Where To Go Hiking In Athens, Greece

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Here is your guide on where to go hiking in Athens, Greece. We’ve covered all the best spots for hiking Athens and packing tips. 

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Are you planning a hike in Athens, Greece? This post on hiking Athens has everything you need to know.

Although Greece is synonymous with beaches and islands, 70 percent of Greece is actually covered with mountains. There are four mountains in the region of Attica (Parnitha, Pentelicus, Hymettus, and Aigaleo), meaning Athens is an excellent place for hiking. No matter your skill, there is a wide variety of options.

So, whether you choose to go it alone or hire a guide, here is a list of where to hike in Athens.

Hiking Mount Parnitha

Hiking in Athens - Top view of Parnitha mountain

Standing 1413m high, Mt Parnitha is Attica’s tallest mountain. There are many beautiful hiking routes for all abilities. There are even refuges where you can sleep the night, hire a guide and enjoy delicious food. Although in 2021, many hikes were closed due to large forest fires, the areas are now open but may show signs of fire damage.

Tatoi Royal Estate Level: Beginner Distance: 5km
The Tatoi Royal Estate is an abandoned estate sitting on the slopes of Mount Parnitha. Many well-maintained footpaths will guide you around some 10,000 acres of rolling hills and dense pine forest. Walking the grounds takes about 1 hour, but there are plenty of other trails to enjoy a longer hike.

Agios Georgios Keramidiou

Level: Beginner Distance: 10km
Beginning at the Agia Paraskevi Monastery, this lovely trail leads through the
Platanaki Gorge to the chapel of Agios Georgios. At only 5km each way, it is a relatively easy walk for all levels.

Mpafi and Flabouri Refuge

Level: Intermediate Distance: Various
One of the busiest hiking routes on Mount Parnitha, this is a great day out for those
who enjoy the mountains. With two refuges, amenities here make it perfect for most nature lovers. Following various trails through beautiful pine forests, hiking between these refuges boasts gorgeous views of the valley and city and a few ruins.

Pan’s Cave Level: Advanced Distance: 15km

This beautiful trail leads you through a stunning Goura valley of pines to the Cave of Pan. The cave was an ancient place of worship for the god of the wild. Given its difficulty, the hike is not frequented by many visitors, and there are no amenities close by.

Agia Marina Church Level: Advanced Distance: 18km

Only for the seasoned hiker, this trail does not have a specific path, so you will need a map and navigation ability to find your way. However, if you are an advanced hiker, you will be treated to a stunning hike through a remote valley all the way to the small church of Agia Marina.

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Hiking Mount Hymettus (Ymittos)

Only a short drive from Athens city brings you to Mount Hymettus. The 1026m mountain offers great hiking trails for all abilities. It is also home to some of Athens’ most historic religious sites and ruins.

Kaisariani Monastery and Forest

Hiking Athens - Kaisariani Monastery is an Eastern Orthodox monastery built on the north side of Mount Hymettus, near Athens, Greece.

Level: Beginner Distance: Various
The Kaisariani Monastery and Forest is a great hiking area for all abilities, with hikes taking anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Many marked trails take you through the forest of one of Athens’ most historic monasteries, religious sites, and ruins. Behind Kaisiarani Monastery, you will find the Analipseos Church and a pond leading to the Botanical Walk. Also, nearby the Kaisariani Monastery is Taxiarches Hill, with a beautiful view of Athens city.

Trypia Cave and Stavros Pass

Level: Beginner Distance: 7km
This hike is an easy-to-reach trail close to the popular beachside suburb of Glyfada, which
is suitable for many abilities. The Stavros Pass boasts beautiful sea views and many interesting caves.

Hiking Mount Pentelicus

Where to go Hiking in Athens
View of central Athens and Pentelicus mountain from Areopagus hill.

One of the smallest mountains in the region, Mount Pentelicus, sits at 1109m in the Northeast of Athens. Historically, the mountain has been used to extract marble which was used for the refurbishment of the Acropolis. Although it is covered in quarries and roads, there are a couple of lovely hikes for all abilities.

Ntrafi Waterfall

Level: Beginner Distance: 3km
An easy but rewarding thirty-minute hike close to Athens city, this hike is perfect
for a short day out. Pack a picnic and swimsuit, and enjoy your time at some of these beautiful falls.

Mount Pentelicus (Penteli) Crossing

Level: Intermediate Distance: 10km
This stunning hike brings you through lush pine forests and past three beautiful
hidden chapels. Although the hike is perfect for intermediate abilities, there are some high ascents to be aware of before embarking on your trip.

Hiking Lycabettus Hill

While not a mountain, Lycabettus Hill is the best place for a small hike if you are looking to stay in central Athens. As the highest point in the center of Athens, the hill is prominent on the city’s skyline and a popular attraction for tourists and locals. Once you stroll to the peak, you will see the Lycabettus Theatre, the beautiful Agios Georgios church, and even have the chance to dine at a restaurant overlooking the entire city.

What To Pack For Hiking In Athens

The most important things to pack for hiking in Athens are good walking shoes, a backpack, water, sunscreen, and a windbreaker jacket. It’s important to note that there are no shops or cafes serving many of the hiking trails in Athens; therefore, you should bring your own water and snacks. As always, when hiking, it is useful to ensure your devices are fully charged and that you have downloaded an offline map of the route. The mountains in the Attica region all have dedicated hiking maps, which can be downloaded or bought online.

If you are hiking in the winter, there may be snow on the higher mountains, so make sure you pack enough layers and proper winter hiking gear (boots, gaiters, and poles).

Importantly, you must take caution hiking in Athens during the summer months. Forest fires are common on certain days when temperatures are high, and the wind is strong; therefore, the hiking trails may be closed by local authorities.

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