12 Of The Best Men’s Travel Pants

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The best men’s travel pants have a good combo of functionality and fashionability, ready to take you from hiking and to dinner in a day.

Best Mens Travel Pants - 2018 Review

Travel is not all about suitcases and daypacks. It’s about the things you wear, too! Of course, you want to be fashionable on the go, but that isn’t always easy.

Trying to find clothing items that are ideal for travel, e.g., they are comfortable, durable, and have the right types of pockets you need, isn’t the easiest thing in the world, and if you do find something, are they fashionable?

Of course, we’re not talking about Gucci and Prada here, but if you’re looking for a pair of men’s travel pants, you want them to be at least passable in the fashion stakes! Men’s travel pants have long been an area of discussion because the functionality isn’t always fashionable, and of course, you want a combination of both!

Consider this your go-to guide on finding the best men’s travel pants for long flights and other trips, helping you make the right choice for your trip and also helping you look fresh and fashionable in front of the new friends you meet.

Best Men’s Travel Pants Reviews

This selection of travel pants travel slacks, and travel trousers are the perfect mix of the best pants on the market.

1. Amazon Brand – Find. Men’s Regular Fit Cotton Chino Trousers

Every man’s travel wardrobe should include a pair of chino trousers, not only for fashion but also for flexibility and coolness.

This pair is particularly great not only because of how they look but also in the budget range. Available in eight different colors, the pants have a regular fit, with a zip and button fastening on the waist.

There is a belt loop if you prefer to wear a belt, but they look equally as good without. Sizes are based on waist and leg, so you get a bespoke fit, allowing you to travel and sightsee without extra bagginess or length.

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2. Find. Men’s Regular Fit Cotton Chino Travel Pants

A fashionable, fitted pair of cotton chinos will see you through most travel situations, and this pair are particularly useful because they’re also quite smart. Ideal for days or evenings, the pants are available in three different colors and are made of 100%cotton.

They fasten with the regular button and zip and have a belt loop if you want to add a belt into your outfit. Easy to wash, these men’s travel dress pants also have a turn up at the ankle, which adds to the fashionable style while on the go.

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3. Meraki. Men’s Stretch Regular Fit Chino Trousers

These pants are ideal if you’re looking for a flexible pair of pants that will fit many situations, including travel and general leisurewear. Thanks to the 3% elastane, the pants fit in a tailored way with a little stretch to the material without being too tight or loose.

Easily one of the best and most comfortable men’s pants for air travel! Choose between nine colors, including the standard black, beige, and khaki options. The pants feature belt loops if you want to add a belt, but overall they’re ideal for anyone who wants a more tailored look to their pants, with stretch to add comfort at the same time.

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4. UnionBay Men’s Rainier Lightweight Travel Chinos

This pair of men’s travel pants comes from one of those big-named brands, so you know you’re getting quality. This product is quite primary, but it indeed does the job, and it comes in three different color options, namely black, khaki, and charcoal, which ticks the fashion box. To further tick that box, the style is chino, which will never go out of fashion!

To make these pants ideal for travel, the fabric is slightly stretchy, which means you will be comfortable while traveling and when you are out and about because they make it easier to move without restriction.

They are also lightweight, so a couple of pairs in your suitcase won’t make a difference to your weight allowance, and the material is also quick drying and water-resistant, made with nylon and spandex mixture. There is one mesh-lined pocket on the side of the legs and a zip pocket at the back.

Why you should buy these men’s stretch travel pants: A classic style that will suit several different situations

Why you should keep looking: Minimal safety features

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5. UB Tech Men’s Rainier Chino Travel Cargo Pants Men UPF 50 Water Repellent

This is another set of travel pants by UnionBay, and again, there are high reviews overall. This is another low-cost pair of pants, but they are only available in black and no other color options. The style is somewhere between a tailored pair of chinos and a pair of cargo pants, which adds versatility.

The material is a nylon and spandex mixture, which means you are comfortable on the go and while moving simultaneously. Still, the cloth is quick to dry and water repellent, both requirements in a pair of men’s travel pants. There are two hidden mesh pockets and a zippered back pocket to hold your essential belongings with you at all times.

In addition to some of the best men’s pants for long flights, these are also excellent travel hiking pants.

Why you should buy these men’s travel pants:  Versatile styling, which can quickly be taken from adventure to dinner

Why you should keep looking: Only one color option is available.

