10 Of The Best Beaches In Bulgaria – Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

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Discover the best beaches in Bulgaria along the 378 km of Bulgarian Black Sea coastline. This guide covers beaches from north to south in Bulgaria for sun lovers and promises to show you the top beaches for families, party beaches, and everything in between.

Bulgaria Travel Blog_Best Black Sea Coast Beaches In Bulgaria

Along the 378 kilometers of the Black Sea coastline in Bulgaria, magical towns and golden sun-kissed beaches like Sozopol, Golden Sands, or Sunny Beach are to be found. Here are the best beaches that should not be missed when traveling the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria.

I hope that you enjoy some of the beaches on this list:

1. Saxa Beach In Burgas

Burgas ranks as one of Bulgaria’s most important cities and is home to the largest loading port in the country. Population, tourism, and industrial significance have continuously grown over recent years. Connections by land and air with Burgas International Airport keep the city on the rise.

As far as museums are concerned, Burgas was named one of the most culturally vibrant cities in the country thanks to the wide range of offers. But the offer does not only include cultural venues for all tastes and ages as one of the leading Black Sea holiday resorts. The city of Burgas also has excellent diving spots and one of the largest beaches in Bulgaria: Saxa Beach.

One of the best beaches in Burgas, Bulgaria, Saxa Beach, takes up most of the city’s coastline without question. Spread over more than 5 kilometers, the beach is full of cosmopolitan bars decorated with Caribbean settings.

2. Town Beach In Sozopol

Sozopol is one of the country’s oldest and most charming towns in Bulgaria. It is located just 35 kilometers south of Burgas.

Wandering the historic old town streets, built on an artificial peninsula jutting out to sea, it feels like traveling back to the 17th century. Following the Black Sea’s architectural style, Sozopol kept the original stone-paved streets, and the wooden buildings remained intact.

The city is also home to the wide Harmani Beach and the smaller Town Beach, two of the top Black Sea beaches. Town beach is the most popular beach among tourists because of the panoramic views of the old town. It can be accessed from the main city promenade.

The seafront walkway, filled with souvenir shops and open-air restaurants, is the best place to enjoy the traditional Bulgarian “shopska salata” (шопска салата). All things considered, this might be the best place to go in Bulgaria for couples looking for a relaxing beach vacation.

3. Bolata Beach In Kaliakra Cape – 4 Km

Bulgaria Travel Blog_Things to do in Bulgaria_Best Beaches in Bulgaria_Kaliakra Cape
Kaliakra Cape. Photo Credit: Erwan Martin

More than a village, Kaliakra is part of a natural and archaeological reserve. Among those mentioned before, this is the northernmost beach on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Kaliakra’s 60-meter-high cliffs stand to form a rocky peninsula and offer spectacular views over the Bulgarian coastline.

Bolata Beach is only about 4 kilometers from Kaliakra, and mainly local families go here. The beach is shaped like a bit of bay surrounded by rock massifs with cave openings that create a perfect semi-circular shape.

Bulgaria_Bolata Beach

The area also includes one of the few Bulgarian marine reserves. Several small private boats and yachts anchor to the short pier during the summer days.

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4. Varna – Golden Sands 15 km

Varna, the largest city on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast, is a must-see. There are plenty of wide avenues, a legacy from the Bulgarian Communist years, and building facades that follow architectural styles imported from Western Europe.

Varna is also called “The Black Sea capital” for its cultural and economic significance, and it is one of the premier Bulgarian Black Sea resorts. Their modern port, railway station, and international airport connect with more than 35 countries and 100 cities worldwide.

The city’s economy is increasing with tourism coming primarily from neighboring countries such as Romania, only a few kilometers away; Ukraine and Moldova, just across the Black Sea; and the Balkans and Turkey, countries that border the nation on the west and south sides.

The city also has a black sand beach with more than 3 kilometers of sand full of bars and terraces right next to the “Primorski” green area. However, locals prefer to drive 15 kilometers to the 4-kilometer-long Golden Sands Beach (Zlatni Pyasatci), one of the most popular Bulgaria beaches.

Sometimes also described as one of the best in Europe, the beach can be reached by bus or by car following the Republic road I-9 (Републикански път I-9), the main road in Eastern Bulgaria that follows the Black Sea coastline. Bring a sand-free beach towel.


