Where To Eat In Sarajevo: 15 Cafes & Restaurants

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So, where should you eat in Sarajevo? If you’re looking for a place to eat or a caffeine fix in Sarajevo, check out these best cafes and restaurants that we enjoyed.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Blog_Best Restaurants and Cafes in Sarajevo

The ultimate cultural crossroads city in the Balkans, Sarajevo, is a vibrant blend of East and West. This is a place where you can find a Catholic church, Orthodox church, synagogue, and mosque all within the same neighborhood.

Where To Eat In Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

It’s one of the most religiously and culturally diverse capital cities in Europe. Suppose you’d like to explore the various cultures in the Bosnia and Herzegovina capital. In that case, there’s no better way to do that than by visiting the best cafés and restaurants in Sarajevo.

Best Restaurants In Sarajevo

Things To Do In Sarajevo Food

Sarajevo’s long and rich history—one of conquest and war and peace and prosperity—has resulted in an abundance of ethnic restaurants in Sarajevo. Like to try some Ottoman cuisine? Or dive into the flavors of Austro-Hungary? Maybe you’re looking to experience the typical food of the Balkans? You can find all that and more in the best Sarajevo restaurants below.

1. Apetit Restaurant

One of the best-rated restaurants in Sarajevo, Apetit Restaurant, lies in the heart of the city. It’s an ideal place to grab a bite to eat for tourists because of its awesome location.

It’s open every day of the week, its menu featuring everything from risotto and pasta to wok dishes, steaks, and vegan and vegetarian options. Previous visitors talk positively about the restaurant’s ambiance and hospitality.

2. Karuzo

Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Blog_Best Cafes in Sarajevo_Karuzo
Photo Credit: Karuzo

Named after the renowned opera tenor Enrico Caruso, this highly recommended Sarajevo restaurant has shaped the city’s food scene since 1999. Karuzo is a pioneer in the Sarajevo food industry, being the first vegetarian restaurant in the city.

People rave about the sushi, salads, and soups. Although its menu is filled with numerous vegetarian and even vegan dishes, there’s also a relatively large number of fish and seafood options. One of the best restaurants in Sarajevo for healthy food, for sure.

3. Dveri

Restaurant Dveri is in the very heart of Sarajevo, but it makes visitors feel as if they were in a country home. It’s one of the smallest restaurants in Sarajevo, with the cozy interior making for an extraordinary culinary experience.

It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; its menu features omelets and banana frappes to steak in pepper sauce, vegetable soup, and seafood salads. It’s said to have some of the best traditional Bosnian food in Sarajevo.

4. Avlija

The Bosnian word “avlija” means a courtyard of a house, and Avlija Restaurant aims to be just that—a place where people gather, make friends, and children can play.

This ornate restaurant has an amazingly vibrant outdoor seating area, complete with lots of hanging plants and greenery, colorful benches, and painted walls and windows. It’s a lively place, its vibe encouraging conversation. In terms of food, this is a magnificent place for traditional Eastern European food. There are vegan and vegetarian choices as well.

Best Restaurants in Sarajevo

5. Žara Iz Duvara. The Singing Nettle

If you’re after home-cooked Bosnian cuisine, such as dolma and cevapi, you’ll find it at Žara iz duvara. The Singing Nettle. It’s also one of the most outstanding restaurants in Sarajevo because it “puts nettles on a pedestal.”

This super-healthy plant is used in both medicine and cuisine and is a staple ingredient in this beautiful restaurant’s dishes. People really enjoy the home-away-from-home atmosphere, friendly service, and a wide range of vegetarian options.

6. Mala Kuhinja

As an Asian fusion restaurant serving dishes that combine both Asian and Balkan influences, Mala Kuhinja is one of the most stand-out places to eat in Sarajevo.

The menu changes daily here, so you’ll always find something new and interesting to try. This, along with the sheer tastiness of the food, is also why many people tend to return again and again.

