Game Of Thrones Croatia: Tours And Location Sites

Game Of Thrones Croatia: Tours And Location Sites

Anyone who is familiar with the popular HBO television series Game of Thrones will no doubt recognize significant portions of the Croatian landscape – without even knowing it. 

There are a number of Game of Thrones locations across the globe including Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Iceland; the aforementioned destinations can all end up being pricey destinations when compared to traveling to Croatia. Which makes my newly adopted homeland of Croatia, an excellent and affordable stop for fans of Game of Thrones.

There are two main towns that fans of the series can use as a base for their travels.


So, Where Are The Game of Thrones Locations In Croatia?


One of the most well-known Game of Thrones locations came about after a dispute between the local government of Malta and the production company during the end of season one. The scenes set in King’s Landing Malta have since been filmed in Dubrovnik’s Old Town area.

Visitors to this town are sure to enjoy the lovely views from the City Walls, which overlook the Adriatic Sea. The ramparts can be accessed via staircases found near the Pile Gate, the Ploče Gate, and the Maritime Museum.

Some of the other stairs appear to go to the ramparts, but these segments end about halfway to the top. These still are useful for gaining a vantage point over the area. Travelers in Dubrovnik visiting the walls will need to bring their own water, sun protection, and good walking shoes.

Local Tip: Since the walls are quite narrow in places, and it gets scorching, I would suggest those making their way here leave any bags and unnecessary items at the hotel. Plus bring along more water than you think you need – trust me you’ll need it.

Game of Thrones locations - Travel Croatia - Dubrovnik, The Pearl of the Adriatic - Chasing the Donkey Croatia
Game of Thrones locations: Dubrovnik AKA Kings Landing

Several guided city tours based on Game of Thrones locations used are offered by various companies in Dubrovnik. Travelers wishing to explore on their own should check out the following spots: Kastel Gomilica, which served as Braavos, Fort Lovrjenac, which doubles as Red Keep, and the formerly abandoned Hotel Belvedere, where some scenes were also filmed. An upcoming episode that depicts the humiliation of the scheming Cersei takes in the city streets running from Standun Street to the Sponza Palace. The palace is open daily until about two p.m. and admission is free.

Another good stop for fans is the Trsteno Arboretum, which is located several kilometers north of the city. The Arboretum is only a short bus ride away, and a few scenes were filmed there, with the grounds filling in for the royal gardens. The arboretum once belonged to the nobility, but it is now the property of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and can, therefore, be viewed by the public.

Lokrum Island filled in for the city of Quarth as a key Game of Thrones location.  Head to Lokrum for an excellent side trip to Dubrovnik. Admission and roundtrip ferries cost about 70 kuna (about $12 USD), with the ferries running every half hour during peak season and the ride lasting around 10 to 15 minutes.

The island itself is a nature reserve featuring its own peafowl flock. Favorite pastimes at this location include snorkeling, hiking, and swimming at the nudist beach – all of which provide a great escape from the overcrowded center of Dubrovnik.

Guests should bring anything they might need, such as sunscreen and snacks along with them, because purchasing supplies on the island is pricey. Overnight stays on this island are forbidden, and all travelers must vacate the premises by six p.m. This is perhaps for visitors’ safety because there is said to be a curse on anyone who remains overnight….da da daaaaaah!!!

Games Of Thrones Locations Map In Dubrovnik

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board have created you a very handy map of the locations, which you can download.

Game of Thrones Map of Dubrovnik
Game of Thrones locations: Map of Dubrovnik


How to Get from Split to Zadar Croatia

The town of Spilt was a tiny backwater town until the Emperor of Rome retired to this location. Visitors to the city will recognize Diocletian’s Palace from a number of Game of Thrones episodes, but there are also some scenes that have yet to be released which were recently shot in the basement of this 14th-century fortress.

Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage spot, has some hotels located inside the walls, so those that want to splurge on accommodations might like to stay there.

Outside the city, travelers easily can find Klis Fortress, which stands in for Meereen on the television show.

Klis fortress defended Split for 2,000 years, and you can now pay a small entry fee of about 20 Kuna ($4 USD) to see it for yourself. Those making their way out to the site should be sure to bring their own food and water, as there are no vendors present.

The Krka National Park is a waterfall and gorge-filled park that served as the Game of Thrones countryside in some episodes. It makes for an excellent day trip from Split. Admission prices at this location are around 50 kuna or $11 USD for adults.

What Will You See On The Game Of Thrones Tour?

Metal shields ready, helmets on, be prepared to be enchanted and take a Game of Thrones tour in Split.

Diocletian’s Palace

Walk the same path that Daenarys did, in a fully guided tour of the 1,700-year-old palace of the emperor Diocletian. You’ll be shown Daenarys’ throne room and the narrow corridors of the city of Meereen that Daenarys conquers, freeing the slaves and killing the slavemasters.

Wander along the cellars of Diocletian’s Palace, where they shot the scene where the slaves conspired with Grey Worm and the Unsullied Army to overthrow the slavemasters.

Game of thrones tour Diocletian-Palace
Whose side are you on?

Klis Fortress

Stomp up to the fortress and pretend you just conquered it, much like Daenarys and her Unsullied Army did.

Just be sure to listen out to the guide as he points out facts about the torrid history of Klis Fortress in addition to the background of the Game of Thrones filming. Klis fortress represents the city of Meereen that she conquers, frees the slaves and kills the slavemasters seen in already aired episodes.

Game of thrones tour Klis-Meereen
Stomp up the very same hill – just bring your own sword

Klis Fortress, near the Croatian city of Split, is where the show filmed Daenerys plotting her return to power.

game of thrones croatia screen game of thrones croatia game of thrones croatia screen shot

Water Mill

You’ll visit the 600-year-old water mill on Zrnovica River, that was used as a filming location. The mill is still in working order, milling flour & corn today using an original stone mill.



Book Or Check The Availability Of A Game Of Thrones Tour


Once you’ve been on the tour, we’d love to know your thoughts so come back and let us know what you think.


Game of Thrones - The Major Houses and Their Members


Game Of Thrones Fans Won’t Want To Miss This Tour!

Have you heard of that little old TV show called Game of Thrones that was filmed in Croatia? It’s just a wee bit popular….

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, and you are planning a vacation to Croatia then you’ll want to get your Unsullied Army ready to march along this Game of Thrones tour. Seasons one through to four of the fantasy drama were shot in Dubrovnik, but now you can be guided by a local on a tour of the filming locations of the current season of Game of Thrones airing on HBO right now which were  filmed in Split, on the Dalmatian coast. 





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  1. It’s always so much fun to know where movies and series are filmed! GOT is filmed in so many locations you could have a long holiday tracking it round the globe. The Croatian scenery is beautiful, there’s no wonder they chose so much of it for the series!

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