Is Dubrovnik Expensive? 2024 Travel Price Guide

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Sarah-Jane has lived in Croatia for 10+ years. SJ, as she is known, has been traveling the Balkans & beyond since 2000. She now shares her passion for traveling with her husband & kids.

So, is Dubrovnik expensive? Yes and no. I have seen prices skyrocket in the last 20 years of travel here, especially since we moved to the euro in January 2023.

If you’re coming to Dubrovnik, the “Pearl of the Adriatic Sea,” and looking for things to do in Dubrovnik on a budget, I can help. With my decade of living in Croatia, I’m here to help you find how you save on your budget and answer, “Is Dubrovnik more expensive than elsewhere”

If you don’t want to break the bank but also seek an amazing experience in this Croatian paradise, this article will be your guide to prices in Dubrovnik and figure out the ideal budget for a month in Dubrovnik.

Croatia Travel Blog_Is Dubrovnik Expensive

Dubrovnik is a city where you can have a great time visiting extraordinary places, having unforgettable memories, and eating delicious food. Dubrovnik offers a wide range of options; in the beautiful city, you will find world-class establishments and sleek yet affordable venues. It is also a gateway to many other places on the Adriatic Coast.

You should also know that Dubrovnik is more expensive than any other city in Croatia. And I can hear you asking: “But why is Dubrovnik expensive?” Dubrovnik might seem pricey but it’s the old story of price and demand; consumers are willing to pay more as the place is such a popular destination in Croatia.

That said, “expensive” is a relative term depending on your income and lifestyle. For example, when you compare Dubrovnik, an expensive city in Croatia, to the most expensive cities in Europe (I see you Zurich, Geneva, Oslo, and London, United Kingdom), it is not pricey at all.

With its marvelous nature and gorgeous scenery, Dubrovnik is among the most touristy places in Croatia. Thus, it’s costlier than other alternatives, such as Zadar.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t discourage you. Dubrovnik still has lots of fantastic places where you can stay, eat, drink, and have fun without going over your budget.

To learn more about the best time to visit Dubrovnik, keep reading this extensive guide I have prepared for you!

Guide To Prices In Dubrovnik

Before calling Dubrovnik expensive – or cheap, we should know about how much one would spend in Dubrovnik. Let’s discover the average cost of what you might want in Dubrovnik!*

*The prices quoted are correct at the time of publication. I took them from my own travels, asking locals from Numbeo and the websites of various local businesses I know and trust. 

Eating, Food And drink Prices

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik_Nautika
Photo Credit: Nautika, one of the great locations to visit during your days in Dubrovnik

One of the best parts of visiting a city is having the opportunity to try out different and delicious local dishes. And when visiting Dubrovnik, you’ll get to eat lots of delectable food.

Restaurant Prices

Cheap food in Dubrovnik at an inexpensive restaurant can cost anything from €6 to €30, with an average of €14. On the other hand, a table for two at a mid-range restaurant might cost you anything from around €40 to €120.

Fast Food Prices

If you aren’t looking for anything fancy, you can always go to the popular fast-food places, such as McDonald’s or Burger King. A menu in McDonald’s can cost between €6.60 and €10.50.

Grocery Prices

Self-catering is the key to staying on budget. You can find a fantastic farmer’s market in Dubrovnik’s city center where you can buy locally grown products for affordable prices as well as grocery stores like Konzum and Plodine:

  1. A kilo of apples for €1-2
  2. A kilo of bananas for €1-3
  3. A kilo of oranges for €1-3
  4. A kilo of tomatoes for €0.80-4
  5. A kilo of potatoes for €0.50-2
  6. A kilo of onions for €0.40-1.60
  7. A head of lettuce for €0.80-2
  8. 12 eggs for €2-6
  9. A kilo of local cheese can cost anything from €7 to €30.

Alcohol Prices In Dubrovnik

If you want to go out with your friends at night and grab a couple of drinks, you should know that Croatia’s alcohol prices are quite affordable.

Dubrovnik beer prices change from €1 to €2.50, depending on the restaurant and whether it’s domestic or imported. On average, the price of a pint in Dubrovnik is an expensive €2.00.

Other beverages are cheap, too! A bottle of mid-range wine usually costs between €4 and €12. You can also grab a glass of whiskey, vodka, or another spirit for around €3-€5.

Transportation Prices

Is Dubrovnik expensive -

Public transportation is the easiest and most immersive way to get around Dubrovnik. By taking buses or maybe chancing it with a taxi driver, you can have a truly local experience.


While Dubrovnik prices might be more affordable than other Croatian cities, public transport prices are still inexpensive. The cost of one ticket for local buses in Dubrovnik changes from €1.73 to €1.99, depending on where and how you buy them.


