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When traveling to the four corners of the planet, it’s essential to have the kit to last you for the duration – especially to have the right backpack. If you have substandard equipment, e.g., a flimsy suitcase, it will fall apart when it is in transit; if you have a poor carry-on bag, the strap will probably break while getting from A to B.

One of the essential pieces of equipment for a long-distance traveler is a backpack. It’s vital to get a top-class pack because this is what is holding together your entire trip! For that reason, it’s essential to do research and review before you make a purchase and to decide on a budget and stick to it.

Best Backpacks For Travel For Women Reviews

Deuter ACT Lite 35+10

This backpack is ideal for those longer journeys, e.g., a real backpacking expedition! Available in two different colors, including an attractive green and an orange choice, there is a cute flower on the front, which gives it a little extra style and makes it easy to spot your backpack; if you check it in, you put it down anywhere.

Deuter is a big-name brand, and this bag comes with the Deuter Aircontact System, which keeps your things organized, safe, and secure. A massive lid pocket, a pocket on the inside for your valuables, and a zippered pocket on the hip belt. This bag is spacious, can hold 35 and 10L, and weighs just 3lb 8oz, making it one of the more lightweight bags on the market.

Size: 6x23x12”

Weight: 3lb 8oz

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Plenty of compartments to keep your belongings organized


Osprey Sirrus 50

This stylish bag comes in four color options: light blue, black, purple, and orchid. The bag is designed specifically for women and is shaped to fit the unique shape of a woman’s body ergonomically. The bag is also made of 210D nylon crosshatch material and has dual stretch mesh pockets on the sides. There is a front panel pocket for storage and a trekking pole attachment for those hiking trips. To keep your things safe, a rain cover also fits directly over the backpack.

Size – 27x13x14.”

Weight – 3.8lb

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Extras, including rain cover and trekking pole attachment


High Sierra Women’s Explorer 50 Internal Frame Pack

This large backpack is ideal for longer trips and comes in three color options: navy, pink, and patterned pink. The price is a little lower than some other bags of the same size and quality, which is a plus point, and it loads in the top, with a drawstring closure and a top lid that adjusts.

The aluminum bar frame keeps everything in place and upright, and overall the bag is designed to fit a woman’s body much better than other unisex bags. The back panel has Airflow channels, which help keep you more relaxed while carrying your belongings around.

Size – 8x29x14.”

Weight – 4.5lb

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Airflow channels in the back to keep you cool while traveling


Osprey Women’s Aura AG 50 Backpack

Osprey is a big-name brand; perhaps that reflects his particular backpack’s slightly higher price. The bag comes in three colors and is made of nylon for strength and durability. It is a very high-quality product, and it is designed specifically for women.

This is a top-loading bag with a large main compartment, and the top lid section is removable if you want to head out for a day trip. There is a stowed trekking pole attachment and side mesh pockets, which stretch and zippered hip belt pockets, giving you plenty of room to store your belongings safely.

Size – 13x30x14.”

Weight – 4.2lb

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Many zippered compartments to store your belongings


Kelty Catalyst 46 Backpack

This large backpack is ideal for weekends away, hiking trips, and the attractive green color is certainly appealing! The bag closes with a drawstring at the top and has several compartments for your belongings while also being easy to access. There are outside stretch pockets, as well as a sleeping bag compartment at the side. The bag opens via a top-loading mechanism. The bag is made with Perfect-FIT suspension, which means that the bag molds to your body shape and makes it easy to carry for extended periods.

Size – 29x12x12.”

Weight – 3.8lb

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Perfect-FIT suspension means that the bag molds to the body of whoever is wearing it


Black Diamond Elixir 45L

This bag is large and attractive, available in two different color options, including darker and lighter options. The bag has a ReACTIV suspension with Swing Arm straps on the shoulders for total comfort and an open-air back panel that helps with ventilation while moving around. The bag is lower priced than many others on the market, which is a central plus point and ideal for women on the go.

There is a large zippered pocket to store a sleeping bag, front pockets, and side pockets. The hip belt also has a pocket for small items you need to access quickly. On top of this, there is a retractable trekking pole loop and sleeping pad straps, and it is also compatible with hydration systems.

Size – 26x16x7.”

