19 Of The Best Beaches In Montenegro To Keep You Cool!

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Discover the stunning coastlines Montenegro has to offer with our curated list of the best beaches you must visit in Montenegro. From beautiful beach sands to pebbly shores, each beach along the coast promises a unique experience.

Here are our top recommendations for the best beaches to explore in this picturesque country.

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Montenegro might not be the first country that springs to mind when you think about a beach holiday and lazing on the sand in the warm summer sun. Am I right?

What might surprise you, in that case, is the sheer beauty of the beaches in Montenegro! 

Montenegro is really enjoying a tourism boom, and this summer looks set to be one of its best years yet. With fantastic attractions, historical sights, astonishing scenery, plus the added appeal of the Adriatic Sea – Montenegro is sure to please the Sunseeker in you.

Top Beaches In Montenegro

If you’re a beach fan and you have your sights set on a Balkan gem – let’s talk about some of the most jaw-dropping beaches in Montenegro. Prepare to be amazed!

The plus point of beaches in Montenegro is that they’re spared mass tourism like their neighbor Croatia. It’s not to say that they are empty, but far less crowded.

1. Sveti Stefan Beach – Pink Sandy Stretches

Best Beaches In Montenegro - Sveti Stfan

If you’re a Marilyn Monroe fan, this Montenegro beach needs to be on your radar, as it is the spot where the Hollywood star herself enjoyed a vacation or two!

Sveti Stefan is a beautiful town to wander around, but a public beach sits at the end of the causeway, ideal for soaking up the summer sun.

Yes, you read that right; the sand is pink. At the Sveti Stefan beach, the sand is real, and the two-kilometer stretch is also pink. Perfect for taking some genuinely unique holiday snaps – hello, Instagram.

The Montenegro beach might not be the largest. Still, it’s undoubtedly one of the best places in Montenegro, and you’ll find sun loungers and umbrellas for comfort throughout the day for a high price – so instead, walk to the end – it’ll be free to plonk your towel down.

2. Murici, Lake Skadar

It is not an Adriatic beach but more of a beach on the huge lake between Montenegro and Albania. Murici is a beautiful spot for those who want total peace and quiet in serenity and natural surroundings.

This is quite an off-the-beaten-track choice, so it’s ideal for more adventurous travelers and those who don’t mind a slight trek to find total beauty! It is excellent for enjoying the countryside and chilling out on the sand or a paddle in the water when the sun gets a little too hot.

3. Plavi Horizonti

Head over to the Lustica Peninsula, and you’ll find this family-friendly beach, which is another peaceful choice. Set amongst stunning nature, this is also a good option for anyone who loves nature photography, walking, and ending the day with an hour or two on the sand.

If you love to snorkel, this is also a good spot, but generally, the golden beach is enough to hold your attention for the day regardless of the other attractions on offer!

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4. Petrovac Bay, Budva

Best Beaches In Montenegro - Petrovac Bay

The waters on this stunning beach are so aqua-blue they will take your breath away! Located on the beautiful Budva Riviera, this beach is ideal for those who want a traditional beach break, with plenty to see and do when you want to escape the beach.

Petrovac Bay is one of Montenegro’s more lively beaches in Montenegro, and they have plenty of cafes and restaurants on the promenade above the beach. The sand is golden, clean, and great for families. This is one of the best beaches in Budva.

5. Mala Plaza, Ulcinj

Best Beaches In Montenegro - Mala Plaza Ulcinj
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This beach is a small gem that sits on the southern point of Montenegro. You can easily reach the historic town of Ulcinj from here, but if you prefer to kick back and relax, the beach is ideal, with white sand and plenty of space to roam.

If you have children who love to sit and make sandcastles and splash around in the sea, this beach is a good choice and is usually relatively quiet, too.

6. Dobrec Beach

If you really want to get away from it all, jump on the boat from Herzeg-Novi or Miriste (to name just two points) and head over to beautiful and idyllic Dobrec!

This pebbly clove will give you the ultimate in R&R, and you can hire a hammock and enjoy a relaxing day in the sun. It is ideal for couples or anyone who wants to disappear for a day! There is just one restaurant situated on the beachfront, serving delicious fresh fish and other local things to try out.

7. Jaz Beach, Budva

Located in the town of Budva, Jaz Beach is a busy stretch of sand with plenty of life going on around it. Indeed, the beach in Budva is to be seen, and this beach is quite long, so there is always space, even in the height of summer.

The beach isn’t sandy; it’s pebbly but spotless and beautiful. There are many water sports options here, as well as jet skiing and windsurfing if you want to try your hand at one of those adrenaline sports!

There is also the Sea Dance Festival during the summer, attracting countless visitors and bringing a lively vibe to an already fun-filled area.

8. Becici Beach, Budva (Bečići Beach)

Best Beaches In Montenegro - Becici beach near Budva

Located close to the busy area of Budva, Becici Beach is a quiet yet fun beach with plenty of space to roam and one of the best Budva beach choices.

The mountains provide the background, crystal clear water lapping at the shore. There are many water sports options here, so this beach is ideal for active holidaymakers or those with older children who like to enjoy some adrenaline during their beach days.

You’ll also find numerous restaurants and cafes along the main promenade, which are ideal for cooling down and grabbing an ice cream.

