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One of the biggest and most successful TV shows in history is HBO’s Game of Thrones. It had fans worldwide clinging to their screen and sitting on the edge of their seats for a decade.

Not me; I never watched a single episode. Well, that was until a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation from HBO and the Croatian National Tourist Board to come to Dubrovnik, the home of King’s Landing in the show, to be among just a room full of people to see the finale. 

How could I say no to that amazing once-in-a-lifetime offer?

Avatar_Game Of Thrones Croatia

I couldn’t, so I said yes. Then, that night, I put the kids to bed and set about watching episode 1, season 1 of Game of Thrones, and then a few more episodes before I fell asleep on the sofa.

I hated it.

Er, so much sex, so many beheadings. I told myself I needed to watch a few more episodes, and then I’d ask people for the best episodes to watch to get to know the characters ahead of the finale.

And then something happened.

Season 1, Episode 09, “Baelor.” Ned Stark was beheaded. I shouted out so loudly that I made my toddler (who I was feeding lunch at the time) cry.

Damn it, how dare Joffery do that? That asshole. 

I pressed pause to calm the Baby Donkey down, the whole time thinking I needed to see episode 10. 

That’s when I knew it. I was hooked.

Game Of Thrones Dubrovnik Locations (1)

Years of avoiding the show had come down to needing to watch the whole season in less than three weeks.

Day and night, I watched one episode after another episode. As soon as my son went to school, I flicked on the TV and watched more as soon as the kids were in bed asleep, on went the TV.

I smashed the first seven seasons and the first few episodes of season 8 (72 episodes) in just nine days.

Game of Thrones_CTD Logo_dark background_large

With its mythological creatures, epic landscapes, spectacular castles, multiple parallel storylines, and one unexpected twist after the other, the show put a spell on me – and my guess is anyone who sits through the first season.

I created a Game of Thrones logo to celebrate and a t-shirt, so yeah, suffice to say I became a fan!

Game Of Thrones Dubrovnik - Red Keep (1)

During my few days in Dubrovnik, I met with the others invited on the trip. Several bloggers and journalists, and fans from 14 countries had won the HBO Game of Thrones competition to come along to Dubrovnik for the weekend.

We all did a Dubrovnik Game of Thrones locations tour together, and below I have summarised the main filming locations of Games of Thrones in Croatia for you. Our tour guide was Ivana, and she did a great job, but taking photos with 40 other people was hard work, and I missed so many good photographs as I had to try to keep up with the group!

Games Of Thrones Tour Guide_Ivana
Games Of Thrones Tour Guide Ivana

While in Dubrovnik, I also had a Game of Thrones-themed dinner – sword included – at Restaurant Kopun, just meters away from where the  ‘Walk Of Shame’ scenes were filmed.

An area where you can hear – and see – people re-enacting part of the episode. While we sat at dinner, a group of drunk Brits walked by as one guy was stripping down to walk down the stairs naked. Oh lord, I hope he got a fine as he reached the bottom. Such twats.

Game of Thrones Dinner Tiara (1)

Drunk bogans aside, the meal was both delicious and fun.  I was sat at a table with winners from Rijeka, Croatia, Hungary, and my fellow travel writers Pau and Jonny, as well as Tiara from the tourist board’s advertising agency.

We enjoyed opening the wax-sealed menu, and we devoured several courses of Game of Thrones-inspired cuisine.  Our little group also tried our best to agree on the best way for the show to end – let’s just say that was impossible.

If you look closely, you can see that the meals were served on Game of Thrones plates – cute touch, don’t you think?

My alarm went off on Monday, the day of the final episode, at 5:30 am. Such a God-awful time to wake up, but I bounced out of bed, and threw on the clothes that I had so smartly prepared the night before, slapped on some makeup to cover up the big black eyes.

I had only gone to bed at 1 am, so I was tired, to say the least, and in need of coffee. Though there was no coffee time, I was due to be on the bus with the other travel bloggers and contestant winners by 6:16 am.

Early morning in Dubrovnik

Game of Thrones Winners (1)
Winners On Tour In Dubrovnik

The Game of Thrones fans & bloggers gathered around the bus at the front of our Valamar hotel, all of us filled with a mix of excitement, nerves, and wonder. 

Who would end up on the throne? Who will kill Daenerys? I mean, we all knew that was going to happen given what we saw in episode 5!

Dubrovnik in the Morning (1)

Our bus dropped us at Pile gate, and we strolled from the gate through the empty streets of Dubrovnik, following our guides, Tomislav and Petra from the Croatian National Tourist Board. Our big group (around 40) of us moved along, snapping a few pictures and all trying to guess the screening location, which had up until now been kept a secret. 

We approached the screening location – The Culture Club Revelin. Revlin is a 500-year-old fortress overlooking Dubrovnik Old Town. God damn, what a cool spot!

Arriving at Culture Club Revelin, I stood with fellow travel writer Pau from Spain, and Jonny, the editor from the UK’s biggest newspaper ‘ The Sun.’ We were busting for those green doors to swing open so that we could get seated. 

No coffee still in sight; my head was pounding as we checked off our names at the door, took some cheesy photos at the entrance near the Game of Thrones poster, and then we walked briskly to find seats.

