2020 Guide To The Best Spinner Luggage

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Best Spinner Luggage Reviews & Comparison Chart 2020

When you’re heading off on a travel adventure, whether it’s a long-haul jaunt or something a little closer to home, you will want the most comfortable luggage to take with you, to minimize all the stress that travel can bring.

You can choose to travel with only a carry-on, or you can book a case into the hold. Whichever option you go for, there are a few luggage subcategories to bear in mind, namely how many wheels do you want your case to have?

If you’ve never heard of spinner luggage or you’ve been wondering what it is, let’s enlighten you a little. Here we have the top rated spinner luggage options on the market. Let’s start by answering a few critical questions, shall we?

What Is Spinner Luggage?

Spinner luggage is a suitcase on four wheels, rather than two. These wheels move in all directions whereas two-wheeled cases need to be tipped up onto the wheels and pulled in order to move at all. A spinner case moves only by gently nudging it, without needing to be ‘tipped up.’

Best Spinner Luggage Comparison Chart 2020

We took a look at all of the best-rated spinner luggage, compared the features and price, and made this easy-to-use table to help you review and decide which are the best spinner bags or the best spinner luggage sets for your type of travel.

Click on any heading to sort the table accordingly.

Best Spinner Luggage Comparison Chart
Pic Spinner Luggage Best For Type Colors Weight Price
Rimowa Classic 20” Carry-on Spinner Suitcase Carry-on Hard Silver 9.7lb
Samsonite Hyperspace Spinner Bag Carry-on Fabric Multi 10lb
RIMOWA Titanium Spinner Suitcase Carry-on Hard Bronze 10.1lb
American Tourister Max Softside Spinner Luggage Carry-on Luggage Soft Black Purple +More 9lb
Samsonite Black Label Firelite Spinner 55/20 Carry-on Luggage Hard Black Blue +More 5lb
Rimowa Salsa Air Spinner Carry-on Luggage Hard Pearl Rose 4kg
Traveler’s Choice Polycarbonate 3-Piece Luggage Set Carry-on & Hold Luggage Hard Black Silver +More Combined Weight 33lb
Lucas Hy Lite 3-Piece Lightweight Luggage Spinner Set Family Travel/Carry-on Baggage Soft Gray Combined Weight 23.5lb
Biaggi Contempo Foldable 28” Spinner Business Travel/Extra Space Soft Purple Red +More 8lb
Lucas Vortex Ultra Lightweight Collection 24” Spinner Carry-on Luggage Soft Brown 7lb
iFLY Carbon Racing Hard Sided Large Checked Luggage Checked-inin Luggage Hard Silver 11.2lb
Delsey Aero Carry-On Spinner Luggage Carry-on Luggage Hard Purple Red +More 10lb
Samsonite Xenon 2 Spinner Case Carry-on Luggage Soft Black 9lb


Here Are Our Picks For The Best Spinner Bags On The Market

If the spinner luggage comparison chart was not enough info for you, we have detailed spinner luggage reviews for you below.

Rimowa Spinner Bag

This is a truly fashionable choice. It is, however, often out of stock, so grab it while it is available! Available in a beautiful color, this case is ideal for carry-on baggage and has a mesh zip pocket inside the main compartment to keep any important items or documents flat when you are moving around. This is also a lightweight case, and the lockable telescopic handle means there are no issues with transportation.


Samsonite Black Label Firelite Spinner Bag 55/20

If you want extreme quality and you’re happy to pay for it, this Samsonite hard case spinner is for you. You can expect to pay big for it, but it is a super-effective carry-on luggage case made of curved polycarbonate, which means it is lightweight, yet keeps your case safe from impact. The case closes with a durable zipper and has two mesh pockets inside for keeping everything organized and in place. This is without question one of the best lightweight luggage spinner wheels.


Rimowa Classic Flight 20” Carry-On Luggage Cabin Multiwheel IATA 33L Suitcase Silver

This large and attractive spinner case is ideal for your carry-on luggage and is certainly a strong choice, made of silver aluminum. The case features two TSA approved combination locks, which means that if your case needs to be spot-checked by airline staff, the lock can be opened without damage or force, and it, therefore, won’t need to be replaced.

The case also has leather hands on the top, and at the sides, so you can lift it into the overhead compartment with ease, as well as a telescopic handle that extends upwards for your comfort when pulling the case. Inside the case, you will find a Flex-Divider system and straps for packing, which keeps your clothes where they are intended to stay. The four multi-directional spinner wheels round up the quality of this top rated hard side spinner luggage bag.