7. Klopa

Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Blog_Best Restaurants and Cafes in Sarajevo_Klopa
Photo Credit: Klopa

One of the most popular Sarajevo restaurants, Klopa, is a child- and vegetarian-friendly restaurant located on the city’s main pedestrian street. Its décor is definitely unique, consisting of wooden tables and benches, colorful chairs and table settings, flower arrangements, and ambient lighting. Smoking is not allowed here, which helps create a healthy atmosphere, while the food is delicious.

8. Cakum Pakum

This small trattoria serves a variety of Italian and Mediterranean dishes and is open from breakfast through dinner.

The menu consists of classics like portions of pasta and salads, but it’s their fantastic crepes, both sweet and savory, that make this restaurant such a popular one in Sarajevo.

9. Restaurant Libertas

For seafood, there’s arguably no better restaurant in Sarajevo than Restaurant Libertas. It may be on the pricier side as far as restaurants in Sarajevo go, but you’ll definitely get what you pay for—mouthwatering fish and seafood dishes. There are mixed fish platters, oysters, fish soups, and so on. Additionally, their excellent wine selection allows you to find the perfect pairing with your meal.

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Best Cafes In Sarajevo

Bosnian Coffee -Best Mostar restaurants and cafes

Coffee is nothing less than a subculture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnian coffee is a staple, maybe even a national symbol. So, it’s not surprising that there are countless fantastic cafés in Sarajevo. Here are some of the best ones, places that you should check out if you need caffeine and/or a snack.

10. August Café

Are you searching for an afternoon bite and cup of coffee? August Café is one of the best cafés in Sarajevo. They serve great coffee and truly sensational sweet and savory crepes. There are also other non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages available.

11. Tito

Located west of the main tourist center of Sarajevo, Tito has a great outdoor seating area, which is popular among families with young children.

With its World War II and Yugoslavia-era memorabilia, it’s as close to a cult café as you’ll find in the city. Definitely one of the most remarkable places to have coffee in Sarajevo.

12. Spazio Café

Bosnia and Herzegovina Travel Blog_Best Restaurants and Cafes in Sarajevo_Spazio Café
Photo Credit: Spazio Café

Classy Spazio Café is the place to be for espresso lovers. It focuses on the traditional Italian espresso culture, preparing ingredients and grinding their coffee beans every single day themselves.

There are large indoor and outdoor seating areas, while the menu also features various teas, salads, sandwiches, and cakes.

13. Miris Dunja

For authentic Bosnian coffee, you should visit Miris Dunja, a tiny yet atmospheric coffee shop in the middle of the Old Town of Sarajevo. In addition to superb coffee, they also serve tea, homemade juices, sweets, and cakes.

14. Tea House Džirlo

If you’re feeling more like tea than coffee, Tea House Džirlo is your destination. It’s probably the best tea house in Sarajevo, located on a cobbled street in the Old Town and serving a huge variety of teas. A visit to this place will definitely make your time in Sarajevo even more memorable.

15. EspressoLab

A must-try coffee shop in Sarajevo, EspressoLab is a coffee chain from Turkey with one location in Sarajevo. Its menu has everything from cold-brew coffee and lattes to matcha, milkshakes, smoothies, and teas. If you’re hungry, you can choose between various sandwiches, muffins, granola cups, cakes, brownies, and other deliciousness.

Must Try Traditional Dishes – Best Food In Sarajevo

Here is a list of the best foods to try when visiting Bosnia. These offer a unique taste of Bosnian culture and tradition. Whether you’re dining in Sarajevo or exploring its street food, don’t forget to try these local delicacies for a truly authentic culinary experience.


A must-try in Sarajevo, ćevapi consists of small, grilled rolls of minced meat, similar to sausages but without the casing. Often served with somun (a type of pita bread), chopped onions, and a side of sour cream, it’s a staple of Balkan food and a highlight of any food tour in the city. For the best ćevapi, visiting a local ćevabdžinica is highly recommended.

Sarajevski ćevapi

This local variation of ćevapi is renowned throughout the city for its unique flavor and is considered a traditional Bosnian dish. Sarajevski ćevapi is served with somun, making it a complete, hearty meal that reflects the local cuisine’s essence.


