Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia: The Beach That Changes Shape

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Sarah-Jane has lived in Croatia for 10+ years. SJ, as she is known, has been traveling the Balkans & beyond since 2000. She now shares her passion for traveling with her husband & kids.

Zlatni Rat Beach is by far and away Croatia’s most beautiful and unique beach. Here is how to get there and what to do. 

Croatia, Hvar island, Bol. Aerial view at the Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

Okay, so let’s give this beach some credit. A clap, perhaps? Maybe a big cheer? It is one of those natural occurrences that makes you smile at Mother Nature.

Zlatni Rat beach is a long golden pebble beach that stretches out to the Adriatic Sea like a hand reaching out for more wine (or beer, you choose). The Zlatni Rat beach is located 4km from Bol, on Brac Island. Zlatni Rat Beach is a very popular spot for holidaymakers to spend their Croatia holidays and is arguably the best beach in Croatia.

The shape of the half-kilometer beach continually changes (albeit ever so slightly), forming the most unusual shape. Zlatni Rat has been named the Best Beach Destination in Europe several times and is sometimes referred to as the Golden Cape or Golden Horn Beach. No matter what you’d like to call it, it is regularly named one of Croatia’s top beaches

In Bol, we enjoyed a family getaway and arrived at Zlatni Rat beach about 30 minutes before sunset. We could not have timed our arrival more perfectly. The three of us, our local guide, and a couple occupied the huge V-shaped beach that evening.

With the crowds gone, presumably eating dinner and recovering from a day on the beach. I sat at the mid-way point along the picture-perfect postcard golden horn beach with the baby Donkey, who was too tired to walk the length of the beach. We laughed and giggled together as we threw rocks into the sea.  

At one point, we both went quiet – a rare moment for a 21-month-old. Sitting down in front of me, he sat staring out across the channel. I smiled a big smile looking at my little Croatian prince; it was like he, too, was loving the sounds of the waves gently lapping over the petite-rounded pebbles—a perfect way to end a long day of sightseeing in the town of Bol.

How Does Zlatni Rat Beach Get Its Unusual Shape?

Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape or Golden Horn) famous turquoise beach in Bol town on Brac island, Dalmatia, Croatia. Zlatni Rat sandy beach at Bol on Brac island of Croatia in summertime.
Zlatni Rat 

Dip your toes into the crystal clear waters of Zlatni Rat, far and away the most unique beach in Croatia, where wind conditions and sea currents form the beach’s ever-changing shape. The far end of Zlatni Rat beach is often turned towards the east. However, the tip of the beach will shift to the west when a strong south-easterly wind known as the Jugo blows.

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Is Zlatni Rat Beach For Families?

zlatni rat at sunset.jpg
We both sat and enjoyed the sunset at Zlatni Rat Beach in peace and quiet.

YES! The beach has lifeguards on duty to protect you during summer. There is a century-old Mediterranean pine tree forest just 2 minute walk from the water’s edge, allowing you to take shelter from the blazing hot sun. Children can enjoy one of the several playgrounds, including one located in a close-by cafe. Things to consider for children

Check out this guide- Croatia holidays for families- to help you decide if Croatia is the right choice for your family

Local Tips

Best Beaches In Croatia: Zlatni Rat - Travel Reviews - Croatia Travel Blog
Zlatni Rat Beach, Brač

Enjoy the sunset on the beach. Takedown a bottle of wine and some glasses, and sit on the beach before sunset. Because so many people spend all day on the beach, it is often vacant during that time.

Watch as the sun sets behind the mountains as you lay on the beach chair without a care in the world. A set of beach chairs and an umbrella will cost 20 euro during the day, but they are left unattended at sunset.

Watch out for nudists. Not a nudist beach, although on the western side, one of the smaller coves is an approved nudist beach. A great place to take photos of Hvar; keep your lens up and over the naked bodies.

Save money. If you are traveling on a small budget, bring with your snacks and drinks as the kiosks are known to have much higher prices than other places on Bol.