Samsonite Hyperspace Spinner Boarding Bag Hyper

The bright eye-catching color of this bag is certainly attractive and we also know that Samsonite is a huge brand, which gives you purchasing confidence. The bag is ideal for use as carry-on luggage, and it has three different compartments – the large main compartment, a shock-absorbing padded laptop compartment (fitting a laptop up to 15.4”). It also has a smaller front compartment for small items.

The spinner wheels are larger at the back than at the front, which gives you more control when moving the case around, while the poly-nylon blend fabric helps keep the case cleaner for longer. The handle of this Samsonite softside spinner luggage set is ergonomically designed, to eliminate strains when pulling, and there is a molded comfort grip on the handle as well.


RIMOWA Topas Titanium 21” Carry-On Luggage Cabin Multi-Wheel IATA Spinner Suitcase Light Bronze

This is certainly not the cheapest carry-on spinner luggage around, but it is among the best hard side spinner luggage on the market, which gives you quality for your cash. The case is made of the highest quality aluminum-magnesium alloy with grooves on the outside to set it apart.

The bronze color looks almost gold, and this extends to the telescopic handle with molded grip also. The wheels are quiet and smooth, and there are four multi-directional wheels on the case. Inside you will find organizer sections and straps to keep your belongings in place. Overall, this is one of the best luggage spinner sets you’ll find, which will serve you for countless trips over the years.


American Tourister Ilite Max Softside Spinner Carry-On Luggage

This is another big-name brand, although slightly less in cost compared to our last option. This American Tourister spinner luggage cabin size case is available in five attractive colors, so you can easily keep tags on your luggage while you’re on the go. Made of polyester, this is a soft sided case with four multi-directional wheels, allowing you to roll the case upright, without having extra weight on your arms in the dragging position.

The telescopic handle has a push-button locking handle, and there are also two handles that are integrated into the case top, so you can grab and lift when needed. There are various pockets included, to keep everything organized, as well as a larger central compartment.



Traveler’s Choice Tasmania Polycarbonate Three-Piece Spinner Luggage Set

This is a three-piece luggage set, which is why the price is much higher than the other choices on our list of the best carry on spinner luggage. Choose between seven different color choices, all muted, to allow you to easily spot your case on the carousel when it comes around.

These are hard cases, each fitted with multi-directional spinner wheels. The polycarbonate material is designed to flex when it hits an impact, to absorb stress, rather than allowing it to cause any damage to the case. This hardside spinner carry-on luggage set is made up of a carry-on case, a large suitcase, and a medium one. If you are traveling as a family, this is the ideal set to go for.


Lucas Hy-Lite 3 Piece Lightweight Luggage Spinner Set

This three-piece lightweight spinner carry on luggage set is ideal for traveling families, equipped with a carry-on-size case, a medium case, and a large one. Available in just one color, gray, you may need to add something bright to be able to differentiate your case on the carousel, but this is a lightweight choice, so you can get more inside in order to fit into your luggage allowance.

There is also a five-year warranty on the cases, and there is an expandable section, which gives you an extra 2”. The interior is fully lined, and there are interior pockets within the large compartments, to keep everything organized.


Biaggi Contempo Foldable 28” Spinner Luggage

This particular case is a stand-out option because it can be folded up to half its size to store away when you don’t need it. This is a carry-on baggage sized case, and it comes in three different colors. There is a retractable handle for gliding and two zippered pockets on the outside, as well as two mesh pockets in the main interior compartment. This is a lightweight carry on luggage spinner, which is ideal if you want to pack a little more, or if you’re not sure how much shopping you’re going to bring back from your trip!


Lucas Vortex Ultra Lightweight Collection 24” Spinner Case

This is a stylish piece of carry-on luggage, which comes in a chic brown color with soft, quilted design on the outside. Made of polyester, this is one of the lightest carry on spinner bags. A fashionable case that is ultra-lightweight for ease of use, it allows you to take that little bit more away with you. There is a multi-staged handle that locks and has an ergonomic grip. The expanding section gives you even more space. There are two external zipping pockets, one larger than the other, as well as a spacious interior pocket.


iFLY Carbon Racing Hard Sided Large Spinner Checked Luggage

This hardside case is large in size, so it is ideal for checking into the hold and transporting your belongings safely and in style, thanks to its silver shade. The expanding section gives you 2” of extra space for packing, and the inside has a large spacious interior pocket, and then two mesh pockets to organize the smaller items you want to take away with you.


Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Carry-On Spinner Trolley

This carry-on spinner case is super-fashionable, and available in five different colors, from blue, navy and purple to red and silver. This 100% polycarbonate carry on luggage with spinner wheels is designed to absorb any impact, to avoid breakage.

However, it isn’t the lightest case around because of that material. The case closes with a sturdy zipper and has one large compartment, with two mesh pockets to keep smaller items in place and safe. There is also a TSA lock on the hard-side of the case, which means your case won’t be damaged if airport staff need to spot-check your case.


Samsonite Xenon 2 Spinner Case

Business travelers will find a lot of use in this particular case, and the fact it is a huge brand also gives you extra confidence in its quality. This case is part of a collection, so you can go for the other cases in the collection if you want a full set. The design is ultra-modern and business-like and weighs 9lb with nothing inside.

You can easily fit a laptop inside, ranging to the biggest laptop size, and there is an ‘accordion’ style of opening to organize your other belongings. The telescopic handle makes gliding the suitcase beside you easy. Obviously, however, because we are dealing with Samsonite spinner cabin luggage, you are going to pay a little more for this case.


Why Choose A Spinner Bag?

There are many advantages to a spinner bag, and we’ll talk about them in more detail shortly, but for now, you simply need to know why you should choose this type of luggage. A spinner bag is much easier to maneuver than a two-wheeled type, whether you go for a carry-on case or a more massive in-hold case. You can also shop around for the deals on the best four-wheel luggage, to save you a little cash.

Another reason you should opt for a spinner case is if you have any problems with pulling cases, e.g., you have an arm injury or a back problem, because simply gliding the case beside you, rather than pulling, will be much easier for you.

Features To Look For When Choosing The Best Spinner Luggage

We’re all looking for something different, but here is what I suggest you look for.

Hard Case Or Soft Case

As with all other types of regular luggage, spinner cases are available in both a hard shell type of material and a regular fabric. If you choose a hard case, you can expect to pay a little more. And while your luggage will be kept in place, there is some argument to state that these types of bag break easier than fabric ones.

Lightweight Options

You can get lightweight spinner luggage, just like two-wheeled cases, and while you will pay more for this feature, it is something you might like to look at if you’re not someone known for packing lightly!


There is a large price bracket available, so you need to pick a case that fits in with your price budget. The best affordable spinner luggage is obviously cheap but also doesn’t lack sturdiness, space, and other required features.


Because this is an important part of your travel kit, it’s essential to check out best spinner wheels on luggage bags reviews before you decide on a purchase option.


Will you be using a set of luggage? If so, you can find spinner luggage sets at a higher price, but you can also buy cabin-sized cases, medium cases, and large cases of this type.

Benefits Of Spinner Luggage

There are lots, but here are just a few of our fave reasons to buy spinner luggage.

Spinner Cases Are Super-Easy To Maneuver

This is the obvious one, and it is also the main selling point of this type of luggage. A four-wheeled spinner case moves extremely easily, so if you’re moving between train stations or bus stations, or perhaps there is a slight walk from the airport to where you need to go, you can easily have the suitcase traveling beside you, without having to drag it and cause yourself possible injury and stress!

Spinner Bags Are Available In Both Carry-On Size And Full Size

You can have a spinner bag as your hand luggage, so you can just whizz around the airport departure lounge, rather than carrying a heavy bag. Additionally, you can also easily move your hold suitcase by choosing the spinner variety.

Negatives Of Spinner Bags

There are a few things you should consider: 

No Extra Space

Spinner bags do not offer more space. They simply offer a more natural way to move the case.

The bag doesn’t stay still easily. The wheels on spinner luggage are very sensitive indeed, and while this is a plus because it can be moved easier, it can also be a negative because the case moves without much effort at all. If you’re stood waiting in line for something, and there is a slight incline to the ground, you’re going to have to hang onto your bag!

Often More Expensive

Spinner cases are thought to be premium pieces of luggage. You can, therefore, expect to pay a little more than a regular two-wheeled case. That’s not to say you can’t find bargains, however.

Often A Little Heavier Than Two-Wheeled Cases

The fact there are two extra wheels means that the case is slightly heavier than its two-wheeled cousin. You can find a lightweight carry on luggage with spinner wheels, but these are still a little heavier than the other type.

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