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6. Columbia Sportswear Men’s Silver Ridge Travel Cargo Pants

Columbia is one of the biggest names in the outdoor clothing world, and if you’re looking for a brand that will instill confidence, then you probably aren’t going to get better than this reputation! Available in 13 different color options, this pair of pants looks fashionable and ultra-functional.

Made of nylon, there is an adjustable waist section for comfort and a straight-leg design, which quickly takes you from adventure to dinner. The material is also made to be UPF-protected up to 50 while also offering breathability.

Why you should buy these men’s lightweight pants for traveling: Adjustable waist for extra comfort while being fashionable at the same time

Why you should keep looking: Lack of pockets

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7. Prana Men’s Brion 32 Inch Inseam Comfortable Travel Pants

This is another big name brand. This particular pair of men’s travel pants are also available in many different colors, including brighter shades, such as red or mustard, to take you from day adventures to a more fashionable evening out.

Made of 97% nylon and 3% spandex, some give in these pants to help you be more comfortable when sitting for long periods or moving around. This is a straight-leg style, and five pockets are hidden for security.

There is also a fixed waist style with belt loops. These are slightly heavier than some of the other more lightweight choices, but they are high quality, have favorable reviews, and are super-versatile for many different situations. The material is water repellent, an ideal part of a good quality pair of men’s travel pants.

Why you should buy these men’s travel slacks: Many travel pants don’t offer much in the way of fashion, but this pair does go for style as well as safety features

Why you should keep looking: A higher price tag

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8. Prana Stretch Zion Travel Pants For Men

This is another Prana product, and again, you can find these in several different colors, both muted and bright. The price is higher than other products, but still, you can expect quality; the price increases with size and the rarer shades of color.

The fabric has a slight stretch, making it easier to wear on the go and while traveling for long periods. This pair of pants is super-easy to wear daily to evening drinks, with a fashionable style, neither straight leg nor cargo-style.

The other plus point of this particular pair of ultimate travel pants for men is that they are abrasion resistant, so you don’t have to worry about ‘snagging’ your pants on your journeys through the jungle!

Why you should buy these men’s travel pants: Abrasion-resistant feature

Why you should keep looking: Not that much in the way of pockets

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9. Outdoor Research Men’s Ferrosi Pants

This pair of pants is ideal for those who love to be active on their travels and for sitting for more extended periods, e.g., on a plane or train. You can choose between four neutral shades, and all have many features for comfort and durability.

There is a zippered pocket on the thigh area, which is fantastic for storing essential items, two front slash pockets, and two pockets at the back, which have a zip fastening. The material is a nylon and spandex mix, both abrasive and wind-resistant, while being lightweight and breathable. The ankles have draw-cords to alter the pants’ shape, and the waist is low profile, so it fits easily under a harness.

Why these are the best travel khakis: Draw-cord ankle adjustments give you style options with many safety features and pockets.

Why you should keep looking: The price is one of the highest on the list

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10. Outdoor Research Men’s Ferrosi Pants

Like our previous review of the same brand name, this pair of pants comes in slightly different colors, although it has many of the same features.

This pair of pants is just a tiny bit heavier than the other pair of pants, and are made of 86% nylon and 14% spandex, so they have a higher amount of stretch, making them ideal for sitting for long periods or hiking when you need to bend and move on demand – the pants have a movement-mirroring stretch function.

The fabric is breathable and lightweight, and there is also that low-profile waist section, which can quickly and smoothly fit under a harness. These are some of the most comfortable men’s pants for flying.

Why you should buy these packable travel pants for men: The fabric is waterproof, breathable, and highly durable.

Why you should keep looking: Slightly heavier than the previous pair of pants in the same branding

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11. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pants


Available in eight different color options, this is a super-fashionable pair of men’s travel pants, and again, it comes from a big named brand to give you confidence in your purchase.

This pair not only focuses on fashion but also on functionality, making it an excellent all-rounder choice. The price isn’t unusually high, but there are many plus points to these pants, including Omni-Shield advanced repellency and UPF 50 sun protection, while having vents for breathability and comfort.

Zips just above the knee remove the lower leg section, convert the pants to shorts, ideal for warmer climates, or go from day to evening with ease. This is an excellent option if you’re looking for the best zip-off travel pants for men.

