Best Shoes For Travel, & How To Pick The Best Travel Shoes

Buying the best shoes for travel is a tricky task. We’ve taken our years of experience and made this post about the best travel shoes.

Your flight is booked, your accommodation is sorted, and now comes the ultimate task for your next travel adventure – packing your bags. Yuck. In the past, I’d constantly second-guess what to pack. But now, after 19 years of travel, I have some experience and learned a few tricks of the trade.

I have written a few packing list guides, and in case you need those, you can find them at the end of the post.

But this guide is about how to pick the best travel shoes. Have you been asking yourself one of these questions?

  • What are the best walking shoes for travel in Europe?
  • Is there such a thing as fashionable walking shoes for travel?
  • What are the most comfortable travel shoes?
  • How much do good travel shoes cost?
  • Will comfy travel shoes mean I look like a dork?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, keep reading, and let’s go step-by-step to get you up to speed.

What You Need To Know About Shoes For Travel

The main thing you have to know is that the best shoes for travel are comfortable shoes.

Stylish, yes, but comfortable first and foremost. Who cares how good your pumps look when limping along a cobblestone street in Croatia or Greece?

How far do you think you can walk in those plastic ballerina-style slip-ons? They are ideal for the office, but in Europe, you walk and walk and walk. There is just so much to see; you can’t stop yourself (even heifers like me keep on moving morning, noon, and night), and being comfortable is vital.

So pick your destination, decide what kind of adventures you expect to take once there, then use this guide to score yourself the most comfortable walking shoes for travel in Italy or a perfect pair of stylish travel shoes for New York City, and of course, everything in between.


Best Walking Shoes For Travel

Finding, buying, and breaking in comfortable, stylish walking shoes for travel is essential when packing for your vacation. Think about it, are you ever happy when your feet hurt? No. Even when you are at home, it’s not fun.

Comfortable feet are happy feet. Comfy shoes for walking are easy to find, but you just need to look for a few things:

  • Do you use orthopedics? If so, your best comfortable shoes for travel in Europe will need to accommodate your slip-in saviors. For years, I struggled to find comfortable yet half-decent-looking shoes that accommodate my orthotics. Yes – cute travel shoes for Europe can be found! These Sperry Seacoast Canvas Sneakers have a removable footbed, making plenty of room.
  • Cotton socks. Please wear socks when you wear your sneakers. No one wants smelly, wet, itchy feet – and cotton absorbs best.
  • Break them in. Dance around at home in them, and wear them while you are washing up or making the bed if you do not want to scuff them outside. Just be sure to break them in well before you go on vacation.

Everyday Walking Shoes For Travel

Women’s walking shoes for travel are not as easy to disguise as men’s travel shoes. Those guys just wear sneakers, and they look cute; damn them. My most comfortable travel shoes for women are sneakers. I have arthritis, so that’s my excuse, and I stick to it.

Okay, enough tips already! Without further ado, the best travel shoes for women:

Skechers Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker

Sketchers are well-known for creating sporty and fashionable shoes, and these sneakers tick that box. Bright white and seriously snazzy, these sneakers are very sporty and have the iconic lace upfront. They have a thick rubber sole for comfort and easier walking, and they’re also machine washable, so if you get them a little grubby, you can throw them in the washing machine to make them bright white again. 


Adidas Women’s Runfalcon 2.0 Running Shoe

When you hear the name ‘Adidas,’ you know you’re getting style and comfort. This pair of running shoes is no different. Available in 12 other color options, these are a sleek and fashionable designs that would fit in just as well with a casual day outfit as a visit to the gym or a hiking session.

These are ideal shoes for sightseeing, daytime walks or even hiking. The sole is made of 100% rubber, giving you a comfortable walking experience and a little extra ‘bounce.’ The upper section is made of mesh, so you get a breathable and less sweaty experience, and the midsole is cushioned.



Cole Haan Women’s Grand Crosscourt Sneaker

These trainers are a cross between a pair of regular designed trainers and tennis shoes. They’re very stylish and available in six different color choices. The sole is made of rubber, so they’re comfortable for long days on your feet, and the footbed is cushioned for extra support. As an extra, rubber pods on the outsole work to give extra traction during your day.

These trainers are ideal for walking or sightseeing and will ensure you don’t have aching feet by the end!



Nike Women’s Air Max Verona 2.0 Running Shoe

We’re used to seeing a specific type of design from Nike, but these are far more like hiking trainers than regular Nike shoes. However, they’re incredibly fashionable and very comfortable to wear. You can also choose between three different color options.

