in advance for beach clubs in Mykonos?

For most clubs, no. But if you don’t want to wait in a queue, you should make a reservation in advance. Additionally, some clubs may have VIP lounges exclusively for those who have booked.

What are the opening hours for beach clubs in Mykonos?

Since each beach club has its own opening hours, you should check them before visiting. Working hours of the most popular beach clubs are:

  • Nammos – 11 AM to 19 PM,
  • JackieO’ – 9 AM to 1 AM,
  • Super Paradise – 10 AM to 11 PM,
  • SantAnna – 9 AM to 10 PM,
  • Pasaji – 8 AM to 1 AM.

Are there any age restrictions for entry to Mykonos beach clubs?

While you can visit most beach clubs and bars with children under 18, entrance to parties is restricted to people over 18.

Do Mykonos beach clubs offer amenities like sunbeds, umbrellas, and towels?

Yes. Almost all Mykonos beach clubs offer sunbeds, umbrellas, and towels for a small fee.

Different beach clubs have different fees, yet most will charge between €30 and €50. I have seen one luxury beach club that charged €100-150. Yikes.

What kind of live music and atmosphere can I expect at Mykonos beach clubs?

A friendly and warm atmosphere is present in all Mykonos beach clubs. So, be ready to socialize and meet new people.

As for the music, it really depends on the time of the day. During the day, you should expect chill vibes and slow music.

The party with energetic beats starts almost everywhere after 4 PM. Electronic music is also quite popular in the island’s nightclubs.

Can I order food and drinks at Mykonos beach clubs, and what’s the pricing like?

Yes. You can order food and drinks at almost all Mykonos beach clubs. While the prices are changing, you’ll pay an average of €100-150 per person for food and drinks.

Cocktails usually go about €20 per glass, and beer is usually around €10. The average food price is also around €20-30 at regular places, with some plates costing up to €300 depending on the food.

Is there a minimum spend requirement at Mykonos Beach Clubs?

Some Mykonos beach clubs might give you a minimum spend requirement. So, you should contact the establishment for more information about spending requirements before visiting the club.

What are the rules and regulations at Mykonos Beach Clubs?

While specific regulations may differ from one beach club to another, here are some common rules you should know:

  • Since the island attracts lots of tourists during the summer season, you might need to make a reservation to secure your spot.
  • Some beach clubs might have minimum spending requirements for specific seating areas, such as VIP lounges. So, check the club’s website to learn their policies before your visit.
  • Although casual beachwear is appropriate during the day, some clubs might have a more stylish dress code in the evening. That’s why you should check the dress code for the beach club you’re visiting and bring some spare clothes.
  • As most beach clubs have their own on-site restaurants, you won’t be allowed to bring outside food or drinks.
  • Before making any purchases, confirm the accepted payment method in order to avoid any problems later.

Are there any hidden gems or lesser-known beach clubs worth exploring in Mykonos?

There are plenty! Some of the hidden gems of Mykonos beach club world are:

  • Hippie Fish Mykonos
  • Fokos Taverna
  • Scorpius Beach Club
  • 180° Sunset Bar

How can I stay updated on events and promotions at Mykonos beach clubs?

You can follow Chasing the Donkey for the latest updates, events, and promotions all around the Balkans, including Mykonos! If you want to stay updated on certain beach clubs, you can follow their websites or Instagram accounts.

Are there any beach clubs in Mykonos that cater to families or have a more relaxed vibe?

Yes. Some beach clubs in Mykonos cater to families and provide a more relaxed vibe. The most well-known is Hippie Fish in Agios Ioannis, a quiet and small venue with a tranquil atmosphere.

Scorpius Beach Club is another option for those looking for a chill atmosphere. However, you should note that Scorpius becomes a crazy party scene after 5.00 PM.

Can I visit multiple beach clubs in one day, and if so, what’s the best itinerary?

Yes, you can. If you’re looking for a perfect mix of tranquility and festivities, you should follow an itinerary that provides you with both.

So, the perfect plan for you might be starting your day at Hippie Fish or Scorpius Beach Club. Since these venues have a more tranquil atmosphere, you can rest and gather energy for a crazy night.

Around 3.00 or 4.00 PM, you can head to Alemagou Beach Club or Guapaloca Mykonos for partying.

Are there any tips for making the most of my beach club experience in Mykonos?

Here are some 5 of my recommendations to make the most of your experience in Mykonos beach clubs:

  1. Since venues can get overcrowded easily, make sure to book in advance.
  2. Explore different clubs throughout your stay because while most clubs have similar pricing, their vibes and atmospheres are pretty different from one another.
  3. It’s best to arrive at the club early to avoid wasting time waiting in line when you could be having fun inside.
  4. Mykonos isn’t all about partying; visit water sports facilities to enjoy jet skiing, paddleboarding, or snorkeling.
  5. Every visit to Mykonos is a whole different experience. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to take lots of pictures to immortalize your trip.

Now, all we need is for summer months to hurry up and roll around so we can all laze about on the golden sand beaches and rip it up at one of Mykonos’ best beach clubs.

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