Why you should buy these men’s travel pants: Stylish and convert to shorts

Why you should keep looking: Not many pockets

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12. Eddie Bauer Horizon Guide Five-Pocket Straight-Fit Men’s Slim Travel Pants

Made by one of the leading outdoor clothing brands, this pair of adventure travel pants are ideal for various purposes. The material combines nylon and spandex, which creates a comfortable, streamlined fit and provides some other amazing features. Sitting naturally below the waist, it’s a pair of straight-fit, durable pants.

Additionally, StormRepel DWR ensures that moisture is shed, making these pants highly waterproof. Sun protection of UPF 50+ makes them ideal for long days out in the sun, exploring new places. This is also a very lightweight pair of travel pants, while its five pockets offer some valuable storage space for small items you might need during your trip.

Are these the best pants ever for travel? They might just be! f you’re adventure-minded and spend lots of time outside, these are some of the best travel pants for men.

Why these are the best pants for travel for men: Offers sun protection and are waterproof.

Why you should keep looking: There are cheaper options if you’re not looking for waterproof travel pants for men.

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What Are Men’s Travel Pants? How Do They Differ From Regular Pants?

Men’s travel pants might look like a regular pair of pants or trousers if you hail from the UK, but they have a few differences: pockets, zip-off legs, and elasticated waistbands for comfort. Yes, you are probably picturing something entirely unpleasant to look at from that description, but that needn’t be the case!

These days you will be able to find fashionable travel pants, pants that not only look great but have the extras you need to tailor them to your travel requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Travel Pants?

The main benefit of owning a pair of travel pants is storage. A pair of travel pants means that you can safely keep your money on you, e.g., with a money belt, and carry your essential documents (passport) in one of the many secure pockets. This might sound ridiculous because you have a bag for such things, but the bottom line is that travel doesn’t always have to follow the rules.

Travel pants often have zip-off sections below the knees, so you can adapt to the weather when you land in your location without rooting through your suitcase for a different pair of pants to wear.

The main benefits of travel pants are, therefore:

  • Comfort. Elasticated waistbands make for comfortable journeys
  • Durability. Travel pants are built to last
  • Breathability. Zip-off leg sections and mesh material for hot countries or humidity
  • Storage. A set number of pockets hidden inside the pants
  • Flexibility. You can wear these in many situations.

Best Men Travel Pants Brands

As with everything in life, there are certain men’s travel pants brands that scream quality and peace of mind in your purchase:

These are the main big-hitters in the world of men’s travel pants, but most of these brands are overall outdoor activity clothing manufacturers too. If you purchase from one of these travel brands, you may spend a little more than a lesser-known brand, but you will not know what you’re getting; if you purchase from a big-name brand, you get instant peace of mind. Having said that, reviews are the way forward.

What To Look For In Travel Pants

Okay, now we know that travel pants are a great idea; we need to know what to look for when purchasing a pair.


You need a pair of travel pants with a breathable fabric type, which are wrinkle-resistant and water-resistant. These pants are meant to cover you for all terrains, so the fabric is ultra-important. Cotton is a fabric to avoid here, but nylon and polyester are good choices, which are widely available.

Versatility And Style

You need your travel pants to cover all different situations, so you want them to be ideal for a hike, but that you can also dress them up for dinner. Again, zip-off legs are a good go-to, and a tailored style means you can always look on point, regardless of the situation. This is also where that wrinkle-free material will come in handy.


You don’t want to spend the earth, so make sure you shop around for the best price for you and your needs.


The lightweight fabric is what you need because this feels better when you’re wearing the pants, but it also means that they’re not going to take up extra weight or space in your case or carry on luggage, should you decide to purchase more than one pair.

Pockets And Safety Features

Aside from comfort, the whole point of a pair of travel pants is that they serve a purpose, and much of that is about the pockets. You don’t need a huge number of pockets; probably three is enough, but make sure that the pockets are hidden because this adds extra safety. Some pants even have RFID blocking technology built in, so pickpockets can’t clone your identity from your cards or passport.

Quick Drying

This is down to the fabric, but you want your travel pants to dry quickly to help you stay comfortable and relaxed. If you’re off on a hike and you get your pants a little wet in a river or stream, or maybe a freak downpour, you want them to dry quickly and be as good as new once they have dried.

Do They Convert Into Shorts?

Zip-off leg sections are useful for converting pants into shorts and vice versa. These zips should be hidden, however.


At the end of all this, the pants need to look good. Otherwise, you’re just not going to be comfortable wearing them. You can find slim-fit travel pants, but these will have less in the way of hidden pockets; on the other hand, looser cargo pants look great.


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