Guide To The Best Anti Theft Backpacks For Travel

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Guide To The Best Anti Theft Backpacks For Travel. PLUS, 5 Travel Safety Tips

When you are off on your travels, safety is one of the most important things to consider. Of course, you need to be safe yourself, but you also need your belongings to be safe. You should never leave your bag unattended, but what about when you have a bag with you? Can this be tampered with or even stolen?

Of course, it can!

And when it comes to backpacks, this feature is even more important, simply because the bag is not at your side or in front of you. It’s behind you, where you can’t see what’s going on. For that reason, there are a large number of anti theft backpack options on the market.

Because of the wide variety of anti theft backpacks on the market, you need to know what to look for. Let us help you choose the best anti-theft backpack to stop you from being robbed while traveling.

The Best Anti Theft Travel Backpacks Comparison Chart

We looked at a considerable range of theft-proof backpack choices, compared the features and price, and made this easy-to-use table to help you review and decide which is the best anti theft travel backpack for you. Click on any heading to sort the table accordingly.

Best Anti Theft Backpacks For Travel Comparison Chart
Click To Sort Anti Theft Backpack Weight # of Sections Best Anti Theft Feature Laptop Price
Loaged Anti Theft Laptop Backpack 2Lb 2 Front And Side Buckles Plus Strong Zips Y
Korin Design Clickpack Pro 2.2Lb 5 Anti-Slash Material And Locks Y
Mancro Laptop Backpack 1.5Lb 3 Strong Lock And Zips Y
Hanke Travel Backpack 2.2Lb 2 Hidden Zips Y
Ambor Laptop Backpack 1.6Lb 1 Strong Lock And Zips Y
Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack 2.3Lb 1 Hidden Zips Y
Matein Travel Laptop Backpack 1.56Lb 2 Hidden Compartments Y
Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack 1.6lb 2 Anti-Slash Material Y
Puersit Water Resistant Anti theft Travel Bag 1.1b 3 Strong Fabric & Zips Y
Kopack Slim Anti Thief Tear Bag 1.8lb 3 Hidden Compartments Y
Kopack Slim Anti theft Simplified Bag 1.6lb 3 Anti Theft Zipper Y
Kopack Anti theftLightweight Hiking Travel Bag 1.7lb 1 Hidden Zippers Y
Kopack ScanSmart Anti Theft Zipper Backpack 2.1lb 3 Strong Zips Y
Kopack Anti Theft Waterproof Travel Daypack 2.1lb 2 Dual Zipper Layers & Anti Stab Material Y
Kopack Anti Theft Waterproof Travel Daypack 2.1lb 2 Anti Theft Dual Zippers Y
Uoobag KT-01 Slim Anti theft Travel Bag 2.4lb 2 Strong Two-Way Anti Theft Zippers Y
Uoobag AD-04 For Men 1.8lb 3 Anti Theft Buckles Y
Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L GII Anti theft Backpack 2lb 2 RFID Blocking Material Y
Pacsafe Venturesafe 15L GII Anti theft Daypack 1.5lb 2 eXomesh Slashguard Material N
Travelon Anti theft Classic Backpack 2.1lb 3 Strong Material & Zippers Y
Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 Anti theft 15L Backpack 1.7lb 2 RFID Blocking Material N
Pacsafe Venturesafe 45L GII Anti theft Carry-on Travel Pack 3.8lb 2 eXomesh Slashguard Material Y

The Best Anti Theft Travel Backpack Reviews

We are confident that you’ll find a suitable anti theft daypack or theft-proof rucksack in this extensive list of reviews of the best anti theft backpacks for travel. If you don’t see the right bag, let us know what you need, and we’ll keep looking.

NOMATIC Secure Travel Backpack

This slimline backpack lets you keep all your essential items in one place while cutting down on weight and bulk. The stylish design is ideal for looking at the part while getting from A to B, and you can easily fit up to 20L of items inside.

The back easily holds a laptop and has RFID protection, so you don’t have to worry about data or identity theft. The material is water-resistant and highly durable, with an expansion section that allows you to carry even more, up to 34L in most cases. There ate two water bottle pockets on the outside, and these clip down when not in use to keep the whole bag looking stylish and bulk-free. 


Lifepack Anti Theft Backpack With Lock And Charger

It’s what we own!