SJ At The Game-of-Thrones-Premiere (1)
Photo Credit: Just Dubrovnik

Damn it, all the good seats at the front were ‘reserved,’ and the next row of seats had been taken. We moved around the room, trying to find seats that were not behind the towering 6-footmen who seemed to be occupying all the front row seats. 

We found some seats off to the side, and we sat looking in awe around the room. Finally, the day was here; we were minutes away from seeing who would sit on the Iron Throne.

But before the last episode could start, they tortured us with a few speeches. Yeah, yeah, we were muttering, we know you’re so glad to be hosting the event, we are thrilled to be here – let’s get the show up on the big screen, please.

Game of Thrones Seasone 8 Finale

Then just as it looked like the speeches thanking the tourist boards, local council, and HBO was over, we heard some rustling from the very front.

It was an orchestra. I thought for a minute, why on earth would we need serenading at 6:50 am? Then it began….. the Game of Thrones theme song….. LIVE. 

I won’t lie. I began to tear up. Freaking marvelous! 

It was all about to come to an end. My nine days of binge-watching the first 7.5 seasons was about to come to a dramatic conclusion.

With an orchestra, as I sat on King’s Landing. I had to pinch myself. 

I won’t completely spoil the ending for anyone who has not yet seen the finale, though I will say that I wasn’t happy. The crappiest choice for King and my dear beloved Jon was ripped off. He deserved a better end. 

That said, it was a magical morning; even after the show finished, the crew from HBO and the Croatian National Tourist Board kept surprising us. 

We headed up to the terrace, and awaiting us, were drinks and snacks, overlooking the terracotta rooftops of Dubrovnik.

Game of Thrones Party Croatia

Jonny_Pau_SJ_HBO_GOT_Revelin_20-5-2019-39 (1)
Jonny (UK), Myself & Pau (Spain) Photo Credit: HBO/HTZ

Champagne in hand, I gladly smiled for photos and took the time to dissect the ending with my travel companions. 

While snapping photographs, I bumped into the best-dressed person at the event, Darija Mikulandra. She was wearing a Matija Vuica Design gown, which included a matching handmade lace helmet cap. Brilliant.

Dubrovnik Revlin Club (1)

We stood on the terrace drinking several glasses of champagne (and I did pinch myself at least a dozen times) until we had to leave. Though when the time came, I did not want to depart – it was so damn good. 

Avatar_Game Of Thrones Croatia

In Partnership With Croatian National Tourist Board & HBO

All transport, accommodation, meals, and guides were provided by the Croatian National Tourist Board & HBO, but all opinions are mine. All recommendations are given wholeheartedly and without bias.

Game Of Thrones Filming Locations In Croatia

However, before you continue reading, we have to point out that some descriptions of the Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia below contain spoilers.

If you haven’t seen most of the show, continue reading at your own risk!

If you’re an enthusiastic Game of Thrones watcher, you will no doubt have noticed significant portions of the Croatian landscape, perhaps without even knowing where they are. 

While there is numerous Game of Thrones filming locations across the globe, from Morocco and Spain to Northern Ireland and Iceland, it’s Croatia that’s the setting of arguably the most iconic and important place in Westeros: King’s Landing.

In this post, we’ll give you a complete overview of the main Game of Thrones Croatia filming locations. From King’s Landing and Braavos to Qarth and Meereen, several major cities in the show are actually real places in Croatia!



Game Of Thrones Dubrovnik Filming Locatiosn- Red Keep (1)

One of the most well-known Game of Thrones locations came about after a dispute between the local government of Malta and the show’s production company during the end of season one.

The scenes set in King’s Landing in Malta have since been filmed in Dubrovnik’s Old Town area and a few other places around this ancient city.

Dubrovnik Old Town – King’s Landing

Game Of Thrones Croatia: Locations And Tours - S2 E1 - Dubrovnik Old Town Croatia Game of Thrones Locations King's Landing
S2 E1 – Shae overlooks King’s Landing, aka Dubrovnik Old Town

The Old Town of Dubrovnik is arguably the most famous Game of Thrones location in the world. The setting of King’s Landing, the Seven Kingdoms’ capital, is home to several different scenes from the series. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its red-tiled roofs, massive city walls, and sheer coastal cliffs, seem like it was made to be a capital city.

Fun fact: Dubrovnik used to be an independent country known as the Republic of Ragusa from the 14th to the 18th century.

Whether exploring the Old Town on a guided tour or on your own, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy visiting iconic spots from the show in real life.  You wouldn’t be the first one to re-enact famous scenes on the spot!

Various companies in Dubrovnik offer several guided city tours based on Game of Thrones locations used. Travelers who want more freedom to explore on their own should check out the following Game of Thrones locations in Dubrovnik Old Town.

The Old Town is entirely pedestrianized and super-easy to get around.

Jesuit Baroque Staircase – Great Sept of Baelor Steps & Cersei’s Walk Of Shame

S5 E10 Jesuit Staircase, Dubrovnik, Croatia - Cersei's Walk of Shame
S5 E10 Cersei Lannister is about to start her infamous Walk of Shame.