Weight – 3.3lb

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Comfort is high with this bag because of the suspension features, the open-air back panel, and the padded shoulder straps


Timbuk2 Aviator Travel Backpack (28.5L)

This bag is available in six different muted colors, which means both men and women can use it on the go. It is an excellent choice for women because of the ease of travel and the bag’s comfort levels. The bag is made of a mixture of polyethylene foam, vinyl, and acetate, making it durable and highly comfortable to travel.

There is a large interior pocket, an interior slip pocket, two internal zip pockets, and six pockets on the outside for smaller items you need to access quickly. The top flap keeps the main compartment even safer, and this also lays flat with a buckle so that you can be sure your belongings are totally safe from potential pickpockets.

Regarding comfort, the bag has an adjustable strap and a removable sternum strap, which helps balance out the weight more evenly. This bag is ideal for carry-on luggage.

Size – 9.4x22x13.4.”

Weight – 9.5lb

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Can be used for carry-on needs


Kelty Redwing 44 L Backpack

This bag is ideal for weekend trips or short hikes and compact enough to carry with total comfort simultaneously. You can choose between two different colors, and while this bag is not designed specifically for women, it is effortless to carry, which has put it in this category.

The bag’s front opens with a U-shaped zipper, and the back section has AirFlow technology, which keeps you cool while carrying the bag in warmer temperatures. The bag has LightBeam single aluminum stay to add extra shape and stability to the design, and it is also hydration compatible.

Size – 22x15x12.”

Weight – 3lb 3oz

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Compact design and easy to carry


Doleesune 42L Internal Frame Pack

This backpack is brilliant and attractive while also being designed specifically for women. The bag is sturdy and durable nylon and has a ventilated back section, which helps to keep you cool on the go. The bag features the Powerful Bear Breathable System, which avoids that annoying and embarrassing ‘sweaty back’ problem that can sometimes occur while traveling. This top-loading bag has a drawstring closing section, and the top lid also adjusts.

Size – 24.4×13.4×9.4.”

Weight – 42lbs

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Keeps you cool while carrying it, thanks to the ventilated back section


Osprey Packs Women’s Tempest 40 Backpack

This is another Osprey choice, which is very high quality and has the major plus point of being super-lightweight, making it easier to carry without causing problems or strains. Made of strong nylon, this bag has a large interior compartment and five zipped pockets on the outside. The hip belt helps distribute the weight much more evenly, and the padded and adjustable shoulder straps add to the comfort levels.

Size – 10x26x10.”

Weight – 1.6lb

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Very lightweight, which makes it much easier to carry


Dinictis 40L Carry On Flight Approved Travel Backpack, Weekender Bag.

Even though this fantastic travel backpack has a volume of 40L, it still fits in the carry-on compartments of a plane and underneath your seat. This backpack is designed for convenience, featuring a protected foam laptop compartment, a quick access small-item storage bag on the front, and a large area for clothes. Thanks to a zipper that zips around three-quarters of the bag, you can fold it open for super-easy access.

As far as materials go, they’re superb as well. This backpack for travel is made from durable polyester that’s scratch-resistant and water-repellent. Additionally, key force points are strengthened, making this a durable bag.

Size – 19.6×13.8×9.8.”

Weight – 2.6lb

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Plenty of compartments to fit most things you need for a short trip


Backpacks For Men: Difference In Men’s Backpacks Vs. Women’s Backpacks

A backpack for a man is slightly different from one designed specifically for women. Colors tend to be darker and more masculine for a man-designed backpack, and these are usually larger sizes. However, the large number of unisex bags also tells you that the fit is somewhat different.

Best Backpacks For Travel For Men Reviews

Osprey Atmos 50

This backpack is a fantastic choice for men who love to explore. The bag has a large interior section made of synthetic material, which can hold more than is needed, three interior slip pockets, and one exterior slip pocket that fastens closed for security.

The bag is padded on the straps, which are also adjustable, and there is a waist belt for extra comfort while carrying. Additionally, the sides have compression straps to stabilize the bag when packed full. The top lid is ‘floating,’ meaning it can be detached, and there is an attachment section for additional tools, such as hiking poles.