As with some places in Croatia, you’ll need to pay to use the toilet on the beach. Bring small change with you. Carry with you some .50 euro cents and euro coins with you. 

Sunset at Zlatni Rat beach bol croatia
Mama and Son time on Zlatni Rat beach

What Else Can You Do On Zlatni Rat Beach?

  • The afternoon westerly wind (Maestral) has made Zlanti Rat a top destination for windsurfers. Close by are several windsurfing schools where you can learn how to surf or rent the necessary equipment
  • Rent a paddleboat or jet-ski
  • With no sand or seaweed, it’s a great place to snorkel. Don’t forget your goggles and fins.

Zlatni Rat Beach Amenities

  • Beach beds and umbrellas available for rent
  • Cafes and restaurants within a short walking distance.
  • Showers
  • Portable kiosks for food and drinks
  • Beach waiter (provided by a nearby cafe)

Where To Eat Near Zlatni Rat Beach

Konoba Tomič – Gorni Humac

Located in one of the oldest villages on the island of Brač, you will find this family-run restaurant. The Michieli-Tomić family runs and operates a nearby farm that produces many of the ingredients used in their restaurant, and specialties include prosciutto, cheese, vitalac (offal), lamb on a spit, dishes prepared under a baking bell, olives, pickled onions, ash-roasted potatoes, and homemade bread. A wine cellar with homemade wine is located next to the restaurant, with many antique objects displaying the traditional, ancient ways of making wine. 


Topolino’s is well known for its excellent pizza and pasta dishes. An outdoor terrace overlooking the sea and live acoustic guitar music makes it an excellent environment to relax and enjoy the island vibe. 


Located in the picturesque village of Donji Humac, this tavern serves authentic Brač cuisine. Top features include lamb specialties, their famous sheep cheese, and a lamb on a spit. Unique food and a romantic atmosphere make this an excellent dining place for couples, but groups and families are welcome too. Make sure to call ahead for a reservation when dining here in the summer!


Croatia Travel Blog_Zlatni Rat Beach_PIN

How To Get To Zlatni Rat & Brac Island

From Split, you can take the catamaran (passengers only) direct to Bol, the closest town to the beach. Bol is situated in the southern part of the island Brač; there are regular ferry connections from many places, including Split. If you have a car, you can take the ferry from Split or Makarska to Supetar, where you’ll find a public bus service and taxis, or rent a car. The drive from Supetar to Bol takes around 40 minutes.

Bol Accommodation Close To Zlatni Rat Beach

We enjoyed views of Zlatni Rat and one of the other Croatian Island hotspots – Hvar. There are many Bol accommodation options close to Zlatni Rat beach. Including private apartments and small and family-run hotels, but your choice should be the 4-star luxury accommodations at the Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa.

Family-friendly Croatia resorts come no better than Hotel Elaphusa. It is a 10-minute leisurely stroll to Zlatni Rat along the shaded promenade and provides exceptional service. It also has one of the largest wellness centers in Croatia, offering unique olive oil treatments. It has our tick of approval.

Other Bol Accommodation Options

If you’d prefer to look at other options, we’ve selected a range of accommodations in Bol to get your search started:

  • Bluesun Hotel Borak
  • Hotel Bol
  • Apartments Lovely Croatia
  • Villa Christine Bol
  • Penthouse Apartments Bol
  • Bluesun Hotel Bonaca Bol 

Where Is Zlatni Rat

 If you’d like to know more about Zlatni Rat, Croatia, the delightful town of Bol or Brac Island, visit the Tourist Board’s Facebook page here.

Have you ever been to Zlatni Rat Beach, or is it on your bucket list?

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  1. This looks like an amazing beach, but it’s interesting to see that actually it’s a pebble beach not sand. From the arial shots you’d think it was fine white sand, which is just like the beaches near me in the south of France – they look like sand from a distance but are actually stones. And funnily enough that’s what I’ve written about this week…how to enjoy pebble beaches! I’d certainly like to visit Zlatni Rat!

  2. What a beautiful and unique beach!! I would love to relax here or try the snorkeling!

  3. What a unique shape beach all due to the currents. Looks like a great place to snorkel with the waters being so clear.

