Places To Eat In Split (& Where To Get The Best Coffee)

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Looking for the best places to eat in Split? Perfect, we’re spilling the beans on the best cafes and restaurants in Split, Croatia.

Croatia Travel Blog_Things to do in Croatia_Best Places to Eat and Drink in Split

Where to begin? You really are spoilt for choice here in Split; there are so many unique places to grab a bite to eat and have a drink. This will undoubtedly be the first of a few articles written on this topic for Split, as I can’t possibly write about all of them in one go!

Having become a local officially this year, I have been holidaying in Split for the last 15 years and have come a few times as a child – I am half-Croatian (hence the constant visits!), specifically from Varos, Split, which is where I am now living (yay!). Moving back to the Motherland has definitely been a wild experience.. but that’s a story for another day ;)

How to Get from Split to Zadar Croatia

Back to the topic at hand, let’s start with COFFEE. This is a BIG one for me! I won’t go into too much detail, but believe me when I say that I have sat in most coffee shops in Split over the last few years (becoming a mother will give you a caffeine addiction!), and I am super picky with freshness, hotness and the richness of the bean. I want an excellent, strong, hot coffee with fresh milk. Thank you.

Tip: If you also like your coffee hot, make sure you ask for it ‘extra hot.’

Coffee Bars In Split

Zagreb Coffee Spica - Natalie Chalk


A cute little cafe located within the famous Diocletian’s Palace in the street Dominosova 16. The specialty coffee tastes exceptional, and they also do double or triple shots if you like. The milk is fresh and not long-life, which is a huge plus.

The staff that work here are super friendly and will remember you when you come the second time (and you will!).. they will most likely also remember your order as well so I’ll take this chance now to say a big thank you to the staff there for always saying hello and remembering my (extra hot) order! You can also get cold brew here, which is hard to find – you’re welcome :)

Brasserie On 7

Brasserie on 7 is another fab spot on the town’s main strip – the Riva. You can actually come to B7 for coffee, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Specialty coffee is also used here, and after having tasted almost every type of coffee here, I can say with the utmost conviction that the coffee here is fantastic.

Breakfast is also pretty spectacular here, and I know the chicken for lunch is great as well. So don’t miss this place when you’re passing through Split, the sea view is fantastic, and you can’t go wrong at any time of day.


This cafe is located in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace, Peristil square. The nicest way to get here is to enter from the Brass Gate at the Riva and go through the substructures (tunnel) and come out up the stairs into the square. The coffee here is good, but the location is even more impressive. Sitting on the steps of ancient ruins in front of the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world – Sv Duje, honestly gives you the most incredible feeling. This spot is a MUST when you are here.

Fun Fact: Game of Thrones fans will recognize a few scenes from this spot. Make sure to also have a look around for the ‘Sphynxes of Split’ – made 3600 years ago and brought here from Egypt!

Traditional Restaurants In Split


Konoba Varos

One of my favorite places to eat in Split is where you can get good, homemade Dalmatian food for a reasonable price.

Located a few minutes walk from the Riva and the center of town on Ban Mladenova street behind the church Sv Frane, this restaurant has fantastic food and a few good wines to go with whichever meal you choose. I can highly recommend the meat and gnocchi dish (a fabulous Dalmatian dish) “pasticada,” and if you’re a seafood lover, “lignje na zaru” (char-grilled squid) would be an excellent place to start.

All the dishes are delicious, though, you can’t go wrong with anything you order, and you will have that authentic Dalmatian experience. Especially with the Dalmo songs playing in the background. Dobar Tek!

Storija Fine Dining

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Split_Storija
Photo Credit: Storija

This unique, fine dining restaurant is located inside the wall of the Old Town city walls. As you dine on locally sourced and produced menu items, you can admire the incredible stonework and vaulted ceilings.

It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience!

Konoba Kod Jose

You will find this tavern outside Split Old Town and it’s incredibly local – it’s where the bus drivers go to eat after work!

The beef and gnocchi dishes get rave reviews and the dark interior atmosphere gives a cozy vibe. 