The Jesuit Staircase is a beautiful set of stairs just south of Gundulic Square leading up to the St. Ignatius Church. It’s in the very heart of the Old Town of Dubrovnik, a place that’s always busy and bustling, located near a market area. To film the Game of Thrones scenes, coffee places and shops were temporarily closed. Even though the area is always full of life, it was even more crowded during filming times, when hundreds of extras filled the streets.

Games of Thrones Locations Croatia - Dubrovnik Jesuit Church staircase
What The Staircase Looks Like Super Early In The Morning

In the series, they are the stairs to the Great Sept of Baelor, which are the start of Cersei Lannister’s “Walk of Shame” in season 5. Cersei’s infamous procession, if you will, actually took place at four different locales in the Old Town, but this is probably the most iconic one.

The other three are St. Dominic Street, Od Margarite Street, and the Ploče Gate.

Games of Thrones Croatia_Jesuit Baroque Staircase
Best I Could Get In The Day (Others Were Much Busier)

The staircase is also featured a few other times earlier in that season. It plays a prominent role during the funeral of Tywin Lannister in episode 1 when Cersei ascends them to attend Margaery’s and Tommen’s wedding in episode 3, and when King Tommen wants to talk to the High Sparrow in episode 5.

GoT Funeral of Tywin Lannister, Jesuit Staircase Dubrovnik Filming Location
S5 E1 Funeral of Tywin Lannister
S5 E3 Margaery and Tommen Wedding Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Dubrovnik
S5 E3 Margaery’s and Tommen’s wedding
S5 E4 Tommen wants to see Cersei, Great Sept of Baelor Steps in Dubrovnik, Croatia
S5 E4 Tommen wants to see Cersei

St. Dominic Street – King’s Landing Markets

Game Of Thrones Croatia: Locations And Tours - S2 E5 St. Dominic Street, Dubrovnik - King's Landing Markets
S2 E5 St. Dominic Street, Dubrovnik – King’s Landing Markets

Situated near the Dominican Monastery, St. Dominic Street connects Stradun and the Ploče Gate. You’ll recognize it as the setting of various market scenes in King’s Landing.

SJ At St. Dominic Street - King's Landing Markets

For example, the infamous scene during which Gold Cloaks murder one of King Robert Baratheon’s illegitimate sons also takes place here.

Additionally, the stairwell on the street is a place where Sparrows preach in season 2, episode 5, while during her Walk of Shame in season 5, episode 10, Cersei walks through this street as well.

S5 E10 Cersei Walk of Shame in St. Dominic Street, Dubrovnik, Croatia
S5 E10 Cersei’s Walk of Shame in St. Dominic Street

Ethnographic Museum – Littlefinger’s Brothel

Game Of Thrones Croatia: Locations And Tours - S4 E1 Ethnographic Museum, Dubrovnik - Littlefinger's Brothel
S4 E1 Ethnographic Museum, Dubrovnik – Littlefinger’s Brothel

The fascinating Ethnographic Museum of Dubrovnik houses authentic folk clothing and textiles. The building itself is a 16th-century granary, the storage place of grain reserves during the Republic of Ragusa.

In the Game of Thrones, the Ethnographic Museum exterior is used as the brothel of Petyr Baelish, aka Littlefinger. In season 4, Oberyn Martell and Tyrion Lannister meet here.

Belvedere Hotel Atrium – Fight Between Prince Oberyn & The Mountain

Game Of Thrones Croatia: Locations And Tours - S4 E8 Belvedere Hotel Atrium - Fight Between Prince Oberyn & The Mountain
S4 E8 Belvedere Hotel Atrium – Fight Between Prince Oberyn & The Mountain

Although it’s now a hotel in decline, the Belvedere Hotel Atrium is super-recognizable as the place where Prince Oberyn Martell fought the Mountain, a long struggle with a gruesome ending. Note that there’s no access to the hotel itself, but you can see the atrium from a stairway to the right of the hotel building.

Hotel Belvedere in Dubrovnik_ Game of thrones locations Croatia

Which crest do you think looks better? 

Rector’s Palace – Spice King Of Qarth’s Residence

Game Of Thrones Croatia: Locations And Tours - S2 E6 Rector's Palace, Dubrovnik - Game of Thrones Spice King of Qarth Residence
S2 E6 Daenerys asks the Spice King of Qarth for ships.

One of the main buildings in the Dubrovnik Old Town, the Rector’s Palace, dates from the late-1400’s. Constructed as the residence of the elected rector, essentially the governor of Dubrovnik at the time, it serves as the backdrop for a meeting between Daenerys Targaryen and the Spice King of Qarth.

Games of Thrones Locations Croatia - Atrium, Rector's palace, Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Filmed in the Palace’s external areas, which are open to the public, the scene features Daenerys asking the Spice King for ships so she can travel with her army across the Narrow Sea.

Ploče Gate – Red Keep Entrance


The eastern entrance into the Dubrovnik Old Town, the Romanesque-style Ploče Gate, dates from the 14th century. Consisting of both an inner and outer section, connected by a stone bridge over a sheer drop, it was a very effective defense system as well.

