How To Get From Croatia To Greece (& From Greece To Croatia)

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How To Get From Croatia To Greece (& From Greece To Croatia)

Dreaming of a Mediterranean escape with dreamy seaside coasts, enchanted landscapes, mountains, and plenty of outdoor experiences? Then a holiday either in Greece or Croatia could be the answer to all your needs.

But you do not need to pick only one of them; it is pretty straightforward and even affordable, with some sensible planning, to discover both destinations in one trip.

There are direct flight connections between Greece and Croatia and bus routes also to enjoy the landscapes while traveling along the coast of the Adriatic.

Alternatively, you can even drive from Croatia to Greece or vice versa, touching magnificent cities such as Split, Hvar, or Dubrovnik, and then continue your trip towards the rich culture of Greece.

A road trip of this kind will reward you with unique villages that would otherwise remain undiscovered, as well as plenty of opportunities to get to know the local culture, gastronomy, and nature from a privileged point of view.

Active Honeymoon In Greece - Kalymnos Beach

Once you have reached the Greek capital, you can also board a ferry to one of the Greek Islands.

Both of them belonging to the Balkan countries, Croatia and Greece, are relatively close and can easily be combined as a two-country summer holiday destination.

They both boast amazing beaches for a relaxing getaway and remarkable mountain landscapes. If you dream of visiting both countries on the same trio, then all the details regarding how to get from Croatia to Greece or Greece to Croatia should be among the first things you need to plan to prepare for your adventure.

So, how is the best way to get to and from Croatia to Greece? If you are reaching any of both countries with an organized charger or package holiday, head to the posts where I discuss the best things to do in Greece and the best beaches of Croatia, for instance.

However, if you are an independent traveler who enjoys the thrill of exploring and creating their own paths, then read on and discover how to quickly and efficiently travel from Croatia to Greece.

Flights Croatia To Greece – Flying From Croatia To Greece (Most Convenient)

Solta Island Croatia

Depending on your budget and timing restrictions, flying can be the most convenient way to get from one country to the other. It could sometimes result in the most expensive option, but since it can save you tons of time, it is an excellent idea to take the time to do the maths.

Sometimes paying a bit more could earn you almost a whole day that you can use to get to know your destination better or with a more relaxed pace.

Independent travelers can book one of the direct flights that link Split with Athens, either flying with Croatia Airlines or Aegean Airlines. Both companies operate several flights during the week, and the frequency usually increases during summer, holidays such as Easter or Christmas, and some bank holidays.

As a matter of fact, both countries are pretty close to each other and offer excellent city break opportunities for a short weekend away.

If you want to travel from Athens to Dubrovnik (or the other way round, of course), it can be a good idea to book a direct flight with Croatia Airlines. Probably the fastest route is the one that connects Zagreb to Athens.

The two most famous low-cost carriers in Europe, EasyJet, and RyanAir connect Greece to a plethora of other European destinations, so it is always a good idea to check their websites for offers and seasonal ticket deals. Other companies covering the route Greece-Croatia include Eurowings, Lufthansa, Transavia, and Air Serbia.

Taking layovers and waiting times in the airports, flights from Croatia to Greece can take anything from 4 to 6 hours, and sometimes even more!

Bus Travel From Croatia To Greece (Longer But Cheaper Connection)

Best Day Trips From Thessaloniki - Pozar Thermal Baths

Bus travel can offer unique sightseeing opportunities and exponentially reduce costs if the budget is somewhat limited and time is not a problem.

However, it is essential to remember that no direct buses connect Croatia to Greece. It will be necessary to do some research to cross from one country to the other, traveling via North Macedonia or Serbia.

Alternatively, it is possible to travel from Dubrovnik to Greece through Montenegro and Albania to finally reach Thessaloniki or even Athens, with a few more hours on the road.

The route from Zagreb – Belgrade is another excellent option offering beautiful landscapes and a reasonably smooth ride. Bus travel from Croatia to Greece can take anything from 20 to 30 hours, depending on your final destination.


Croatia To Greece Train (Longer But Cheaper Connection)

Train travel is often faster than buses and certainly much more comfortable, especially if you have more luggage than recommended; however, there are no direct and convenient train connections.

Unfortunately, Greece stopped all international train travel not long ago, so it will be necessary to change trains at the border and even combine short stretches of bus travel to reach the different stations or crossing points.

This is probably the least convenient way to travel from Greece to Croatia, but…we agree it remains the most romantic way of travel in Europe.

Remember that daily trains run from Zagreb in Croatia to Belgrade in Serbia. So this will be the best route to plan; once in Belgrade, you will need to change trains and travel to Thessaloniki in northern Greece, where you can either spend some time exploring or directly jump on another bus to move on to the capital.

Once in Athens, you can also reach any other point in Greece or get to the ports of Piraeus, Rafina, or Lavrio to get to some of the Greek Islands.

There are trains and buses from Thessaloniki and Athens to take you to other lesser-known regions in the country.

Car Travel From Croatia To Greece

Cakovec old town Zrinski in green park aerial view, Medjimurje County

The direct distance between Greece and Croatia is about 837 km long; however, a driver will have to be on the road for about 1478.8 kilometers.

