What You Need To Know About Psiri Athens, Greece

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This is my favorite part of Athens, Psiri. This neighborhood guide has where to eat, sleep, and what to see. It’s all you need to know about Psiri Athens, Greece.

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Athens, Psiri is a lively, bohemian district perfectly located to the best sites in Athens.
With great shopping, lively squares, and an interesting history Psiri is a must-see spot on your trip to Athens.

Greece Travel Blog_Guide To The Psiri Neighborhood AthensSometimes spelled Psyri, Psirri, or Psyrri, but no matter how you choose to spell it, here’s a list of everything you need to know about my favorite part of Athens – Psiri.

How To Find Psiri

Psiri is located northeast of the well-known Monastiraki Metro in the historical center of Athens.

Just five minutes walk from the ancient Agora and fifteen minutes from the Acropolis and Plaka, Psiri is close to many of the capital’s cultural hotspots.

While the area is small on a map, bounded to the south by Ermou, Athinas to the east, Evripidou to the north, and Sarri to the west, there is a huge amount of things to do. You could easily spend a day exploring everything Psiri has to offer.

Top Attractions In Psiri

Psiri Athens - Pittaki Street

Psiri has a fascinating past, which has turned it into one of Athens’ more artistic, quirky neighborhoods. Psiri is a great place to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the streets’ vibrancy. Here are some of the best things to do in Psiri, Athens.

Stroll Around Heroes Square

The Plateia Iroon (Heroes Square) is located right at the center of Psiri, where a lot of the action goes on.

The square is encompassed by many cafes and tavernas, which welcome live music at night. One of the best things to watch in the square is the local pastry chefs making ‘bougatsa.’ Bougatsa is a traditional Greek creamy custard pie made by rolling the pastry above your head. Make sure to visit in the morning to catch the free open kitchen show at the infamous Bougatsadiko Thessaloniki. This is a great spot to rest and watch the world go by.

The square is an essential central meeting point and has a significant history. Plateia Iroon (Heroes Square) is recognized as a symbol of anti-establishment.

Historically, the neighborhood of Psiri acted as a haven for the revolutionaries during the war of Independence and as the home of criminal gangs like the koutsavakides in the 1800s. That is until it was eventually cleaned up and became the bohemian neighborhood it is today. Interestingly, the Plateia Iroon was the location of a historic sport known as ‘stone wars’, during which champion fighters were labeled “heroes,” lending the square its name.

As you can see, there is so much to this culturally rich meeting point.

See Some Amazing Street Art

3 Days In Athens - Wander through the streets & see grafitti

A great thing to do in Psiri is taking a self-guided tour of the fabulous street art.
Over the past decades, Athens’ street art scene has flourished, with artists expressing their thoughts and emotions across the city’s houses and walls. Psiri is one of the main hubs for street art.

The best locations to see street art in Psiri are The Old Fire station and the Foundry Hotel on the street of Sarri, the road of Epikourou, the “Riot a dog” (Loukanikos) on the corner of the streets of Sarri and Riga Palamidou, and the whole street of Rita Palamidou.

Many of the street art pieces have a great story behind them, so you can also find a guide to take you around the neighborhood and explain the background.

Visit A Local Art Gallery

While the neighborhood is an open-air gallery, many galleries also boast local talent. Both the AD Gallery and a.antonoupoulou.art are great spots for catching up-and-coming artists.

Check Out Pittaki Street

Pittaki Street is a cool thing to see in Psiri. In 2012, a non-profit organization called Imagine The City partnered up with creative design studio Beforelight to revamp the forgotten street. What was once a dark, unsafe, and avoided alley has been transformed into a light show.

The non-profit asked locals to donate used lamps, which now create a stunning ceiling made of hundreds of lamps of dierent shapes, sizes, and colors, creating beautiful lighting eects.

Go Shopping

Shopping In Psiri Athens Greece

A classically working-class neighborhood, Psiri is full of artisan shops selling local fare. Psiri is definitely one of the best places for shopping in Athens.

Psiri has always been known for its leather and clothing. The best street for leather goods is Miaouli, where you will find many shops selling bags, shoes, and jackets.