This is your ideal choice for a bag that caters to every need you could have while on the go. Packed with features while also looking stylish and sporty simultaneously, the Lifepack has a top reputation for a reason.

This anti-thief laptop backpack comprises a mixture of polyester and polyurethane and features padding at the base, with 2 cm of sponge padding on the back section for extra comfort. You can opt for black or titanium grey, and the bag is also surprisingly lightweight considering its features, at just 2.46lb. You can fit a standard 15.6″ laptop inside.

Water-resistant, this anti theft travel bag will keep your belongings safe with an integrated lock and strong zip. Additionally, an anti-cut plastic layer across the outside makes this a cut-proof backpack. You will find a sunglasses pocket and a water bottle pocket. This backpack also has hidden pockets, two on the back and two on the straps. There is plenty of space inside this bag and lockable compartments for safety.

What makes the Lifepack the best anti theft laptop bag for travel, however, is the Powerbank. This means you can charge your phone or tablet on the go by USB, using solar power. The unit comes in and out, so you can choose when you want to use it.

There is also a built-in Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen to your tunes as you move around. You can quickly charge up to two devices simultaneously while listening to your music.

Overall, this is the king of bags. A sporty and sleek appearance, the ability to charge your phone wherever you go, and plenty of space and security, too. It has it all and has even more besides, making it one of the absolute nicest backpacks for travel on the market right now.

Key Anti Theft Bag Features:

  • Integrated locks and lockable compartments
  • Water bottle and sunglasses compartments
  • Backpack with secret pockets
  • Easy pull, strong zips
  • Built-in rain cover
  • Able to fit a laptop up to 15.6″ in size
  • Powerbank/Bluetooth speakers/Solar USB charging
  • Ability to charge two devices at the same time while listening to music
  • Lightweight considering its features, at just 2.47lb

Korin Design ClickPack Pro Anti Theft Backpack

This is a stylish and futuristic-looking backpack, which comes with a range of different features. This is also an award-winning backpack, as it won the Good Design Award in 2017!

This safety backpack has three main security features: a TSA lock, a retractable metal wire lock, and double layer fabric, anti-slash, with robust zippers. There is also a USB charging port within the bag, so you don’t have to worry about red flashing lights on any device. There are five main storage compartments within the lockable backpack, so you can easily arrange your belongings without everything ending up in the same place.

This one will be a great choice if you’re looking for a backpack with locks. From a comfort point of view, the bag has adjustable, padded straps, and the back section is designed to be breathable during hot weather or humidity. The bag is also designed to distribute weight evenly to avoid back strains and aches. This one would be a great choice i

Puersit 17-Inch Waterproof Anti Theft Backpack Business Travel Computer Bag

This is a fantastic option for you if you’re looking for the best anti-theft waterproof travel backpack.

Available in both black and red, this anti theft laptop backpack is fantastic for business travel because it easily accommodates a large laptop, up to 17″. Many bags only accommodate the regular-sized notebook, so this is a significant perk for those who prefer a wider screen size on their technology. The bag is ultra-waterproof and has a high capacity, making it easy to find your items without them gathering together at the bottom of the bag.

The fabric of this security backpack is durable and sturdy, and a shock absorption system helps protect your belongings against any impact. In terms of comfort, the padded back section and the padded shoulder straps mean that you won’t get sore while carrying the bag, relieving any pressure on your shoulders, which can lead to aches and pains.

Key Travel Anti Pickpocket Backpack Features:

  • Highly waterproof material
  • Accommodates a laptop up to 17″ in size
  • Large capacity
  • Durable fabric
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Shock absorption system to protect your belongings

One reason to buy this anti theft laptop backpack: It can accommodate a larger-sized laptop

Why you should keep looking: RFID blocking technology is not included in this bag.

Mancro Lockable Travel Backpack For Laptop

This sporty-looking backpack is ideal for regular use or even for business trips. Available in seven different colors, this anti theft computer backpack has a separate compartment for a laptop of up to 17″ in size, as well as three other main compartments and nine small pockets on the interior. Also, two pockets on the outside are sealed, so you can store small items without worrying about them being lost or stolen. These pockets also help you to organize your things easier.

There is a USB charger on the outside of the back and charging cables on the inside, so you don’t have to part open your bag to charge your phone while you’re out and about. Safety features include a theft-proof combination lock and strong zippers.

The bag itself is made of durable nylon and has two padded shoulder straps for comfort.

