Break Time Bracelets: The Ultimate Souvenir For Sea Lovers

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Break Time Croatia nautical bracelets are the ultimate souvenir for sea lovers and the most wearable souvenir you can buy in Croatia.

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Whenever I visit a new place, I find it important to pick up a little something to remind me of what a great time I had as I traveled. I have Babushka dolls from Russia, a painting from Indonesia, a delicate perfume bottle from Egypt, a stack of other collectibles from the 20 countries I have been to, and, of course, magnets, and postcards from dozens of cities.

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As you travel, you can collect so many fridge magnets and tchotchkes, but let’s face it, who wants another magnet to add to their already too large collection? Fridge magnets are also just another form of clutter – especially like in my case where magnets do not even stick to my fridge.

When you travel across Croatia, there are a few souvenirs I always recommend, like lavender and rakija. In the last few years since I first came across Break Time Croatia, I also suggest, people, take home a handmade gift from them. Bracelets, necklaces and also keyrings (in case you don’t already have a big collection).

Jewelry is a great go-to souvenir to take back home for friends and loved ones, but quality jewelry is a little on the expensive side and often doesn’t really have any stand out features of that particular place. If you’re visiting Croatia however, especially Split, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, and Rovinj there is one souvenir you can buy which will undoubtedly remind you of your time by the sea.

Nautical Bracelets by Break Time are a fantastic keepsake for lovers of the Adriatic Sea, as well as being a stylish piece of jewelry to wear all year round, and are handmade by the owner. (I own at least six pieces, as do my boys!)

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More About Break Time Bracelets

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Here Is My Latest Bracelet, With My Boys Names

Inspired by the ever-changing elements of the sea, these nautical bracelets are super-stylish and totally adjustable bracelets which are made of materials used in boating and shipping. For instance, quality European yachting rope is combined with sparkling stainless steel, including decorative anchors, shackles, and compasses.

The bracelets come in a wide range of different colors, and they are age appropriate for everyone. This means you can take a bracelet home for yourself (or two), or you can buy them as gifts for your nearest and dearest, especially those who love the ocean. You don’t even have to worry too much about sizes, as they’re all adjustable.

Breaktime Keyring

To give you a little background on how Break Time came about, the company was started by Mirela and Ionut, two Romanian expats who fell in love with the Croatian sea. The Adriatic was their love affair, and they wanted to capture this essence in jewelry form, to sell to ocean lovers everywhere, reminding them of their time in the country.

The first store was opened in 2015 in Split, with a second added the next year in Dubrovnik, then they further expanded to Rovinj in 2018 (plus a second Split shop the same year), and in spring 2019 the fifth Break Time shop opened in the very center of Zagreb.

Despite all the stores across Croatia, you can also buy your favorite bracelet, or bracelets, online. They ship worldwide, and in some cases offer free shipping. Hit up the website to see how you can get yours now.

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Why Should You Buy Souvenirs In Croatia?

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It might seem like a rather odd question to ask, but souvenirs are certainly more than things to remember your time by. They support the local economy, helping out the small businesses of the area, as well as being a beautiful token of your time in Croatia.

If you’re visiting Croatia this summer and you love the sea, head to one of the stores to see which bracelet catches your attention the most.

Where To Shop

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Here is a list of the stores you can pick up your bracelet – and while you are there, ask them about engraving one for you, this makes it a very personalized gift.

With a beautiful nautical bracelet, you can take a piece of Croatia’s Adriatic with you wherever you go.



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