  4. I certainly see what it’s in the running as one of Croatia’s most beautiful beaches. What a cool sand formation and the color of the water is simply stunning.

  5. What a beautiful beach! We loved swimming in Croatia when we visited (twice!) – the water is so gin-clear! And the color so turquoise. But most of the swimming we did was from rocky ledges, not a sandy or pebble beach. But now we have to bookmark Brac (which we didn’t get to) for our next visit :-).

  6. My husband and I want to go to Croatia next year and spend some time at the beach. Thanks for introducing me to this beach because now I know where we will go!

  7. Sounds ideal! Definitely always good to have shade and playgrounds for the little ones. Fascinating study of nature for the little scientist, too.

  8. You are right SJ, Zlatni Rat really does look like a unique beach. If it really is the most beautiful in Croatia is hard to judge and I would really hope that are nicer and emptier beaches somewhere. While the shape of the beach is certainly great, unfortunately at the space is quite limited and when I visited a few years ago it was simply so packed that you didn’t even know where to put your towel down. But maybe during the off season times or, as you suggested, for a sunset, it really might be the perfect place to be… :)

  9. GORGEOUS! So beautiful and very unique sounding. However for me, the best part was reading about the moment you shared with your son on the beach, in quiet contemplation. What a wonderful memory this will become :)

  10. It looks beautiful! I wonder if I will be passing that beach at all- it’s only 3 weeks until I am in Croatia (better get myself up together with blogging, then, hey?!)

  11. Love how informative this post is! Gorgeous beach, I never would have heard of it but for this fab post. Hope to head to Croatia soon and include this in my plans.

  12. Wow!!! The more I see of Croatia on your blog, the more I realize I need to go. So awesome.

  13. This beach looks like a paradise on earth. Thank you for the tips about the children’s shoes in the water, I would love to find the most kid friendly beach areas in Croatia, and this is the type of info that seems to be missing from every other website!

  14. Man, that water… I like to look at beaches more than to go to them. I spent maybe 6 hrs total in Crimea on a beach, despite living by the beach for 18 days? In Florida too, I went into the ocean 4 times in a week, laid out on the sand once.

  15. Wow, absolutely stunning. How come I’ve never made it there? That’s something I need to catch up with!

  16. Living on Gran Canaria, I’ve become accustomed to spending a lot of leisure time on the beach. Lucky you. Living in Croatia and having this beach to travel to.

  17. Wow. This beach looks gorgeous. I was just imagining what it must be like to set up your pitch for the day right at the tip. The water looks beautiful too.

  18. This beach seems to be one of the most popular ones, esp. to reach from Split. Would you choose going to Brac Island over Hvar? I’m looking for a beach daytrip from Split for next week. Looks like about 1 hour by boat from Split to Supetar and then a 1-hour bus ride to Bol. No car. Just public transport. Any tips please? :-)

    1. Both islands are wonderful, and offer something different. While in Split you’ll find local tour operators who can take you on a day trip to both places. SO you can see Zlatni Rat and a little of Hvar,
      There are buses and taxis from Supetar to Bol, takes around 45 mins. There will be others wanting to go to that side also, so sometimes you can also share a taxi to reduce the cost and travel a little faster.

    1. Hi Cole, no there are not. But there is a ferry to and from Split. You can get links to bus and ferry times from here. If you need help, please ask I’d be happy to help.

  19. Having read this I thought it was really enlightening.
    I appreciate you taking the time and effort to
    put this information together. I once again find myself personally spending a lot of time
    both reading and posting comments.

  20. We are 2 women looking at flying to Croatia from Santorini in Greece mid May. Would prior bookings for accommodation and tours be advisable or would we be able to book on the hop. We are worried about booking anything early due to cancellations around the Covid19 virus as we have already lost money not being able to visit Italy. Is it easy to drive in Croatia or is public transport easy?

    1. Dude, no one knows what next week will bring, let alone May. I am sorry to say you should prob make plans to head back home. The Balkans will be in big lockdowns over the next two weeks.

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