16 Amazing Dubrovnik Beaches – Croatia Beach Guide

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Summer in the city of Dubrovnik is synonymous with exploring its best beaches, renowned for their crystalline, turquoise waters. The most beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik offer excellent spots for both relaxation and adventure during the summer months.

From the secluded rocky coves ideal for privacy seekers to the well-equipped beaches with sun loungers and beach towels ready for your comfort, there’s a stretch of sand or pebble for everyone.

While the city gained fame through ‘Game of Thrones,’ its real-world allure lies in the countless pristine beaches lining its coast. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a first-time visitor, these beaches promise a refreshing escape in the Adriatic Sea.

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The beauty of Dubrovnik is that it combines a bunch of different things. Of course, there’s the charming and gorgeous Old Town, justifiably designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, filled with medieval and renaissance architecture and a maze of narrow alleyways.

You will also find many excellent restaurants dotting the entire town and some fantastic beaches near Dubrovnik that line the coast. Reaching Dubrovnik from Zagreb or Split is also relatively easy, making it accessible and convenient to hit this star attraction no matter where you adventure. In addition, Dubrovnik makes for a great home base for exploring nearby gems.

It’s those Dubrovnik beaches that are part of the reason Dubrovnik is a world-class destination. They add something fun and relaxing to a place oozing history and culture (and cruise ship day-trippers).

With so many things to do in Dubrovnik, there is nothing better than heading down to the beach and taking a dip into those crystal-clear Adriatic waters. Plus, heading to one of the beaches around Dubrovnik in the late afternoon to wind down with a good book and/or a cocktail is a grand way to end a day of sightseeing.

Here is our overview of Dubrovnik beaches you will love this summer.

Finding the best beaches in the Dubrovnik area isn’t rocket science. If you are like me, though, you want to head straight to the most incredible beaches on your Croatia beach vacation. Am I right? Okay, let’s rock and roll with the best beaches in Dubrovnik. They’re listed by location, from the best beaches of the Dubrovnik Old Town to its northern resort-dotted peninsulas and along the southern coast.


Best Beaches In Or Near Dubrovnik Old Town

1. Banje Beach Dubrovnik

Balkans Travel Guide: Best Beaches in the Balkans. Banje Beach
Banje Beach Dubrovnik

Without question, the most famous and arguably the most incredible beach in Dubrovnik is Banje Beach. Tourists love it. It’s often mentioned on lists featuring the best of Dubrovnik. With its spot-on location, this scenic pebble, and sometimes also a bit sandy beach, lies within easy walking distance from the Old Town. For your comfort, you’re advised to wear slippers or sandals on this beach.

The view of the Old Town of Dubrovnik is perhaps the best anywhere in the city. This is definitely one of the best beaches near Dubrovnik’s Old Town to get phenomenal views of the City Walls while swimming. Amenities include showers and toilets, umbrellas, and jet skis. Owned by the East-West Beach Club, most of the amenities aren’t free, though. So bring some euros with you to cover the Banje Beach Dubrovnik prices for the facilities. If you bring your towel, you can, however, enjoy this fantastic beach for free.

2. Sveti Jakov Beach Dubrovnik

Sveti Jakov lies only a little bit further from the Old Town than Banje Beach but tends to be a lot less crowded, which I much prefer. This rocky and pebbly beach is popular among locals and features showers, bars, and restaurants. You reach this spot, one of the nicest beaches in Croatia, by descending a lot of stairs, which is perhaps also a reason why it’s less crowded—walking back up is tiring, so forget about it with small kids in tow.

Although this beach is less visited than other Dubrovnik beaches, it does offer pretty amazing views of the Dubrovnik Old Town and Lokrum Island. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a “remote” and quiet place to read a book while soaking up some sun. If you’d like to be more active, you can play a beach volleyball game, rent a canoe or go jet skiing.

3. Betina Cave Beach Dubrovnik

Located just south of the Old Town, in between Banje and Sveti Jakov, Betina Cave Beach is what you might call a hidden gem. And this is not a figure of speech. It’s actually hidden in an impressive rock cave and only accessible by boat or sea kayak. This is easily one of the most stunning Dubrovnik beaches. Especially if you’re looking to get away from the huge crowds in and around the Old Town, Betina Cave is hands down among the best beaches close to Dubrovnik.

You can kayak up to this small but super-scenic beach or anchor your boat just off the beach and swim up. The water is amazingly clear and offers fantastic snorkeling opportunities. However, the only thing worth planning for is that this is a pretty rocky beach, so consider wearing water shoes.

4. Buža Beach Dubrovnik

A tiny beach in the Old Town of Dubrovnik’s very heart, Buža Beach, lies just outside of the City Walls. You can get there via a small doorway—the door of St. Stephen—which opens up to a rocky ledge underneath the walls. Without question, one of the coolest and best Dubrovnik beaches in the Old Town, Buža, is near the Dubrovnik Cathedral, showing just how accessible it is.

