3 Ways On How To Get From Athens To Mykonos In 2024

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Are you planning a trip to the Island of the Winds, Mykonos, and cannot decide which mode of transportation is the perfect fit for you? You’re at the right place!

If you wonder whether you should take a plane to have a quick flight or hop on a ferry to follow the most scenic route in the Mediterranean, this article has the answer. Let’s find out whether to take a plane or a ferry to get to Mykonos. My guide has info on both the high season and low season, as there are different options for both.

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1. Traveling From Athens To Mykonos By Plane

Traveling to Mykonos by plane is the quickest way and the best option, in my opinion (but that is just me!), for those who want faster travel or get seasick. Most major European airports have direct flights to Athens and some to Mykonos.

Flights from Athens to Mykonos last only around 30 minutes. Considering that there are about 20 daily flights from the Greek capital to Mykonos, there are plenty of tickets for travelers.

Speaking of tickets, flights from Athens to Mykonos won’t break the bank – if you’re quick enough. When booked earlier, you can fly Athens to Mykonos for as cheap as €25.

Of course, the pricing to fly from Athens to Mykonos flights differs depending on the airline company. Overall, prices may change from €30 to €140, depending on which airline you fly with and the seat type.

Best Airlines To Fly To Mykonos

Aegean airplane seat with a magazine on it, found on routes between Mykonos and Athens.

If you wonder which airline companies are the best for a pleasant holiday, here are your best options:

Sky Express: Sky Express, or Cretan Aviation Operations Aviation and Commercial Societe Anonyme, is a Greek airline company headquartered in Heraklion International Airport. The company has many direct flights to Mykonos throughout the year. While most of these flights are from Athens, you can find flights from Thessaloniki and other Greek cities during the summer months. Sky Express flights from Athens to Mykonos usually start from €50

Aegean Airlines: The largest airline in Greece, Aegean Airlines is the most popular company that offers daily from Athens to Mykonos flights. Like Sky Express, Aegean Airlines tickets usually start from €50

Volotea: Spanish low-cost airline Volotea is another option for those planning to visit Mykonos without dealing with long stops. The airline offers direct flights to Mykonos between the months of June and October from various Italian and French cities, such as Bari, Venice, or Marseilles. Volotea tickets usually start from €35-40

British Airways: As the flag carrier airline in the UK, British Airways offers local travelers direct flights to Mykonos from May to October. Nonstop flights to Mykonos can cost around €200 per person, depending on when you book the flight and the seat type

Besides the mentioned airlines, you can find direct flights to Mykonos from various cities, like Rome, Paris, Dublin, London, and Amsterdam, during the summer season.

Everything You Should Know About Traveling With Luggage

What to wear on a long haul flight

While flying to Mykonos is a quick and convenient way to get to this majestic island, traveling with luggage can be an issue. While some airlines offer their customers free baggage allowances, others don’t.

Checking the airline’s website before booking a flight might be helpful to see whether they provide any baggage allowances. Here, to make things easier for you, we have the allowances and baggage policies of various airlines that fly to Mykonos:

Sky Express: Sky Express Basic passengers have a free baggage allowance covering one personal item, one cabin baggage of up to 8kg, and one checked baggage of up to 15kg. You can find the excess weight or extra baggage fees on the company’s website

Aegean Airlines: Economy Light, Flex & Family tickets have no checked baggage allowance, yet they can take one piece of baggage on board. Economy ComfortFlex & Saver passengers, on the other hand, have a free baggage allowance of one piece up to 23kg, as well as a two-piece cabin baggage allowance. Fees for extra or overweight baggage change from €10 to €70. For detailed information, you can check the airline’s website

Volotea: Standard tickets allow one bag on board, yet no cabin baggage. With Megavolotea and Megavolotea Plus tickets, passengers can bring cabin baggage up to 10kg – if there’s no room, your baggage will be lowered into the aircraft’s hold for you to collect it from the baggage belts on arrival. Each passenger can check in up to five pieces of luggage to a maximum of 50kg per passenger. The charges for luggage weighing 10 and 20 kilograms start at €9, while the fare for 25-kilogram luggage begins at €24 – only on the website or phone app. For more information, check the company’s website

British Airways: British Airways provides its passengers with a baggage allowance of a cabin bag and a laptop or handbag on board. Economy with checked bag tickets allows one checked bag weighing 23kg. On the other hand, World Traveller Plus and Club Europe tickets allow as many as two checked bags. Club World and First Class can bring three bags weighing 32kg each free of charge. You can find detailed information about overweight and extra baggage fees on the company’s web page


Here are some tips to remember when booking a flight to Mykonos:

  • Since Mykonos is a popular destination, you should book flights and accommodation in advance, especially during the peak season
  • Before choosing an airline, check their baggage allowances and other services. This way, you can pick the perfect flight that meets your needs
  • Mykonos Airport is smaller than your regular airport, and transportation options are limited. So, you should arrange transportation (like a private transfer) before arriving in Mykonos – you can use a taxi or public transport to get to your hotel
  • If you have a flexible schedule and want to make the most of your time in Greece, you should consider going to Athens before visiting Mykonos. This way, you can spend time in mainland Greece, seeing historical landmarks and exploring the local culture


