15 Of The Best Diving Masks

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Here are the best diving masks. One of these will be perfect for your diving adventures this year.

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If you want to view everything the underwater world offers, you need the best equipment to do the job. In that case, you need a diving mask!

One quick Internet search will show you the endless choices you can opt for, but we all know that quality isn’t always excellent when you don’t research. In that case, reviews are your friend, and some further good news is coming your way – we’ve reviewed some of the best diving masks on the market to help you make your purchasing decision.

What to Look For When Buying a Diving Mask

Of course, when searching for the best diving mask for you, you need to know what features to look for. You could spend your hard-earned cash on a product that doesn’t have a necessary feature, and then you’re stuck with it!

Overall, there are ten things you need to look for or think about when purchasing a diving mask.

  • Material: The material makes a difference to the diving mask’s weight, making sense to go for a lightweight material. You also want a durable material that will stand the test of time.
  • Fit: The mask needs to be adjustable to fit perfectly to your face without water entering. The more adjustments you can make, the better fit you’ll have.
  • Look: Of course, you want the mask to look good, especially if you’re using it a lot. Go for a fashionable style, one which is sleek and lightweight.
  • Budget: There are countless choices on the market, and the prices differ drastically. Shopping around will serve you well. You don’t want to spend more than you need to, and certainly not more than you can afford.
  • Skirt: You’ll find masks in either a clear shade or black, and it’s a personal preference you opt for and the type of diving you’ll be doing.
  • Corrective lens option: Some masks have this, some don’t, but this feature enables you to have your lens inserted, e.g., if you wear glasses, to help you see better while underwater.
  • Buckles and straps: These are obviously what hold the mask onto your face, so you need to find a mask that has adjustable buckles and straps, and you should also look for a product that has replaceable buckles and straps too. This increases the durability of your choice.
  • Purge valve: Again, not all diving masks have this, but a purge valve is a small valve that allows you to clear the mask of any water for extra visibility.
  • Size and weight: Lightweight is always best, so make sure you shop around for the right size and weight when you make your final choice.

Best Diving Masks In Review

Here are the best diving masks for your underwater adventures.

1. Aqua Lung Linea Mask

This mask is one of the most popular around, and it comes in different colors if you want to coordinate your mask with the rest of your outfit! The skirt and the frame are molded together, which means that the mask can sit closer to your face and give you better visibility while underwater, with low volume helping you clear the lens and mask easily. The other plus point is the fit, as different bands go around the edge of the skirt, which means you can choose the right fit for your face. Again, this helps with the feel and visibility while in use. There is also a feature on the buckle designed to stop your hair from getting tangled up and pulled while in use and when trying to take the mask off – always useful!

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • Molded mask and skirt for better visibility
  • Low volume to help clear the mask quicker.
  • Several bands on the skirt’s edge to help you choose the right fit
  • Buckle technology to stop hair from getting caught in the buckle while in use or removing
  • Big named brand for peace of mind


2. Atomic Aquatics Venom

This particular mask is designed to feel like a second skin, so it is ideal for those who are going to be diving regularly. It has a single lens in a teardrop shape and is designed for extra visibility. The buckles are also easy to use, and when you want to adjust them for a better fit, you squeeze and adapt them to your liking. However, the glass is the main feature of this mask as it is Schott Superwhite Glass, considered the optimum available. This means you get extra light entering the mask and can see better under challenging conditions.

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • Premium glass on the lens, known to give you extra visibility
  • Designed to get the mask closer to the face than ever before
  • Single-lens with a teardrop shape for visibility once more
  • Adjustability is easy, with a squeeze and adjust buckle design
  • 12-month warranty on the mask skirt and buckles, with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame


3. Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Crystal Mask

Cressi is a big brand name, and this is one of the bestselling diving masks you will find. It’s also quite well priced, especially compared to similar masks in the same vein. This mask comes in five different color options, and the overall look is quite attractive. The lens is single and has a teardrop design for extra visibility, especially when looking downwards. The lens is made of strong, tempered glass and the view is quite broad, hence the ‘big eyes’ name. The buckles are integrated into the frame, so no extra bulk, and there is a system that swivels, giving you easy access to adjust the strap length.