Hanke Travel Theft Safe Backpack

Another stylish backpack could easily be used for business or leisure purposes; this secure laptop backpack is made of durable polyester and is water-resistant, up to level 4. Also, the bag is super easy to clean, which is a useful extra!

You can easily fit a 14″ laptop inside the backpack, and there are two main compartments, with several smaller zipped compartments for your smaller items. Zippers are solid but hidden, which works as a fantastic security feature. This is a backpack with a charger port, too. There is a built-in cable for USB charging, for which you will need to use a PowerBank.

The shoulder straps are also padded and adjustable, and the padded back panel is designed to make using the backpack more comfortable and evenly distribute weight. There are also reflective straps on the back for use in the dark.

AMBOR Laptop Backpack

This is a really lightweight and stylish backpack with enough space to hold a laptop up to 17.3″ and has many security features to make it worth your investment. Made of nylon, the material is durable and rugged, and the shoulder straps are curved for extra comfort with padding. The overall design is ergonomic, so you don’t have to worry about aches and pains after carrying for a few hours.

This rip-proof backpack contains a USB charging port with a built-in USB cable; you simply need to connect to your PowerBank to charge your phone. There is also a built-in headphone jack, so you don’t need to open your bag unnecessarily. Security features include a theft-proof combination lock and strong zippers, making this a wonderfully pickpocket-proof backpack.

One large main compartment and several smaller compartments for organizing and storing your items.

Oscaurt Anti-Theft Hidden Zipper Secure Backpack

Stylish and futuristic design, this backpack has many security options and a handy bag regarding how much it can hold. The main compartment zipper is completely hidden away, and there is also a secret pocket to the rear of the pack. This backpack with a back pocket lets you store essential items, safe knowing that nobody can reach them but you.

There is a built-in USB charger and cable within the bag for charging devices on the go. The straps are padded and adjustable, and the back section contains EVA material, which helps protect your back and provides breathability. There is a reflective strip on the back for safe traveling at night.

The large main compartment of this concealed zip backpack is very spacious, and there is an elastic section to hold your laptop, up to 15.6″ in size. Small compartments within the bag’s interior also keep your smaller items organized and safe.


Bobby Anti-Theft Carry On Backpack


This attractive and stylish backpack comes in a fashionable light gray color. It is made of solid polyester material to keep everything safe and watertight. You are dealing with a big-name brand here, so knowing you’re getting quality will give you confidence in your purchase.

On top of this, the bag has a compartment that is padded and safe for a laptop up to 15.6″ in size and an individual tablet sleeve for a tablet up to 10″. The bag has reflective prints on the outside, so you are safe during nighttime wandering, while several hidden pockets keep all your belongings safe and out of the way of pickpocketing hands.

Key Features Of This Secure Backpack For Travel:

  • Big-name brand
  • Attractive design
  • High-quality polyester material
  • Reflective prints for nighttime use
  • Hidden pockets
  • Laptop compartment for equipment up to 15.6.”
  • Tablet sleeve up to 10.”

One reason to buy this travel anti-theft backpack: Big-name brand to give you confidence

Why you should keep looking: This bag won’t be big enough if you have a larger laptop.


Kopack Slim Business Waterproof Backpack Anti-Theft Fits Up To 15.6″ Macbooks

This Kopack backpack with anti theft features is beautiful and be used for travel or everyday use, depending on your needs. Available in black or light gray, the bag easily fits a laptop or Macbook up to 15.6″ in size, which is the average size of these types of equipment. The bag is water repellent, making it ideal for use in all circumstances, and it is made of sturdy nylon with a durable, dual-access zipper.

The overall design makes it difficult for thieves to access any of your belongings inside the bag while also being comfortable to carry, with padded shoulder straps and padding on the back section. A loop handle is also on the top to grab the bag and go quickly.

Key Anti Theft Laptop Bag Features:

  • Anti theft design
  • Durable nylon fabric
  • Water-resistant
  • Dual access zippers
  • Padded shoulder straps and back section for comfort
  • It fits a 15.6″ laptop or MacBook easily

One reason to buy this anti theft backpack: Attractive and strong

Why you should keep looking: Bag lock not included

Loaged Anti Theft USB Charging Travel Backpack

Along with being stylish, this backpack has many safety and security features, which will keep your belongings safe. The bag has three pockets, which are spacious enough to hold all your main things, and seven small pockets on the inside to keep your small items safe. A further pocket is on the backside for anything you want to keep super-safe. In addition, there is a laptop/tablet space, which will fit a device up to 16″.

