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OluKai Shoes are the best women’s travel shoes. Have you ever heard of OluKai Shoes? If you are traveling soon, you should get acquainted!

Have you ever heard of OluKai Shoes? If you are about to start traveling, then you should get acquainted. We’re always on the lookout for a pair of comfortable yet stylish shoes for travel and everyday use. Nobody wants to look dowdy while they’re on the go, and whether you’re looking for the most comfortable sandals for warm weather or comfy shoes for standing all day, OluKai shoes are a great option to go for.

What Are OluKai Shoes?

If you’re looking for comfort, style and want to do your bit for the environment simultaneously, Olukai is your best choice. The company places a great deal of importance on being environmentally friendly through sustainable materials for their products.

For instance, all products’ outsoles are made of 30% recycled materials, with 100% recycled materials used for packaging. Further material developments are in the pipeline, too, with the possibility of water-based glues to be used in the future and two current options for vegan-friendly footwear with their Makai and Mauka ranges.

You can wear the world’s most comfortable shoes and do your bit for the planet all at the same time! OluKai has its roots in Polynesian and Hawaiian culture, which is an entirely outdoorsy lifestyle, and their ranges of shoes reflect that. Every product is given a Polynesian name, and they are all suitable for outdoor life, with a fashion-conscious spin.

Where Can You Buy OluKai Shoes?

Many online retailers stock OluKai shoes, including Amazon, so it’s merely a case of shopping around for the best deals for you. Olukai women’s sandals are very comfortable sandals, ideal when traveling, and outstanding value for money.   

Are OluKai Shoes A Great Choice For Travel?

OluKai shoes come in full sizes only, so this is something to consider when ordering if you regularly use half-sized shoes. Regarding whether this range is ideal for travel, that’s a big fat ‘yes’!

The comfort aspect is really what sells it in terms of travel, and the quality and durability mean that there will be no problem when traveling over all types of terrain. Sandals and shoes are water-resistant, not waterproof, so consider that if you are going out hiking, perhaps in wet weather. However, overall, the OluKai range is the perfect partner for active travel.

Style And Colour Options For Olukai Women’s Shoes

The range of products by OluKai is vast, so whether you’re looking for the most comfortable flip flops or a pair of comfy sandals that you can wear from day to night, you’ll undoubtedly find many options to choose from. The OluKai women’s range spans from flip-flops to flat sandals, wedge heels, to closed-toe boots.

These are certainly some of the most comfortable sandals ever and some of the best comfort shoes for standing all day. The men’s range is equally extensive and spans flip-flops, slip-on canvas shoes, and sneaker designs. We can’t forget the kids, and the range for them is a mixture of the two.


There’s something for everyone. In terms of color options, each product has a range that a particular shoe is available in, but overall colors tend to be land-based, e.g., neutral and earthy. This reflects the outdoorsy feel of the company and demonstrates its sustainability roots too.

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Our Favorite OluKai Shoes Reviews

Olukai Woman Sneaker Pehuea Leather

Available in a huge range of color options, all very wearable, this particular shoe is a loafer-type of design. The outsole is made of rubber and has subtle Polynesian artwork on the outside, and there is a leather patch displaying the Olukai logo. The heel is flat, although the rubber sole is slightly raised for extra comfort.

Overall, the comfort level is fantastic on these shoes, and the footbed is anatomically designed and supports the arch of the foot without being too heavy. The footbed is also removable and can be washed for extra hygiene. These are slip-on shoes, which makes them ideal for long-distance travel; if you’re traveling by plane, you can easily slip them on and off whenever you feel like it, and when you’re walking around, these won’t cause rubbing or discomfort over long distances either.

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Olukai Women’s Leather Upena Sandal

Fashion and comfort go hand in hand with this particular shoe. Designed like a strappy sandal, the shoes are slip-on and secure in place with leather straps and a soft lining, and an ankle strap to hold everything securely, which is also adjustable. The footbed is anatomically designed, as with most shoes by Olukai, and the outer leather section is easy to wipe clean if it does happen to become dirty on your travels.

These shoes are easily adjustable via the ankle mentioned above strap, and the silver metal buckle not only adds style to the shoe but also gives you extra peace of mind that your shoe isn’t going to move around while you’re on the go. These are some of the most cushioned sandals you’ll find.

Overall, this women’s sandal is an excellent choice for those who want to be fashion-conscious and own the most comfortable strappy sandals at the same time.

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Olukai Momi – Women’s Slip-on Shoes

This particular women’s slip-on shoe is an exceptional choice if you want to cut down on your packing, and you want to have a fashionable shoe that you can comfortably wear from day to night and vice versa!

Available in five different colors, which are bright but still neutral, this particular shoe is comfortable and stylish. You could compare these shoes to the ‘ballet pump’ style, and they have laser-etching on the outside to create a perforated pattern. The outer is rigid yet very comfortable, so you don’t have to worry about them bending and becoming out of shape over time.

The leather outer and gum rubber sole are comfortable and add support to minimize the chances of injury or discomfort. Of course, you also get the signature anatomically designed footbed too. This shoe is ideal for a woman who wants to be stylish, comfortable, and cut down on packing.

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Olukai Eleu Trainer

Sometimes, a sporty shoe is the only option, and many women prefer to go down the trainer/sneaker route. This particular shoe is in that vein and is also fantastic for hiking in warmer climates. The trainer is made of open mesh, so your feet can breathe with ease, and the nylon material adds structure, support and ensures that the shoes stand the test of time, no matter what you’re asking of them.

The shoe also stays securely on your foot, thanks to a cord lacing mechanism with a toggle and fastener to hold them in place. Because this is a closed shoe, it is important that you can wash them, and the footbed is removable to that aim. The tread is fantastic for more challenging terrains and has a pattern designed to mimic your foot’s natural strike with the ground. The rounded-off edges of the shoe also add to the comfort level. Many reviewers have stated this is one of the best contenders for best sneaker ever.

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Olukai Women’s Synthetic Pueo Perf Shoe

Our final review is another highly fashionable choice. It is ideal for wearing during the day, perhaps for sightseeing or traveling from A to B, and translates to evening wear. The shoe is available in four different colors: neutral and attractive, and the style is ‘ballet pump.’

The outer has laser cutting in a circular pattern all over, which adds breathability while you’re wearing them and makes them look pretty good at the same time! The slip-on design makes these shoes an ideal choice for travel, and the raised back means that you can be sure you’re not going to lose your shoe while walking around!

The closed-toe design is also the preferred option for many women and will also look fantastic when worn dressed up for an evening out on the tiles! These are too cute, comfortable shoes for standing all day.

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  As you can see, OluKai shoes offer a wide range of options, and these Olukai reviews are just the tip of the iceberg. For a fantastic travel range, including OluKai flip flops, women’s choices, kids ranges, and a massive variety of options for men, these shoes are ideal.

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