2022 Guide To The Comfortable Flat Shoes For Travel

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Comfortable Flat Shoes For Travel (Updated For 2022)

Comfort when traveling is ultra-important. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable when on the go because the whole getting-from-A-to-B part of the traveling deal is stressful enough at times, even without feeling pain or discomfort.

Your feet are under stress whether you’re sitting on a plane or walking around a busy departure lounge, or even standing on a busy train because pressure can make your feet swell, and your poor tootsies hold the entire weight of your body! For that reason, comfortable travel shoes are a must.


No matter if you will be walking around a lot during your trip, i.e., a city sightseeing trip for example, or maybe a family trip to a theme park in hot weather, or if you just plan to take it easy, you will need one pair of really comfy shoes for walking. I recommend a good pair of travel flats.

What Are Travel Flats?

Travel flats are basically a pair of slip-on flats shoes that fold up easily to go inside a bag and/or are lightweight. Either way, they are also very supportive for your feet and really comfortable. These types of comfy shoes for travel are also cool, so if you’re traveling in hot weather, they are a great addition to your travel clothing collection.

Travel flats come in all different styles and colors, so they are ultra-fashionable while at the same time being super-functional, too.


Why Are Travel Flats A Good Choice For Comfortable Walking And General Travel?

There are many reasons why you should opt for a pair of comfortable shoes for travel, but the main reason is that they are multi-functional. This means they are suitable for walking and general travel and dinners and looking chic.

The best travel shoes for women should not be flimsy. Instead, they must be supportive shoes that are ideal for long walking days, i.e., sightseeing, and allow air to circulate around your feet to keep you cool and comfortable. In terms of general travel, e.g., planes, trains, and automobiles, you can easily slip the shoes on and off without having to struggle with socks, shoelaces, and buckles!

2022 Comparison Chart For Comfortable Flat Shoes For Travel

We took a look at all of the travel flats with the idea of finding the most comfortable flats for travel. We compared the features and price and made this easy-to-use table to help you review and find a pair of the most comfortable flat shoes to suit your travel style.

Click on any heading to sort the table accordingly. .

Comfortable Flat Shoes For Travel Comparison Chart
Travel Flats Read Reviews Weight Color Options Upper Material Sole Material Price
Clarks Helina Alessia Flat 5oz Yes Leather Rubber
Bloch London Ballet Flat 2lb Yes Leather Synthetic
Clarks Film Mary Jane Flat 2lb Yes Leather Rubber
Geox D Avery Penny Loafer 7oz Yes Leather Rubber
Ahnu Karma Flat 1lb No Leather Rubber
The Flexx Bon Gout Flat 2lb Yes Leather Synthetic
French Sole Passport Flat 1.5lb Yes Leather Leather
Sam Edelman Felicia Flat 15oz Yes Suede Synthetic
Yosi Samra Samara Flat 15oz Yes Leather Leather & Rubber
Salvatore Ferragamo Varina Flat 1.5lb Yes Leather Leather
Gentle Souls Bay Unique Flat 2lb No Leather Leather
Born – Reija 7oz No Leather Leather
Born – Catrina 7oz No Leather Leather
Born – Jakarta 7oz Yes Leather Rubber
Born Karmina Flat Shoe 5oz Yes Leather Rubber
Kate Spade Willa Flat 1.4lb Yes Leather Rubber


Our Top Rated 2022 Comfortable Flat Shoes For Travel Reviews

Check out these travel shoes:

Our Favorite OluKai Shoes

Olukai Woman Sneaker Pehuea Leather

With a huge range of color options, all very wearable, these gorgeous walking shoes have a loafer-type of design. The outsole is made of rubber and has subtle Polynesian artwork on the outside, while a leather patch displays the Olukai logo. The heel is flat, although the rubber sole is slightly raised for extra comfort. Overall, the comfort level is fantastic on these shoes generally, and the footbed is anatomically designed and supports the arch of the foot without being too heavy. The footbed is also removable and can be washed for extra hygiene.

These are slip-on walking shoes for travel, so that makes them ideal for long-distance travel. If you’re traveling by plane, you can easily slip them on and off whenever you feel like it. And when you’re walking around, they won’t cause rubbing or discomfort over long distances either.