This backpack has the extra feature of an external USB interface, which means you can charge your devices without opening up the backpack and risk security problems. The zips are also solid and durable, but side and front buckles add extra protection.

The bag’s back has a comfort system designed to be breathable, and the straps are thick and adjustable for extra comfort.

Kopack Small Theft Proof Backpack, Laptop Compartment For 13 Or 14.1″ Chromebooks & Ultrabooks

Available in black, gray, or red, this is a solid and attractive-looking backpack that easily fits a laptop, Chromebook, or Ultrabook of 13-14.1″ in size. One large interior pocket and two side pockets, with strong anti-theft zippers on all compartments. The bag isn’t bulky, which makes it ideal for daily use, city trips/business use, etc.

The bag is very lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about aches and pains when carrying it, and the padded shoulder straps and the ergonomic fit also help in the comfort steaks.

Additionally, the bag features a breathable fabric on the back section to help you stay cool on hot days. A laptop compartment can hold equipment up to 14.1″, and there are ten compartments for smaller items. When looking for the best small anti theft backpack, this one is worth pausing at.

Key Theft Safe Backpack Features:

  • A dedicated laptop compartment holding a piece of equipment up to 14.1″ in size
  • Ten small compartments inside the main compartment
  • Three main compartments
  • Durable, anti theft zippers
  • The attractive design in three different colors
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design for comfort when carrying

One reason to buy this anti theft backpack: Ergonomic design makes it easy and comfortable to carry

Why you should keep looking: If RFID technology is important to you, this may not be the best option

Kopack Shockproof, Lightweight ScanSmart TSA Friendly 14 or 17 Inch Anti Theft Waterproof Backpack

If you’re a sporty backpack geek, this sporty yet stylish-looking anti theft bag is ideal for business or day use. Because it is slimline and lightweight, it makes carrying so much easier. This bag’s biggest anti theft feature is the hidden zippers, which make it virtually impossible for a pickpocket to get inside the bag.

Available in grey or black, the bag is water repellent, so your belongings stay dry and safe, and the bag can also fit a laptop up to a massive 17″, a feature that many bags can’t boast.

The main compartment opens at a 90-180-degree angle so you can easily find what you’re looking for, and inside you will find ten mini-compartments for your smaller items. The laptop compartment is also protected with a bubble foam layer to absorb any impact. On top of this, the padded shoulder straps and back section make carrying the bag comfortable.

Key Anti Pickpocket Cut Proof Backpack Features:

  • Attractive design
  • Hidden zippers for safety
  • The main compartment opens at a 90-180 degree angle
  • It can hold a laptop up to 17″ in size
  • The laptop section is protected with a bubble foam layer
  • Water-resistant
  • Padded shoulder straps and back section

One reason to buy this anti theft backpack: Packed with features and can fit a 17″ laptop

Why you should keep looking: The price is slightly higher than some other backpacks in the same vein

Kopack ScanSmart Anti Theft Zipper Travel Gear TSA Friendly Laptop Backpack Black Fit For 15.6 And Most 17″ Laptops

Are you a backpack geek looking for the best backpack with hidden pockets and other cool features? This bag is another top option from the big-name brand, Kopack, which means you get peace of mind with your purchase. The bag opens at a 90-180-degree angle, so you can easily find your belongings without having to root around inside and perhaps lose things.

There is space for everything you need, including an adjustable laptop section, which can fit a laptop from 15.6″ up to most laptops of 17″ in size. The laptop section is also padded and protected from impact. Inside the main section is an organizer area, which keeps your smaller items in place, and there is an anti theft dual layer zipper in the main compartment to add to the security features. This rob-proof backpack is ultra-waterproof and is made of anti-scratch nylon also.

Key Anti Theft Business Backpack Features:

  • Dual zippers on the main compartment
  • The main compartment opens at a 90-180 degree angle
  • Organizer section in the main compartment for smaller items
  • Waterproof material
  • Business-like bag, which is ideal for day travel
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Dedicated laptop section fitting a laptop from 15.6 to 17″ – should fit most 17″ laptops

One reason to buy this anti theft backpack: It easily fits most laptops and has strong anti theft zips

Why you should keep looking: Not as lightweight as some other security travel bags on the market

Matein Travel Laptop Bag Anti Theft

This backpack is available in seven colors; it is the ideal choice for any age and has plenty of space inside it. The main compartment is large, and there is another front compartment with several smaller pockets within it and a key fob hook. There is a separate compartment to hold a laptop or tablet, which will accommodate a device up to 15.6″ in size.