The sole is rubber for extra bounce, and the trainers lace up so you can adjust them according to your comfort level. These trainers are ideal for hiking and walking, and you could easily pair them with trainers or shorts for a fashionable day outfit.



Aerosoles Women’s You Betcha Slip-on Loafer

You can choose between three different color choices, perfect for day or night. There is also a glitzy gold option, so you can dress them up for your evenings out! If you’re not a trainer type and prefer slip-on shoes, these are the ideal choice.

The outer is made of leather, and the inside is suede for a comfortable feel during your wear. The round toe is fashionable, and there is also flex to the soles that help avoid rubbing on the heels and those annoying blisters. There is also memory foam on the insole and specially designed technology that helps to keep your foot in the most comfortable position.



ASICS Women’s Gel-Contend 6 Running Shoes

These ASICS running shoes are a cross between regular running shoes and fashionable trainers. Ideal for walking, daywear, and hiking, these shoes have many different features that ensure your comfort. They’re available in 14 different colors, and they have a super-bouncy rubber sole to absorb shock on any terrain and keep you comfortable during your day.

The midsole has a special foam insert that helps to give you extra comfort and absorbs shock when you’re running in particular. There is a gel cushioning system and a special sock-liner that helps to keep sweat away from your feet.



Teva Women’s W Freewheel Washed Canvas Shoe

These fit the bill if you’re looking for exceptionally fashionable walking shoes. Canvas shoes are not only comfortable and durable, but they give off that relaxed, versatile vibe, making them incredibly stylish walking shoes for travel.

Choose between three colors, including light brown, natural, and black/gray blend, all great shades to ‘go’ with many other colors. The shoes are made of outer textile material with a thick, durable rubber sole that doesn’t snap over time.

There is an option for the second set of laces to give you extra strength, and the price is fantastic for the quality. Overall, this is an excellent alternative to a higher-priced pair of Converse-style shoes, with the same fashion kudos.




These shoes make almost all ‘best shoes for traveling Europe’ lists and take the cake for trendy walking shoes for women. They are excellent shoes for European travel, including Croatia, and we recommend them to wear when sailing.

If you want a pair of simple but good stylish walking shoes for travel to take with you on your trip, nothing beats these Superga’s. They come in a bunch of colors. My faves are these gold ones.

You can choose from a huge range of different colors when you go for this option, though, and the price range differs accordingly.

This is possibly not the best choice with a canvas outer if you’re out walking in slightly muddy or wet terrain. However, if you’re on a simple holiday or traveling by car, plane, or train, this is a great option. The breathable canvas means your feet will be cool and airy, and the outsole is a natural rubber for stability, comfort, and grip.

A side note on the outer being made of canvas: they are machine washable, which could get around that little problem.



Sperry Seacoast Canvas Sneakers

These have a less sporty look with a smaller sole than the Superga.

A shoe that looks great does what it’s supposed to and doesn’t cost you the earth, this particular choice ticks all of those boxes. These comfortable travel shoes are designed almost like a classic pair of Converse, with a thick rubber sole for comfort and bounce.

They have a breathable nylon canvas upper, and even better, they have removable footbeds that can be swapped out for orthotics. You can choose from a huge range of colors and patterns to suit your fashion needs, and they have a lace fastening for support.

The only downside to this particular pair of shoes is that they might not be ideal for walking a lot in hot conditions, as your feet may get a little hot and sweaty. For colder conditions, though, these are ideal.



Find Women’s Mocassins

Travel Shoes - Brown and Flat

If you’re not a fan of sneakers when traveling, this pair of stylish and comfortable moccasins will be right up your alley. Choose between two light-colored options; these shoes are made of high-quality leather and have a flat heel, so they’re super comfortable. They’re good shoes for walking around all day long.

The shoes slip on, which makes them ideal for travel, as you can just slip them on and off whenever you please. These comfortable walking shoes will also look fantastic with jeans or other pants or even skirts to give you a fashion item to add to your wardrobe.



Adidas Originals Women’s Fashion Sneaker


Everyone knows Adidas. The name speaks for itself in terms of comfort. This style is one of the best travel sneakers on our list for a very active holiday involving hiking, walking, and being on your feet.



Best Shoes For Traveling In Europe

Don’t fret; Europe is different from Australia or America, and don’t let anyone tell you that we dress that much differently here. I promise.

Getting yourself any of these recommended best walking shoes is critical if you plan to walk the streets. Women always travel here in shoes that make my feet say “ouch”! You’re not going to the mall where the walking surface is smooth and flat. Europe has so many more cobblestone streets; you’ll be walking crooked paths up and downstairs to museums and churches and whatever else. Comfortable walking shoes for Greece, Germany, Croatia, and everywhere in between are a must!