Size – 14x31x16”

Weight – 1.5lb

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Floating top lid for extra functionality


Brands We Use And Trust


Deuter Transit 50 Backpack

This large and well-padded backpack is ideal for travel adventures and is reasonably priced simultaneously. It has a breathable foam back section, which helps you stay cool and calm while traveling around without that annoying ‘sweaty back.’ Made of Super-Polytex material, the bag closes with a robust and durable zipper.

The bag has an interior X frame to add stability and a bottom compartment, which is ideal for items you need to be safe and kept hidden. External zipper pockets hold the things you need to access quickly while you’re out and about.

Size – 3x25x13.”

Weight – 5.2lb

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Strong and breathable material


Osprey Packs Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack

This pack is ideal for men as it comes in four muted colors, undoubtedly masculine, but is also roomy and reasonably priced. Made of strong polyester, the backpack has a hip belt and harness system, making it easy to carry, and the harness can also be zipped away when you don’t need it. The large compartment is certainly spacious, with an interior zip pocket and an exterior one. There are sleeping pad straps and room for an external attachment too.

Size – 13x24x17.”

Weight – 3.9lb

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Stowaway harness system


Osprey Exos 48

This medium-sized backpack is available in two colors: green and blue, and it is an attractive option. Made of solid nylon, the bag has an internal back panel sleeve that helps you stay cool and a clip attachment that can store all the hydration you need, up to 3 liters.

The frame inside the bag is made of strong aluminum and has a suspended cross strut, which gives you extra support when carrying your belongings. The hip belt is coated in mesh for extra comfort and padding. The top pocket is ‘floating’ and removable, and under the lid, there is a key clip to store your essential keys.

Size – 6x14x22.”

Weight – 2.4lb

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Many extras which other bags of the same price don’t have


Deuter ACT Trail 30 Hiking Backpack

This top-loading backpack is ideal for hiking trips and weekends away, and the 30L capacity is certainly enough for a few days out. Made of unyielding Polytex, non-rip nylon, the bag has a fabric interior and a section that can be used to store your wet laundry. A zippered side pocket, a stretch pocket on the side, and a hip belt for easy carrying and comfort. The bag is compatible with a hydration system and is available in three colors, black, orange, and green.

Size – 21x62x29.”

Weight – 3.1lb

Best Travel Backpack Feature – Dedicated wet laundry pocket is very useful


The North Face Men’s Casimir 32 Backpack

This backpack is very high quality, and the big-named brand tells you all you need to know. The bag is available in a bright blue shade and is relatively low priced when considering the big brand name. Hydration compatible, the bag also has a large interior pocket and multiple interior pockets. There are two hip belts for stability, and the backpack also has a breathable back section to avoid discomfort while traveling. There is a women’s version of the bag, although designed to contour more to the curves of a woman’s body.

Size – 23.2×11.8×6.7.”

Weight – 2.1lb

Best Travel Backpack Feature: Big-named brand for confidence in your purchase


The Best Backpack For Travel Reviews and Guide - TRAVEL REVIEWS - Chasing the Donkey

Osprey Sojourn Wheeled Travel Luggage, 28-Inch/80 Liter

The price for this travel bag had me raising my eyebrows, but I’m ultimately won over now. This is no ordinary bag! As a convertible wheeled pack, roll this beauty along like all other travel luggage at the airport. Enjoy the bag’s extra-large wheel feature for smooth off-road rolling if your destination has a little more complex terrain (cobblestone streets, gravel, etc.).

In case you find yourself in a situation where even the off-road wheels aren’t enough, don’t panic. This bag converts into a travel backpack with foam shoulder straps and a mesh lumbar and hip belt. Roomy, durable, and lightweight, there is so much to love about this piece of travel bag, a substantial part of any travel essentials list.


Kelty Redwing 32 Liter Backpack

Mr. Chasing the Donkey and I love a great day trip, and that always means hauling along a few items for the Baby Donkey and his set of travel headphones he never leaves the house without. We love this sized-down version of Kelty’s best-selling Redwing bag for storing all the gear we need for a day out exploring. This travel backpack can be loaded from the top or via side panels and has amazing U-zippers to keep everything safely stored.

Lightweight, durable, and comfy straps with ventilation make this a trusty backpack for a great price. This is one of the ultimate travel must-haves in our book, especially for shorter trips.


