Porto Montenegro Tivat For The Day

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Porto Montenegro Tivat For The Day

Written by Domenic Savaglio of Citizen of Travel.

Move over, Monte Carlo; there’s a new rich kid in town!

Porto Montenegro is a built-up marina area in Tivat, Montenegro, that has become famed for its huge yachts and billionaire visitors. Montenegro’s Adriatic coast is small but mighty, and Porto Montenegro makes the best of the country’s coastline real estate. While the towns lining the coast are old and charming, Porto Montenegro’s modern and elegant ambiance feels distinct.

A Day In Porto Montenegro

Montenegro is an up-and-coming travel destination, and its allure makes it easy to see why. The landscape boasts dramatic mountains, rugged beaches, and picturesque towns.

From Budva to Kotor to Porto Montenegro, there’s something for everyone in this Balkan country! If you stay in Budva (Montenegro’s principal destination on the Adriatic), Porto Montenegro is the perfect day trip.

How To Get To Porto Montenegro

Places To Visit In Montenegro - Tivat

Tivat and Porto Montenegro are served by two main airports: Tivat Airport (TIV) and Podgorica Airport (TGD). Tivat is about 4 km away from Porto Montenegro, and Podgorica (the main international airport located in the center and capital of the country) is about 90 km away. Note that the drive from Podgorica to the coast of Montenegro is rugged and can be difficult, so keep that in mind if you plan to drive.

If you rent a car or have access to a vehicle, Porto Montenegro is a 40-minute ride away on the E80 highway from the center of Budva. Be aware that Budva gets moderately congested during the peak summer season, so know that traffic will impact your driving time.

What To Do In Porto Montenegro

A Day in Porto Montenegro_Yacht Club

The Porto Montenegro website provides a great starting point in planning a day in the area. The locale offers authentic cuisine and innumerable opportunities to shop. While Porto Montenegro caters to the world’s elite, taking a day trip won’t break the bank as much as you would think.

With that in mind, here’s how to spend a day as beautiful as the one I had:

10 am – 3 pm

A Day in Porto Montenegro_Infinity pool

Layout while the sun is hot at Porto Montenegro Yacht Club. The club has a nautical feel and an exclusive infinity pool that is open to the public during the summer. The admission price is reasonable and includes your towel and poolside chaise lounge. The pool is immaculately clean and offers impressive ocean (and yacht!) views.

In total, with food and drink, I spent around 80 euros. The people were friendly, the service was fast, and the facility was clean and inviting. Money well spent, I’d say!

3 pm – 5 pm

After drying off from the pool, take a walk by the pier and the surrounding Porto Montenegro Village. Check out the luxury residences and window shop at the luxury stores. The beauty of the marina boggles the mind and makes for a grand promenade to walk and hang out.

Honestly, the chance to see Porto Montenegro during the golden hour was one of my fondest memories of my time in the country.

Montenegro Travel Blog_A Day In Porto Montenegro Tivat


5 pm – 8 pm

Sushi, pasta, pizza, seafood…the dining possibilities are endless! My friends and I opted for Italian food at a local eatery near the Porto Montenegro Village. Alfresco dining establishments line the streets as passersby stroll (Think Rome or South Beach, Miami).

Besides the amazing food, the dining atmosphere in Porto Montenegro creates its own ambiance. Everything just seems to come together perfectly.

8 Pm & Onward

Go out! There are countless chic bars, pubs, and clubs awaiting patrons during warm summer nights. Montenegro’s coast has become world-famous for its clubs, so you would be remiss to miss a night out while visiting!

Where To Stay At Porto Montenegro

A Day in Porto Montenegro_Regent Hotel

Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel

This 5-star luxury hotel is steps away from Porto Montenegro’s Yacht Club and at the center of all the action. The hotel offers stunning ocean views, spa and wellness services, and gourmet dining. If you’re looking to channel your inner millionaire (or thousand-aire) and spend the night at a fancy hotel, look no further! It’s no wonder this hotel made our list of top luxury stays in Montenegro!

Overall, Porto Montenegro (and the rest of the Montenegrin coast) gives off a “dolce vita” vibes. As a frequent traveler to Italy and a lover of Italian culture, the “dolce vita” vibe couldn’t feel more right.

You may only spend one day in Porto Montenegro, but it’s a place that will call you back for a lifetime.


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