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • A big named brand you can trust
  • Five different color options
  • Lens made of tempered glass and in a tear shape for visibility
  • Wide field of view
  • Integrated buckles and swivel adjustability system on the strap length


Brands We Use And Trust


4. Cressi Nano HD

This is another mask from the big named Italian brand, and again, the price is comparable to those within the same quality bracket. This mask has several color options to give you a stylish diving experience and a single lens. The mask has an ultra-low volume, and the lens is made of tempered glass, so you can be sure it is durable and will last the test of time. The buckles are flexible and easy to adjust while also feeling soft against the skin to minimize strap marks once you remove the mask.

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • Big named brand for peace of mind
  • Several color options are available
  • Single-lens with an ultra-low volume
  • The lens is made of tempered glass
  • Flexible buckles which are easy to adjust


5. Dive Rite ES155 Frameless Mask

This mask is ideal for those who want to see as much as possible while underwater, as there is no frame and, therefore, a better field of vision, with no interruptions. The mask is known for its comfort and has a wide field of sight because it lacks a frame that runs over the nose section. The glass is also ultra-clear and has a single lens, made of tempered glass. The double silicone face skirt makes the mask comfortable and easy to adjust, and it all comes with a protective case to keep everything in place while in transit, without breakages or damage.

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • Frameless design means you can see far more with a wide field of vision
  • A comfortable design that is easy to adjust
  • Double silicone face skirt for extra comfort still
  • The lens is made of strong tempered glass
  • It comes in a protective case


6. Hollis M1 Frameless Mask

This mask is a little more expensive than some of the others we have reviewed so far, but it is high in quality, which makes up for the slight increase in cost. The mask focuses entirely on visibility, ensures that the glass is extra clear, and allows you to see everything in front of you without distortion or distraction. The lens also has a low iron level, which allows more light to enter the lens and, therefore, gives you a clearer picture, especially when underwater conditions may be slightly darker than usual. The mask is also comfortable and has easily adjustable straps and buckles to ensure the mask stays in place while in use.

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • Slightly higher in price but has superior visibility as a result
  • Extra clear glass with a low iron level
  • Comfortable fit
  • Easy to adjust straps and buckles
  • Frameless design for a wider field of vision


7. Mares X-VU Liquidskin

The name gives away the main selling point of this mask – the fact that it is supposed to feel like a second skin, and you forget that you’re wearing a mask in the first place! The mask has a wide, teardrop-shaped lens made of tempered glass and several adjustable straps for easy wear and comfort. You can choose between several colors, with a few bright ones thrown in for good measure. The other plus point of this particular mask is the price; it is by far the cheapest one we have reviewed.

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • Designed to feel like a ‘second skin.’
  • Meager price, ideal for those on a budget
  • Several color options, including some bright colors to choose from
  • The lens is made of strong tempered glass
  • Several adjustable straps for comfort and ease of adjustability


8. Mares X-VU Sunrise

This is another in the Mares range of budget diving masks and is again an excellent choice for those who want to dive but don’t have the cash to splash on an all-singing, all-dancing option. You can choose between several different colors in this mask, and it has a bi-silicone strap for comfort and to cut down on marks when you take the mask off. The mask is easy to adjust, with several straps and buckles on the sides, and it is also said to be great for those with particularly wide faces – so, if that’s you, this could be the right choice!

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • Great budget option for those who have less cash to splash
  • Several color options are available
  • Supposedly ideal for people with wider faces
  • Bi-silicone strap for comfort and said to reduce marks on the face after removal
  • Easy to adjust, with several straps and buckles on the sides


9. Oceanic Cyanea 2 Window Mask

This high-quality diving mask is ideal for keen divers who want to see as much as possible! The mask is made of smooth liquid silicone, designed to be comfortable during use and minimize lines when removing it. The glass is also ultra-clear and tempered for durability and long-lasting use. Available in six different color options, the mask has a dedicated storage box for keeping it scratch and damage-free and has dual lens to help you see even more clearly while under the water.