There is a lively beach bar in spring and summer, offering refreshments and cold drinks. Note that because of the steep rocks, this beach is not recommended for children. Adults, however, will relish the setting as well as the views and waterfront drinks. Numerous lights are lit up at night, transforming the scene into something you might see in a fairy-tale movie.

5. Sulici Beach Dubrovnik

The nearest beach to the Pile Gate, the main entrance to the Old Town, Sulici Beach Dubrovnik, is one of the cleanest beaches in Dubrovnik. It doesn’t consist of much more than rocks and a tiny area of pebbles, though, which is probably also why it’s less crowded. The water is crystal clear. If you want a quiet beach near Old Town, this is it.

Sheltered between the iconic Lovrijenac Fortress, perched high atop a sea cliff, and Gradac, this beach offers unique views of some of Dubrovnik’s major attractions.

6. Danče Beach Dubrovnik

Also close to the Pile Gate is Danče Beach. Situated on a promontory below the convent complex, this beautiful rocky beach has wonderfully clear water. A fun feature of this beach, within super-easy walking distance from the Old Town, is that the nuns of the convent greet each passing ship by ringing a bell.

Because it’s located on a promontory and not in a cove, it’s good to know that its water is a bit rougher, and waves may be higher. If you have small children, you might prefer Banje Beach or Sveti Jakov.

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Best Beaches In Lapad

7. Uvala Lapad Beach Dubrovnik

Best Dubrovnik Beaches - Uvala Lapad Beach Dubrovnik

Lapad Bay Beach Dubrovnik, I bet it’s not the first time you heard those four words, right? Lapad Bay is an area in Dubrovnik located on a peninsula and featuring a beautiful bay. It lies just south of the Babin Kuk peninsula, a short distance westward from the Old Town. It’s easily reachable by bus. The main beach in this area—there are several beaches—is Lapad Beach, also known as Lapad Bay Beach or Uvala Lapad Beach.

This family-friendly public beach is said to be the largest of all Dubrovnik beaches. It has plenty of amenities to make it tremendously suitable for everyone, young and old, active and lazy. Lifeguards oversee the beach and bay’s shallow waters, while the pedestrianized and shady walkway behind the beach is lined with coffee bars and restaurants. A bunch of Uvala Lapad Beach hotels make this an excellent base for your Dubrovnik vacation.

8. Bellevue Beach Dubrovnik

Situated at the beginning of Lapad, just 20 minutes on foot from the Old Town, Bellevue Beach is a small pebble beach. It lies secluded from traffic in a deep scenic cove in Miramare Bay Dubrovnik, right underneath Hotel Bellevue, from which it gets its name. Steep cliffs surround the beach, while there are also a couple of Dubrovnik caves around.

It’s a popular place for sunbathing, swimming, and cliff jumping. As far as facilities go, you’ll find a restaurant/snack bar here, serving various drinks and meals.

Best Beaches In Babin Kuk

9. Copacabana Beach Dubrovnik

Best Beaches In Dubrovnik - Thatched canopies and awnings on the beach Copacabana Beach

The Babin Kuk peninsula is where numerous hotels are located. A reliable bus line network connects this area with the Old Town, the Pile Gate. Basically, every hotel has its own beach or at least has access to some beach. Arguably, the best beach in this area is Copacabana Beach. With the same name as that world-famous beach in Brazil, Copacabana Beach Croatia lies below the Valamar hotels.

This concrete and pebble beach is exceptionally popular, facing the striking Dubrovnik bridge and offering Daksa Island views. The facilities are fantastic and varied. You can do everything from lazing away the afternoon on a lounge chair to renting jet skis and sea kayaks, parachute riding, banana boating, and enjoying cocktails on the beach. This beach gets busy in summer, and it’s not hard to see why.

10. Cava Beach Dubrovnik

Located near Copacabana Beach, Cava Beach lies on the western shore of the Babin Kuk peninsula. You can quickly get there from pretty much all hotels in the area. From Old Town, it’s just a short bus ride. Cava Beach is a small pebble and gravel beach dotted with palm trees and boasting many high-end amenities.

At this beach, you’ll find the Coral Beach Club, which offers beach chairs, sun umbrellas, and places to hang out and serves a selection of refreshing cocktails and other drinks, as well as snacks. It’s a fantastic spot for an afternoon of lazing by the Adriatic Sea with a cold beverage in hand. The beach club turns into a classy venue for sunset dinners and events like weddings and other parties in the evening.

Best Beaches South Of Dubrovnik

11. Srebreno Beach Dubrovnik

Another excellent beach just south of Dubrovnik Old Town is Srebreno Beach. Located in an area known as Zupa Dubrovacka, filled with pine and palm trees, the shallow water on this pebble beach makes it ideal for small children. Although the beach itself consists of pebbles, the seafloor is actually soft sand.

A shady promenade runs behind the beach, lined with bars, cafes, and restaurants. If you feel active, you can walk the wonderful coastal path to Mlini. On the beach, you’ll find sunbeds and rental pedalos. Because of its calm water and trendy nightlife, it’s an excellent beach for both families with young kids and party-goers. This is easily one of the best beaches in the Dubrovnik area, away from the busy Old Town.

