Best Travel Hair Dryer For Europe – Dual Voltage Blowdryer

Best Travel Hairdryer For Europe Travel Hair Dryer For Europe – Dual Voltage Blowdryer

Practically everyone owns a hairdryer, but for the most part, they are large and not suited for travel. Luckily the travel hair dryer was born, and a humble blow dryer is an essential item for me when traveling.

Why Buy A Travel Hair Dryer?

A travel hairdryer, sometimes also referred to as a portable blow dryer, is a must-have for those who travel regularly. Most are dual-voltage hair dryers, so you won’t worry about them not working at your destination. A small hairdryer is also much more lightweight than regular blow dryers, reducing your weight allowance when you’re flying.

Best Travel Blow Dryer For Europe Comparison Chart

We looked at the best travel blow dryers for Europe, compared the features and price, and made this easy-to-use table to help you review and decide which one is the best small travel hair dryer for your needs.

Click on any heading to sort the table accordingly.


Best Portable Travel Hair Dryer Reviews

Finding the best-rated travel hair dryer to take to Europe needs a little work, but never fear. We’ve done all the research for you with our compact hair dryer reviews. All you have to do is choose which of these beauties suits you best.

JINRI Travel Hairdryer 

This cute travel hairdryer is the ideal accessory to take with you on your travels. This powerful hairdryer has a standard 1875 watts and dual voltage. There are two heat settings, two-speed settings, and a removable hanging loop and contractor so you can easily store it away. The hairdryer also features a negative ion setting, so you can look after your hair and avoid that holiday frizz! Choose between five different color options to match your luggage in this foldable hair dryer, which is compact and lightweight enough to fit into a suitcase without causing too much excess weight.



Mini Compact & Lightweight Hairdryer

This is the perfect essential travel hairdryer for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a small fortune but still wants quality results. At 1000 watts, this reasonably powerful hairdryer is very lightweight and compact, making it easy to pack into your suitcase. The hairdryer is designed for quiet use, and it has two speed and heat settings to help you style your hair however you want. There is a removable filter, which allows you to clean your hairdryer and maintain high results. The power cable is quite long, at 1.8 meters, and there is a hanging loop for easy storage.  



Professional Iconic Portable Folding Hair Dryer

This travel hair dryer is a high-quality, foldable choice for those who want to keep their hair looking the best it can be while on the go. A small and compact product, the dryer is 1500 watts and has three different heat and speed settings. The motor is designed to be quiet, so you can use it wherever you like, and there are separate attachments for styling. The hairdryer also weighs only 1lb, so that it won’t make any difference to your luggage allowance!



Ovonni Mini Hair Dryer With Diffuser

This super-small hairdryer is the ideal option for those who want to keep their packing to a minimum but still look styled when they head out. At 1400W, this is a powerful hairdryer, but it is a single voltage only. There is built-in technology to help your hair dry quickly, and there are three heat and speed settings to give you a bespoke drying experience. Thinly downside is that this isn’t the highest of travel hairdryers, at 1.6lb; however, that is still lighter than a regular hairdryer and will take up far less space in your suitcase. 



Conair 1600 Watt Compact Hairdryer

This is a great budget option for anyone who travels and wants to stay perfectly coiffed! This hair dryer is dual voltage and packs a powerful 1600 watts within its motor. There are two speed and heat settings, and the power cord is quite long, so you can easily style your hair wherever you are. The dryer has a folding handle, so it’s easy to pack into your suitcase, and it’s lightweight, too, at just 1lb in weight.



Revlon Style Small Portable Hair Dryer 1875W

This 1875 Watt travel hairdryer is an attractive-looking shine-boosting blow dryer, and it uses ionic tourmaline technology, which means less frizz and sleek hair. You can turn the ionic technology on or off with three heat and two-speed settings. The cool shot button locks in shine. This is a big-name brand, which gives you peace of mind in your purchase.

You will also find that a diffuser attachment and concentrator are both included in the price. Most Revlon travel-size hair dryer reviews are nothing but positive, indicating that this is one of the best hair dryers for Europe.

Why you should buy this ionic 1875 travel hair dryer: A brand you can trust with good quality for the price

Why you should keep looking: This isn’t the lightest travel hairdryer, at 2lb in weight.



Conair 1875 Watt Compact Folding Travel Hair Dryer

This small travel blow dryer is a great budget option with a foldable handle, making it easier to carry around. This is also a lightweight travel hairdryer, at 1.1lb. This compact dryer has a removable air filter and a three-position switch, high, low, and off.