The back is made of durable polyester, waterproof material, and a rear design allows air to flow easily. The shoulder straps are padded and adjustable for comfort, and a foam top handle is also padded for carrying. Security features include a hidden anti-theft pocket on the back and strong zippers.

The bag also has a USB charging port and cable for staying in touch with loved ones while you’re on the move. That in itself is a security feature!

Kopack Business Computer Backpack Anti Theft Waterproof Travel Daypack For 14″, Grey

This backpack looks professional but fashionable and is available in grey, black, or pink. The design is slimline, so it isn’t bulky when carrying it wherever you need to go. The quality of the material is very high, as it is anti-wrinkle and anti-scratch and is made of thick nylon for durability. The straps are reinforced and padded for strength and comfort, and there is plenty of room inside. It can incorporate a laptop up to 14″, so notebooks are ideal for this particular safe backpack.

The main compartment includes a laptop sleeve and ten small compartments to store smaller items, including an umbrella and chargers. The added extras include a strap for sunglasses, a hole for your earphones, and an elasticated pocket for a water bottle on the side. The security is high, too, with anti theft zippers and double layers for protection.

Key High-Security Backpack Features:

  • Dual zippers for anti theft protection
  • Double layers for extra protection
  • Strong nylon outer with anti-wrinkle and anti-scratch protection
  • It can accommodate a 14″ laptop
  • The main compartment has ten smaller sections inside for organization
  • Extras include a sunglasses strap, water bottle holder, and hidden earphone hole
  • Padded straps and reinforced sections for strength

One reason to buy this anti theft backpack: Plenty of organizational pockets and extras to make this functional in many ways

Why you should keep looking: If you have a larger laptop, this bag will not fit it

Uoobag KT-01 Slim Safe Backpack Anti Theft For Business And Travel Up To 15.6 Inch Black

This stylish backpack is ideal for business trips and daily use and is available in three neutral shades of black and grey. The bag can easily fit a laptop up to 15.6″ in the dedicated laptop compartment, which is padded for extra protection. The material is thick and durable nylon, which is water-resistant and easy to clean. The bag’s interior is made of high-end polyester, offering more protection for your belongings. It is waterproof as well.

The bag has two-way, high-quality, anti theft zippers and several compartments inside, which help to separate your belongings, so you’re not pulling everything out on the go when you want to find one particular thing! The main compartment is large and roomy, and there is also a dedicated laptop pocket, an iPad pocket, and side pockets for water bottles. There is also an organizational pocket inside for smaller items.

Key Secure Travel Bag Features:

  • Can hold a laptop up to 15.6.”
  • It has a dedicated section for an iPad
  • The large compartment has an organizer section for smaller items
  • Durable nylon-fabric outside and polyester lining for strength
  • Water-resistant
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort when carrying
  • Dual zippers that are robust and high quality

One reason to buy this anti theft backpack: This product can hold a laptop and an iPad in dedicated sections for protection

Why you should keep looking: This bag is only available in dark shades, so if you want something a little more bright and attractive, you should keep searching

Uoobag AD-04 Business Laptop Backpack 15.6 Inch For Men With Durable Mats Projector Bags Carrying Case Black

This security travel bag is designed for men, with a sleek-business-like but sporty appearance and plenty of room for everything you may need for a weekend away or a business trip. The design makes it comfortable to carry, with a handle on the side to grab the bag quickly, a chest strap, and an anti theft buckle to keep everything safe. The shoulder straps are padded, and the back section is made of breathable fabric.

The bag is water-resistant to a high level, and the main compartment has two-way zippers to give you even more anti-theft protection. The bottom section is padded with a mat to prevent the bag from getting dirty, so you can place the bag down and don’t have to worry about damage or dirt. You can also easily accommodate a laptop up to 15.6″, while the laptop compartment is padded to keep your technology safe.