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • Six different color options are available
  • The storage box included keeping the mask clean and damage-free
  • Dual lens for extra durability
  • Made of smooth liquid silicone for comfort during use
  • The lens is made of strong tempered glass to ensure durability


10. Scubapro Solo One Window Mask

This is a fantastic option for those on a budget and the lowest on our list. Available in a clear and white color option, the mask has a low volume and single-lens, which is designed for a medium fit. This is also adjustable so that most people will wear the mask comfortably, with no issues. The lens is made of tempered glass and is designed to be long-lasting and robust. The mask has a double-edged seal to ensure no water leaks while in use, and the strap is made of crystal silicon, so it’s easy to adjust and comfortable at the same time.

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • Low price, making this a great budget option
  • Low volume, single-lens with good visibility
  • Medium fit, which is easily adjustable for all
  • The lens is made of strong tempered glass
  • The side strap is made of crystal silicone, making it easy to adjust and also comfortable while in use


11. Scubapro Synergy Trufit Twin Mask

This is a seriously classy-looking diving mask and ideal for those serious about diving. The mask comes with its own box to be stored in a while, not in us, and has its own skirt design, meaning it is super-soft and doesn’t leave marks on the skin. This is also designed to fit every face shape, with easy adjustability and no discomfort while in use. The mask is rigid and comfortable, which means no water will find its way in, and the lens is made of strong tempered glass for durability. The only downside is the higher price due to the extra features.

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • It comes with its own storage box
  • The skirt is designed to be soft and not leave marks on the skin
  • Designed to fit every face shape with comfort
  • Rigid design, to avoid water leaking in, but also to remain comfortable throughout use
  • Tempered glass for durability


12. Sherwood Onyx Diving Mask

This is an excellent mid-price range diving mask, and while it is only available in one color (black), it looks professional. The mask is made of silicone rubber for comfort and creates the perfect seal to avoid water leaking. It is also designed to prevent reflections, which could otherwise cause problems with visibility. The mask has a matte finish, which gives it extra style and durability, and again, the lens is single and made of tempered glass for extra durability on top.

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • Mid-price range
  • Black, matte finish for style and durability
  • Mask is made of silicone rubber, which means it moves with your face for comfort, but maintains the seal
  • The lens is single and designed to avoid reflections
  • The lens is made of tempered glass for long-lasting use


13. TUSA Freedom HD Mask

This mask is one of the best in the Tusa range, and well-known amongst divers. It comes in several different color options if you want to accessorize your dive outfit. It also has a buckle system that rotates 180 degrees for ease of comfort and adjustability. The frame is large and designed to help you see as much as possible, with a wide field of vision. The strap angle adjuster also has five positions it can be set to, so you get an even more bespoke fit and avoid discomfort or water leaking due to improper use. The skirt is round-edged and made of versatile silicone.

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • Available in several color choices
  • Buckle system which rotates 180 degrees for comfort
  • Large frame, giving you a wide visual field
  • Five positions on the strap angle adjuster for a more bespoke fit
  • Round-edged silicone skirt for comfort and a true seal


14. Tusa Tina Mask M1002

This is another quality mask in the Tusa range, and this one is available in four different color options, including three bright options for accessorizing! The lens is single, and there is no ‘nose bridge,’ so you get a complete and comprehensive field of vision with no interruptions. The lens is low profile and made of strong tempered glass for durability. The straps are easy to adjust, with a ‘quick-adjust buckle system’ already incorporated into the design. The skirt is double feathered, so you get a strong seal on your face, and the entire mask comes with its protective box to be stored in when not in use.

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • Four different color options
  • Single-lens with a wide visual field available
  • Low profile lens with tempered glass
  • Quick-adjust buckle system makes it easy to get the bespoke fit you need
  • Double feathered skirt for a true seal on the face


15. XS Scuba Crew

This mask is frameless, so you get a more generous and broader visual field available to you and low volume simultaneously. The lens is made of tempered glass once more, and the skirt is liquid silicone, with a direct bond between the two, and no issue with water leaking its way in, with a better seal to your face. The buckles are easy to adjust, so you get a bespoke fit, and the price is middle of the road, so you’re getting good quality without breaking the bank.

Diving Mask Best Features:

  • Frameless design for a wider field of vision
  • Low volume
  • Tempered glass for durability
  • The skirt and lens are directly bonded for a better seal to your face
  • Easy to adjust buckles

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