A savory pastry made of thin flaky dough known as phyllo (or filo) and filled with spiced minced meat, burek is one of the traditional dishes in Bosnia. Often found in restaurants or cafes in Sarajevo, it’s best enjoyed with a dollop of sour cream on top.

Begova čorba

Also known as Bey’s Soup, this rich and hearty soup contains chunks of meat and vegetables, making it a fulfilling main course. It’s a traditional Bosnian dish that offers great food warmth, especially during a walking tour around the city.


A sweet delicacy of walnuts stuffed in poached apples, served in a syrup and often topped with whipped cream. Tufahija is a testament to the Turkish influence on Bosnian cuisine and a must-try dessert in Sarajevo.

Bosanski lonac

A traditional Bosnian stew, Bosanski lonac is a mix of meat and vegetables, slow-cooked to perfection. It embodies the hearty Bosnian dishes that have been a part of local cuisine for centuries.

Banjalučki ćevapi

Similar to Sarajevski ćevapi but with a distinct preparation style, these grilled minced meat rolls are a variant you’d want to try for a comprehensive taste of Bosnian meat dishes. Best served with pita bread and onions.


A dessert made from shredded pastry, soaked in sugar syrup, and typically filled with nuts. Kadaif is a sweet testament to the Turkish influences on the Balkan food scene and a delightful way to end a meal.


A dish of cabbage leaves stuffed with minced meat and rice, cooked with a tangy sauce. Sarma is a traditional dish that showcases the variety of dishes available in Bosnian cuisine, often served during special occasions or as a cherished winter meal.


A sweet pastry made with apples, similar to a pie or strudel, showcasing the Turkish and Balkan influences in Bosnian baking. It’s a perfect example of the sweet treats you can explore on a Sarajevo food tour.


A syrup-soaked pastry that is sweet and dense, often flavored with lemon or orange zest. It’s a popular dessert or snack to enjoy at cafes around the city, offering a glimpse into the local sweet culinary traditions.


 A variant of burek, this is a savory pie filled with potatoes. It’s a simple yet satisfying dish, emblematic of the traditional food you can find in Sarajevo, perfect for a quick bite or as part of a meal.


The soft, fluffy bread that’s often served alongside dishes like ćevapi and sarma. It’s a staple of the local diet and a key component of many traditional Bosnian meals.


Bosnian dumplings filled with minced meat and served with a garlicky yogurt sauce. This dish is a delicious representation of traditional Bosnian cuisine, offering flavors that are both rich and comforting.

Street Food In To Try On Your Trip To Sarajevo

Pita (not to be confused with Middle Eastern pita

In Bosnia, “pita” refers to a variety of burek-like pastries with different fillings such as cheese (sirnica), pumpkin (tikvenica), and spinach (zeljanica). These are made with thin, rolled dough and are savory and satisfying.

Sogan-Dolma (Stuffed Onions)

A unique Bosnian dish consisting of onions stuffed with minced meat, rice, and herbs, then simmered in a rich tomato sauce. It’s a flavorful and aromatic dish that represents the fusion of local and Ottoman culinary traditions.


Similar to ćevapi but in the form of a large, spiced meat patty, often served in a somun or bun with various toppings like onions, kajmak (a creamy dairy product), and ajvar (a red pepper relish). It’s another popular choice for a hearty and quick meal.

Grilled Corn

Particularly in the summer months, you’ll find vendors grilling fresh corn on the cob. It’s a simple, vegetarian-friendly snack that’s enjoyed by people strolling through the city’s streets and parks.

Bosnian Coffee

While not a food, experiencing Bosnian coffee in the streets of Sarajevo is a must. This traditional way of preparing coffee is an integral part of the local culture and social life. It’s often served with rahat lokum (Turkish delight) or other sweets, perfect for a break during your exploration of the city.


  1. Great list. Did you guys go to Karuzo? We had a weird experience trying to make a reservation and the other reviews really put us off. So curious what your experience was there.

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