Dubrovnik taxi fare usually starts around €2, adding €0.66 per kilometer. If you have your own car, you can get a liter of gasoline for around €1.50.

Airport Shuttles

Considering alternative means of transport is a perfect way to stay on your budget. For example, hotel rooms might have an airport shuttle Dubrovnik service or organize nightly trips to the well-known clubs and bars in the city.


Do you want to feel the winds of freedom in your hair? Then, forget about the fixed public transport schedules and consider renting a car to discover the hidden gems of Dubrovnik all by yourself.

Plus, great news! Renting a car in Dubrovnik is more affordable than most countries. On an economy plan, you can rent a car for as cheap as €8 per day.

Of course, there are some premium plans for those who spare no expense for their luxury. If you’re seeking a fancy car with neat features and unlimited mileage, you can find various rent-a-car deals from €40 to €150 per day.

Accommodation Prices In Dubrovnik

Since Dubrovnik is a very touristy city, you’ll have a wide range of affordable accommodations. Staying at a mid-range hotel in the city can cost you something between €80 to €140 on average.

On the other hand, there are even cheaper accommodation options, with hostels that charge as little as €25 a night. If you’re in Dubrovnik for more than a week, consider getting an Airbnb, as they are more affordable than hotels for longer stays.

Entertainment Prices

Now, given the information provided, you have an idea about how much staying, eating and getting around in Dubrovnik, a popular destination in Croatia, would cost. It’s time to explore entertainment prices in Dubrovnik.

One of the most iconic activities in Dubrovnik is walking the City walls of the city. To access the city walls, you should expect to pay around €36.50 per person.

If you want to watch the gorgeous scenery from the top of Mount Srd, you can take a cable car ride for €28.49 per person. Also, for a fee of €51.26, you can visit one of the main filming locations of the famous TV show Game of Thrones.

As Dubrovnik is a seaside town, you have plenty of day trip options too! You can take a sea kayaking tour for around €20 per person. A boat tour in the north of Dubrovnik, on the other hand, can cost between €40 and €500, depending on the route. And finally, a day trip to Lokrum Island comes at a cost of €28.50 per person.

If seeing Dubrovnik isn’t enough for you, you can continue your Balkans adventure via day trips to neighboring countries. A day trip to Montenegro’s extraordinary cities costs around €60. History buffs can also take a trip to the pearl of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar, for only €85

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How To Save Money In Dubrovnik

  • Accommodation: look for affordable options on Airbnb or, such as Apartments Anamaria.
  • Parking in Dubrovnik is one concern for tourists. park at the “public garage” and explore the Old Town on foot.
  • Eating on a budget: make your own sandwiches for a picnic lunch and indulge in inexpensive ice cream for dessert
  • Financial tips: use payment services like Revolut for better exchange rates, and always pay in local currency – euros

Things To Do In Dubrovnik

Walk The Walls Of Dubrovnik

Is Dubrovnik expensive -

The walls of Dubrovnik are the most iconic attraction throughout the city. Constructed over 500 years, the structure is one of the most well-preserved fortifications in Europe.

The walls stretch over 6000 feet and provide you with extraordinary city views and stunning views of the Adriatic. The entrance fee to access to the city walls is only €15.

See The Old Town

Is Dubrovnik expensive -

Like every gorgeous city in Europe, Dubrovnik also houses a historic Old Town. The entrance of the old town area takes you back in time with its unique atmosphere and architecture, which makes it the best place to be for history buffs.

Also, on its main street lined with shops and local restaurants, you can find the perfect souvenirs for your loved ones.

Visit The Botanic Garden Of Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is a whole other world itself. This small island houses a botanical garden, a salt lake, and a Benedictine monastery dating back to the 11th century.

Since it is the filming location for Qarth, the island is quite popular among the Game of Thrones fans of the famous TV show. You can take a day trip to the island for €28.50.

Take A Cable Car Ride To Mount Srđ

Cable Car in Dubrovnik

Mount Srđ is one of the most scenic places in Dubrovnik. You can breathe fresh air and capture stunning photos at the top – perfect for Instagram.

The cable car ride costs only €28.49 and offers an unforgettable experience when spending days in Dubrovnik. The mountain is also home to the Museum of Croatian War of Independence, an awe-inspiring place to visit.


What To Eat In Dubrovnik On A Budget

Croatia Travel Blog_Is Dubrovnik Expensive_GreenGarden Burger Bar
Photo Credit: GreenGarden Burger Bar

If you wonder: “Where is best to eat in Dubrovnik on a budget?” we should advise you to avoid the touristy parts of the city. The cost of a meal in Dubrovnik Old Town will be one of the most expensive places in Croatia, but you can find good deals outside in the less touristic parts.