You can reach the gate from St. Dominic Street or entering the Old Town.

S5 E10 Cersei's Walk of Shame at Ploče Gate, Dubrovnik, Croatia Game of Thrones
S5 E10 Cersei ends her Walk of Shame at the Ploče Gate.

In Game of Thrones, Polče Gate is used as one of the entrances into the Red Keep.  In season 5, episode 10, Cersei Lannister crosses the bridge into the Red Keep after her Walk of Shame.

Dubrovnik City Walls – Walls Of King’s Landing

S5 E3 King's Landing City Walls of Dubrovnik
S5 E3 Cersei and King Tommen talk and walk on the City Walls.

A visit to Dubrovnik, aka King’s Landing, is not complete without a walk on the enormous City Walls overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The ramparts can be accessed via staircases found near the Pile Gate, the Ploče Gate, and the Maritime Museum.

Some of the other stairs appear to go to the ramparts, but these segments end about halfway to the top. These still are useful for gaining a vantage point over the area. Note that there’s very little shade on the Walls, so travelers in Dubrovnik should bring their own water, sun protection, and good walking shoes. Wearing some kind of hat is certainly recommended, too, especially in the afternoon.

Local Tip: Since the walls are quite narrow in places, and it gets scorching, I would suggest those making their way here leave any bags and unnecessary items at the hotel. Plus, bring along more water than you think you need. Trust me; you’ll want to stay hydrated up there.

Overlooking the water below, imagine seeing the vast fleet of Stannis Baratheon approach and watching the Battle of the Blackwater unfold. Alternatively, these walls are also shown in the scene when Jaime Lannister sails back to King’s Landing carrying the remains of his daughter Myrcella.

S5 E4 Lancel Lannister arrest Loras Tyrell - Game of Thrones Croatia Locations
S5 E4 Lancel Lannister arrests Loras Tyrell.

Another noteworthy Game of Thrones scene that took place on the Dubrovnik City Walls is in season 5, episode 4. When Loras Tyrell is practicing in the yard atop the walls, he is arrested by Lancel Lannister and the Faith Militant for his sinful sexual exploits.

Fort Bokar – King’s Landing Sea Wall

Game Of Thrones Croatia: Locations And Tours - S2 E8 Fort Bokar - King's Landing Sea Wall
S2 E8 Fort Bokar – King’s Landing Sea Wall

Part of the Dubrovnik City Walls, Fort Bokar features in season 2 of Game of Thrones as part of the Sea Wall of King’s Landing, overlooking Blackwater Bay. The number one scene filmed here was when Lord Varys and Tyrion Lannister discussed the best way to defend King’s Landing during attacks from the sea.

You can get to Fort Bokar by merely walking the City Walls, while it’s also super-visible from Fort Lovrijenac. Both forts overlook the small but important West Harbor in the Pile area.

Fort Bokar also protected the land access to Dubrovnik, specifically the Pile Gate. Construction on this mighty cylindrical defense tower began in the mid-15th century and was completed in 1570. It’s one of Europe’s oldest casemate fortresses (a fort from which guns can be fired through openings).

Minčeta Tower – House Of The Undying In Qarth

Game Of Thrones Croatia: Locations And Tours -
S2 E10 Minčeta Tower – House Of The Undying In Qarth

The highest and most striking point along the City Walls, Minčeta Tower is a perfectly round fortified tower with 6-meter-thick walls. It dates from the 13th and 14th centuries, constructed to protect Dubrovnik from inland sieges.

Dubrovnik old town city walls. Minceta Tower - Game of Thrones

Of all the Dubrovnik fortresses, this might just be the most beautiful, offering sensational views of the Old Town and beyond.

In Game of Thrones, it features as the House of the Undying in Qarth. Daenerys walks around the structure in a famous scene, looking for her dragons and searching for the entrance.

Pile Gate – Entrance To King’s Landing

Pile Gate - Game of Thrones Locations in Croatia

The main entrance to the Old Town of Dubrovnik, the massive Pile Gate, is a popular meeting area for both locals and tourists.

S2 E6 Riots in King's Landing - GoT Dubrovnik Locations
S2 E6 Joffrey returns after saying goodbye to Myrcella, just before the riots start.

From Pile, there’s a great view over Pile Bay, which doubles as Blackwater Bay in Game of Thrones (see below), situated between Fort Lovrijenac and Fort Bokar. Pretty much all of Pile has been used as Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik.

Wide Pile Gate Entrance - Game Of Thrones Locations (1)

The Pile Gate itself, dating from the late-1400’s, features in two particularly noteworthy scenes. In season 2, episode 6, one is where an angry crowd harasses Joffrey and his Kingsguard after saying goodbye to his sister Myrcella.

Despite being heavily outnumbered, Joffrey orders his guard to kill everyone, which triggers a riot, and Sansa runs away through an alley door.

Sansa Running Away Game of Thrones
S02E06 Sansa Runs Away After A Riot Breaks Out

Sansa Runs Away- Games of Thrones LocationIf you’re with small children, do be sure to find the arched doorway, walk through it as Sansa did, and to the left, you’ll find a wonderful children’s park – a great place for them to burn off some energy.