Kelty Redwing 50 Pack Black

Kelty has made one heck of a 50L bag in its popular Redwing line for those in need of a serious travel backpack. The bag is designed for long days of use with a lightweight frame, many features for assisting with airflow, and amazingly comfortable AirMesh shoulder, waist belt, and lumbar straps. The pack is incredibly spacious, holding enough gear for staying out in the wilderness or backpacking through Europe for multiple days.

With lots of zippers, compartments, and hybrid loading features, the organization is attainable, and re-packing is easy. Mr. Chasing the Donkey and I agree: this pack is an incredible value for its size and function, making it one of the best travel backpacks.

What is a Travel Daypack, and Why do You Need One?

A travel daypack is a smaller version of a hiking backpack, a bag that lets you take the items you need for your day out and about without it being too large, too heavy, or simply too much for the task at hand.

These look like what you would typically have known as a ‘rucksack,’ but daypacks are highly durable. A travel daypack is ideal for shorter trips and could even be used for an overnight trip if necessary. Many larger backpacks have an incorporated daypack, which gives you more cost-effectiveness for your purchase.

Best Daypack For Travel Reviews

Before you read the below reviews, you should know how to choose the correct travel daypack to get the best back for your travel style.

How to Choose The Best Backpack For Travel


How big you want the bag depends on how long you’re going away and what you want to take. If you are only going for the day or maybe two days, then a daypack may be sufficient; if you’re going for much longer, a bigger capacity bag will be required.

Top Loading Vs. Front Loading

How do you want to access your things? This could be down to personal preference, but it also depends on how big the bag is. Most large-capacity bags are top-loading. This is safer when opening the bag, so nothing falls out; sideloading is ideal if you want to pack easy-to-reach items in the middle of your main compartment because this will give you overall access.

Backpack Frame

If you are going for a large backpack, look for one with an aluminum frame. Larger packs tend to have aluminum frames inside, to keep them upright and sturdy. If these bags don’t have a frame, they will simply collapse, and all your belongings will be mixed up and possibly damaged.


Most backpacks are made of nylon or polyester. Still, it’s always a good idea to look for tougher versions of these materials, especially nylon, as these will give you more durability and protection for your bag.

Hip Belt

A hip belt will help you carry the bag, so if you’re opting for a larger capacity, again, this is ideal. The weight will be distributed evenly across your body rather than all in one place, which cuts down on the aches and pains you may experience the day after carrying it.


Are there straps inside to hold everything in place? Are there extra straps on the outside to help you carry it? Are there straps to attach anything else, e.g., a hiking pole or a sleeping pad?


All bags will have a large main compartment, but does the bag have other ones, e.g., outside? More compartments mean more room to organize your belongings, rather than having everything packed into one place.

Numinous Packs GlobePacs Anti-Theft Travel Daypack

This daypack is made of anti-slash fabric, which keeps your belongings safe and sound. There is an integrated and retractable cable lock, which means the bag can be secured to any other object that doesn’t move for even more peace of mind. The zippers are also anti-puncture, so they can’t be opened without you wanting them to be! The bag comes with TSA-approved zipper locks, and the bag is comfortable to carry, with lumbar support and padded shoulder straps.

Size – 5.9×17.7×11.8.”

Weight – 2lb

Best Travel Daypack Feature – The many anti-theft features


Osprey Tempest 20

We know that Osprey is an excellent name in the luggage world, and this is a unisex option, even though it could be more geared toward women slightly. Available in six different colors, this daypack is ideal for hiking or weekends away and is also a very supportive pack. This lightweight bag has a harness and hip belt and comes in different sizes to give a custom fit. The large main compartment is more than large enough for everything you need, and there are also five exterior pockets for anything else you may need.

Size – 11x18x11.”

Weight – 1.4lb

Best Travel Daypack Feature – Comes in different sizes for a custom fit


Mountaintop 40 Liter Hiking Backpack

Available in 10 different colors and styles, this backpack is large enough for everything you need for a hiking trip, perhaps a long day or two, but lightweight enough to carry it without stress or strain. The straps are adjustable, and the pack features six straps, which can be used to tie up a sleeping bag, hammock, or tripod.

The bag has strong and thick padding on the shoulders and the hip belt, and there are two padded areas on the back to offer extra cushioning while allowing air to flow across your back. There is one large main compartment, two front pockets, a hidden pouch, and two mesh pockets.