There is ionic technology, which means frizz is waved away, and the compact nature of this ultra-quiet Conair travel hairdryer is really what sells it. On top of this, it is a dual-voltage hair dryer so you can use it worldwide.

Why you should buy this mini portable hairdryer: It’s a lightweight compact travel dryer.

Why you should keep looking: A lesser-known brand can make some people less comfortable with purchasing. 




Conair Infiniti Pro Dual Voltage Compact Dryer 1875 Watt Salon Performance

This blow dryer comes in two color options, red or blue, and has a salon level of performance. The handle is folding, making it a compact dryer. The AC motor dries hair up to 50% faster than some other hairdryers, and this ionic travel hair dryer gives shinier, frizz-free hair as standard. There is a cold shot button and two heat and speed settings.

Why you should buy this travel dryer: IVery easy to transport, with a lightweight design and folding handle. A great small hair dryer.

Why you should keep looking: Only two heat and speed settings, compared to some other models in the same price range.



Brookstone Ionic Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer

This ionic travel hair dryer is a little more expensive than the others we have mentioned, but it has several additional features. This is a dual voltage travel hair dryer, which means you can take it with you when you travel, and it also can use negative ions to get rid of frizz and leave you with shiny hair.

This European blow dryer is also designed to boost volume and tame flyaways. The design can also eliminate odors and smoke and has a high wattage, dries hair quickly.

Why you should buy this European hair dryer: Superior styling capability

Why you should keep looking: More expensive than some others on the market



Powerlight Pro-Dryer Bio Ionic Travel Hair Dryer

If you’re wondering what the best small hairdryer in the world is, the consistently high reviews of this travel-size blow dryer may provide the answer. That is because it is a superior quality product. The 1875 watt is a high power, and the travel hair dryer is very lightweight, which makes it ideal for travel. The price is high, but you do get what you pay for here.

There is nano-bead technology, which makes your hair dry faster and shinier, as well as negative ions, to cut out frizz and add shine. This professional travel hair dryer is ideal for those who want high quality or for a professional who needs the best kit for their job.

Why you should buy this dual voltage professional hair dryer: Mobile hairdressers will find this an excellent investment.

Why you should keep looking: High price is not ideal for those on a budget



BaByliss PRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

This BaByliss dual voltage hairdryer is lovely in a bright red design. BaByliss is a big-name brand, and this is arguably the best BaByliss hair dryer for travel, which should give you confidence in your product’s quality. However, this hairdryer is 1000W, less than some of the other hair dryers we have reviewed.

Despite that, this is a good quality product. This BaByliss dual voltage hair dryer is very compact, with a folding handle, which makes it ideal for use on the go. It is an ionic hairdryer, which leaves you with sleek and shiny hair and helps your hair dry faster.

Why you should buy this BaByliss small hair dryer for travel: Big-name brand gives you confidence, and it looks great too!

Why you should keep looking: This low-wattage hair dryer is less potent than others.



Andis 1875W Fold-N-Go Ionic Hair Dryer

The best anti-frizz blow dryer is challenging, but this one is a contender! This Andis travel blow dryer is a great value hairdryer with three heat and speed settings to customize your drying experience to your hair type. The handle folds up, and the dryer is also lightweight, at 1.6lb. Negative ions again help to keep your hair free from frizz and sleek as possible, and there is a cool shot button for extra shine. The cord retracts back into the handle, which is ideal for travel and storage.

Why you should buy this mini hair travel for traveling: Big-name brand gives you confidence and looks great too.

Why you should keep looking: No attachments are included in the package.



Revlon Perfect Heat 1875W Fast Dry Dryer

Our next hairdryer is another big-name brand here, at a meager price too. This is a cheap travel hair dryer with a high-wattage diffuser, which means it is a powerful machine. Tripled baked ceramic technology distributes heat evenly, dries your hair faster, and has two heat and speed settings. There is also a cold shot button for extra shine and to lock in your styling efforts. This is still lightweight at 2lb in weight, but not as light as some of the other dryers on our list, and the handle doesn’t retract or fold.

Why you should buy this European hair dryer with diffuser: Low price and all attachments included in the box

Why you should keep looking: Not as lightweight as other travel dryers on the market.



BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Travel Dryer

Again, BaByliss is a big-name brand. This BaByliss mini blow dryer is designed for travel in mind, with a retractable handle, and a super-lightweight design, at just 12.8oz. The dryer has negative ions, which locks in your style and reduce frizz, and infrared heat to dry your hair faster and more evenly. This lightweight travel hairdryer is attractive too, with a pretty baby blue design, and small size, again helping when you travel.