9. Lucice Beach, Petrovac (Lučice Beach)

Best Beaches In Montenegro - Lucice Beach Petrovac

This is a beach that is undoubtedly Insta-friendly, with a gorgeous, quiet vibe.

The bay protects visitors, keeping the sun beating down, but with a breeze most of the time to keep you cool. You’ll also find pine trees and olive groves around you and shallow waters, ideal for those traveling with families.

10. Kotor Beach

Kotor isn’t known for the beach per se; there are many beaches near Kotor, and you can take a boat ride around the islands for some extra beach time.

Many beaches near Kotor Old Town are relatively small and shaded, ideal for those who want a few hours to relax between day-tripping Kotor.

11. Mogren Beach, Budva

Best Beaches In Montenegro - Mogren Beach Budva (1)

This beach is unique because it isn’t just one beach; it’s actually two, separated by the mountains that roll down lazily toward the shore. You can also wander into a cave if the mood takes you!

This is one of the best beaches in Montenegro (even in winter!) for those who don’t want to travel to enjoy one of the sandy beaches in Montenegro. Ideal for those who like something a little unusual; the sand is golden, and the water is super-clear. The beach is also in the town center of Budva, so you don’t have too far to wander.

Many Montenegro beaches are for residents only or those who will require you to pay a small entry charge. Overall, however, the best Montenegro beaches are free to enjoy. Here are a few other notable top beaches in Montenegro you might like to check out during your summer visit and your Montenegro beach holiday.

  • 12. Slovenska Plaza, Budva

  • 13. Queen’s Beach, Budva

  • 14. Buljarica Beach, Buljerica

  • 15. Ulcinj Beach, Ulcinj

  • 16. Zenska Plaza Beach, Ulcinj

  • 17. Velika Plaza Beach, Ulcinj

  • 18. Copacabana Beach Montenegro, a private beach club in Ulcinj

  • 19. White Beach, Ulcinj

  • 20. Drobni Pijesak Beach

  • 21. Ričardova Glava Beach

  • 23. Perazića Do Beach

  • 24. Ploče Beach

  • 25. Kamenovo Beach

Beaches Of Montenegro FAQs


What are the most unique beaches in Montenegro?

The most unique beaches in Montenegro are Mogren Beach, Sveti Stefan Beach, Jaz Beach, Budva Beach, Queens Beach, Lucice Beach, and Buljarica Beach.

What are some of the best beaches in Montenegro?

Some of the best beaches in Montenegro include Miločer Beach, Trsteno Beach, and Pržno Beach.

What makes Miločer Beach special?

Miločer Beach is known for its pristine beauty, turquoise waters, and the connection between the two beaches.

What is Montenegro known as and why?

Montenegro is known as the ‘Pearl of the Mediterranean.’ This attribute is due to its rich historical significance, natural beauty, and a wide range of picturesque beaches, making it a coveted travel destination.

What are the top 10 beaches in Montenegro?

The top 10 beaches in Montenegro are Mogren Beach, Jaz Beach, Sveti Stefan Beach, Becici Beach, Dobrec Beach, Velika Plaza, Lucice Beach, Drobni Pijesak, Murici, and Plavi Horizonti.

What unique experiences do these beaches offer?

These beaches offer a variety of unique experiences- Mogren is known for its cliff-sheltered sands, Sveti Stefan boasts a luxurious beachside resort, and others offer varying experiences such as water sports activities and traditional Montenegrin dishes and seafood at the beachside restaurants and bars.

How are the condition of Montenegro’s beaches?

The beaches in Montenegro are generally clean and well-maintained and offer high-quality water.

Are all of Montenegro’s beaches public?

While most beaches are available to the public, some, like Queens Beach, carry a private status and provide exclusive access for resort guests.

Are there any lesser-known or quiet beaches in Montenegro?

Yes, Buljarica Beach is less well-known and offers a peaceful, tranquil ambiance for beachgoers seeking a quieter experience.

What amenities are available at these Montenegrin beaches?

A variety of amenities are offered, such as high-quality water, beach bars, water sports, and certain aspects like blue flag status and nudist areas. Some beaches are part of luxury resorts offering exclusive access to guests.

What type of beaches are these?

These are a mix of pebble and beautiful sandy beaches for families and parties. They range from popular tourist destinations to quiet, tranquil locales.

Are there any notable inland beaches in Montenegro?

Yes, besides the coastal sites, Montenegro has breathtaking inland beaches like Murici along Lake Skadar, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It offers a peaceful countryside atmosphere.

Can you sunbathe on Trsteno Beach?

Yes, you can sunbathe on Trsteno Beach, which offers beautiful blue waters and a relaxing coastal vibe.

What can visitors expect at Pržno Beach?

At Pržno Beach, visitors can enjoy a cove-like setting with crystal clear waters, bars and restaurants along the promenade, and a lively coastal atmosphere.

Are the beaches in Montenegro suitable for swimming?

Yes, the beaches in Montenegro, with their blue flag status, sparkling waters, and abundance of marine life, are perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Which beach in Montenegro is split into two sections?

Miločer Beach is split into two sections, offering different experiences to visitors looking to relax or engage in water activities.

Is Budva a town near the beaches in Montenegro?

Yes, Budva is a coastal town near many of the top Montenegro beaches, like Miločer, Trsteno, and Pržno Beach.

Now, you are ready for your Montenegro beach holiday. 

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