Size – 21.7×13.8×9.8.”

Weight – 2.1lb

Best Daypack Feature – Padded back section to allow air to flow and give you extra comfort


The North Face Jester Backpack

Again, we are dealing with a massive brand name here, and North Face is famous for its outdoor equipment and quality. This should give you peace of mind. This particular backpack is ideal for venturing off for the day and is available in several different colors and designs, so there is certainly something there for you.

The bag is made of strong polyester, and there is also a padded laptop sleeve inside the central section, which can house a laptop up to 15″. You will also find a zippered pocket and pen pockets inside the main compartment. To keep the bag sturdy and secure, there are molded and padded shoulder straps and a padded air mesh back panel, which helps you stay cool while on the go. There is also a 360-degree reflective bike-light loop and water bottle taps for hydration.

Size – 22x15x5.”

Weight – 1.7lb

Best Daypack Feature – There is room for a 15″ laptop


Osprey Men’s Waypoint 80 Travel Backpack

This back is two separate bags combined, giving extra flexibility for your travel needs. The bag is reliable and durable in two different colors and is designed to distribute weight evenly to cut down on aches and pains when carrying. A zip-off, foam padded harness, and a fixed hip belt connect to the mainframe, and the saddle can be slid up or down to fit your body correctly.

A dual lockable zippered front section gives you access to the main compartment without opening up the entire bag for something you need. Overall, this is an excellent bag with high flexibility.

Size – 24x16x13.”

Weight – 5.7lb

Best Daypack Feature – Adjustable fit for real comfort


Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

If you’re looking for a bag that will seriously look the part and have envious looks coming your way, this is it! The bag is padded and fleece-lined and can also accommodate a laptop up to 15″ in size. The bag closes with magnetic straps and then two metal clips. The front pocket also has a hidden zipper and a hook for your keys.

The shoulder straps are padded and contoured for comfort, and there is also back padding with air mesh technology to keep you cool throughout your journey. This backpack is also available in countless colors and patterns to choose a personalized look.

Size – 19.3x11x6.3.”

Weight – 2.3lb

Best Daypack Feature – Very stylish appearance, which makes it stand out


Osprey Packs Daylite Plus Backpack

Available in six different bright color options, this daypack is ideal for both men and women on the go. The bag is made of very strong and durable material, namely Nylon Double Diamond Ripstop, and the main compartment has a large panel for access, so you don’t have to rummage around for something in vain! Two side pockets stretch, so you can easily fit a water bottle in them, and there is room for a tablet or laptop inside. The back section is meshed and has the technology to allow air to circulate freely.

Size – 10x10x18”

Weight – 1.19lb

Best Daypack Feature – Large range of colors available


SwissGear 1900 Scansmart TSA-Friendly Carry-On Travel Daypack

Made with durable 1200D ballistic polyester fabric, the SwissGear 1900 Scansmart daypack is perfect for plane travel and day trips. This full-featured day backpack has a large laptop compartment, quickly opening up a smooth airport security check process. Other accessible compartments have room for travel documents, keys, a large water bottle, an umbrella, and even a spare set of clothes.

Adjustable shoulder straps and side compression straps ensure ultimate security on the road, while Airflow ventilation technology and a padded back panel creates additional comfort. Available in a variety of different colors, this daypack for travel is a superb option to have.

Size – 18.5×13.5×9.”

Weight – 3.1lb

Best Daypack Feature – Multiple easy-to-access compartments for various work and travel items


Backpacks For Women – What Should You Look For?

When purchasing a backpack specifically for women, there are a few extra features you need to look at. The first one is how it looks, the second is how organized the interior of the bag is, and the third is how you carry it – a backpack designed for women will need to mold to the contours of a woman’s body and be ergonomically designed for a woman’s frame. To sum it up:


The color and style must be attractive as you’ll be lugging it about for years to come.

Number Of Pockets/Organizational Features

Inside the main compartment, there should be organizational features, i.e., several compartments and zip pockets.

Ergonomic Design

A woman’s body differs from a man’s, which means carrying a bag for an extended period; the bag needs to fit the curves of a female. These are often contoured differently from THE bags, which are unisex or specifically designed for men.