Why you should buy this travel dryer: Super-lightweight, at 12.8oz

Why you should keep looking: Not as powerful as some of the other dryers on our list



T3 Micro Featherweight Compact Folding Dryer

This T3 travel hair dryer practically weighs nothing while also being a super-small foldable hairdryer, which means it won’t take up much space in your bag. The dryer features T3 tourmaline SoftAire TM technology, which means you get fast results with zero frizz and can choose between two different heat and speed settings. While the T3 blow dryers aren’t the biggest brand name on the market, this is a very highly rated machine and comes in a pretty pale pink design.

Why you should buy this tourmaline travel hair dryer: Tiny and lightweight

Why you should keep looking: Costly product



X5 Superlite 1600W Dual Voltage Ceramic-Ionic Travel Dryer

This travel hair dryer is an excellent middle ground choice, and it is ideal for travel, with a lightweight design, folding handle, and small size. The dual voltage is suitable worldwide, and the negative ions help your hair design, keeping it sleek and frizz-free. While unlike some others on our list, this isn’t the most influential travel hair dryer, but at 1600W, it is still mighty and a middle-ground choice, which is probably enough for most users.

Why you should buy this 1600 Watt travel hair dryer: All attachments included, such as a diffuser

Why you should keep looking: High price for a not very well known brand



Vidal Sassoon Vsdr5523 1875W Stylist Travel Dryer

Vidal Sassoon is a massive name in the hair world, so you know you’re getting high quality here and a product that is tailor-made for travel. This dual-voltage hair dryer has a folding handle for easy storage and travel. The dryer features two heat and speed settings and a cold shot button, which works to lock in the style and shine. For the quality and name, this is a very affordable option. The design is also lightweight, at 1.1lb.

Why you should buy this small, powerful travel dryer: Very low price for the level of quality and a travel blow dryer.

Why you should keep looking: There are not many features, so professionals may need a little more expensive to get those extras.



Remington D5000 Compact Travel Dryer With Premium Chrome Accents

This is a very powerful travel hairdryer, at 1876W, and it comes with three heat settings and two-speed settings, as well as a cool shot button to lock in style and shine. There is also an energy-saving setting, which helps save your electric bill and the planet! The ionic technology allows to cut down on frizz, and the design overall is lightweight and very attractive, with red and silver colors.

Why you should buy this international hair dryer: An extra heat setting could swing your choice.

Why you should keep looking: The handle doesn’t retract like other models.



Don’t Forget You’ll Need to Take a Travel Converter With you!

Europe has different plugs, so grab one before you go because buying one there will be very expensive and hard to locate.

What Is The Difference Between a Travel Hair Dryer And A Regular Blow Dryer?

A travel blow dryer is generally smaller and more compact, and they often collapse down, e.g., the handle flattens against the drying unit to make it easier to take with you on your travels. A compact blow dryer is also often more lightweight, which means they have fewer features.

The best travel hair dryers have dual voltage, too. (See above to find out what that means exactly.)


There are many types on the market, from a professional blow dryer to an ionic hair dryer where you have different heat settings, hot and cold, diffusers, etc. These hair dryers also come with dual voltage, but their size is the problem. On the other hand, regular home hair dryers tend to be larger and usually have more features.

What Does Dual Voltage Hair Dryer Mean?

A big plus of travel blow dryers is the dual voltage feature. If you plan to travel from the United States to Europe, having a dual voltage travel hair dryer is a must, or you’ll be left with wet, limp hair. A dual voltage professional hairdryer allows you to use your small travel hair dryer overseas.

What To Look For In A Small Travel Hair Dryer

When you are shopping around for the best hair dryer for international travel, you should look for the following:

Features Of The Best Travel Hair Dryers

Differences Between Cordless And Plug-in Hair Dryers

Cordless hairdryers mean they don’t have a cord and, therefore, don’t need plugging in. They are charged up before use, and you, as a result, don’t need to look around for a plug while you’re styling. And that means you can style anywhere.

The downside is that you are limited by the battery life of the small travel blow dryer. So it would help if you were disciplined with charging the battery, or you could get caught.


On the other hand, a plug-in hairdryer does precisely that and plugs into your power outlet. Many of these blow dryers have long swivel cords, making it easier to style your hair, and some even have retractable cords, making it simpler to travel and store the machine.

The downside is that you need to be close to a power outlet at all times.

Best Travel Hair Dryer Best Blow Dryer Reviews - Travel Blogger

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