According to online reviews, the top 7 most affordable places to eat in Dubrovnik are:

  1. GreenGarden
  2. BokunBocun
  3. TAKE AWAY Dubrovnik
  4. Pizzeria Kabalero
  5. Glam Bar
  6. Ala Mizerija
  7. Posejdon

Of course, you should still be ready to spend €10-20 per person for a good meal, even in these places. If you’re looking for an even more affordable option, fast food venues, such as McDonald’s, should be the way to go.

At fast food places, you can have a combo menu for €6-8 per person, which will be half the price you’ll pay at even the most affordable restaurants in the city.

Another affordable option to eat in Dubrovnik is to buy your own ingredients and prepare sandwiches. If your hotel or Airbnb has a kitchen, you can even cook dinner to avoid paying for an overpriced meal at a high-end restaurant.

Street food is another affordable alternative to luxury restaurants and pricey breakfast places. Also, trying Croatian street food is the perfect way to experience the local culture.

Where To Stay In Dubrovnik On A Budget

Croatia Travel Blog_Is Dubrovnik Expensive_Budget Hotels In Dubrovnik_Hotel Splendid
Photo Credit: Hotel Splendid

If you wonder where to stay in Dubrovnik on a budget, you needn’t worry. Although Dubrovnik is relatively more expensive than most cities in the area, accommodation is still quite affordable.

If you’re looking for a cheap hotel, you can use various apps and websites to find the best options., Google Maps, and Tripadvisor are three of the most helpful sources you can use.

According to online reviews, the most affordable places to stay in Dubrovnik are:

You can click the name of the hotel and look up your dates to see.

  1. Valamar Tirena Hotel
  2. Berkeley Hotel & Spa
  3. Hotel Splendid
  4. Hotel Komodor
  5. Hotel Vis
  6. Hotel Petka
  7. Villa Odak
  8. Villa Malo Misto
  9. Apartmani Vulicevic

Hotel prices in Dubrovnik vary depending on different factors, such as the season or location. While you can find inns for as cheap as €25, you can also find luxury hotels with a pricing of over €500.

If you’re planning to stay in Dubrovnik for a week or longer and you’re staying in one place, consider Airbnb for a more comfortable stay. This way, you can have a truly local experience and avoid spending too much on dining by preparing your food.

Airbnb prices in Dubrovnik vary from €50 to €1000 per night, sometimes even with special offers for extended stays.

Cheapest Parking In Dubrovnik

Since Dubrovnik is known for its expensive parking fees, most people ask: “Where is cheap to park in Dubrovnik?” Thankfully, we know the perfect places for you!

While Dubrovnik is among the most affordable European cities for a holiday, parking can be quite a hassle for drivers. The parking prices are surprisingly high, and it can be hard to find a good spot to park your car.

Parking options in the Old Town can go up to €11! Therefore, you should be careful about picking the ideal place to park your car. A great alternative is going for the public garage, which charges around €4 per hour.

Also, there’s Dubrovnik City Parking, which claims to offer the cheapest parking option in Dubrovnik with a €3/hour and €30/day rate. They have 50 parking spaces near the Old Town.

Another alternative is Dubrovnik Center Parking with a €3/hour and €24/day rate. The parking space is only a 15-minute walk from the Old Town.

Ideal Budget For A Month In Dubrovnik

The ideal budget for a month in Dubrovnik depends on your plans and preferences. Based on our Dubrovnik trip cost guide, a budget of €100 per day should be sufficient for a casual trip.

If you are planning a budget travel but still want to eat at fancy restaurants and enjoy various entertainment options in Dubrovnik, you can increase your budget to around €160-200 per day.

So, a 7-day trip to one of Europe’s popular destinations in Croatia, Dubrovnik, can cost between €700 and €1,400. Of course, you should consider possible additional expenses that may arise, such as purchasing souvenirs or adding new destinations to your itinerary.

With that in mind, we recommend you bring a little more money than you expect to spend.


Is Dubrovnik worth visiting on a Croatia road trip?

Definitely! The city offers you everything: an extraordinary history, spectacular scenery, delicious dishes, and an affordable stay. Also, the beautiful beaches in Dubrovnik make the city a popular destination for summer holidays.

Is Dubrovnik expensive?

The cost of living in Dubrovnik is higher than in other cities in Croatia. From real estate to overall utilities, most residents of Dubrovnik spend more money than those in less popular cities, such as Karlovac.

Is Croatia expensive for tourists?

While Dubrovnik’s cost of living is relatively high, the city is a perfect destination for tourists on a budget. The city’s wide range of attractions and businesses cater to guests of all budgets. Therefore, visiting Dubrovnik on a budget is totally possible.

Is Dubrovnik more expensive than Split?

Since Dubrovnik is more touristy, Dubrovnik is actually a tad more expensive than Split. Nevertheless, both cities are more affordable than other European cities, and there are many cheap things to do in Dubrovnik – it does not have to be super expensive.