Can’t you decide whether to fly to Mykonos or find a better mode of transportation? Here are some of the pros and cons of flying:


  • Flying is the most convenient and fastest way to travel to Mykonos
  • Mykonos has its own airport (Mykonos International Airport), which offers direct access to the island
  • Since Mykonos is a popular destination, you can find direct flights from various Greek and European cities
  • By flying, you can avoid seasickness and have a more comfortable experience


  • An Athens to Mykonos flight is often the most expensive option – especially during the peak season
  • Planes usually have a limited baggage capacity, which makes traveling hard for over packers
  • Check-in and security procedures at the Athens International Airport could be time-consuming and annoying
  • We shouldn’t forget that flying is a carbon-intensive activity

Brands We Use And Trust

2. Ferry From Athens To Mykonos

Fast ferry from Golden Star Ferries at the port of Mykonos to Athens

While flying might be fast, it’s definitely not as fun as traveling by ferry. With scenic routes and convenient amenities, ferries are the best way to get to Mykonos from Athens for true travel enthusiasts.

From Athens to Mykonos, ferry time lasts around two to five hours, depending on the route, vessel, and weather conditions. Nevertheless, thanks to various ferry companies operating in the area, finding a suitable tour isn’t hard.

Since ferries are more affordable and easier to access, you can use them as a mode of transportation when you have flexibility. If you aren’t in a rush, you can fly to Athens, spend a few days there – or even a week – to explore the town, and then get a ferry to Mykonos to continue your holidays there.

Island hopping is the perfect way to enjoy your vacation in Greece, as it’ll allow you to bask in the majestic beauty of the Aegean Sea.

Best Ferry Companies

It’s true that taking a ferry is the best way to travel from Athens to Mykonos. Nevertheless, finding the most suitable ferry company is the key to having a satisfactory trip.

Some popular ferry companies on the Athens to Mykonos route are:

Minoan Lines: Minoan Lines is among the biggest shipping companies in Europe. It usually operates a ferry from the Port of Piraeus to Mykonos and other Greek islands from June to September. The company has high-speed hydrofoils for those looking for a fast ferry from Athens to Mykonos. While it’s one of the most popular companies, their pricing isn’t the cheapest way to go. Minoan Lines’ tickets often start from €50

Blue Star Ferries: Blue Star Ferries has routes all year round with standard vessels. Its ferry boat from Athens to Mykonos routes is usually slower than other countries, albeit more affordable. With prices around €42 per person, Blue Star Ferries offers a good option for traveling from Athens to Mykonos by ferry

Seajet Ferries: Operating on the Athens to Mykonos route from April to October, Seajets are another popular option among travelers. It usually provides fast ferry Athens to Mykonos options from Athens ferry port. Since Seajets offers luxury and convenient routes, its prices are around €80

Fast Ferries: Fast Ferries bring Greek Islands and ports together. The company is among the best ferry companies with its Athens to Mykonos fast ferry routes. While the company’s name is Fast Ferries, they offer both standard and high-speed ferry from Athens to Mykonos. Since it aims to provide the most affordable ferry options, Fast Ferries’ prices for standard boats usually start from €38 per person

Golden Star Ferries: A ferry company that operates throughout the year, Golden Star Ferries is one of the cheapest choices for a boat ride from Athens to Mykonos. With their large fleet of both standard and high-speed ferries, Golden Star offers a better option for a day trip to Mykonos from Athens. Like Fast Ferries, their prices also start from about €38 per person

Booking Tips

Athens 3 day itinerary - Gyros in Athens
Don’t forget to eat gyros in Greece

If you’re planning to book an Athens to Mykonos boat, these tips might help you:

  • Since ferry companies operate on their own schedules, you should check the ferry schedule Athens to Mykonos to find a ferry that suits your travel time
  • Unlike planes, ferries usually have fixed rates that don’t change over time; however, booking in advance is always helpful since tickets might get sold out fast
  • Sometimes, ferry companies might offer discounts and coupons – especially to Seasmiles members, which might be perfect for those looking for a cheap ferry from Mykonos to Athens or vice versa
  • Since weather conditions affect ferry schedules, always check the forecast when booking a hydrofoil from Athens to Mykonos
  • Considering high-speed ferries might be helpful if you get seasick or don’t want to spend too much time on the sea
  • Try to choose a reputable ferry company as they’ll provide better service

Not sure whether ferries are a good choice? Let’s see their pros and cons:


  • Ferries provide beautiful views of the sea and coastline, something you cannot have when traveling by plane
  • With fresh air and freedom to move around, passengers can have a more relaxed travel by ferry
  • You can use a ferry with as much baggage as you want, which makes it quite a convenient option. Plus, you won’t have to pay a baggage fee for overweight or extra luggage
  • By traveling from port to the port, a ferry can allow you to see the less accessible parts of Mykonos – something that flying cannot offer
  • Almost every Athens ferry to Mykonos has adequate amenities to spend quality time on the sea, such as bars, restaurants, or various services