The streets of Protogenous and Pallados oer great independent fashion shops great for an afternoon of hunting quirky trends.
Bordering the neighborhood of Psiri are both the flea markets of Monastiraki and the Central Market (Varvakios). Near these streets, you will find great vintage and antique stalls selling all kinds of treasures.

The street of Evripidou is perfect for the foodies among us. The street turns into a food market full of stalls selling spices, dried fruits, cheese, and charcuterie. Owned by traders from all over the world, the stalls create a mesmerizing street of color and scents. Some of the shops on Evripidou also oer a dining-in experience with wine, where your choice of charcuterie is brought directly to your table. It really is an experience not to be missed.

Marvel In The City’s History

Psiri is close to some of Athens’s must-see spots, such as the Ancient Agora, the ancient cemetery of Kerameikos and its museum, and Monistraki and its Roman Agora and Roman Forum. After exploring these ancient ruins, you can rest in one of Psiri’s many restaurants and bars.

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Psiri Restaurants

Psiri Athens - Cafe in Athens, Greece

There is a huge range of restaurants to choose from in Psiri. From traditional tavernas and ouzo bars serving meze to trendy cocktail bars and cafes serving international cuisine.

Heroes Square is home to various cafes and is an excellent place to enjoy lunch and people-watch by day. Once you’ve loaded up on delicious lunch at one of the tavernas here, check out Nancy’s Sweet Home and Kokkion for a sweet delight. Kokkion is said to be the best ice cream in Athens.

By night, many of the square’s tavernas and restaurants oer great food with traditional live music. The pedestrianized streets radiate out from the square, such as Taki and Ag. Anargion, Proteodenous, and Miaouli also become full of bars and restaurants serving delicious meals.

Psiri Accommodation

The neighborhood of Psiri is relatively tiny and well-located in the center of Athens. This means that you’ll never be far from the action wherever you stay.

Psiri oers a range of accommodations, from beautiful boutique hotels like The Artist Athens or The Foundry to backpacker accommodations such as Bedbox, Selina, and Athens Hub Hostel. Of course, you will also find a range of apartments to rent in the area for larger families or groups.

The best part of staying in Psiri is that it is close to Plaka but way cheaper! Check out the “A is for Athens” hotel. It is located next to Monastiraki Metro Station and has a killer rooftop bar and breakfast set-up with stunning views of the Acropolis and some room options face the Acropolis. Check out the hotel & prices here ↳

Psiri At Night

Psiri Athens at night, Greece

Psiri is known as a nightlife hub in Athens. What seems like a shopping district by day turns into a party area by night, with the music turned up and locals filling the parking lots. When it comes to a night out, Psiri has a lot on oer.

There are plenty of cool bars where you can people-watch in the street or, alternatively, others where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Athens skyline.

Six d.o.g.s is an institution in Psiri, oering a terrace, live music, and great drinks. The Foundry Roof Garden and A for Athens are two great rooftop bars. Each oering cocktails and views overlooking the Acropolis.

If you enjoy a drink amongst culture, opt for a visit to The Art Foundation (TAF) or The Artist Restaurant. TAF is a cultural center, all-day cafe, and bar on Normanou, which was built in an interesting complex of restored factory worker houses. While the Artist Restaurant is a beautiful urban oasis boasting rooftop views.

If you’re looking to dance the night away, Psiri oers something for all music tastes. Clubs like Barrett, Cantina Social, Drugstore, The Party, and The Verve are all great places to listen to music and dance. However, you’ll also find many smaller bars with people mingling in the vibrant streets of Psiri all night long.

What To Do With Kids

3 Days In Athens - Greek food in Athens

Although Psiri is known for its vibrant nightlife, it’s also a great place to bring the kids.
The Museum of Illusions Athens oers a great family day out. The museum is a unique and fun experience of 60 different illusions that trick the mind and entertain the soul. Kids will love playing around with the interactive illusions, and you may be tricked too!

An amazing spot for both big and little kids alike is Little Kooks. This is a beautiful cafe that genuinely brings fairytales to life. With colorful decorations, changing Disney character themes, fairy servers, and a sweet treat menu of pancakes, ice creams (and even cocktails for the parents), Little Kooks is any kid’s dream.

With so much to oer any traveler, Psiri is a great place to visit on your Athens trip.

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