12. Mlini Beach Dubrovnik

Situated merely 10 kilometers from Dubrovnik, about halfway between the city and Cavtat, Mlini Beach is one of the best beaches in the Dubrovnik Riviera. Well-known for its lush Mediterranean vegetation, cultural and historical heritage, and excellent accommodations, this beach offers the seclusion and peace that some visitors to Dubrovnik might crave after spending a day or two in the Old Town.

This is a sandy beach, too, making it more attractive than the pebble beaches that characterize the Dalmatian coast. Actually, it’s definitely one of the best sandy beaches in Dubrovnik’s general vicinity. There is no busy nightlife in this area. Instead, there are low-key eateries and charming bars for a cozy night out with friends or family.

Fun fact: Mlini means “mills” in Croatian; the town was named after the many watermills along the freshwater streams and springs in the area.

13. Pasjača Beach Dubrovnik

Best Beaches In Croatia_Pasjaca Beach_Zoran Jelaca HTZ
Photo: Zoran Jelaca via HTZ

Pasjača Beach is a hidden beach in the Konavle region southeast of Dubrovnik. It’s also a very, very small beach located 250 meters down a steep coastal cliff—you get there by descending a flight of stairs. This is one of the best Dubrovnik beaches, a secluded stretch of small pebbles and azure-blue waters in terms of sheer beauty.

You can find shade against the towering cliffs or lay out a towel and soak up as many Adriatic sun rays as you want. A world away from the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik, this beach does not have any bars or restaurants or any facilities at all, really. There is, however, an expansive parking lot at the top of the cliffs.

Unlike most other beaches near Dubrovnik, this is not a natural beach. In fact, it’s almost entirely the result of human activity. After several tunnels were dug during World War II, the excess rock and sand were deposited by people, which created a human-made beach. Because the sea continues to reclaim the beach, it is occasionally maintained by locals who add additional pebbles and sand to ensure that this gorgeous beach continues to be enjoyable for all tourists and locals alike.

14. Plat Beach Dubrovnik

A quick drive south of Dubrovnik, Plat Beach lies between Mlini and Cavtat’s towns. This beach is popular among all kinds of visitors, from families to couples and singles. Backed by rocks, it is completely secluded, offering ultimate privacy. There are few facilities or shade to be found, but the gloriously refreshing is all you need to cool down.

That’s not to say that there’s nothing to do but sunbathing and swimming, though. There is, in fact, a restaurant that serves delicious Dalmatian specialties and you can enjoy beach volleyball or picigin (remember to bring your own equipment because there are no rental facilities). There are also outdoor showers to wash the sand off your legs and feet, as well as changing rooms.

Best Beaches On Dubrovnik Islands

15. Lokrum Island Beach Dubrovnik

The most leisurely day trip from Dubrovnik takes you to Lokrum Island, just 20 minutes or so by boat from the Old Town harbor. This historical island is home to a wonderful botanic garden, old buildings, hiking trails, a snack bar, and several beaches.

Those beaches on Lokrum Island are generally rocky, though, so don’t expect soft sand here. At the far end of the island, you’ll find one of the very few beaches near Dubrovnik that allow nude sunbathing.

If you’ve never been to a nude beach before and you’d like to try it, this would be a great place to do that. This is because of the beach’s rocky layout, which allows you to find secluded spots not visible to other sunbathers. Note, however, that boaters and kayakers do something come by the shore, keeping that in mind. Alternatively, you could, of course, also keep your bathing suit on!

In general, as popular a day trip as Lokrum Island is, these rocky beaches are among the quietest in the area. So, if you’re after peace and (relative) solitude, Lokrum Island offers some of the best beaches around Dubrovnik.

16. Sunj Beach Dubrovnik

Lopud Island is one of the best Dubrovnik day trips. It is an island located a super-short boat ride from the Old Town. There are many reasons why it’s such a fun destination, and one of the main ones is its beaches. Situated on the island’s south side, Sunj Beach is a beautiful sandy beach in a shallow bay.

Behind the beach is dense woodland, where you can find shade if the Dalmatian sun is too hot. The water, on the other hand, is also fantastic to cool down. Sunj Beach also features a couple of bars serving drinks and refreshments. For a larger meal, stroll back toward the Lopud harbor and visit the restaurant. Take a seat at a table right at the waterfront and enjoy a local specialty.

Please make no mistake; choosing where to go in Croatia can be challenging, but I think you’ll agree with many of the best beaches Dubrovnik has to offer.

We have a great Dubrovnik accommodation list, which details the best hotels in Dubrovnik and information to assist you in deciding the best area to stay in Dubrovnik. Also, check out our list of campsites near Dubrovnik if you prefer a more laid-back, outdoor vibe on your holiday.

If you need an escape from the crowds, this socially distanced approved picnic tour is incredible!

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