  • Ferry rides often last longer – between two to five hours – and this might be an issue for passengers in a hurry or those who get seasick
  • The weather dependence of ferries is another significant issue, especially during winter. A rainy or windy day means delays and changes in ferry schedules
  • During the peak season, ferries often get very crowded, which might reduce the travel quality

3. Get From Athens To Mykonos By Combining Both Options For The Best Experience

Platis Gialos beach, Mykonos, Greece
Platis Gialos Beach, Mykonos

If you want a comfortable travel from Athens to Mykonos, you can consider combining both options for the best experience. Here are different travel plans that might be suitable for you:

Fly To Athens -> Ferry To Mykonos

This route might be the most popular and convenient way of getting to Mykonos. All you must do is fly to Athens, spend a few days there, and then take a ferry to Mykonos from Athens.

If you have a flexible schedule, you can spend some time in Athens before you take a ferry to Mykonos. This way, you can explore the local culture and cuisines, making the best of your time in Greece.

When it comes to returning, you’ll have plenty of options. You can take a

When it comes to returning, you’ll have plenty of options. You can take a ferry back to Athens to see the majestic Aegean Sea one last time before your vacation ends or fly to Athens for a more convenient trip.

Fly To Athens -> Fly To Mykonos

While this route isn’t as scenic as the previous one, it’s perfect for travelers with limited time or who get seasick. All you have to do is fly to Athens and then take a flight to Mykonos. When it comes to return, you can either fly back to Athens or take a ferry.

Direct Flight To Mykonos From Athens Airport

If you can find a direct flight to Mykonos from your city, you can take it to travel faster. This route is perfect for those with a limited time or who want to see idyllic Mykonos as soon as possible.

Of course, those with a flexible time can still choose a direct flight to Mykonos, as it won’t be as tiring as other routes. If you want to extend your vacation after seeing the heartwarming atmosphere in Mykonos, you can take a Mykonos to Athens ferry to return.

After spending a few days – or even a single day – in Athens, you can fly back to your home country from Athens airport.

Get To Mykonos From Athens FAQs


What are the names of the ports in Athens?

There are two: Rafina Port and Piraeus ferry port.

How do I travel from Athens to Mykonos?

You can get to Mykonos from Athens by ferry or plane. While the plane is faster, the ferry offers a scenic route. Consider which mode of transportation is the best for you before your tickets.

Is there a ferry from Athens to Mykonos?

Yes, various companies provide ferry routes from Athens to Mykonos.

How long is the ferry ride from Athens to Mykonos?

Ferry time from Athens to Mykonos is between 2 to 5 hours. The duration of the journey depends on the vessel and weather conditions.

Can I fly from Athens to Mykonos?

Of course, Mykonos has its international airport, which welcomes numerous flights from Athens per day.

What airlines operate flights between Athens and Mykonos?

Sky Express and Aegean Airlines operate between Athens and Mykonos. Meanwhile, various international airlines, such as Volotea and British Airways, offer flights from major European cities.

How much does a flight or ferry ticket from Athens to Mykonos cost?

Depending on the company and vessel type, a ferry ticket might cost between €30 and €100. Flight tickets also have a similar pricing between €30 and €250.

What is the distance between Athens and Mykonos?

“How far is Athens from Mykonos?” is a common question asked by travelers. Mykonos is roughly 100 miles – or 160 kilometers – from Athens

What is the schedule for ferries or flights between Athens and Mykonos?

The flight schedules between Athens and Mykonos might change due to various factors.

On the other hand, ferries have more fixed timetables. The schedules for different months are as follows:

  • November to February: 2-3 departures
  • March to April: 4-5 ferry departures per day
  • May: 8-10 dep. per day
  • June to September: 15-18 sailings on the same day
  • October: 8-10 sailings per day

The schedule for Blue Star Ferries is:

  • A ferry departs from Athens at 07:30 and arrives in Mykonos at 13:20 every day.
  • On Saturdays, there is an additional ferry departing at 15:00 and arriving at 19:40.
  • On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, another ferry departs at 16:00 from Athens and arrives in Mykonos at 21:00.

You can visit the websites of other companies to see their timetables.

Can I book ferry or flight tickets in advance, and how do I do it?

Yes, you can book a ferry or flight tickets in advance. All you must do is visit the website of the company you want to book from or use a booking service to book tickets in advance.

What is the best time to travel from Athens to Mykonos Town?

While the island’s climate allows year-round tourist flow, the best time to visit Mykonos is late summer and early fall. At this time of the year, you can avoid the peak season crowd while enjoying warm waters and golden beaches.

Are there any tips for a comfortable and smooth journey from Athens to Mykonos?

We recommend you book in advance and constantly check the weather forecast for convenient travel. Travelers who want to try the ferry should prefer high-speed options. If high-speed ferries aren’t available, picking a ferry company that provides an onboard bar or restaurant might at least help spending time faster. Also, learning basic Greek phrases might help you communicate with locals and have a more immersive experience.


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