Another famous scene takes place at the Pile Gate in season 3, episode 10. This is when Jaime returns to King’s Landing to visit Cersei.

Pile Bay – Blackwater Bay

Game Of Thrones Croatia: Locations And Tours - S2 E6 Pile Bay, Dubrovnik - King's Landing Blackwater Bay Game of Thrones Croatia - S2 E6 Fort Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik - King's Landing Red Keep Game of Thrones Croatia
S2 E6 Myrcella departs for Dorne in Pile Bay, aka Blackwater Bay.

Pile is one of the most scenic spots around the Old Town of Dubrovnik. Historically an important area for fishermen coming to and leaving the city, it’s now simply a photogenic cove flanked on both sides by respectively Lovrijenac Fortress and the City Walls and Bokar Fortress.

Games of Thrones scenes in Dubrovnik have taken place all over this area, from the Pile Gate to views of Blackwater Bay.

Fort Lovrijenac - Sail ship_Pirate_Dubrovnik - Croatia Travel Blog

On the east side of Pile Bay, underneath the City Walls, is also a small pebble beach, which doubles as Blackwater Bay’s harbor in Game of Thrones.

It’s the place where the Lannisters say goodbye to Myrcella as she leaves for Dorne in season 2, episode 6, as well as where Cersei waits for her daughter’s return in season 6, episode 1.

S2 E6 Myrcella leaves for Dorne
S2 E6 The Lannisters say goodbye to Myrcella as she leaves for Dorne.
Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Locations S6 E1 Cersei waits for Myrcella to return
S6 E1 Cersei waits for Myrcella to return.

Games of Thrones Croatia Locations _ Pile Bay - Blackwater Bay

Dubrovnik West Pier – Blackwater Bay Dock

S3 E1 Duborvnik West Pier in Pile - Blackwater Bay Dock
S3 E1 Dubrovnik West Pier – Blackwater Bay Dock

Located in little Pile Bay, the Dubrovnik West Pier is an easily recognizable Game of Thrones filming location in Dubrovnik. While this area is most famous for Blackwater Bay’s battle, it also shows up in a few other scenes.

Dubrovnik West Pier - Blackwater Bay Dock_Croatia Game Of Thrones Locationsjpg (1)

Mother of Donkeys Dubrovnik

Arguably the most noteworthy one is in season 3, episode 1. This is when Shae and Sansa are watching ships in the distance before Littlefinger arrives and talks to Sansa about how she can get out of King’s Landing.

Pile West Harbor – Blackwater Bay Shore

S2 E1 Gold Cloaks search houses at the Dubrovnik West Harbor
S2 E1 Gold Cloaks search houses at the West Harbor of Pile Bay.

On the western shore of Pile Bay, pretty much right below Fort Lovrijenac, you’ll see a small stone staircase cut in the cliffs.

Games of Thrones Locations _ Pile Bay - Blackwater Bay

These stairs lead to a couple of mysterious-looking doors, which are the setting of a scene in season 2, episode 1. After King Joffrey ordered all of Robert Baratheon’s bastard children murdered, the Gold Cloaks can be seen searching houses here.

Fort Lovrijenac – The Red Keep

Game Of Thrones Croatia: Locations And Tours
S2 E1 King Joffrey’s name day celebrations

One of the greatest and most imposing landmarks in Dubrovnik, Fort Lovrijenac, dominates the northern harbor area. It’s one of the top Games of Thrones locations in Croatia, simply because it plays a significant role in the show.

This mighty fortress features as the Red Keep in Game of Thrones. The Red Keep is the very heart of King’s Landing and the Seven Kingdoms as a whole since this is where the Great Hall and the Iron Throne are located. It also includes Maegor’s Holdfast and the Tower of the Hand.

Croatia Game of Thrones S2 E1 King Joffrey's name day celebrations
S2 E1 King Joffrey’s name day celebrations

Fort Lovrijenac is the setting of, for instance, Joffrey Baratheon’s name day celebrations and the subsequent tournament in season 2, episode 1. It appears in various scenes in that episode.


The Hound Rescues Sansa S02E06
The Hound Rescues Sansa S02E06


Fort Lovrijenac also reappears briefly as one of the Game of Thrones Croatia locations in season 3, episode 1. Bronn and Tyrion walk outside on the fortress in this scene, Bronn telling Tyrion that he should double his pay because he’s still a sellsword.

In another scene in season 3, episode 5, Fort Lovrijenac is the setting of a discussion between Cersei and Littlefinger, during which she asks him for help in getting rid of the Tyrells.

S3 E5 Cersei and Littlefinger talk in Fort Lovrijenac
S3 E5 Cersei and Littlefinger talk in Fort Lovrijenac

Additionally, it also had a prominent role during the Battle of the Blackwater, when Stannis Baratheon and his army besieged King’s Landing from the sea. The fortress is open to the public and one of Dubrovnik’s star attractions.

Trsteno Arboretum – King’s Landing Gardens

Game Of Thrones Croatia: Locations And Tours - S3 E2 Trsteno Arboretum - King's Landing Gardens
S3 E2 Margaery and Lady Olenna meet with Sansa

Another good stop for fans is the Trsteno Arboretum, which is located several kilometers north of the city. The Arboretum is only a short bus ride away, its grounds filling in for the Royal Gardens of King’s Landing.

