Take To The Skies, On The Dubrovnik Cable Car To Mount Srd

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Wherever you go in the world, it’s a common theme that we all love a good view. What better view could you expect to get of Dubrovnik than from the top of a mountain? Here is the guide to the Dubrovnik Cable Car.

Croatia Travel Blog_Mount Srd Cable Car Dubrovnik

Wherever you go in the world, it’s a common theme that we all love a good view. What better view could you expect to get of Dubrovnik than from the top of a mountain?

Enter the Dubrovnik Cable Car Ride.

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubrovnik is, without a doubt, the cable car ride to the top of Mount Srd. If you want to walk, you can; if you’re going to drive, you can (see below for more on that), but nothing beats the cable car ride in Dubrovnik, and the other bonus is that you don’t have to walk in the intense summer heat! And if you happen to visit Dubrovnik off-season, you’re in luck, as the cable car runs year-round!

Dubrovnik is a beautiful destination, but seeing it from up above will show you the grand size and scale, as well as seeing a little further afield too. On a clear day, you can see up to 60 km away – that’s as far as the beautiful Elafiti Islands!

Let’s explore the cable car ride in a little more detail. We’re sure it will convince you to snag one of the great Dubrovnik hotels, especially if you’re seeking to be within walking distance of the cable car station. Make this city a must on your Croatia itinerary!

Note: The cable car closed in January, February, November, and December


What Is The Dubrovnik Cable Car Ride To Mount Srd In Croatia

Day Trips From Dubrovnik - Lokrum Island

Mount Srd sits proudly over Dubrovnik and rises to an enormous 415 m above sea level.

We just mentioned that you could see as far as the neighboring islands on a clear day, but the view you will get over the local coastline is something you should be snapping away at on your camera!

We’re going to talk a bit about what you can do at the top of the mountain in a short while, but let’s give you a little history for now.  At the top of the summit, you will find a fortress, which was built way back in 1806 by Napoleon Bonaparte.

This was named the Imperial Fortress, and it was designed to overlook the coastline and protect & warn against invaders who might be trying their luck. The fortress has been well protected and conserved since those days, and you can head there and venture around its walls when you get to the top of the cable car ride.

The Mount Srd cable car in Dubrovnik was built as a tourist attraction in 1969, but it was renovated and restored after the 1991 attack on the city. It now has two cabins working throughout the day, and they hold 30 passengers at a time. Naturally, during the summer months, in particular, this can mean queues, but get there early enough, and you should be able to cut down your wait a little.

The journey takes around 4 minutes – much less than walking! As you make the incline to the top, you’ll notice the houses and buildings getting smaller and smaller and the view stretching further and further.

It’s all a little breathtaking.

If you’re worried about the adverse weather, there’s really no need. The cable car detects when the wind might be picking up, and it stops until the wind levels are reduced. This means safety is always put first. Similarly, if there is a lightning storm, the Dubrovnik cable car doesn’t run until the storm has passed. You’re perfectly safe!

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How To Get To The Top Of Mount Srd Via Dubrovnik Cable Car

Experience the Dubrovnik Cable Car with passengers onboard, offering stunning views of the city below - at sunset

Getting to the cable car station in Dubrovnik is very easy from the Old Town, where it is clearly signposted and just a couple of minutes on foot. Alternatively, you can head to Pile Gate or Ploce Gate and walk for just over 10 minutes, taking you on a scenic route around the city walls. You’ll then walk down the steps and see the cable car station.

If you venture towards Buza Gate, you can walk up the steps from Stradun, and you’ll see the cable car signs from there. However, the steps are a little steep, so if you’re not great on your feet, do bear this in mind.

So, as you can see, the Dubrovnik cable car location is super-easy to find and get to. It’s just behind the northern, inland section of the City Walls.