On the other hand, you could also snag yourself a pair of stylin’ Italian walking shoes while in town! I sure would if my trip landed me in Florence.

For everyone else, though, your best purchase for women’s walking shoes for Europe are ones like these:

Amazon Brand – Find Soft Leather, Women’s Loafers


This is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a travel shoe that could easily be worn on a night out. Available in five iconic colors, including a standard black shade and a very vibrant red, these shoes are not only reasonably priced but high in fashion. These shoes are slip-on, so when you’re traveling, you have no issues trying to get your shoes back on quickly! Made of leather on the outside, the inner is an artificial material that reduces sweat.

The heel is slightly raised, and the front cross-over section adds style to a functional yet very fashionable pair of shoes to be worn on the go. 



Aerosoles Slip-On Loafer

Three hundred sixty degrees of comfort, flexible bottoms, memory foam insoles, and a suede lining – it’s no wonder we’ve found these to be some of the best walking loafers on the market.

This loafer-style shoe is available in a huge range of colors and patterns and is a very affordable addition to your travel shoe wardrobe. These shoes are made of fabric outer, so they are not waterproof. The inside is made of memory foam, so you know your feet will be ultra-comfortable as you walk around your destination. They can be washed, though.



Geox Flats

Geox Flats_Best Shoes For Travel

Well made from genuine leather, Geox is worth those few extra dollars. Ballet flats are so versatile, and this particular choice could even be worn as a pair of work shoes and a travel accompaniment! Again, wearing for city breaks that require a lot of walking is best. Travel walking shoes, stylish, can never fail when in Europe.

These are not a cheap travel shoe options, but you do get what you pay for – quality. You can pick from a range of classic colors, such as shades of black and gray.

The rubber sole means no sweaty feet to worry about, and the perforated section is also waterproof and breathable.



Toms Jutti Flats

Toms Jutti Flats_Best Shoes For Travel

The perforated suede upper makes them airy enough for any summer adventure, and the delicate, low-profile design makes them some of the best cute walking shoes.

If you like your shoes to fit like slippers and look a little like them, too, this is your ideal travel shoe. You can trust a big-name brand, but not that expensive, considering this shoe is fashionable and comes in an extensive range of colors.

However, you could say they are almost like a ballet pump, a little sportier, with a lacey cutout section across the foot, which adds a feminine taste. These shoes are ideal for city breaks and are some of the best shoes for New York, Paris or Milan, when you want to look fashionable and on-point, but you need comfort when sightseeing too.



Jambu Women’s Rumson Too Ballet Flat

These ballet flats are ideal if you prefer a more fashionable design and are not too keen on sporty travel shoes. They feature a memory foam footbed, making them highly comfortable for wearing over a long day. They’re also slip-on, so you can take them off while traveling and put them back on quickly. The overall design is also very feminine and fashionable, meaning they’ll ‘go’ with most other items in your wardrobe.



Lightweight Shoes For Travel

Don’t be an over-packer. Don’t pack too many pairs of shoes, but when you pack them (and let’s face it, you WILL NEED AND WANT many pairs), think about choosing lightweight travel shoes. Women’s walking shoes can be light, so you can likely find an option with both comfort and lightweight criteria.

Lugging about your heavy bags at the start of a 6-week European vacation starts off fun, but as you collect souvenirs and move from hotel to hotel, you’ll quickly regret packing those heavy shoes (and bags, and jeans, and all of those jackets and shirts you never wore!).

The best lightweight walking shoes for travel are:

Reebok Women’s Freestyle Hi Walking Shoe

These sneaker/walking shoes are high-topped and seriously fashionable. They come in three different color options and have a thick rubber sole for comfortable walking. The outer is made of leather, and they have tie-ups with two Velcro fastenings for extra security while moving around. Of course, Reebok is known for quality, too, so you also have that peace of mind to add to everything else. 



Chaco Women’s Banded Z Cloud Sandal

These sandals are the ideal breathable option for women who want to explore and don’t want to deal with overheating feet. The sandals have criss-cross straps which fasten with a buckle towards one side of the ankle. The footbed is contoured to mold your feet, and the rubber sole makes it easy to walk over different terrains. The sandals also have a good grip on them too.



Teva Women’s Original Sandal

Teva Travel shoes

Ladies, we’ve found the perfect pair if you require summer walking shoes. However, if you struggle to decide what color shoe to go for, you’ll have issues here because countless colors are available!