Padded Shoulder Pads

When carrying the bag for extended periods, the strain can be put on the shoulders and neck; padded shoulder pads help minimize this. Most bags have this standard, but it’s something to check before purchasing.

Lumbar Support/Waist Belt

Larger backpacks often have lumbar support or a waist belt, which helps balance the weight across the body rather than keeping it in one place and causing strains.

What to Look For When Purchasing An Anti Theft Backpack For Travel

Choosing the right anti theft bag can be overwhelming – mainly cause of the options. Here we will help you narrow down what to look for in each backpack.


Does the backpack have any particular security features, e.g., RFID-blocking technology? This keeps your passport and credit cards safe by preventing any chance of identity theft. This is something you should undoubtedly think about looking at when you make a purchase. Is the backpack specifically designed for security, e.g., anti theft? Or is it a regular backpack?


Again, does it have RFID technology? Does it have hidden pockets? Does it have any additional features which make it stand out? Many backpacks that are explicitly anti-theft have the RFID feature, but they could also have super-strong zips, as well as small compartments hidden inside the bag to keep your super-valuable items safe.


This is about the structural design of the backpack. What size do you need? If you’re not heading off a massive adventure, then a large backpacking bag will be too big for you; similarly, if you are going somewhere for a longer time, you don’t want to opt for a bag that’s too small. You need to look at how many pockets and compartments are included, and you also need to know how easy the pockets are to access. How do you carry the bag? Does it have lumbar support? Does it have padded shoulders? Comfort is equally important.


This is important if you’re crossing rugged terrains or going out in the rain – you don’t want your belongings to get soggy! You also need to know that the straps are reinforced and aren’t going to break when you pack the bag to its maximum. Reviews are what you need here, as well as checking about where the reinforcement parts are.


Everyone wants a bag that looks the part, so finding an attractive one is essential!


Some backpacks convert into a day pack for heading out for a day hike or similar events. This is useful because you don’t have to carry a massive backpack when you’re only heading out of the hostel/camp for a few hours.

The Best Anti Theft Backpacks For Travel Comparison Chart

We looked at a huge range of anti theft bags and compared the features & prices, and we made this easy-to-use table to help you review and decide what anti theft backpack will suit you best. Click on any heading to sort the table accordingly.

[table caption=”The Best Anti Theft Backpacks For Travel Comparison Chart” width=”1050px”]

Pic, Anti Theft Backpack, Weight, # of Sections, Best Anti Theft Feature, Laptop, Price

, Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack, 1.6lb, 2, Anti-Slash Material, Y, 

, Puersit Water Resistant Anti theft Travel Bag, 1.1b, 3, Strong Fabric & Zips, Y,

, Kopack Slim Anti Thief Tear Bag, 1.8lb, 3, Hidden Compartments, Y,

, Kopack Slim Anti theft Simplified Bag, 1.6lb, 3, Anti Theft Zipper, Y,

, Kopack Anti the lightweight Hiking Travel Bag, 1.7lb, 1, Hidden Zippers, Y,

, Kopack ScanSmart Anti Theft Zipper Backpack , 2.1lb, 3, Strong Zips, Y,

, Kopack Anti Theft Waterproof Travel Daypack, 2.1lb, 2, Dual Zipper Layers & Anti Stab Material, Y,

, Kopack Anti Theft Waterproof Travel Daypack, 2.1lb, 2, Anti Theft Dual Zippers, Y,

, Uoobag KT-01 Slim Anti theft Travel Bag, 2.4lb, 2, Strong Two-Way Anti Theft Zippers, Y,

, Uoobag AD-04 For Men , 1.8lb, 3, Anti Theft Buckles, Y,

, Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L GII Anti theft Backpack, 2lb, 2, RFID Blocking Material, Y,

,Pacsafe Venturesafe 15L GII Anti theft Daypack, 1.5lb, 2, eXomesh Slashguard Material, N,

, Travelon Anti theft Classic Backpack, 2.1lb, 3, Strong Material & Zippers, Y,

, Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 Anti theft 15L Backpack, 1.7lb, 2, RFID Blocking Material, N,

, Pacsafe Venturesafe 45L GII Anti theft Carry-on Travel Pack, 3.8lb, 2, eXomesh Slashguard Material, Y,


We also have a lot of packing and travel product tips, including the following.

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