Dubrovnik Cable Car Ticket Price & Can Kids Ride

Cable Car in Dubrovnik

Kids are very welcome on the cable car! I promise that they’ll love it. My little guy (4 at the time) did not want to get off. It is one of the most fun things to do for kids in Croatia.

The current Dubrovnik cable car cost is the following, depending on age and type of trip:

The Dubrovnik Cable Car offers round-trip and one-way tickets. For adults, a round-trip ticket costs 27€, and a one-way ticket is 15€.

  • Round-trip adult ticket: 27€
  • One-way adult ticket: 15€
  • Round-trip child ticket (4-12 years): 7€
  • One-way child ticket (4-12 years): 4€
  • Children up to 4 years ride free
  • Tickets available at the lower station cash register or ticketing machine

Payment for Dubrovnik Cable Car tickets can be made by euro or credit card only. No foreign currencies are accepted at the cable car station, so change your money before you get there to make life easier.

Buy Tickets

Dubrovnik Cable Car tickets can be conveniently purchased directly at the cable car station, where payments can be made in euros and by credit cards. Or you can buy them below to avoid long queues.



What Is The Dubrovnik Cable Car Schedule

A group of people on a balcony of the Viewpoint on Srd hill Dubrovnik Croatia

The Dubrovnik cable car opening times are different depending on the month of the year, so check before you venture there.

Also, remember that during particularly adverse weather, the cable car may be out of action for a short period during the day until it is safe to continue operating. 

Here are the general Dubrovnik cable car hours:

January – 9 am – 4 pm.
February – 9 am – 5 pm
March – 9 am – 5 pm
April – 9 am – 8 pm
May – 9 am – 9 pm
June – 9 am-midnight
July – 9 am-midnight
August – 9 am-midnight
September – 9 am – 10 pm
October – 9 am – 8 pm.
November – 9 am – 5 pm
December – 9 am – 4 pm

The cable car closed in January, February, November, and December.

Cable Car FAQs


What is the Dubrovnik Cable Car?

The Dubrovnik Cable Car is a means of transportation that takes visitors from the lower station near the old town to the top of Mount Srd, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the Adriatic Sea.

How do I reach the Dubrovnik Cable Car?

To reach the Dubrovnik Cable Car, you can either walk up from the old town. The lower station is located just outside the old town.

What can I expect to see on the way up to Mount Srd?

As you ascend Mount Srd on the Dubrovnik Cable Car, you will enjoy fantastic views over Dubrovnik, the city walls, and the surrounding area. It is a scenic journey offering panoramic vistas.

Are there any facilities at the top of Mount Srd?

Yes, at the upper station of the Dubrovnik Cable Car, there is a panorama restaurant and bar where you can enjoy refreshments while taking in the breathtaking views. There is also a souvenir shop for mementos.

What is the history behind Mount Srd and the Dubrovnik Cable Car?

Mount Srd has played a significant role in the history of Dubrovnik, especially during the homeland war. The cable car was built to provide a way for visitors to reach the top and experience the panoramic views.

Can I learn more about Dubrovnik’s history at Mount Srd?

Yes, there is a Homeland War Museum located at the top of Mount Srd, where visitors can explore the history of Dubrovnik, including its role in the Croatian War of Independence.

How many people can the Dubrovnik Cable Car accommodate?

The cable car can accommodate up to 30 people per ride, providing a comfortable and scenic journey to the top of Mount Srd.

What Is There To Do At The Top Of Srd Hill Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Cable Car - Dubrovnik Travel Blog View

Once you’ve enjoyed the ride by cable car up Mount Srd in Dubrovnik, what is there to do when you arrive? Plenty!

The most common activity, and the one you will see instantly, is the stunning view! Snap away on your phone and get some fantastic photos to remember your time by.

If you find your charge is running a little low, you’ll find something you might not expect – solar-powered charging benches! Yes, really! These are called Steora, and there are two of these at the top of the cable car summit station. The benches are powered by the sun, and they’re not only for sitting on, but they’re also for charging up your devices simultaneously.