Trsteno Arboretum SJ Game Of Thrones (1)

Many scenes with the Tyrell family and several with Sansa were filmed here, mostly in seasons 3 and 4. Lord Varys, Tyrion, and Shae also appear in Game of Thrones scenes in Dubrovnik’s Trsteno Arboretum.

The arboretum once belonged to the nobility, but it is now the Croatian Academy of Sciences property. One of the most beautiful historic villa gardens in Dubrovnik, it is open to the public for a small entry fee.

S4 E1 Ser Dontos gives Sansa a necklace in Trsteno Arboretum, Dubrovnik
S4 E1 Ser Dontos gives Sansa a necklace in Trsteno Arboretum.

S4 E4 Lady Olenna and Margaery Tyrell have a chat about Joffrey and Tommen


The Game of Thrones team added lots of extra flowers, pots, and decorations to many scenes, as you can see in the difference in the two photos from the pavilion at the arboretum above.

Trsteno Arboretum, Croatia - Highgarden (1)

Trsteno Arboretum, Croatia - Highgarden Location Fountain


Dubrovnik Gaming of Thrones Locations (1)

Trsteno Arboretum, Croatia - Highgarden Location

There were loads of other Game of Thrones scenes filmed here at the Trsteno Arboretum, using some of these backdrops.

Trsteno Arboretum - King's Landing Gardens (1) Trsteno Arboretum - King's Landing Gardens Fountain (1) Trsteno Arboretum - King's Landing Gardens Sword Fight (1)


Gradac Park – Margaery & Joffrey’s Purple Wedding

Game Of Thrones Croatia: Locations And Tours - S4 E2 Gradac Park - Margaery & Joffrey's Purple Wedding
S4 E2 Gradac Park – Margaery & Joffrey’s Purple Wedding

While the wedding ceremony itself was shot in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the grand celebration afterward took place in Dubrovnik’s Gradac Park. It was the setting of one of the many significant turning points in the series: the poisoning of Joffrey Baratheon at his own wedding.

This historic park lies just outside the Old Town City Walls, and you can get there via an old staircase. The views from the top are spectacular, while other features are lush natural scenery, ponds and fountains,  and walking trails.

Lokrum Island – Qarth

Games Of Thrones Tour Guide_Ivana

Located a quick boat ride from the Old Town, Lokrum Island filled in for the city of Qarth as one of the key Game of Thrones locations in Dubrovnik. When Daenerys visits Qarth in season 2, you’ll see Lokrum Island in garden scenes filmed in the island’s Botanical Gardens. Its historic 11th-century Benedictine Monastery is also used as a set.

Game Of Thrones Lokrum Island (1)

It’s one of the best day trips from Dubrovnik. Ferries run every half hour during peak season, and the ride is around 10 to 15 minutes.  The island itself is a nature reserve featuring its own peafowl flock. Favorite pastimes at this location include snorkeling, hiking, and swimming at the nudist beach, all of which provide a great escape from the overcrowded center of Dubrovnik.

Lokrum Island Filming Locations Game of Thrones

Lokrum Island Filming Locations Game of Thrones 2 (1)

Guests should bring anything they might need, such as good shoes, sunscreen, and snacks along with them, because purchasing supplies on the island is pricey. Overnight stays on this island are forbidden, and all travelers must leave before dusk.

Iron Throne – Lokrum

While on Lokrum, you can sit on the Iron Throne – for free!

Iron Thron Lokrum Island (1)

Dubrovnik Games Of Thrones Locations Map

The Dubrovnik Tourist Board has created a very handy map of the Game of Thrones locations, which you can pick up at the tourist office.

Game of Thrones Map of Dubrovnik


The town of Split was a tiny backwater town until Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to make it his retirement home.

Now the second-largest city in Croatia, Split boasts a wealth of attractions. From Roman ruins to medieval churches, from a palm-tree-lined waterfront to various Game of Thrones locations. Visitors to the city will definitely recognize Diocletian’s Palace from several Game of Thrones episodes.

Diocletian’s Palace – Dragon Scenes

Game of Thrones Croatia_Palace
S5 E1 Daenerys visits her locked-up dragons in the basement of Diocletian’s Palace, Split.

Massive Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the touristic heart of Split, has some hotels located inside the walls. So, people who want to splurge on accommodation might like to stay there.

It’s without a shadow of a doubt the number one tourist attraction in Split. This is where you’ll find museums and historic buildings, a maze of centuries-old alleys and houses (where people, by the way, still live). There are also countless great restaurants, a wide range of shops, and fun bars.

Diocletian’s Palace – Daenerys’ Throne Room

Diocletian's Palace - Daenerys' Throne Room - Game of Thrones Croatia

Game of Thrones Croatia - Underground of Diocletian Palace, Spli

The basement and tunnels underneath Diocletian’s Palace are the backdrops of numerous Daenerys Targaryen scenes.

These include where she kept her dragons.

