Best Family Passport Holder & Multiple Passport Holder Reviews (Updated 2019)

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Passport Holder Travel Review_COVERBest Family Passport Holder & Multiple Passport Holder Reviews 2019

When you are on the go, traveling all over the globe, there are certain things that make your travels much easier, smoother, and a lot safer, too. Of course, you need luggage, and you need it to be robust and secure, but there are also many other things you need, some of which you might not have thought about.

Why Is Buying a Multiple Passport Holder / Family Passport Holder A Good Idea?

If you have several passports to look after at one time, it’s easy to lose one. Passports are not thick these days, they are slimline and hugely important! For that reason, having a safe and secure place to keep all your passports is a must.

A family travel wallet literally does that for you. It holds all your passports together, so when you arrive at the check-in desk, you just pull out your family passport organizer and you have everything you need on hand.


These family passport holders often also include a space for travel itineraries and other documentation you may need during your time away and make for a great family travel document organizer.

Multiple Passport Holder / Family Passport Holder Comparison Chart 2019

We took a look at a range of family passport holders, compared their features and prices, and made this easy-to-use table to help you review and decide which is the best multiple family passport holder for you and your family. Click on any heading to sort the table accordingly.

Multiple Passport Holder / Family Passport Holder Comparison Chart
Image Family Passport Holder Material Safety Features # of Passports Cost
myBitti Genuine Leather Family Passport Holder Leather - 4
Family Passport Holder / Compact Travel Case Nylon RFID Blocking Technology 4
ORB Travel Family Passport Holder Nylon RFID Blocking Technology 4
CargOnizePro Passport & Family Travel Document Holder Nylon RFID Blocking Technology 4
Zip Around Family Passport Travel Wallet Leather 4
Travelon Safe ID Daisy Family Case Passport Wallet Polyester 4
iSuperb Passport Wallet Card Holder Organizer Nylon 2
RFID Multiple Passports & Documents Holder by SunnySouq Nylon RFID Blocking Technology 4
NeatPack RFID Travel Wallet Document Organizer & Passport Holder Nylon RFID Blocking Technology 2
FLYMEI Family Travel Wallet Linen/Cotton 2
Zoppen Family Travel Wallet & Documents Organizer Nylon RFID Blocking Technology 2
YOMO Multiple Passport Holder Nylon RFID technology 4
Travel Navigator Family Travel Passport Case Nylon RFID Technology & Strong Zips 3
Alisagoo Multiple Passport Wallet & Organizer Polyester Strong Zips 2
Alisagoo Family Passport Wallet & Organizer Polyester Strong Zips 5
Travel Navigator RFID Blocking Passport Holder Nylon RFID Technology & Strong Zips 4
CargOnizePro Passport Wallet & Family Travel Document Holder Nylon RFID Blocking Technology 4


Best Multiple Passport Holder & Family Passport Holders Reviews 2019

Finding the best family passport holder or travel document holder is important. There are so many factors to consider, so to help you we have reviewed the top travel wallets and multiple passport organizers.

myBitti Genuine Sheep Leather Smart Family Size Passport Travel Wallet/Holder

This family passport wallet actually doubles as a family travel document organizer, which makes your life on the go ultra-easy. Choose between four different colors, and the leather material is highly durable, fashionable, and waterproof all at the same time. The family travel wallet can contain up to 4 passports, which makes it ideal for family travel. Its five slots are ideal for credit cards/ID and there are a pen slot and side pocket, too. You can easily fit your travel itinerary and tickets inside, keeping everything in the same place and easily accessible.


Family Passport Holder RFID Blocking ID Wallet Compact Travel Case Travelon New

Bright, colorful, and ideal for family travel, this RFID family passport holder is easy to find in a crowded backpack, thanks to its colorful design. It also features RFID blocking technology, so your passports and credit/debit cards will be safe from identity fraud and theft. The holder can contain up to 4 passports, and it also has a pen loop, two slots for cards, and two slots with mesh windows for your ID cards. The sturdy outer zipper keeps everything in one place without having to worry about any important documents slipping out or getting lost.


ORB Travel Family Organizer Up To 4 Passports, RFID Blocking Passport Wallet

Choose between four different colors for this very highly rated and high-quality family passport wallet. It holds up to 4 passports, which makes it ideal for family travel, again, and it also has RFID blocking technology inside. This means your passports and credit/debit cards will be safe from identity theft. The wallet closes with a secure zipper all the way around and opens up like a book. There is also room inside for travel itineraries, tickets, cash, and credit cards. The outer cover is made of neoprene material, to keep it waterproof and strong. A great RFID passport wallet.


Florious Passport Holder Neck Wallet With RFID

This RFID wallet is stored around the neck, and that means that your important travel documents are right on hand when you need them. The wallet also includes RFID blocking technology, so your identity won’t be stolen, and plenty of room for everything you need on the go. Its family passport case fastens with strong Velcro and back up zippers, keeping everything secure. There are six pockets in total, including space for cards, coins, cash, tickets, your phone, and up to 4 passports.


iSuperb Passport Wallet Card Holder Organizer

This large passport wallet is actually more like a mini-bag with space for everything you need, organized in one place! There is room for an iPad, two pockets for passports, large zipper compartments, two compartments outside which close with a zip, and two pockets for cards. It is all easily carried with a wrist strap, to keep things safe and secure. The travel organizer wallet is made of waterproof nylon, and is an attractive light gray color, with a green zip outer. Because the bag keeps everything, including your iPad, easily organized, you can find what you need on the go quickly.