Not only are these attractive walking shoes for travel, but they are also comfy walking shoes for travel.

This is a sandal shoe, but it has a Velcro ankle strap and a rubber sole, making it somewhere between a sandal and a flip-flop.

The heel is around 1″ in height, and the platform is 0.50″, making it a comfortable choice. If you struggle with totally flat sandals, this is a good option for extra comfort and support. The open sandal is also great for breathability, which means a cool feel while traveling.

The price again depends on the size and color, but the cheapest combination is very low priced indeed.

Why you should buy them:

  • Variety of colors
  • Waterproof
  • They take no time at all to be worn in (goodbye blisters)
  • Huge variety of colors and styles.

Why you should keep looking for something else

  • You want more fashion-forward.
  • You are not a fan of Velcro (and how after a while, it stops working)


Crocs Women’s Sienna Flats

If you have an unsightly image of Crocs in your mind, forget that when considering these shoes! These are much more akin to ballet flats and are very fashionable too. Available in several different colors, you can make your money stretch by wearing these comfortable, stylish walking shoes to work, too.

Made of synthetic outer and sole, these shoes have a sculpted type of shape, as they are designed to fit your foot perfectly, with a square toe design for fashion and comfort.

There is a slight heel at the back, just one inch in size, enough for a bit of height but not too much to cause issues when walking for a longer period.

These travel shoes are good city walking shoes, making them excellent travel shoes for Europe where you need to walk to see all the sights. They can easily be dressed for nightwear, too, to reduce luggage demands.



Birkenstocks_Best Shoes For Travel | Travel Blog

These stylish walking shoes have been around for a while for a reason.

Everyone knows Birkenstock and that they offer quality and comfort as standard. If you are heading to a warm destination where you will do a bit of walking but want your feet to be cool and comfortable, you can’t beat these sandals. In our book, best summer walking shoes around!

Certainly not the cheapest, because you are paying for the name to a degree, the sandals have a rubber toe post and a contoured footbed with a cork sole. Your foot will mold to the shoe, giving you complete and utter comfort (that’s that word again) while walking.

The downside is that slip-on shoes like this are sometimes not the best for very long walks or expeditions.

Why you should buy them:

  • Comfortable
  • Never go out of style (I have a pair from 2000!)
  • Better support than flip-flops

Why you should keep looking for something else

  • You don’t like the boho look
  • Take forever to dry if they get wet


Yara Birkenstocks

These cute, comfortable walking shoes are practical as they tie onto your feet and give you that trendy gladiator look – but without the rubbing.

They are perfect when you want nice-looking walking shoes that can keep your feet happy when exploring the sights during the day and can accessorize your outfit at night.



Mephisto Women’s Helen Thong Sandals

This pair of shoes is flexible, available in countless colors. You’re sure to find a color that suits your outfit, although it’s best to go with a neutral option, so you have extra flexibility when changing your look!

Made of leather, these shoes are a great combination of a full sandal and a thong-style sandal. This gives you extra stability and protection while wearing attractive walking shoes for traveling around town.

These shoes are ideal for daywear, i.e., when sightseeing in warmer weather, as the open design allows your foot to breathe. The sole is made of synthetic material, and there is a 1-inch heel with a 0.75″ platform around the front. This adds comfort and protection when you are out and about on the go. The fastening and front section are also adjustable, so you can ensure your shoes are in place correctly, giving you extra support and comfort while out and about.



Naot Women’s Dorith Gladiator Sandal

This strappy gladiator-style sandal has arch support, so it’s comfy. They also have an adjustable hook-and-loop strap at the ankle. If your feet swell, these are a top choice.

These are some of the best shoes to travel in if you want to look ultra-fashionable while boarding the plane. This glam choice is certainly not the cheapest item we have discussed, but you can choose many different colors, such as mainstream black or Grecian gold.

Made of leather, you get quality here and comfort, with a padded insole and arch support, with a slight platform of around 0.75″.

This is a fantastic choice for city breaks or beach holidays or simply for getting from A to B in style. However, one point to remember is that you should look out for the slightly dodgy tan lines if you’re wearing them in the sun.



Adidas By Stella McCartney 

A big name and designer came together to create this ever-popular sneaker choice. The downside is that you will undoubtedly pay for it, and these shoes retail for more than some of the others we have suggested. You won’t regret forking out a few extra dollars for these fantastic, comfy walking shoes for travel, though.

You can choose from black or white, with contrasting laces, and the design is sporty and modern. Of course, you can double these shoes up with the gym or running and your travel needs.