Wander along the Diocletian’s Palace cellars, where they also shot the scene where the slaves conspired with Grey Worm and the Unsullied Army to overthrow the slave masters. Especially season 5 is full of Daenerys and dragon scenes filmed in Diocletian’s Palace.

S5 E4 Sons of the Harpy Fight - Game of Thrones Split Croatia
S5 E4 Sons of the Harpy Fight

Diocletian’s Palace was also the setting of one of the bloodiest scenes in season 5. In episode 4, the Sons of the Harpy ambush the Unsullied in retaliation for the murder of a Son and because of their hatred toward Daenerys.

Klis Fortress – Meereen

Game of thrones tour Klis-Meereen
S4 E4 City of Meereen

Just 20 minutes outside of Split, travelers can easily find Klis Fortress, which stands in for Meereen in the television show. Klis Fortress defended Split for many centuries years, and you can now pay a small entry fee to see it for yourself. Those making their way out to the site should be sure to bring their own food and water, as there are no vendors present.

This is one of the absolute top Game of Thrones locations in Croatia. In the series, it doubles as Meereen, the biggest of the Slaver Cities. This is where Daenerys overthrows the slavers and nails them on a line of crosses. This is yet another iconic and pivotal moment in Game of Thrones, and you can walk the same steps as Khaleesi did.

Game of Thrones Croatia - Klis Fortress

Klis Fortress is arguably the least screen-adapted major Game of Throne shooting location. You won’t need much imagination to picture it as Meereen at all.

S5 E10 Tyrion Lannister and Lord Varys in Meereen - Klis Fortress Game of Thrones Locations in Croatia
S5 E10 Tyrion Lannister and Lord Varys in Meereen

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Near Split

There are several smaller streets and places where shots were filmed; I’ll add them as I can get you the exact locations.

Žrnovnica River – Antonicin Mlin 

Game of Thrones Locations - Nude Scene Missandei & Grey Worm in S04E08
Nude Scene Missandei & Grey Worm in S04E08

This one comes thanks to friend Gyntha, a topless bather in this scene where Missandei is bathing and watched by Grey Worm. 

Gytha was also an extra in S055E03 with Cersei, Merryn Trant, and High Sparrow and is featured in an HBO documentary about season 5 – lucky girl, huh!

Game of Thrones Locations _Žrnovnica River water Mill
Photo Credit

Villa Dalmacija – Whalf Of Dorne

Game Of Thrones Croatia_Villa Dalmacija Whalf of Dorne

Villa Dalmacija was once a residence of the controversial Yugoslavian leader Tito, which now is a luxury villa in the outskirts of Split.

It’s where the wharf scene was filmed when Mrycella was poisoned – then later died on the way home in her biological father’s arm.

Game Of Thrones Croatia Sites In Sibenik

Often overlooked by travelers from Istria and Zadar to Split and Dubrovnik, Sibenik is a city well-worth visiting for several reasons.

First, this medieval Dalmatian city consists entirely of stone. It has stone houses, imposing stone fortresses, stone walls, stone streets, stone stairways,… It’s a fascinating place to walk around in.

Second, it is a major Game of Thrones location. Although less-known than other Croatia Game of Thrones cities like Split and Dubrovnik, avid fans will not want to skip Sibenik. A couple of important places in the show are found right here.

Sibenik Old Town – Braavos

The beautiful Old Town of Sibenik, set on the Dalmatian coast and featuring fortified walls and forts, serves as the city of Braavos, in the series home to the House of Black and White and the Iron Bank of Braavos (see below).

Game Of Thrones Croatia: Locations And Tours - S5 E2 Sibenik Old Town - City of Braavos
S5 E2 Sibenik Old Town – City of Braavos

St. James Cathedral – Iron Bank

Game Of Thrones Croatia: Locations And Tours - S5 E9 St. James Cathedral - Iron Bank
S5 E9 St. James Cathedral – Iron Bank

One of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Croatia, the St. James Cathedral in Sibenik, also known simply as Sibenik Cathedral, is the most important Renaissance monument in Croatia.

Fitting for the “stone city” of Sibenik, it’s built entirely from stone, one of only a few such churches in the world. The construction techniques used to construct the dome and vaulting of the cathedral are extraordinary.

Games of Thrones Locations - Cathedral of St. James in Sibenik

In Game of Thrones, the St. James Cathedral serves as the Iron Bank, the Free World’s mightiest financial institution. In real life, home to patios, the beautiful square in front of the cathedral is where Arya Stark follows some people.


Croatia Travel Blog_Things to do in Croatia_Guide to Game of Thrones Tours and Locations in Croatia

Other Game Of Thrones Sites In Croatia

Here are a few more places your favorite characters filmed scenes of Game of Thrones:

Staro Selo Baska Voda(Mt. Biokovo)

Kastel Gomilica (Scenes at Braavos)

Papalićeva Street, Split (Slave Rebellion Scene)

Kastel Gomilica, Croatia - Braavos (1)

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Once you’ve been on a Game of Thrones tour in Croatia, we’d love to know your thoughts! So, please do come back and let us know what you think.

Credit for the screenshots featured in this post goes to HBO.Go.