Key All Secure Backpack For Travel Features:

  • Padded bottom section to prevent damage and dirt
  • Anti theft features include buckles and durable two-way zippers
  • Can accommodate a laptop up to 15.6.”
  • Padded shoulder straps and breathable back section for comfort when carrying
  • Ergonomic design
  • Waterproof to a high level
  • Stylish appearance

One reason to buy this anti theft backpack: Comfortable to carry for long periods

Why you should keep looking: Predominantly male in style, so if you want something more ‘girly,’ keep searching

Pacsafe Venturesafe 25L GII Anti Theft Backpack

This Pacsafe anti theft backpack is lovely and sporty, with several anti theft features to give it an edge over other packs in the same range. Made of strong nylon with a polyester lining, the bag is lightweight and very durable, and it has stainless steel wire mesh inside the fabric, which acts as an anti theft barrier. This bag can hold a large 25 L of belongings, which is certainly enough for a trip, and it is available in three different bright color options to choose from.

A security hook attaches to the strap and RFID blocking material in the main compartment to keep your identity safe. There is room for a 15″ laptop inside the bag, in its padded sleeve and a separate front compartment, which closes with a strong zipper. This is a fantastic backpack for travel, arguably one of the best RFID backpacks. You can also use it for your commute to work or elsewhere, making it flexible as an all-around product.

Key Anti Theft Backpack Features:

  • Attractive appearance and available in three designs
  • Holds 25L of belongings
  • Strong nylon outer and polyester inner
  • Several security features, including steel wire mesh, security hook, and RFID-blocking material
  • It has a separate 15″ laptop sleeve

One reason to buy this anti theft backpack: Several anti theft features

Why you should keep looking: The brightly colored design may put some people off this product

Pacsafe Venturesafe 15L GII Anti Theft Daypack

If you are looking for a daypack with plenty of room for everything you need for a day’s adventure while also having anti-theft features, this is one of those ideal anti-slash travel bags. Made from durable nylon material, the bag is waterproof and has padded shoulder straps and a sternum strap for extra safety and comfort.

This bag doesn’t accommodate a laptop, which could be a downside for some, but the front compartment’s material contains RFID-blocking technology to keep your cards safe from identity theft. Carrysafe Slashguard material is also on the strap and Turn & Lock Security Hooks for extra impact. This is also a very lightweight option at just 1.3 lb, so you are sure to be comfortable while carrying the bag and safe in the knowledge that your belongings are anti theft safe, too.

Key Secure Rucksack Features:

  • Strong nylon material
  • RFID blocking material on the outside compartment
  • Other safety features, including eXomesh slash guard material and strap protection, as well as a security hook
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Stretch pockets on the side for a water bottle or umbrella

One reason to buy this anti theft backpack: RFID material and other security features

Why you should keep looking: If you are going for longer than a day or two, this bag may not be big enough

Travelon Anti Theft Bag Waterproof, Classic

Travelon is a big-name brand, and again, that gives you confidence when making your purchase. This is a very stylish backpack that is lightweight and non-bulky. Made of strong polyester, this Travelon backpack is waterproof to a large degree, and it features a large main compartment and a back section compartment large enough to fit a 15.6″ laptop or an iPad.

The straps are padded for comfort and adjustable, and a mesh back panel makes carrying the bag much more comfortable. The top grab handle makes it easy to grab and go, and there is an extra strap to add another bag if you need to. The elastic side pockets are ideal for a flashlight, water bottle, or umbrella to give you additional flexibility, making this one of the great security backpacks available.

Key Travelon Any Theft Bag Features:

  • Stylish appearance
  • The large compartment is roomy
  • The back section fits a laptop up to 15.6″ in size
  • Side elasticated pockets
  • Padded shoulder straps that adjust for a custom fit
  • Add-a-bag strap
  • Made of strong polyester

One reason to buy this anti theft backpack: Stylish for a few days away

Why you should keep looking: Not a huge amount of anti theft features

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS350 Anti Theft 15L Backpack

One of the many great Pacsafe anti theft bags, this particular bag is made by one of the biggest anti theft bag brands. Made of nylon and polyester, the material is solid and durable, and the shoulder straps are padded and adjustable for comfort and a custom fit. The main compartment is installed with RFID blocking technology to keep your passport and cards safe from hackers, and there are interior pockets to organize all your belongings too. It is available in four stylish colors, including a striking red shade.