5. Balchik’s Central Beach

Bulgaria Travel Blog_Things to do in Bulgaria_Best Beaches in Bulgaria_Central Beah Balchik
Central Beah Balchik

Balchik could be described as small and lovely. While many people see it as an idyllic place to enjoy their holiday, locals fear it could soon become a massive summer party destination. In recent years, dozens of new second homes and summer apartments have been built, which has increased tourism.

Balchik is so charming that even Queen Mary of Romania built a palace with gardens of more than 65,000 m2. The palace is also full of symbols from different religions because of her personal interest in theology.

Like most other Bulgaria beach resorts, Balchik also has its own beach where you can enjoy the summer days. The biggest beach, “Central Beach,” is located on the city’s outskirts, right after the Balchik Pristanishte Terminal, the city port terminal.

However, small beaches can be found along the beautiful 2.2-kilometer-long Bulgarian seaside promenade. Most also have their own beach bar, such as “Tanino Beach.”

6. Nesebăr & Sunny Beach, The Most Popular Beaches In Bulgaria (3.5 km)

Bulgaria Travel Blog_Things to do in Bulgaria_Best Beaches in Bulgaria_Nesebar
Nesebar Beach. Photo Credit: Złota Bułgaria

Sometimes described as the “Pearl of the Black Sea,” Nesebăr was awarded “World Heritage Site” status in 1983 by UNESCO because of the numerous and well-preserved historical buildings in the old town.

The city has historically been under Greek, Byzantine, and Ottoman rule. This mix of cultures and architectural styles turned Nesebăr’s old town into one of the most romantic ones on the Bulgarian coast. Built around narrow streets, nowadays, the centenary buildings serve as pubs and gift shops for tourists.

Bulgaria Travel Blog_Things to do in Bulgaria_Best Beaches in Bulgaria_Sunny Beach
Sunny Beach. Photo Credit: Złota Bułgaria

About 3.5 km from Nesebăr, Sunny Beach has become the most popular beach among tourists and locals. Thanks to the 8 km long stretch of fine golden sand, Sunny Beach is considered the country’s largest and most fabulous beach.

Sunny Beach also has some of the country’s last remaining natural sand dunes, making the surroundings even more spectacular.

However, it is not the best place when looking for a relaxing stay. Loads of restaurants, water sports, hire tents, and some of the craziest nightclubs in the country are lined up one after another along the promenade.

7. Irakli Beach – Beautiful Wild Beach

One of the only remaining truly beautiful wild beaches in Bulgaria, Irakli Beach lies in a protected area about 5 kilometers from the town of Emona. The Chaya River meets the Black Sea here, splitting the beach into two different parts and creating a beautiful lagoon. Both parts have another name; the northern area is called Irakli, and the southern region is called Chaya.

It’s a phenomenal beach for those looking for solitude, sand, nature, and even nudism. This is, after all, a nudist beach. So, if you’re looking to get tan all over, this would be an excellent place to go.

Irakli Beach is one of Bulgaria’s best beaches for wildlife watchers, home to plenty of birdlife and sea creatures. Additionally, free camping is also allowed on this beach, a super-fun thing to do on a hot summer’s night. At the same time, artists, activists, and naturalists are also fond of this particular beach.


8. Sinemorets Beaches

A seaside resort village in the very southeastern corner of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, Sinemorets lies close to the border with Turkey. This is a very tiny village by any measure, home to just over 200 people, so don’t expect any crazy nightlife or major tourist attractions here. Instead, there’s terrific nature in Strandzha Nature Park, of which the village is a part.

Sinemorets is, however, an increasingly popular beach destination in Bulgaria. Previously a favored family-friendly destination, it’s also popular among artists and other creative people from Sofia. This has resulted in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

There are actually two beaches in Sinemorets. The main beach, known as Butamyata, lies on the village’s eastern side and is home to a bakery, pizzeria, and beach bar. North of the village lies Sinemorets Veleka Beach, which is right at the mouth of the Veleka River. This is an absolutely gorgeous sand beach, but you should know that Veleka Beach is one that has no amenities.

9. Karadere Beach

Consider heading to Karadere Beach for even more solitude, one of the few Bulgaria beaches untouched by mass tourism. Although it’s only 5 kilometers from Byala and Goritsa, it’s still pretty remote. The only way to reach it is via a bumpy dirt road; when you get there, there are no facilities. No electricity, water, or cell phone service,…

It’s the perfect place to get away from daily stress and spend a day or two enjoying human company and nature. Everything’s clean here, too, from the water to the air to the mud baths.