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  1. Hey SJ! Do you know I’m one of the biggest GoT geeks out there? I would love to go back to Dubrovnik and visit Split to visit the locations, but I wonder if it’s horribly crowded now?

    1. Not now, September and May are my two recommend times to visit. I cant say the same for Jul-Aug when the crowds are suffocating.

  2. SJ,

    Even though I’ve been to some of these places I still got REALLY, excessively excited to see this post. Anyone who’s a fan of the show will not regret checking these places out. They are awesome-sauce.

    Also, I can second that tip about bringing your own sunscreen. For that matter, bring your own sunscreen to Europe, in general. Do you make yours with gold dust or something over there? ;)

    Anyway, awesome post!!

    1. Glad to know you like the spots. As for the sunscreen, it’s cheaper here than in Australia, so that is funny. I never knew it was more $$ than the states. No gold dust, perhaps better/safer ingredients? I need to look into that one.

  3. I have to say that I stopped watching GOT after the second season which was a bit disappointing for us, but I love the scenery and locations in the show. Need to pick it up again. Would love to visit Croatia and all these destinations.

    1. I had to google that name LOL… hmmm, my guess he is in on his way to Dubrovnik right now. If you hurry you can catch him.

    1. Me. I too have not seen a single episode. But you don’t need to be a Game of Thrones fan to enjoy these sights.

  4. Really, the more pictures like this I see, the more I have a hard time believing Croatia is actually real. It looks like a fairytale!

  5. Great blog post SJ! I am a HUGE Game of Thrones fan and have read all the books and seen the seasons that have come out up until now. Would love to visit Dubrovnik and Split to see where they did the filming! How many days do you think one need to see all these places?

    1. Super fan!! You could easily see these locations over 5 days. With time to explore the areas and eat and drink. In saying that you could easily spend a week just in Split.

  6. Great article!!!! I’ve read all the GoT books, but only watched the first season. Whenever we finally know for sure that we’ll be going to Croatia, I’ll have to rent the show so we can “see” a bit of Croatia before we come!

    1. Well you are one season ahead of me… I have never seen a single episode. I am too scared now to start in fear that I’ll get hooked…

  7. Thanks for the warning SJ! Being neither a fan of television nor of fantasy, I shall make sure to stay clear of all these areas. In fact as it looks like I am only making it to Istria anyway, so hopefully I won’t run into any film crews over there… :)

    1. Nope, no film crews there. So fair it has all been in Dalmatia. Do enjoy Istria though, that is also a slice of paradise.

  8. I am not a fan of GOT but very, very keen to get to Croatia. Fan or not what a great write up.
    (Sorry my link-up seems to have got sucked in twice, so appears as 56 & 57, not trying to be greedy)

  9. I haven’t seen a single episode either but my husband is a big fan. I will need to show this to him so maybe my dream of finally visiting Croatia will happen sooner than later :) It’s great that the tourism board has hopped onboard the mania and provided that map.

  10. I was in Kaštela a couple of days ago, right after the filming in Kaštel Gomilica was finished.
    Here’s a little flyover over the Kaštilac:

    It’s a wonderful location, I used it for various photo shoots over the last couple of years.

  11. I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones. I’m looking forward to seeing the new episodes. I’ll have to pay attention now to the scenery know that you pointed out that it was filmed all around Croatia.

  12. I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, but the trailer looks really interesting and definitely dramatic. Based on what I saw, I bet that all the locations they filmed at in Croatia must be like traveling back in time. In general, these types of places fascinate me, so I might visit them even if I still have not seen the show.

  13. I LOVE Games of Thrones, and it wasn’t until you wrote that I knew Kings Landing was filmed in Dubrovnik. So cool! I’ve REALLY got to get to Croatia soon.

  14. I’m probably the last person on Earth that has never seen Game of Thrones. lol! But with views like this maybe I should start watching.

  15. awesome. Love GOT and I’m loving that you included a downloadable map! Will stash that away for when I visit :)

  16. Lovely article, very informative about visiting the locations also. Love the show and knowing more about where its filmed it brilliant. Similar to a series of posts I am writing too, so might have to be cheeky and start adding more about actually visiting the location I cover.

  17. You know me I’m nerdtastic over the Game of Thrones!! LOVE, love, love this post!! Just imagine being there in person, too good to be true.

  18. I have not watched GOT yet, but it would be interesting to see the filming locations in Croatia :D

  19. It’s always so much fun to know where movies and series are filmed! GOT is filmed in so many locations you could have a long holiday tracking it round the globe. The Croatian scenery is beautiful, there’s no wonder they chose so much of it for the series!

  20. We are huge Game of Thrones fans and wanted to know are the tours fun or just kind of dull?

    1. I would read the reviews to see which one appeals to you – what I think fun you may not…and visa vera.

  21. Its about time you GoT on board, (see what I did there). Seriously awesome show and its a shame it had to end. Who would have though that such a show would have a huge impact around the world and on Croatia itself. It’s funny how people who say they will never watch the show, then watch the show and are hooked. It cannot be helped. Great write up SJ

  22. Did you read the news about Naomi Watts? I guess the Game of Thrones sequel was going to have her in a lead role. It’s canceled though I guess… I think she would have been great!

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