Bokeria Kitchen & Wine

Croatia Travel Blog_Where To Eat In Split_Bokeria Kitchen & Wine
Photo Credit: Bokeria Kitchen & Wine

If you love wine with your dining experience, this restaurant in the city’s historic center is the place to be. The knowledgeable staff will help you select the perfect wine to pair with your meal, and the wine list is extensive. 

Food is Mediterranean fare mixed with international favorites like tacos and burgers, all made with top-quality ingredients. 

Whether you want to sit down for a quick snack or a main meal, it’s a spot not to miss in Split


This gorgeous restaurant is reasonably priced and located on the water, a short 5min drive from the city center at the port of Spinut. The price point is mid-range, and if you want that real Split local feel, this is an excellent place to start. I love to eat where you can’t go wrong with anything you order, so from pizza to meat dishes to seafood, it’s all good here. For seafood lovers, try a local delicacy called ‘Crni Rizot” (black risotto).

Cuttlefish and squid are the stars here, and the black color is thanks to the ink from the cuttlefish. MUST try! Another fantastic dish specific to Dalmatia is ‘Hobotnica ispod peke’ (octopus cooked under the bell) – if you would like to try this dish, call a couple of days in advance to make your booking and order this as they need a few hours to make it. The wines are also great here, and the staff will be able to recommend what goes well with your dish. Bon appetit!

Konoba Ma:Toni

Croatia Travel Blog_Where To Eat In Split_Konoba MaToni
Photo Credit: Konoba MaToni

Located right near the port, with both indoor and outdoor seating, this restaurant has a breezy vibe in the summer and a romantic charm in the winter. Featuring Dalmatian food, a rotating menu, and in-season ingredients, it’s truly a gem worth visiting. 

Kid and vegan menus are also on offer.

Villa Spiza

This cozy, homey restaurant serves some of the very best Croatian food in Split

The restaurant is family run and serves seasonal dishes with an excellent selection of house wines. The menu changes and is handwritten, so you know you’re getting local and fresh.

The restaurant itself spans across an alleyway, so it’s a unique dining experience. Just remember to bring cash as they don’t accept any other form of payment!


Croatia Travel Blog_Where To Eat In Split_Mazzgoon
Photo Credit: Mazzgoon

This family-run establishment is located in the heart of Split’s Old Town. Modern Croatian cuisine is on the menu, and the team chefs focus on every little detail of the dining experience, from how the food is plated to the story it tells. 

With a motto like “To Eat And To Love,” you know your foodie desires will be taken care of here!

Zrno Soli

This is more of a fancy restaurant, so the price point is a bit higher, but well worth it if you’ve got the cash to splash. It’s located on the west coast of Split at ACI Marina – if you feel like a 15-20min stroll, you can get here by following the ‘zapadna obala’ or west coastline around.

Otherwise, it’s a 5min car ride. This is a 4.5-star restaurant, so there is nothing on the menu that isn’t good – wines, seafood, pasta, meat, it’s all off-tap, and the view over the marina is, of course, so beautiful. Happy, fine dining!

Restaurant Leonis 

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Split_Restaurant Leonis
Photo Credit: Restaurant Leonis

This gem is a great place for seafood. You can find it on the eastern edge of Old Town with a quiet, lovely dining terrace. It’s fine dining and great for a special meal, as the prices are on the more expensive side.

The shrimp scampi, fresh lobster and ink squid risotto all get great reviews, but you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. There is also an excellent wine selection to pair with your meal.

Brands We Use And Trust


Specialty International Restaurants In Split

BIberon Sushi Bar

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Split_Biberon Sushi & Bar
Photo Credit: Biberon Sushi & Bar

If the mood for sushi strikes, walk along Bacvice Beach until you reach Firule Beach. The sushi bar is right behind Firule beach and brings a nice change of pace, both in flavor and atmosphere, from the bustle of Old Town Split restaurants.

Silk (Pan Asian)

If you want Japanese fusion, Silk is a great option. Serving up ramen, sushi, and various curries, there isn’t anything on the menu to dislike!

There are locations of this restaurant around Croatia, so if you don’t get a chance to try it in Split, check other cities.

To Je Tako (Mexican)

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Split_To Je Tako
Photo Credit: To Je Tako

For a bit of spice, head to this hole in the wall Mexican restaurant down an alley off Diocletian’s Palace, across from the Bell Tower.