If you’re looking for a sporty walking shoe, this is the ideal option, especially for label-conscious ones.



Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Vienna Original Collection

These stylish and comfortable flats for travel are the best women’s slip-on shoes and have a leisurewear/sporty appearance. Dr. Scholl’s is a big name brand, which explains the slightly higher price, but you get serious quality in return. You can choose between six neutral colors, so they go with basically every outfit you could think of wearing while traveling, but the main stand-out point is the comfort level.

The lining is made of breathable fabric, so you’re not going to suffer from sweating feet, and the footbed has memory foam inside, so the shoes ‘remember’ the shape of your feet. The shoes also have rubber on the sole and allow you to walk easily over different terrain types without aching feet at the end of the day.

Overall, these shoes look the part, but they are also super-comfortable for long-term wear during travels, making them some of the best stylish walking shoes for women in our book.



Plaka Flat Summer Sandals For Women

Another of our favorite options for women’s summer walking shoes is that this pair of fashionable sandals are ideal for travel because you can easily dress them up or down without taking endless pairs of shoes with you. Available in many different colors, you can choose a bright shade to show personality or go for a neutral shade that goes with everything.

These sandals are open, so your feet will be cool, and they have soft nylon straps, which don’t rub over the skin, with a rubber sole. You can also adjust the straps to fit your feet, ideal for hot temperatures when feet may swell. The straps are rope style, which adds to the fashion side of things, and they look great when worn during the day or for a nighttime jaunt out.

Despite the fashionable side of these sandals, they are surprisingly hardy and can be worn in the rain without you having to worry about them getting ruined. In terms of comfort, they are nice walking shoes, fine for wearing all day, although probably not for hiking or rugged terrain.



Crocs Women’s Swiftwater Mary Jane Flat

Available in four colors, these Crocs are very comfortable and very durable. They’re made of mesh material with a synthetic sole. The lining is breathable, and the shoes have a stretchy strap that goes over the top of the foot to keep them in place. Of course, Crocs are known for comfort, and these shoes certainly tick that box while being durable and safe while walking over different terrain. 


Stylish Walking Shoes For Travel

When your shoes rub or pinch, you’re not a happy camper, but I want to look cute too, don’t you? I am not some A-list celeb that everyone is glaring at, but I want to strut the streets of Dubrovnik and pretend I am one of those famous Game of Thrones actors in an excellent-looking pair of walking shoes that just so happen to be suitable for travel, too.

So, do cute walking shoes for travel exist, and if so, what are the best stylish walking shoes on the market?

Comfortable walking shoes, stylish and dressy in design, exist, but keep in mind they won’t be as comfortable as sneakers. Who cares when they look good, though, right? Try the following.

TOMS Women’s Marisa Suede Ankle-High Leather Sandal

These sandals look sleek and seriously fashionable and exceptionally comfortable and durable. The leather outer means that you can expect the sandals to stand up to the test of sightseeing and walking over different types of land. They’re also easy to put on and take off and also very easy to clean. Again, you’re getting the quality of TOMS too, which is peace of mind when making a purchase such as this. 


PUMA Women’s Vikky V2 Ribbon P Low Top Sneakers


Opting for sneakers for traveling is ideal because you can wear them for travel and out and about, such as sightseeing or for trips to the gym! These PUMA sneakers are comfortable and have a thick sole, so they will be great for walking on uneven terrain and wandering around new cities all day long. 

These highly comfortable shoes for women are basketball style, with a low rise at the back. The heel is 2cm high, not too high, and not too low, and they have soft cushioning inside. The outer is made of synthetic material for easy cleaning. Choose between black and white. 


Amazon Brand – Find Two Band Woven Sandal, Women’s Open Toe Sandals

Who says that travel shoes always have to be sporty or functional? These cut woven sandals have a slight heel (6cm height), and they’re slip-on. Whether traveling or sightseeing, these shoes will stand out, whether you choose the brown or black shade. 

The outer is made of leather, making it a durable and long-lasting option, and the block heel makes these shoes easy to walk in, adding a little height for travel sophistication. These shoes could easily take you from plane to night out!



Adidas NEO Women’s Lite Racer Slip On W Casual Sneaker

Sporty yet sleek, these are the ideal sneakers for travel and moving around as you sightsee. The shoes are made by Adidas so that you can expect quality and style. They’re also slip-on, so they’re easy to take off if you need a break. You can choose between three muted color options, and the small elasticated band at the back helps you tug them on. The shoes have a slight wedge to them, so they’re comfortable to walk in, and the rubber sole makes walking over uneven ground much easier.