Is Dubrovnik expensive for food and drink?

Dubrovnik food prices are usually quite affordable. Since Croatian food costs aren’t as high as most European countries, you can dine in Dubrovnik at a surprisingly reasonable cost.

How much is a cup of coffee in Dubrovnik?

While the price of a cup of coffee can vary, the average price is around €1.50. However, you can expect a more expensive price at high-end places.

How much is a meal in Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik restaurant prices highly vary from establishment to establishment. In Old Town, a meal at an average restaurant should cost around €20-€30 per person. In more humble venues, though, two people can have a delicious meal for the same price. Also, if you enjoy fast food, places like McDonald’s offer menus for as little as €5-6.

How much is beer in Dubrovnik?

Beer prices in Dubrovnik depend on where you get it. A can of domesticated beer at a local market should be around €1-2. Imported beers, on the other hand, might be a tad costlier, around €2-3.

Grabbing a couple of beers at a pub or restaurant might be more expensive. Since different bars in Dubrovnik have their own prices, even domesticated beer runs €35.

How much is wine in Dubrovnik?

Wine prices in Dubrovnik vary based on where you get it. A bottle of wine usually runs between €4 and €12 at local markets. We should also add that good Croatian wines often cost more than mass-produced alternatives. Therefore, the products of local wineries might be twice the price of an industrial product. If you visit a restaurant to drink wine, however, you should be ready to pay €6-12 for a glass.

Where can I find an affordable restaurant in Dubrovnik?

If you’re looking for the best Dubrovnik restaurant menu prices, avoid the Old Town. Although it’s the historic center of the city – and has gorgeous scenery – the area houses the most expensive restaurants in the city. Most places outside of the city walls have reasonable prices for travelers on a budget.

How to get around Dubrovnik at an affordable price?

The cheapest way to get around Dubrovnik is taking a bus, with ticket prices ranging from €1.73 to €1.99. Also, if your hotel is near the city center, you can take a taxi to the major attractions, as they’re closely located.

Is driving a car expensive in Dubrovnik?

Driving a car in Dubrovnik isn’t more expensive than in most European countries. In fact, Dubrovnik is a slightly cheaper city to drive a car than most European cities, with gas prices around €1.50 per liter.

Is accommodation in Dubrovnik expensive?

Accommodation prices in Dubrovnik really depend on your preferences. If you want to stay at a fancy hotel near the heart of the Old Town, you should be ready to pay at least €130300 per night. However, you can always find a hostel or a small hotel for a much more affordable price. Cheap hotels in Dubrovnik usually cost from €25 to €50.

How much spending money for Dubrovnik do I need?

When you’re planning your Dubrovnik budget, you should take many factors into account. On average, a budget of around €50-70 should be enough for someone who visits inexpensive venues and purchases souvenirs.

If you want to make the best of your time without worrying about going over budget, you should bring at least €100. While Dubrovnik nightlife prices are mostly affordable, those who enjoy partying should plan a daily budget of at least €160-200 to enjoy Dubrovnik’s nightlife.

Is visiting tourist attractions in Dubrovnik expensive?

While you have to pay a small fee to visit most attractions in Dubrovnik, it’s still quite affordable. Main tourist attractions in Dubrovnik, including museums and historic structures, usually have an entrance fee which varies depending on the high season. €20 and €60. You can visit these attractions for a much cheaper price with the Dubrovnik Pass.

What is the Dubrovnik Pass?

Dubrovnik Pass is a special card that allows you to enter various museums and attractions in the city without paying a fee. Plus, Dubrovnik Pass comes with a special local bus card, giving you free access to public transportation.

How can I get a Dubrovnik Pass?

If you want to learn more about Dubrovnik Pass and where to get it, visit

What are the types of Dubrovnik Pass?

The pass comes in three different types of travel to Dubrovnik:

  1. Day Pass (€35): a 24-hour card that provides a free guide, free transportation, and reduced activities prices in Dubrovnik
  2. 3-Day Dubrovnik Pass (€45): this 3-day card includes all the benefits of the Day Pass, a 30% discount on Dubrovnik Summer Festival and Račić Family Mausoleum tickets and a 20% discount on Lokrum Reserve tickets
  3. 7-Day Dubrovnik Pass (€55): this 7-day card provides you with all the benefits of the Day Pass, a 50% discount on Dubrovnik Summer Festival tickets, a 30% discount on Mljet National Park, Račić Family Mausoleum and Lokrum Reserve tickets

You can choose the most suitable one and start exploring Dubrovnik without breaking the bank


I know that you were wondering is Dubrovnik expensive, so I now hope that you are ready to visit Dubrovnik and explore this beautiful walled city, knowing what the cost of travel will be.

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