How To Spend Two Days In Split

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How To Spend Two Days In Split

Written by travel writer Kim-Ling from Travel Ling Blog.

Split is one of those “can’t miss” cities in Croatia, especially if you plan to do any sailing or island hopping on the coast. Split is always a city included in those top travel lists, so we aren’t the only ones who think it’s one of Croatia’s best gems. 

Split is a picturesque combination of rich Roman history, charming harbor scenery, and stunning natural surroundings. For those visiting Croatia for an extended time, Split is easily connected to other cities by air, sea, and road. While every traveler’s dream is to spend more time in a city, realistically, not many of us have that luxury.

So, here’s how we recommend you spend two days in Split.


How To Spend Two Days In Split: Day 1



Head to the Pazar markets to graze on the fresh produce before starting a big day of sightseeing. Located on the East side of the old city, just outside the Silver gate and walls of Diocletian’s Palace, the Pazar markets sell everything from touristy souvenirs and accessories to fresh fruit and veggies.

Spend time exploring the narrow streets of the old city. One of the things we love about the old town is that it is pedestrian-only. The absence of vehicles and the ancient stone streets create an excellent exploring environment. Work those legs and climb up the 183 steep steps of the Bell Tower for breathtaking 360° views of Split.

After taking the obligatory ‘selfie’ from the top, head back down and explore the nearby crypt and Cathedral of St. Domnius. The cathedral was built in 305 and is said to be one of the oldest still-standing cathedrals in the world. A combo ticket to enter the Bell Tower, Cathedral Treasury, Crypt, and Baptistery (Jupiter’s Temple) can be purchased, or you can buy separate entries at individual rates if you want to skip one. 



Enjoy lunch within the old town walls to find different restaurants and cafes, including Italian, Dalmatian, and even Japanese, to suit different tastes. If you still have the energy, visit Jupiter’s Temple, another 3rd-century monument dedicated to the god of the sky, and Diocletian himself (entrance included as part of the combo ticket).

Explore the cellars of Diocletian’s Palace and, if you enjoy walking tours, learn the history of Split and walk around what remains of the palace grounds. 


Suppose all that sightseeing has left you quite the appetite, head to Brassiere on 7, also known as B7. Run by two Australian-Croatian girls, meals are always seasonal and top quality. 

For an after-dinner drink and some relaxed night atmosphere, head back to Diocletian’s Palace and find yourself a comfy cushion in the square. Luxor café hosts live music each night during the warmer months from 8 pm.

How To Spend Two Days In Split: Day 2



Depending on how exhausted you are from the previous day, you can spend another day in Split and its surroundings or opt to do a day tour of the surrounding islands.

The Blue Cave tour is a full-day tour where you visit the magnificent phenomenon of the Blue Cave and other islands and swimming spots. You can purchase tickets all along with the port and in the travel agencies in the center. Almost all agencies sell tickets, though not all include lunch, so it’s always good to check if you need to bring food.

Balkan Trip: One Month In The Balkans Itinerary - Marjan Hill overlooking Split Riva

If you prefer to spend the day in Split, walk up Marjan Hill for stunning city views. Located on the western side of Split, the hill offers plenty of trails for outdoor activities, drinking fountains, lookout points, and even beaches on the far side. Stop for a scenic coffee break at Teraca Vidilica before walking along the trails and enjoying the peninsula’s natural beauty.




Enjoy relaxing at any of the beaches in Split. The nearest beach to the city’s center is Bačvice, about a 15-minute walk from Diocletian’s Palace. Do what the locals do, grab a slice of pizza for lunch, and enjoy a carefree afternoon.

If beaches aren’t your thing, head out to Klis Fortress, explore the remaining 3rd-century ruins, and take in breathtaking views of Split below. You can take bus 22 from the square on Marmontova street to get out there. The trip takes about 40 minutes. 



There’s nothing like walking along the harbor with ice cream in hand. The scoop sizes were some of the most generous we’ve had in Europe, and the flavors are delicious. Top off your evening with gelato from one of the vendors at the port.

Hopefully, you enjoy Split as much as we did. If you are anything like us, two days isn’t enough, and you’ll be planning another trip to Split in the future!

Don’t forget to head to Krka National Park, one of Croatia’s gems, after exploring Split! Transportation is both scenic and comfortable.

You can also make your way to Split from Zagreb super easy – so be sure to check it out.


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  1. Nice Post, I’ll definitely have to keep that in mind! Thanks again for all of your help! By the way do a lot of places in Croatia shut down on Sundays ?

  2. All true, all is OK…but how it is possible to suggest to have some icecream at the port? It is some kind of chemical mixing having no taste except for the sugar. There is only one delicious icecream in Split. The one you can find in Kružičeva ulica at the end of Bosanska Ulica sold by Love Gelato. Italian artisanal icecream. Simply perfect.

    1. Sadly we didn’t get to try Love Gelato, but you’ve convinced me to try it next time we are in Split!

    1. Perhaps if you want to do slow travel, it could be. We managed to fit it all in and loved it! The old town of Split is quite small and easy to walk around in a short time. Of course, the longer stay, the better!

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