Atelje’ Farine Double-Band Sandal

These look and feel good, so they certainly fit our stylish shoes for the walking category. These comfortable walking sandals have an adjustable back strap with a buckle, so you can loosen them if your feet swell.

Sporty sandals are fantastic for walking in hot conditions, and backpackers may find these ideal. You can choose from red, white, or blue.

You can be sure of durability as the outer is made of leather, and the 1″ heel and 0.75″ platform gives you a slight raise, which means your calves are supported well.

Closing by Velcro means you can get them on and off quickly, and they are an open foot in style, so no worries with hot and sweaty feet.



FRYE Women’s Melanie Slip-on Fashion Sneaker

Stylish walking shoes? Yes! Just look at this trendy design! Again, you have an infinite choice regarding color with this particular shoe. Can you tell we like choices?

This brand name is a big up-and-comer in fashion, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see this style pop up on other “best fashion shoes for walking” lists as word gets out. This is a slip-on shoe, but it does have a covered front, so it’s not a sandal. The price isn’t the cheapest, and again, the actual price changes according to size and color choice.

The shoes are made of leather and have a rubber sole for comfort and flexibility. The heel is low, at 0.75″, but just high enough to give a tiny bit of height. The rubber sole has “bumper rands” on the toe and the heel for extra comfort, but also to help the shoe last that little bit longer, and protect it from damage on rough terrain.

Loafers go with everything, which means these shoes can be your go-to comfort/fashion choice.



Our Top Trainer Reviews For Travel

Below you will find reviews of some of the best and most popular travel shoes ready for your 2018 travels. We know they’ll help you make your final choice in deciding on the best travel shoes. Enjoy!

Nike Women’s Tanjun Running Shoes

Travel Shoes - Best Travel Runners

These are high-quality running shoes that don’t necessarily need to be worn when running and make fantastic travel shoes too! I have arthritis and use these for all my long-haul travels – well, any airplane travel as they are light and comfy. You can also choose between several colors and designs, and they’re Nike, so you know you’re getting high quality too. 

The outer is made of synthetic material, which makes it easy to clean. They’re made of mesh on the inside, so they’re breathable, and the gum rubber on the sole is durable and long-lasting. These are the ideal option for various situations, but they are certainly excellent travel shoes and good walking shoes. 



Olukai Eleu Trainer

Sometimes, a sporty shoe is the only option, and many women prefer to go down the trainer/sneaker route. This shoe is in that vein and is also fantastic for hiking in warmer climates.

The trainer is made of open mesh, so your feet can breathe with ease, and the nylon material adds structure, and support and ensures that the shoes stand the test of time, no matter what you’re asking of them. The shoe also stays securely on your foot, thanks to a cord lacing mechanism with a toggle and fastener to hold them in place.

Because this is a closed shoe, it is essential that you can wash them, and the footbed is removable for that aim. The tread is fantastic for more demanding terrains and has a pattern designed to mimic the natural strike of your foot with the ground. The rounded-off edges of the shoe also add to the comfort level. Many reviewers have stated this is one of the best contenders for the best sneakers ever.



Find More Olukai Shoes Here

ASICS Women’s Gel-Fit Sana Cross-Training Shoes

These shoes are a sporty choice and are a little more akin to trainers/sneakers. They are available in three different color combinations, giving a stylish look for a low price.

The outer is made of fabric, so not the best if you walk around in exceptionally wet weather. However, the rubber sole offers a good grip, making them ideal for hiking and walking in regular conditions.

The shoe has a mesh outer and a gel cushion inside, making them comfortable and ideal for wearing all day long. The Mono-Sock fit system is stretchable and conforms to your foot, giving you a bespoke fit.

Overall, if you are out walking and hiking all day, this particular pair of cute tennis shoes for travel will undoubtedly avoid blisters and aching feet at the end of the day.



Reebok Women’s DMX Lite Prime Walking Shoe

This shoe might take the cake for the best travel running shoes for women. The sleek, sporty design is uber-trendy and the sneaker comfort added on top makes this one of the best travel shoes on our list. This is a seriously fashionable choice for your walking and travel needs and is available in four colors: pink, gray, lemon, and black.

The color and size will determine your shoe price, but you’re getting a big-name brand here, so you know you’re getting quality.

The sole is made of rubber, which gives you flexibility on different terrains, and the top section is synthetic, so you don’t have to worry too much about any stains or issues which won’t clean off. You can either wipe these shoes down with a damp cloth or put them in the washing machine.

A contoured midsection in the sole means more comfort for you while on the go. The collar section is quilted for extra style and comfort, and there is a foam square-patterned outer for extra fashion oomph!