Passport Holder By YOMO

This travel document wallet is almost like a bag in itself, because it has a loop that goes around your neck and keeps your important documents right where you need to them to be – right next to you! Available in seven colors, including a muted black and a bright red, the price is low, and there are many security features included in the low price. There is also RFID technology included in the wallet, while its five pockets keep all your important documents together in one place. The material is soft and won’t upset sensitive skin, and the necklace is adjustable, which adds to the overall comfort.


Travel Navigator RFID Passport Wallet & Document Organizer Zipper Case

This highly rated passport holder can also be used as a document organizer. Its strong zippers keep everything safe, while security is provided by the RFID technology. Choose from either blue or black. There is a wrist strap if you want to carry it in your hand, and the overall fabric is made of nylon, making it durable and water-resistant. There are seven credit card slots inside, a money zipper compartment, and three slots for passports. The passport slots can be used to hold a phone if you don’t need all the slots for passports, and they can easily fit a phone up to an iPhone plus size.


Alisagoo Passport Wallet Waterproof Passport Organizer

This passport wallet is ideal if you want to find your important documents quickly in your packed bag because it comes in five brightly colored shades for easy identification. While there isn’t any RFID protection with this wallet, it does have very strong and durable zips, and there are several pockets inside, to keep everything organized and safe. There is one large zip pocket, as well as five internal pockets, a mesh pocket, and a large pocket that can accommodate up to 2 passports and other travel documents. This is also a very lightweight wallet, so you don’t have to worry about added weight in your already heavy travel bag.


Alisagoo Passport Wallet Holder Organizer

This colorful and fun passport wallet is ideal for families who want to keep everything safe and secure on the go. There is also room for an iPad mini! Available in two bright camouflage colors, the material is polyester and waterproof with very strong zipper closures and several pockets inside. The passport holder wallet can contain up to 5 passports, as well as 6 credit cards/IDs and tickets. Additionally, there are SD card, coin and mesh pockets as well. You can either place this in your bag and find it quickly, or you can carry it with the wristband, to keep it safe and secure.


Travel Navigator RFID-Blocking Neck Stash Passport And Valuables Holder

This is another top passport holder, which is also stored around the neck or in a bag, depending on your preference. You could even carry it under your clothes if you wanted extra security and protection. Available in gray or black, the material is nylon, so you can be sure that it’s long-lasting, durable, and waterproof. The holder has RFID blocking technology, to keep your identity safe, and room to store up to 4 passports, as well as 6 storage compartments for cards, IDs, and travel documents. There is a currency zip pocket at the back, which is full length, and therefore ideal for cash notes.


What Is A Passport Holder?

A passport holder or travel wallet really is what it says on the tin. It holds your passport safely and protects it from any spillages and damage. There is an enormous range of passport holders on the market, ranging from single occupying space to those that can hold multiple passports inside.


Family Passport Holder PIN

What To Look For When Buying A Family Travel Document Holder

As with most things on the market these days, you have a huge number of choices. How do you know that you’re picking the right option for you? Unless you do your research, you could make a costly mistake. For that reason, you have to shop around and find a product to fit your needs. Here is our list of what to look for when buying a family travel wallet.

The following factors are highly important.

How Many Passports The Holder Can Contain

If you have a large family, you need a passport travel wallet that can keep several passports together, commonly known as a multiple passport wallet. If you don’t need that many, a smaller passport holder will suffice. Be careful to check how many it can hold securely. You don’t want to stuff five passports into a travel passport wallet designed for only two. The zipper may burst and or could damage the passports.


What is the travel pouch made of? Many passport holders are made of leather, and that means they are not only durable, but they are waterproof, too. You can also find lower-cost passport holders made of PVC, which are also waterproof. It’s really about your budget and what you can afford in terms of passport holder materials.

If you travel lots, a leather passport holder wallet is a great investment. However, if you are a once-a-year kind of travel family, just go with nylon and save your extra money for family fun!

Safety Features

Does the passport holder have strong zips? Does it have thick material? Is it a RFID passport holder to keep your identity safe? These are all things you need to think about before making your purchase.

Spending a little more on a passport organizer that has RFID technology means your credit cards inside are just that little bit safer while you travel.

Internal Compartments

Does the holder have other compartments? This could be useful if you need to keep other things with your passports, e.g. travel tickets or itineraries, visa paperwork, etc. Keeping everything together means that you won’t lose anything important. Some passport holders are even large enough to keep an iPad mini inside!

Some of these travel wallets also include safety features, such as strong zips, or even RFID technology, which means that your identity cannot be stolen.

Overall, a travel passport holder is a must-have for regular travelers.

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