Click For The Price On The OluKai x Shoe Here


Olukai Women’s Leather Upena Sandal

Fashion and comfort go hand in hand with this particular shoe. Designed like a strappy sandal, the shoes are slip-on and secure in place with leather straps and a soft lining, and an ankle strap to hold everything securely, which is also adjustable. The footbed is anatomically designed, as with most shoes by Olukai, and the outer leather section is easy to wipe clean if it does happen to become dirty on your travels.

These comfortable but stylish walking shoes are easily adjustable via the ankle strap, and the silver metal buckle not only adds style to the shoe but also gives you extra peace of mind that your shoe won’t move around while you’re on the go. Basically, these are some of the most cushioned sandals and best fashion shoes for walking you’ll find.

Overall, this women’s sandal is an excellent choice for those who want to be fashion-conscious and own the most comfortable strappy sandals.

Check Price On The OluKai Upena Sandal Here




Clarks Women’s Helina Alessia Flat

Clarks is a name you can trust in the shoe world. There is a reason that many parents take their children for a pair of Clarks for their first supportive shoes! This pair of comfy black flats are available in four different colors and a range of sizes, with the price changing according to color choice and size. The shoes are made of leather outer and have a rubber sole with a cushioned insole, which is removable for cleaning. The heel height is 1 inch, which is enough to give you support without being ‘too much.’

Shoe Features

  • Leather outer
  • Rubber sole
  • Cushioned insole which can be removed
  • 1” heel height
  • Available in four colors

These are the best comfortable flats for travel choice because Big-name brand gives you confidence

Why you should keep on looking: The color choices are limited


Bloch London Women’s Lux Ballet Flat

These comfortable ballet flats are very fashionable and will look fantastic with a range of different items. They are available in four different color combinations, and they have a 0.5” heel height. The shoes are durable and of good quality, which is reflected in the slightly higher cost compared to other shoes on the list.

The shoes are made of leather, and the sole is leather and synthetic material mix. Despite these travel ballet flats’ fashionable appearance, this pair of cute looking walking shoes are designed to be supportive for your foot, with an easy slip-on design.

Shoe Features

  • Leather outer
  • Sole made of leather and synthetic material
  • Heel height of 0.5.”
  • An attractive design that will ‘go’ with many outfits

These are the best walking ballet flats for travel because They are attractive to look at and wear

Why you should keep on looking: Slightly more expensive than some others on the list


Clarks Women’s Feature Film Mary Jane Flat

This is another pair of flats by Clarks, which gives you that confidence in your purchase. The shoes come in three different color choices, and they are the classic Mary Jane design, which has a strap over the ankle to hold the shoes on during wear. These comfortable dressy flats for travel are ideal for city breaks.

The shoes are made of leather and have a rubber sole while also being built for support when walking. The shaft measures 2.5” from the arch of the foot, and the heel is low, at 0.75”. The footbed is also made of comfortable and supportive Ortholite material.

Shoe Features

  • Leather outer with rubber sole
  • Ortholite material on the footbed for support
  • Three colors available
  • Mary Jane design with a strap to hold the shoe in place
  • Big-name brand
  • Heel height of 0.75.”

These are the best comfortable travel flats choice because Plenty of support features and an attractive appearance at the same time

Why you should keep on looking: If you need a pair of easy slip-on shoes, the strap of these walking flats for travel may be annoying for you


Geox Women’s D Avery Penny Loafer

This pair of loafers is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to look cool while wandering around to their heart’s content, so sightseeing or theme park trips are ideal for this pair of flats. Available in seven different color options, you can easily find a pair to go with most of your clothing options. Additionally, they are also highly durable, with a leather outer and a rubber sole. The outer section is designed to be breathable, so you don’t have to worry about your feet getting hot and uncomfortable when exploring your destination.

Shoe Features

  • Seven different color options available
  • Leather outer
  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable outsole for cool feet on the go
  • Highly comfortable

These are good travel shoes because: They keep your feet cool while you’re on the go

Why you should keep on looking: Their design could be considered a little old fashioned for some


Ahnu Women’s Karma Flat

This is a pair of high-quality flats for travel, which are perfect for walking in warmer weather. The shoes slip on to your foot, but they are held in place by an elastic strap, so you don’t have to worry about slipping out of them at any point.