The main selling point of these shoes is that they are lightweight. They’re among the best women’s running shoes for travel on the market. For a trip, these are perfect for wearing at the time, or you can throw them in your case, with no issues about adding too much weight.



Totally Practical Shoes For Travel

No matter how long you’re exploring or where you’re going, you need to be comfortable when you’re traveling. Otherwise, you will have a miserable journey!

Of course, you could also be looking for comfortable shoes for walking around your destination, a city or something else. In that case, shopping around is the only answer, but these reviews will inform your choice and lead you toward the right decision.

Naot Women’s Sabrina Flat Sandal

These leather, buckle-fastening sandals are ideal summer walking shoes for women in five different neutral colors. With a thick, synthetic sole, there is plenty of bounce when walking in these shoes, and the heel is just under 1″, which is the perfect middle ground of not too high and not too low. The front platform is also half an inch to give protection and comfort.

The cork-and-latex combination footbed is ergonomic for your foot, gives extra comfort, and is lined in suede. The shoe is designed to mold to your unique foot shape over time.

As dressy walking shoes for travel, these are a fantastic multi-use option. Not only are they ideal for long walks over familiar terrain in warm climates or for walking around during the day, e.g., sightseeing when the sun is shining, but they can also be worn out to dinner.


Will most of your adventuring be outdoors, in a warm climate? If so, the best shoes for traveling will make an all-purpose

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 2 Super Sock 2 Slip-On Walking Shoe

Skechers is world-famous for a reason. They consistently receive rave reviews from wearers for being the best slip-on travel shoes, fashionable, and comfortable all at the same time.

This pair of Skechers is available in 11 different colors, including muted blacks, blues, and brighter pinks for a fashion stand-out. The shoes are made of textile outer, with a thick rubber sole for strength and grip. The price is low, which is always a major bonus.

The heel measurement is 1.5″, giving you a slight height boost, while the midsole is extra-cushioned with Resalyte to help you move much more comfortably, whether you’re traveling or simply wearing these shoes daily.



Waterproof Walking Shoes For Travel

It rains on holidays. Sorry, but it can pour for days on end here in Croatia, even in summer. And while it may be cool to skip using the blow dryer and let your hair go curly for a few days, it is not fun to have soggy wet feet. Just because it rains, you can’t stop sightseeing. You just paid an enormous fortune to be in Europe, traversing the globe like a boss, so think ahead and pack just one pair of the best waterproof shoes for travel you can find.

The best waterproof travel shoes for walking in wet conditions are:

ON Women’s Cloud Sneaker

You get fun, colorful travel wear when you go for this particular sneaker.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors, mixed colors in each, so they are certainly a funky and bright option to go for.

However, regarding the technical side, these water-resistant travel shoes are lightweight and offer excellent protection for walking and running, reducing the chance of injury. These shoes are ideal if you’re heading off on an active holiday, perhaps walking, rambling, or on varied terrains.

The bonus of reflective strips means walking at nighttime is safer, too.



JBU by Jambu Women’s Aquata Water Ready Sandal

These shoes are slip-on, close-fitting, and water-resistant in two colors. If you’re 

Heading somewhere known for its rain, you’re not going to get wet feet with these shoes! The shoes fit to form and have a Velcro strap that keeps them even more firmly in place, with a slip-on design. They have a synthetic sole and are also straightforward to clean, should you get them a little dirty on your travels. 



Rockport Women’s Tristina Waterproof Chelsea Boot

The best walking shoes for women for travel do not have to be sporty; they can be high fashion too, as this Rockport pair of Chelsea boots proves. Available in black or brown, these leather boots are ankle boots, slip-on and -off, and waterproof, too.

The rubber sole makes them flexible and extra comfortable when walking, and they have a low heel, measuring 1″, and a front platform of 0.5″.

If you want a pair of shoes that will give you a tiny bit of height, but you want comfort simultaneously, this is a great option.

They are also straightforward to slip on and off, thanks to the elasticated shaft section at either side of the ankle.

Many reviews state that these shoes are ideal for adverse weather, as they are for walking around and travel. This means they are a flexible choice, one of the best women’s waterproof walking shoes for travel. They are not cheap, but generally speaking, they are worth the cash, especially considering the brand name.


Amazon Brand – Find. Women’s Chunky Gumsole Chelsea Boots

Best Travel Boots - Amazon

If you’re traveling during the winter months, you’ll need a comfortable pair of boots to travel around in. These are the ideal option; when I got my pair – I wore them walking around town for 6 hours without a blister! I’ve hardly taken them off for my fall-winter travels so far in 2019 and 2020.