Here’s a quick tip for taking photos of the view. Many people focus only on the sea in front of them and the coastline, but turn around – the mountains near Dubrovnik are astonishing on a clear day.

Aside from views and technology, the Panorama Restaurant Dubrovnik is well worth a try, if only for a delicious coffee and a soft drink in the sun overlooking Dubrovnik below.

At Panorama Restaurant & Bar Dubrovnik, you’ll find some delicious authentic Croatian dishes here, as well as more international choices. The cable car station has a large gift shop if you want to take some souvenirs back home with you.

Homeland War Museum

If you want a few minutes away from the station, you’ll find the aforementioned Fort Imperial Dubrovnik, also known as the Imperial Fortress. If you love history, this is a must-do for you, and it also houses a museum dedicated to the Homeland War in Dubrovnik. This War Museum in Dubrovnik is among the city’s greatest museums and well worth visiting. While the fort is still in good condition, it does show some signs of wear and tear. Despite that, you’ll be able to get a real feel of the past.

Additionally, active visitors might want to go for a hike on the Fort Imperial Trail. This scenic Mount Srd hike starts at Fort Imperial and for 1,300 meters to Fort Strincjera. It’s a paved path that runs through woodland and farmland, occasionally offering fantastic views of the Old Town, the Lapad Peninsula, the Elaphiti Islands, and the shimmering Adriatic Sea.

This Dubrovnik Srd Hill hiking trail makes for a fantastic activity high above the bustling crowds in the Old Town.

Driving To The Top Of Mt. Srd

Lots of people ask me about driving instead of paying the cable car ride price. Yes, it is expensive, especially when you have a whole family to buy for. Plus, of course, there are always long lines in peak periods.

You can, of course, drive to the top of Mount Srd. But I would say DO NOT! Driving to the top of Mt. Srd is a scary affair. It is a one-lane road with traffic going in both directions and in my opinion, it is risky – especially in a hired car with that heck-of-an excess fee if you damage it. Take the Dubrovnik Mount Srd cable car instead! This is, after all, one of the city’s top attractions.

Dubrovnik Cable Car Specs

An aerial view of Dubrovnik from Dubrovnik Cable Car.

  • Capacity per cabin – 32 + 1 person
  • Empty cabin weight – 3100 kg
  • Cabin weight with passengers – 5500kg
  • Travel speed – 6.5 m/s
  • Travel time – 3:30 min

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  1. Really cool! We are going to Croatia in the spring and I’m saving this to refer back to!

    1. Driving Dubrovnik to Slatine to Jezerce to Pula to Vella Gorica , I forgot Spilt. Not looking for adventures side trip , but curious and interesting stops , seniors. Any suggestions are more than helpful!

  2. What would be the next best way to get to Mount Srd with the cable car closed? Is it a doable hike?


    1. You can hike to the top or take a taxi. I have done neither, but I hear mixed reviews on do so. Ie to hike you have to cross a busy highway. Good luck.

    2. Hi, we were just in Dubrovnik and took the #17 bus to Mt Srd. The bus lets you off about a 20-30 min (hard to say we stopped a lot for pictures) walk to the top. We then walked down to town on the hiking path. The bus is included free if you have the Dubrovnik card. We thought the views on the walk from the bus to the top were much better than the views from the top where the cable car would take you. You can get the bus at the stop across the street from the Pile gate. There is a small bus shelter there you can wait at. The bus stopped at the median next to the shelter. This turned out much cheaper and we got some great views. You could also walk back to bus stop and take that back into town instead of walking down. We also saw a lot of people walking up the hiking path. It would be a solid hike, but people or a wide age range seemed to be having no trouble with it.

  3. Thank you so much for your advice. Looking forward to taking the bus with the cable car out of commission.

  4. Thank you so much for your advice. Looking forward to taking the bus with the cable car out of commission.

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