Karadere Beach is one of the best Black Sea beaches in Bulgaria for beach camping. You can pitch your tent on the beach or in the forest above the shoreline. This makes it a popular destination among free-spirited travelers, including artists, nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts, and nudists. Don’t be surprised to hear guitars and bongos being played until late at night!

10. Silistar Beach

The bay of the Silistar beach, near Ahtopol, Bulgaria. One of the best beaches in Bulgaria, covered in soft sand and framed by a crystal-clear blue sky.

Just south of Sinemorets lies Silistar Beach, which is also part of the Strandzha Nature Park and one of the most incredible beaches in the Bulgaria Riviera. Just like Karadere Beach above, this is a relatively remote beach and not that easy to get to. A 1-kilometer dirt road through a coastal woodland offers access to this sand beach, which is about a kilometer long and 50 meters wide.

Even though it’s pretty secluded, there are some visitor facilities, such as a basic campground. The charm of Silistar Beach lies in that very remoteness. Unlike the larger Bulgaria resorts, you won’t see people doing shots or drinking copious amounts of beer here. Still, you can expect some wildlife viewing, excellent diving conditions, and some nudists. Wild camping is permitted here, too.

11. Kara Dere Beach

Located near the town of Byala, Kara Dere is one of the last wild beaches on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It’s known for its pristine natural beauty, crystal clear waters, and peaceful atmosphere. With minimal development, this beach is perfect for those looking to escape the crowds and enjoy a more natural setting.

12. Duni Beach

Situated south of Sozopol, Duni is part of a holiday resort but boasts a beautiful and relatively quiet beach. The fine golden sands and crystal-clear waters make it a perfect destination for families and those looking for a more relaxed beach experience with available amenities.

13. Shkorpilovtsi Beach

Located near the village of Shkorpilovtsi, this beach is one of the longest on the Bulgarian coast, offering plenty of space for sunbathing and relaxation. It’s known for its wide sandy beach and clean waters, as well as for being a popular spot for surfers and kite surfers due to its favorable wind conditions.

14. Ahtopol Beach

Ahtopol is located on the southern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast and offers a mix of rocky and sandy beaches. It’s less crowded than other resort towns, providing a more relaxed atmosphere. The town itself is charming, with plenty of history and beautiful views of the sea.

15. Lozenets Beach

An aerial view of the best beaches in Bulgaria Lozenets Beach

Lozenets is a small seaside resort known for its vibrant atmosphere and beautiful beaches. The main beach offers a mix of relaxation and water sports activities, while the nearby Coral Beach is quieter and ideal for those seeking tranquility.

16. Rusalka Beach

Rusalka is a resort area located near Tyulenovo, offering secluded beaches surrounded by cliffs and dense forests. The area is known for its clear waters and tranquil setting, ideal for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts who want to explore the underwater world.

17. Nirvana Beach

Located near the town of Kiten, Nirvana Beach is a relatively small and secluded spot known for its beautiful sandy beach and crystal-clear water. It’s an excellent choice for visitors looking for a peaceful day by the sea, away from the larger crowds.

18. Krapets Beach

Situated near the border with Romanian, Krapets is a quiet village known for its unspoiled beaches and serene environment. The beach here is wide, with fine sand and dunes, making it an excellent choice for those seeking solitude and a break from the busy resort areas.

19. Smokinya Beach

This Bulgarian beach is situated close to the town of Sozopol and is known for its clear waters and fine, golden sand. It’s popular among both locals and tourists for its natural beauty and relatively peaceful environment. Smokinya is also known for its camping sites, making it a favorite among younger crowds and families looking for a more natural seaside experience.

20. Albena Beach – Great For Families 

One of the best beaches in Bulgaria, this sandy beach is Albena, Bulgaria with golden sands, blue clear water, hotels.

Albena is a resort located in the northern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bulgaria and is famous for its fine, golden sand. It boasts clean and shallow calm waters, making it exceptionally suitable for families with children. 

Albena Beach is well-maintained, with plenty of amenities, including sun loungers, umbrellas, water sports facilities, and lifeguards, ensuring a comfortable and safe beach experience.

So, which of these best beaches in Bulgaria will you visit this summer?

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