These are ideal for wearing while out during the day and the night. Available in nine different color options, the shoes are easy to slip off and back on again, with a small loop at the back for pulling them on quickly.

Made of leather on the outer and with a small heel (3cm), these waterproof shoes for women are ultra-fashionable and could easily be worn for work too!



Lucky Women’s BASEL Boot

This low-cut travel boot has a slight heel and is perfect for wearing jeans and dresses. Chic, waterproof, versatile – definitely one of the best walking shoes for women. Suitable for travel in wet and dry climates alike!



Sam Edelman Women’s Petty Ankle Boot

If you like your travel shoes to double as a serious statement, these boots will quickly come to be your best travel shoes. Women who want to travel in style and fashion, I’m talking to you!

You can choose from various colors and patterns, and these shoes could undoubtedly double as going-out boots or work boots.

Almost like a cowboy boot in design, the outer is made of suede with a synthetic sole and a slight heel of around 1.5″. The boots zip up at the side, and they are incredibly comfortable, with a youthful look.

Also, perfect for colder destinations.



Women’s Hiking Shoes

Note: I am not a hiker, so for this, I asked a few of my hiker pals to get these handy suggestions for you. They all laughed at me when I asked for recommendations for the most stylish pair of hiking boots. How rude.

Anyway, it seems you want to find a pair of hiking shoes that are first and foremost lightweight and then waterproof, followed lastly by fashionable.

Both the Keen Utility & Keen Arroyo options ranked very well for comfort, but they are not something you can wear with a cute outfit out for a meal, that’s for sure.

If you like your feet to be able to breathe freely while you travel, this particular shoe is perfect for you. You could describe it as a sandal/walking shoe, as it is open cut, which gives you total air circulation around your feet.

On top of this, there is a “stability shank” which offers comfort on long walks, and these shoes are designed specifically for the ergonomics of women’s feet, so you know they will fit you properly.

Particularly suitable for long walks over varied terrain, these shoes are waterproof, and they are quick to slip on and off, with an elastic drawcord for fastening.

Keens Hiking Shoes_Best Shoes For Travel



KEEN Women’s Newport H2 Sandal

If you want a comfortable pair of sandals for exploring during the warmer weather, these are ideal. The sandals are made of polyester, which is entirely possible, and the lining is quick-dry, so no sweaty feet issues! The sandals have several straps which tie in the middle and give you security while walking over difficult terrain. The grip is also deep, and there are toe bumpers on the front to help with comfort and safety.



Merrell Women’s Altalight Hiking Shoe

Are they sneakers or hiking shoes? They look like they could be either, and that gives them a seriously fashionable edge. The shoes are made of synthetic material and have a flexible rubber sole. There is also a contoured insole, so your feet are supported and totally comfortable, no matter what you’re doing. They’re available in a few different designs, and they have a lace tie-up section that keeps the shoes tight on your feet.



How Many Pairs Of Shoes To Pack For A Trip?

Three Pairs. Honestly, take my years of experience as advice and don’t go over that. Even two can be enough if you choose wisely. Packing just three pairs of shoes for your vacation will seem an impossible challenge, but shoes take up way too much room in your luggage. Choose wisely.

  • Walking shoes. What pair can you wear for walking to breakfast and beyond? If you get lace-up shoes, they are easier to adjust when your feet double the size after ten hours of sightseeing. If you are a serious hiker, okay, you need good-quality hiking boots, and you’ll just have to suck up the fact that they weigh more than sandals and flats. Therefore, I suggest you wear them while in transit, so they don’t take up precious space in your suitcase. So put on your best walking shoes, travel to your destination, then swap out as needed from your lightweight options in your luggage.
  • Dress shoes. If fancy dinners and the theater are on your to-do list, you can’t wear sneakers. Search for a versatile pair you can wear during the day and night. Think about slip-on sandals with a small heel or something flat but strappy.
  • Boots. Boots look sexy and sharp with jeans and tights and even some summery dresses, so you’ll wear them loads – so long as you get a lightweight pair in a neutral tone if you will be in a cold zone or want a waterproof shoe, a low-cut boot suits perfectly.
  • Hmm, did I say three? Okay, well, also throw in a pair of rubber thongs/flip-flops. You’ll need them at the beach or swimming pools and in some cheap hotel rooms. So that makes four max.

Ultimately the best shoes for traveling are ones that you can wear all day, every day because you really won’t change them too many times. So don’t scrimp and save, but buy a quality pair even if the price seems to sting at first thought.

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