The shoes are made of leather on the outer, and they have a rubber sole, with a heel height of just 0.75”. The footbed of these cushioned ballet flats is sculpted to offer you support while you’re moving around and also made with microfiber suede to give you extra comfort on the go.

Shoe Features

  • Slip-on shoe with elastic straps to hold your foot in place
  • Leather outer
  • Rubber sole
  • Heel height of 0.75.”
  • Sculpted footbed with microfiber suede

These are the best summer walking shoes because: They are ideal for walking, with cooling and supportive features

Why you should keep on looking: The appearance of these comfy flats is sporty, rather than fashionable


Clarks Women’s Dunbar Racer Boat Shoe

These pair of Clarks flats are ideal for fashion and travel, and they easily slip on and off for comfort. Available in an extensive range of different color choices, you can easily find a shade that will go with most of your outfits. Moreover, the lace decorative effect around the outside of the shoe adds to its stylish appeal. The outer is leather, and the sole is made of rubber to give you bounce and stability while walking.

Shoe Features

  • Leather outer
  • Rubber sole
  • Classic ‘boat’ shoe appearance, which goes with many outfits
  • Several different colors available
  • Slip-on for ease while traveling

These are the best comfortable flats choice because Slip-on and stylish

Why you should keep on looking: Some may find the appearance a little ‘old fashioned.’


The Flexx Women’s Bon Gout Ballet Flat

This choice is very fashionable and looks literally like a pair of ballet flats, with a classic quilted-and-stitched outer and bow at the front. However, the construction is far from flimsy, with a leather outer, a synthetic sole, and a padded insole to give you comfort while you’re walking around. You can choose between six neutral color options, which will go with everything. The heel height is 0.75”, with a 0.25” platform at the front.


  • Fashionable appearance
  • Leather outer
  • Synthetic sole
  • Heel measurement of 0.75” and platform of 0.25.”
  • Padded insole for comfort

These are the best stylish walking shoes because They look highly fashionable while also being comfortable.

Why you should keep on looking: Some users report that their feet became quite hot after prolonged use of these comfortable cushioned flats.


French Sole FS/NY Women’s Passport Ballet Flat

Looking for cute walking shoes for travel? These fashionable walking shoes look sleek and sophisticated. Available in four different color options, the shoes are made of leather both inside and out, and they have a heel measurement of 0.5”. The design is classic ballet flat, with a quilted outer and a shiny toe cap, and a bow to finish off the shoe’s style.

Overall, these are ideal for travel and summer use, although the quality means that the price is slightly higher than some of the other shoes on our list. If you’re looking for a pair of stylish walking shoes for New York City, for example, this is a superb option.

Shoe Features

  • Leather outer
  • Leather sole
  • Heel height of 0.5.”
  • Classic ballet shoe design

These are the best stylish shoes for walking because: They look ultra-fashionable and ‘go’ with most items

Why you should keep on looking: These comfortable cute flats have a rather high price


Sam Edelman Women’s Felicia Ballet Flat

This pair of stylish flats are ideal for everyday use and travel, and they come in a huge range of different colors and patterns, too. The price is low, however, if you go for a more patterned look. With a larger size, the price does increase.

These are really comfortable flats, and the outer is made of kid suede, which moves with your foot and provides flexibility. The sole is synthetic, and the shoes are leather-lined to give them extra durability and comfort. The insole is also padded with an additional 4 mm, to provide you with the support where you need it. They’re also among the softest ballet flats on the market.

Shoe Features

  • A large number of colors and patterns to choose from
  • 4mm extra padding for comfort
  • Leather-lined shoes
  • Kid suede outer
  • Synthetic sole

These are the best and most comfortable ballet flats choice because They are available in a huge range of different colors and patterns

Why you should keep on looking: While these are some of the comfiest flats, kid suede isn’t as durable as leather on the outer


Yosi Samra Women’s Samara Ballet Flat

These are an incredibly stylish walking shoe choice, which can easily be worn for both work and travel. They are available in many color choices, and they are foldable, so they can quickly go inside a travel bag. The outer is made of sturdy and durable Alsina Argentinian cow leather, and the sole is made of leather and rubber.