Tacos, nachos, jalapeno margaritas…need I say more?

The restaurant seats 20, so definitely visit their Facebook page to make a reservation. And make sure to bring cash, as they don’t take card!

Pizzaria Skipper

Head to the marina for cheap, delicious pizza with a view. Dine on pizzas with classic toppings, vegetarian toppings or toppings with a Croatian influence. 

It’s a great option when you want something a little different than the traditional Croatian fare.

Fast Food & Street Food In Split

ST Burek

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Split_ST Burek
Photo Credit: ST Burek

Fast food & street food are excellent options for a quick bite. 

ST Burek in Old Town serves up incredibly tasty, authentic burek, so head here when you want to try this treat – it’s a must when in Croatia!


One of Croatia’s legendary fast food establishments is Popaj or Popeye. 

Serving up old-school fast food, including hot sandwiches, pizzas, tortillas, burgers, and cevapi, you are sure to find a greasy fix to any craving!

BBQ Skatula

Croatia Travel Blog_Where To Eat In Split_BBQ Skatula
Photo Credit: BBQ Skatula

Right next door to Popaj, the best ribs, pulled chicken, and pork are on the menu at BBQ Skatula. Whether you want to grab takeout, order for delivery or eat your meat hot at the counter, you can’t go wrong.

This is another fast food joint not to miss in Split!

Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants In Split

Pandora’s Greenbox

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Restaurants In Split_Pandora’s Greenbox
Photo Credit: Pandora’s Greenbox

This vegan, plant based restaurant is found right in Old Town and offers a great selection of menu items.

The interior is decorated with lovely plants trailing down the walls to add to the plant only vibe.  


VEG is a short walk outside of Old Town and it serves up a great selection of both vegan and vegetarian dishes. 

Enjoy light, refreshing meals, with everything from wraps and sandwiches to poke bowls and vegetarian burritos. Portions are large, but it is also on the more expensive side.

Drinks With A Little Extra Kick In Split

static.pexels_Party in Croatia_alcohol-bar-party-cocktail


This rooftop cheese and wine bar are easy to get to in Old Town on Bana Josipa Jelacica 3 Ulica (street). One of Split’s only open-air roof terraces, this place has a great atmosphere as they also have live music. Enjoy a few glasses of Croatian wine and a cheese platter/mezze – you can’t go wrong! Great atmosphere and a great night out.

The Daltonist Craft Bar

Step outside of Diocletian’s Palace to find this bar serving up craft beer & cocktails along with bar food. It’s the perfect place to spend the night with friends, surrounded by rustic decor and insta-worthy drinks!

Noor Bar

If you stop at The Daltonist Craft Bar, hop on over to Noor Bar, as it’s located within Diocletian’s Palace walls. It’s tiny, set in beautiful surroundings, and serves up delicious and exquisite cocktails. 

La Bodega

Croatia Travel Blog_Things To Do In Croatia_Where to eat and drink in Split_labodega Wine Cellar
Photo Credit: La Bodega Wine Cellar

This antique tavern located next to the ‘Vocni Trg’ (Fruit Square) is also well worth visiting. Three main historical landmarks surround it, and the atmosphere is excellent. They have over 250 Croatian wines and authentic prosciutto in their fine wine cellar. You can’t go wrong here – trust me!

The Sanctuary

This bar is open, relaxed, friendly, and fun! All the cocktails here are marvelous, as well as the shots ;) They also have craft beer, so there is something for everyone. This is the type of place where you can spend all night making new friends! Located in the center of Diocletian’s Palace in the ‘Get Quarter,’ the easiest way to get here is via google maps – Poljana Stare Gimnazije 1 – you’ll love finding this place and get ready to have some fun!

Zinfandel Split

Stocked with more than 100 different bottled wines and a menu of no fewer than 30 wines by the glass, Zinfandel is a natural hub for wine lovers in Split. It’s located in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace, which makes it super-easily accessible to everyone staying in the Split Old Town. Zinfandel is more than just a wine bar, though.

They also have an extensive food menu and serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All meals are prepared with quality, locally sourced ingredients. Go there for a modern twist on established Dalmatian classics and a world-class wine pairing.

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