If you still want to experience some on-the-road travel but prefer to do it alone, driving from Croatia to Greece can be a great way to discover the Balkans’ geography and history.

A trip from Croatia to Greece by car can take from 14 to 20 hours, depending on the stops you make on the way, while prices will range between 150 to 300 euro depending on road tolls and the kind of engine your car has.

Croatia To Greece Ferry 

Omis Croatia - Omis Mirabela fortress

Just as it works for buses and trains, direct ferry travel from Greece to Croatia is still something we dream of in the Balkans.

Unfortunately, there is no direct ferry from Croatia to Greece, so taking a detour via Italy will be necessary. It is perfect if you also want to visit the country or if time is not a critical factor.

The best route via ferry Croatia to Greece takes you from Croatia to Italy. The ferry departs from Dubrovnik and reaches the southern town of Bari, Italy. This overnight ride is approximately 10 hours.

Once in Bari, you change ferries to reach Patras or Igoumenitsa on the Greek coast. From here, Athens can be reached either by train or bus.

The biggest Croatian ferry company, Jadrolinija, is a sure bet; however, other companies connecting Croatia & Italy have daily or weekly vessels traveling the route.

Check the timetable in advance and book ahead of the departure day to get better fees and seats on the ship. Remember that Croatia is one hour behind Greece, so checking the timetables carefully will undoubtedly help you avoid some unpleasant surprises.

Another ferry route is the one leaving from Zadar in Croatia, connecting with the Italian port of Ancona and changing ferries to Patras.


Handy Accommodation At The Points Of Departure And Arrival

You will not find elegant or luxurious hotels in this list. Still, a practical series of comfortable, clean, and affordable hotels to spend the night in if all you want is a comfy bed and hot shower after a long day on the road or before an early departure.

For a complete list of accommodation options in Croatia, check here or in Greece. 

Dubrovnik, Croatia Accommodation

Dubrovnik Main Bus Station – Apartments And Rooms Alan:

Alan offers double rooms with balconies over the sea if you are looking for a convenient hotel near Dubrovnik Main Bus Station, Apartments, and Rooms. The accommodation is also conveniently close to the International Airport. 


Balkans Travel Blog_How To Travel From Croatia To Greece and From Greece To Croatia


Port Of Dubrovnik – Hotel Petka

Instead, if you are looking for a place to stay near the Port of Dubrovnik, check out the convenient facilities of Hotel Petka. The rooms feature comfortable beds, and there is a rich buffet breakfast that you can take advantage of before departure.


International Airport Of Dubrovnik – Airport Garden Apartments 

A good hotel near the International Airport of Dubrovnik is Airport Garden Apartments; the property is a five-minute walk from the airport and offers a free shuttle service to reach your flight on time.


Zagreb, Croatia Accommodation

Zagreb Aiport – Hotel Cool Zagreb Airport

Hotel Cool Zagreb Airport is located in Velika Gorica, 1.5 km from Zagreb Airport, with excellent reviews from travelers. 


Zadar, Croatia Accommodation

Another airport connecting to Greece is the Croatian Airport of Zadar; however, there are not many hotels in the area, and most of the accommodation options are villas that only offer longer-term rentals. So the best thing to do in this case is to stay closer to the sea.

Coast Of Zadar, Hotel Belvedere

Hotel Belvedere, which offers a convenient airport shuttle service, is a comfy and well-rated place to stay if you are catching an early flight from Zadar Airport or arriving in town late at night. 


Belgrade, Serbia Accommodation

Belgrade Main Bus Station – Design Hotel Mr. President Garni

If you prefer a place to stay near Belgrade Main Bus Station, check the premises of Design Hotel Mr. President Garni, featuring air-conditioned rooms with satellite TV and a shower with a bathrobe and slippers. 


Ancona, Italy Accommodation

Ancona Railway Station- Ankon Hotel

A comfortable and inexpensive 3-star hotel to spend the night near the Ancona railway station is Ankon Hotel.


Port Of Ancona – Residence Degli Aranci

Check the rooms at Residence Degli Aranci, only steps from the port, for budget-friendly accommodation near the Port of Ancona.


Bari, Italy Accommodation

Port Of Bari – Best Western Executive Business Hotel

Instead, suppose you are departing from Bari. In that case, you can have a good night’s sleep at Best Western Executive Business Hotel, just steps from the Port of Bari, offering convenient facilities with sensible prices.


Athens, Greece Accommodation

Port Of Piraeus – Piraeus City Hotel

Piraeus City Hotel is a convenient place to stay if you are departing from the Port of Piraeus in Greece, ideally located to catch an early morning ferry to any of the Greek Islands



Thessaloniki, Greece Accommodation

To discover convenient accommodation in Thessaloniki, look for hotels near the station or the airport according to your needs. 


Since Athens and Thessaloniki are large cities, public transport will significantly help you get to your port of departure in almost no time, no matter where you choose to stay within the city limits.


Are you ready to travel from Croatia to Greece!?



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