Here’s What Locals Suggest To Do In Korcula

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The island of Korcula in Croatia is best known for its picturesque walled Old Town, but the island as a whole has so much to offer for everyone. Here, we show you just what to see and do.

Acquiring the nickname “mini Dubrovnik.” The old quarter is no doubt architecturally & historically fascinating, but the island as a whole has so much to offer for all visitors.

Things To Do In Korcula For Water Babies

The Adriatic Sea is so amazingly clear, and the water around Korcula is so still, it’s lake-like. An abundance of water sports can be enjoyed in and on the sea, from snorkeling to scuba diving to kayaking to windsurfing.

Hire a kayak or boat and paddle or motor across to the archipelago between Korcula and Lumbarda – the small islets here, such as Badija, Vrnik & Stupe, are beautiful and so peaceful.

Things To Do In Korcula For The Kids

View from Vrnik Islet in Korcula archipelago

Croatian beaches are usually pebbled, but the village of Lumbarda boasts two fantastic sandy beaches. Buckets & spades at the ready; it’s time to build sandcastles at Przina or Bilin Zal beaches, just a 15-minute bus ride from Korcula Town.

And for after, it’s got to be ice-cream, and yes, the island makes some delicious gelato. Practice your Croatian and ask for “pola-pola”: half ‘n’ half, two flavors for the price of one!

Building sandcastles and eating ice-cream are two of many fun things for kids to do in Croatia that we suggest.

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Things To Do In Korcula For The Walkers

The island has many excellent walking & cycling trails, and this active pursuit is best enjoyed in the spring or early autumn when the temperature is cooler. Pack up your ruck-sack and head over to the charming village of Zrnovo.

Then take the moderate 40-minute walk to Kocje, a nature park with some amazing rock formations and wild-life. You will also be able to enjoy some stunning views across the channel to the Pelješac mainland.

Things To Do In Korcula For Sun Bathers

Korcula Island sunsets

There are numerous gorgeous hidden bays, and enclosed beaches dotted all around the Korcula coastline. Hire a scooter and discover your own piece of paradise.

Some of our favorite beaches are Vaja in the village of Racisce and Orlandusa in Defora on the south-west coast – the mesmerizing blue sea is so inviting. Shh, don’t tell everyone, though!

Things To Do In Korcula For The Romantics

We are originally from London, so the opportunity to see a clear sky, day or not, was, well, highly unusual! But here on Korcula, bring your loved ones and watch a stunning sunset with a glass of wine in hand, watching the silhouettes of the fishermen & their boats, and then gaze up into the night sky for some awesome star-gazing. On certain nights you’ll be able to count numerous shooting stars – that’s a lot of wishes!

Things To Do In Korcula For The Foodies

Views from Lumbarda wineries

Be sure to try the local specialty “Zrnovksa Makaruni,” pasta shaped in tubes with a tasty sauce. Konoba Belin in Zrnovo always has freshly made makaruni on the go & if you fancy a challenge, they also offer pasta-making lessons.

And if you want to be amazed at how quickly the local ladies shape that pasta, the Zrnovski Makaruni Night takes place in the village of Zrnovo every August.

Things To Do In Korcula For The Wine Lovers

Hard to pronounce, but very delicious, the white wine “Grk” is only produced here on Korcula in the sandy soil in Lumbarda. There are several family-run wineries in Lumbarda. Head to Popic or Bartul-Cebalo in Malo Postrana for great wine & spectacular views across the vineyards.

There you have it, just a few tasters of what the beautiful Island of Korcula can offer you!

Are you planning a trip to Korcula? Then you should check loads more hints and tips from the team at Korcula Explorer via their blog or website. Rachael and John live on Korcula and can help you book some of the best accommodation available and can also book your excursions and give you the kind of knowledge only a local can. 

Have you already been to Korcula? What were your favorite things to do in Korcula?


Comments (26)

  1. I’ve never heard of Korcula Island before but now I want to visit it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you, hvala!! :) I am from Lumbarda :) Both of my parents are “lumbarjani” and therefore I’ve got 2 houses there :) WE live in Zagreb :)

    1. Best of both worlds right there! I hope to make it back to Korcula this summer sometime, as it’s been a while since I was there and I need to explore it more.

      1. Yes please come :) Btw I’ll be going there in about 2 weeks (I’ve got exams). Can’t wait to see my cousins!! :) We swim on a beach called Bilin Žal (Zhal) ; perhaps you’ve heard of it, been there?? Anyway it’s a nice beach always crowded with tourists, a sandy one of course…it’s also very good and safe for children!! :)

  3. I can’t wait to head back to Korcula later this year, especially to visit Lumbarda where my grandfather was from. I like the doind of the walks, I will have to try those this time. Thanks for these tips.

    1. Hi Cous! Bob and I are going again n September so we’re looking forward to some walks too. This one mentioned near Zrnovo sounds great.

  4. I love Korcula! I’ve been there twice to visit my husband’s uncle. My favorite part was visiting Korcula born artist, Stipe Nobilo’s personal studio. His paintings are so beautiful and show off the magnificent colors of Croatia, now if I could only get my hands on one :)

    1. Stipe is my father’s friend and he gifted my father with 3 of his paintings :) And the 4th one for my grandparents :)

      1. How lucky are you! I hope to make it back to Korcula soon to see this for myself!!

        1. Yes! :) Perhaps you have heard of my father ; he is a conductor and recently held a concert for the Day of Zagreb (Dan grada Zagreba) , his name is Ivo Lipanović (Lipanovich) :) I’m Marija btw, I’m 23 years old and finishing my 3rd year of tourism :) I’Ve got cousins in both Sydney AND Adelaide :) Nice to meet you! :)

  5. Beautiful spot. I could just lounge there with a book or maybe take up kayaking. Perfect setting for a relaxing holiday.

  6. Darn, I missed the walk to Kocje, as I knew nothing about it until now.
    I did walk up to the Forteca, high above the old town, and great for photographs, and also up the Glavica Sveton Antuna Hill – the views from the top are breathtaking.

    Lunch on the terrace of Konoba Albert in Zavalatica was pretty special, too, washed down with a glass – or two ;) of Pošip, made 2 km away in Čara.

    Great article, fantastic island!

    1. Next time Jon, next time! Agree, the walk up to Forteca is great & the road in front you get some fab views of Korcula Old Town. We live in Sv.Antun, down the road from the hill, many times we’ve ventured up those 101 steps for awesome views!

    2. “you get some fab views of Korcula Old Town.”

      That’s where I took both my Facebook and Twitter background pix. It was the same view I spied in a brochure and from that moment on I decided I wanted to see it for myself :)

      And, having done so, sat and digested all the sights and sounds (and flavours) at Vinum Bonum, Punta Jurana, bang opposite where I was staying. Happy days!!

  7. I am definitely the walker one. Therefore, I am happy to read that the island has many walking and cycling trails. I would never get bored here!

  8. Thanks for sharing SJ. We hope to welcome some Chasing the Donkey followers to Korcula Island this year!

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