The price of these comfortable ballet shoes for walking increases with size and color choice, so this is something you need to think about.

Shoe Features

  • A large number of color choices available
  • Foldable for easy travel
  • Made of Alsina Argentinian cow leather
  • Leather and rubber sole for durability
  • Cushioned footbed

These are the best travel flats choice because These shoes fold up easily for travel

Why you should keep on looking: Although they are comfy ballet flats, they’re not ideal for long walking trips


Salvatore Ferragamo Women’s Varina Flat

These travel flats look-alike a stylish pair you could wear out from work to the bar, but they’re also fantastic for travel. They’re available in thirteen different colors and patterns. The shoes are made of leather, and the sole is, too, which makes them ultra-durable and long-lasting. These shoes are ideal for city breaks and those types of vacations where you are on your feet a lot, but not necessarily going over challenging terrain. However, the major downside is the price, as this is the highest-priced pair of travel flat on our list, due to the brand name.

Shoe Features

  • Leather outer
  • Leather sole
  • A large number of colors and patterns available
  • Attractive and stylish appearance

These are the best travel flat choice because They look very stylish and can also be worn at home or work

Why you should keep on looking: The budget, these comfortable ballerina shoes do cost a pretty penny


Gentle Souls Women’s Bay Unique Flat

These shoes are like ballet pumps, but the difference is the crisscross elasticated section that crosses over the ankle and the top section of the foot. This keeps the shoes in place and stops slipping during walking. The shoes are made of leather, both on the outer and the sole, making them very strong and durable.

With a heel height of a low 0.25”, they are comfortable, too. The shoes also come with a flexible sole and displaceable solid technology that cushions the foot on the insole. Overall, these are a great pair of summer walking shoes for women.

Shoe Features

  • Criss-cross elasticated section to keep the shoe secure on the foot
  • Leather outer
  • Leather sole
  • Very strong and durable
  • Heel measurement of 0.25.”
  • Displaceable solid technology to pillow the insole of the foot

These are the best flat shoes for travel choice because These comfortable flats for walking are also very strong and durable

Why you should keep on looking: The elasticated crisscross section may be a little tight for those with larger ankles/if your feet tend to swell up


Born – Women’s – Reija

These shoes are certainly very durable and long-lasting, making them an ideal choice for long walks, especially during the summer. They are made of leather and have a thick synthetic sole with grooves, which means you can walk over rougher terrain in comfort. There is only one color choice with this particular pair of shoes: a shimmery pewter shade that is very flexible and ‘goes’ with many different outfits.

Shoe Features

  • Leather outer
  • Synthetic sole with grooves
  • Attractive pewter color
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable

These are the best travel walking shoes choice because The thick, grooved sole is ideal for walking

Why you should keep on looking: Some other shoes are much more stylish; this pair is really built for durability


Born – Women’s – Catrina

This pair of travel flats is very reminiscent of a pair of Mary Jane-type shoes, i.e., it has a strap that goes over the top of the shoe to keep it in place. The shoes are made of leather, which makes them ultra durable. The sole is leather as well. The heel measures 1”, while the PU foam insole gives you a spongy and comfortable feeling when you are walking. The sock lining is also made of leather, so all in all, these shoes are built to last.

Shoe Features

  • Leather outer
  • Leather sole
  • PU foam insole
  • Leather lining on the interior sock
  • Mary Jane-style design

These are the best flats for walking because They are solid and built to last

Why you should keep on looking: Only one color choice, i.e., brown


Born – Women’s Jakarta

This particular pair of travel flats is ideal if you want something a little different. These shoes slip on, but they then fasten with a flap over the top of the foot and ties together with the attached shoelaces. You can choose between a black shade and a light pink to give you some color flexibility. The shoes are made of high-quality leather on the outer, and they have a rubber sole, which is 0.5” thick. The shoes are lined inside with fabric to give a comfortable wearing experience.

Shoe Features

  • Interesting design, a little different to many other shoes of the same type
  • Slip-on shoes which stay in place, thanks to the tie detail
  • Available in two colors
  • Leather outer
  • Rubber sole
  • Fabric-lined on the inside
  • Heel measurement of 0.5.”