The other safety features include eXomesh Slashguard stainless steel wire mesh into the fabric and a security clip, too. This bag doesn’t have a laptop sleeve, but it is designed well for day outings or a weekend away rather than longer trips where a laptop may be needed. You could easily fit a tablet or iPad inside if you wanted to.

Key Pacsafe Smart Travel Gear Backpack Features:

  • Available in four attractive colors
  • Made of strong nylon and polyester materials
  • Padded and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Many security features add strength to the bag
  • RFID blocking technology in the main compartment
  • Several internal pockets to organize your belongings

One reason to buy this anti theft slash-proof backpack: Stylish and available in several colors

Why you should keep looking: There isn’t a dedicated laptop section

Pacsafe Venturesafe 45L GII Anti Theft Lockable Backpack

This theft-proof backpack is a fantastic product for regular travelers who want to travel with only carry-on luggage to save cash on luggage fees. Not the cheapest travel-safe pack on the market, but certainly one of the highest quality, this bag is made of strong nylon and is lightweight despite its size.

There are various anti-theft features, including eXomesh Slashguard stainless steel wire mesh inside the fabric and a roobar locking system. ToughZip technology stops anyone from forcing entry and makes this a tear-proof backpack.

Carrying this cut-proof bag is comfortable and accessible thanks to padded and adjustable shoulder straps and a sternum strap. You can easily fit a 15″ laptop inside the bag, inside the dedicated sleeve. The bag opens in a book style, so you can find whatever you need without having to empty everything every time.

Key Anti Theft Backpack With Lock Features:

  • Strong and durable
  • Big-name brand
  • Lightweight
  • Ideal for carry-on luggage
  • eXomesh Slashguard stainless steel wire mesh and Roobar locking system for durability and anti theft properties
  • Puncture-resistant ToughZip for anti theft security
  • Sternum and waist straps for easy carrying
  • Book-style opening so you can find everything easier
  • It fits a 15″ laptop sleeve

One reason to buy this anti theft backpack: If you are a regular traveler who needs quality luggage, this is a great choice

Why you should keep looking: High price

What To Look For When Purchasing An Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Choosing the best anti theft backpack can be overwhelming, primarily because of all the options. We will help you determine what to look for in each bag.


Does the backpack have any particular security features, e.g., RFID blocking technology or an anti theft zipper? This keeps your passport and credit cards safe by blocking any chance of identity theft. This is something you should certainly think about when you make a purchase. Is the backpack specifically designed for security, e.g., anti theft? Or is it a regular backpack?


Again, does it have RFID technology? Is it a backpack with hidden pockets? Is there a backpack lock? Does it have any additional features that make it stand out? Many packs that are specifically anti theft have the RFID feature. Still, they could also have super-strong zips and small compartments hidden inside the bag to keep your super-valuable items even safer.


What size do you need? This is about the structural design of the backpack. If you’re not heading off on a huge adventure, a giant backpacking bag will be too big for you. Similarly, if you go somewhere for a longer time, you don’t want to opt for a too-small bag.

It would be best to look at how many pockets and compartments are included, and you also need to know how easy the pockets are to access. How do you carry the bag? Does it have lumbar support? Does it have padded shoulders? Comfort is equally important.


This is important if you’re crossing rugged terrains or often going out in the rain. You don’t want your belongings to get soggy! You also need to know that the straps are reinforced and won’t break when you pack the bag to its maximum. Reviews are what you need here, as well as checking about where the reinforcement parts are.


Everyone wants a bag that looks the part, so finding an attractive one is important!


Some backpacks convert into a daypack for heading out for a day hike or similar activities. This is useful because you don’t have to carry a massive backpack, only heading out of the hostel/camp for a few hours.

BONUS Anti Theft Luggage Info: Five Travel Safety Tips To Keep Your Belongings Safe

  1. Always use a padlock on your bag. TSA-approved locks are a good idea because they won’t be broken by airport staff if they want to search your bag.
  2. If you are carrying a laptop or tablet, make sure you store it in the dedicated compartment within the backpack, and if there isn’t one, store this at the back of the bag, so it is firm against your back. This means you can tell if someone is trying to steal it. On top of that, it is hidden away from sight.
  3. Store your valuable items in the main compartment, not the sections on the outside of the bag. This will make it harder for pickpockets to get access.
  4. Never leave your bag unattended!
  5. Leave anything you don’t need at home because flashing the valuables, e.g., a brand new iPhone, makes you a target for thieves.



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