These are good city walking shoes because: The design is attractive and stands out

Why you should keep on looking: These cute and comfortable flats only come in two color choices


Born – Women’s Karmina Ankle-High Leather Flat Shoe

You could easily double this pair of flat shoes with your work or going out needs, making them an excellent investment because of their flexibility. The low price doesn’t hurt either! These shoes are made of leather on the outer, available in three different color options, and they have a sturdy rubber sole.

The footbed of these durable, lightweight travel shoes is made of 4 mm latex for comfy, cushioned wear, making them one of the most comfortable fashionable flats.

Shoe Features

  • Attractive, classy design
  • Three color options
  • Leather outer
  • Rubber sole
  • 4mm footbed made of latex
  • Durable

These are the best travel flats choice because They can be worn for everyday use as well as travel

Why you should keep on looking: If you prefer a shoe with a tie or strap


Kate Spade New York Women’s Willa Ballet Flat

This is a set of extraordinarily fashionable travel flats, and certain designs could even be used for a night out! Choose from sixteen different colors and patterns, as well as a rather beautiful pair of glittery gold flats. The price changes depending on the design you choose, as well as the size. Overall, these are a lovely choice.

These cute, comfortable flats for travel are made of leather and have a rubber sole, with a 0.5” heel measurement. The design is a typical ballet pump style, e.g., a bow on the front and flexible slip-on function. For a city break, general travel, or a night out, these shoes are ideal.

Shoe Features

  • Extensive range of colors and patterns
  • Flexible, e.g., they can be worn for other purposes than travel
  • Leather outer
  • Rubber sole
  • Heel measurement of 0.5.”

These are the best travel flat choice because: They are beautiful and flexible in terms of use

Why you should keep on looking: The more attractive designs have a higher price tag


How To Choose A Good Pair Of Travel Flats

Here are a few things we suggest you consider when searching for the best walking flats for travel.


Are the flats waterproof? What material are they made of? Is the material durable? Materials differ depending on the shoe, and this can be anything from leather to plastic.


Choose a pair of travel flats that goes with many other items. If you choose a brightly colored pair, sure, they’ll look great, but will they go with every piece of clothing you own? Probably not. Stick to neutral colors for more flexibility.


What is the sole made of? Are there molded sections to give you extra support on the arch of your foot? How durable is the sole? How thick is the sole? If you are walking a lot, you do need a thicker sole to give you more support.


If you want to take your shoes with you while traveling, you need them to be lightweight. Check out the weight before making a purchasing choice.

Choose A Travel Flat For Your Travel Destination

What is the weather like at your destination? Is it hot? Will it be rainy? Is it likely to snow? This is something you need to think about because it will dictate the material you opt for. If you’re going to an incredibly changeable place, leather travel flats are a good idea. And perhaps a thicker sole is worth considering a well.

Slip-On Vs. Straps/Ties

How do the shoes fasten? Do they simply slip on, or do they have ties or straps? If you’re going to be walking a lot, a pair of travel flats with straps or ties is probably the best option. On the other hand, if you’re simply traveling, e.g., at the airport or on the plane, a pair of slip-on travel flats is a good option.

Benefits Of Traveling With Comfortable Travel Flats

  • Easy to slip on and off at the airport/on the plane: Airport security is stressful at the best of times, but when you have to take off your heavy shoes and socks, it becomes even more time consuming and stressful! Travel flats easily slip on and off, and this is also a bonus when you’re on the plane and your feet get hot.
  • Lightweight and compact: You don’t have to wear shoes all the time if you don’t want to. You can have them in your travel bag for when your feet get hot or for the right time. This isn’t an issue because the most comfortable flats for walking are designed to be lightweight, and some even fold up.
  • Fashionable and they also ‘go’ with many other items: Travel flats have the look of ballet flats about them, and that means that they are flexible in terms of fashion. Wear them with jeans, leggings, shorts, pants, dresses,… anything really.
  • They are supportive when walking: If you are out and about in hot weather, e.g., you’re exploring a city, travel flats will help keep your feet supported and cool at the same time.

Comfortable Flat Shoes For Travel - Travel Reviews

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