11 Beaches In Split Croatia That I Love To Go With My Family

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Welcome to my beaches in Split guide. Split is a vibrant gem on the Adriatic Sea, where I love to spend my summer!

This historical city isn’t just about ancient Roman palaces and bustling markets – it’s also home to stunning beaches where I’ve had countless memorable moments, like taking my nieces and nephews each summer for fun in the sun.

Croatia Travel Blog_Best Beaches In Split To Take My Family

From the sandy shores to pebbly paradises, Split’s coastline is a diverse mix that suits every kind of beach lover.

Whether it’s sunbathing, a quick dip, or a game of picigin, these beaches have it all. Plus, the crystal-clear waters, which are comfortably free of massive waves, make for a safe and enjoyable time. I always feel at ease, especially knowing that lifeguards are on duty, though thankfully, I’ve never had to call on them.

Map Of The Best Beaches In Split, Croatia

Hey, beach lovers! Ready to explore the sun-kissed shores of Split, Croatia? Let’s dive into the beautiful beaches that make this city a seaside paradise.

Guide To The Best Split Beaches

Discover the best places to swim in Split with our guide to the 10 best Split beaches. Whether you’re looking to lounge right on the beach surrounded by the scent of pine trees or dive into the calm waters of a city beach in the center of Split, we have all the information you need.

Our selection includes the finest fine pebble beach around Split, offering a serene escape from the bustling city. These spots are not just any beaches; they are among the best beaches in the country, promising unforgettable seaside experiences. 

1. Bačvice Beach (Bacvice Beach) – The Most Popular Sandy Beach

Sandy Beaches in Croatia_Bacvice Beach Split

Make sure to check out Bacvice Beach. It’s a fantastic place, perfect for family outings, thanks in part to the fact that unlike many other Split beachesthis is a sand beach. My cousin loves the playground here, and I often grab an Orangina from the cafe to cool down.

The shallow waters of the Adriatic are ideal for kids, making it a regular spot for our family gatherings.

What makes Bacvice stand out? It’s more than just its location. This beach is alive with energy, offering amenities that set it apart from other beaches in the area. As one of the few sandy beaches in Split, the shallow water is perfect for families and beachgoers of all ages.

Fancy a beach day? You’ve got options. Pick up some fresh snacks at Split’s Green Market, or for a more spontaneous day, the beach bars, cafes, and restaurants at Bacvice offer delicious local food and drinks.

Morning Peace and Evening Excitement at Bacvice Beach

Want to avoid the crowds? Hit the beach early in the morning for some quiet time and a gorgeous sunrise. As the day progresses, Bacvice becomes the heart of Split’s nightlife. It’s home to some of the city’s most happening bars and clubs, making it the perfect spot for those looking to experience the lively night scene.

A Game of Picigin at Bacvice

This beach is the ideal place to try the local water sport of Picigin, a traditional Croatian beach ball game dating back to 1908. Watching the locals expertly play is an experience in itself, even if you don’t join in.

Getting to Bacvice Beach

Bacvice Beach is just a 15-minute walk east of Split’s city center, near the ferry and cruise port. The beach is easily accessible by foot, and while parking is available, it’s a bit of a gamble during peak season. For a hassle-free visit, Bacvice provides all the essentials like lifeguards, changing booths, and outdoor showers.

2. Bene Beach, Marjan

Bene Beach, accessible via bus line 12, is a snorkeler’s dream and a haven for nature enthusiasts. Dive into its crystal-clear waters to explore a vibrant underwater world, or hit the trails of the surrounding forest for some hiking and biking adventures. This well-equipped beach strikes the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation.

Snuggled in Marjan Hill Forest Park, Split’s green oasis, Bene Beach offers a quieter atmosphere compared to bustling spots like Bačvica or Kašjuni. As a pedestrian and bicycle-friendly zone, it remains relatively uncrowded, even during the peak tourist months of July and August. You’re likely to easily find a spot for your towel, a real luxury compared to the packed sands of more popular beaches.

If you’re driving, free parking is available at Marjanski Park’s ‘Spinutska Vrata,’ which has plenty of space even during high season. It’s just a 1.5-kilometer stroll to the beach from there. You can also hop on a Promet Split bus that drops you conveniently next to the beach. Whether you’re in for a laid-back swim or a day packed with outdoor activities, Bene Beach is a top choice.

3. Firule Beach

Just a short walk from the Old Town, Firule Beach is a haven for families.

Firule Beach is also just a short walk from Ovcice Beach, is a local favorite in Split, often called a smaller version of the bustling Bačvice. It’s one of those must-visit spots if you want a taste of the local vibe.

What’s excellent about Firule is that it’s pretty much perfect year-round, thanks to its location in a sheltered bay. This means less wind and waves to deal with.

Shallow waters make it a hit with families, especially those with little ones. But it’s not just about the kids. The beach has concrete and rocky stretches, and the cafes on the pier are where adults tend to hang out.

There are trees for some natural shade, but it’s a good idea to bring your own sun umbrella and other beach gear, as rentals aren’t really a thing here.

If you’re up for some action, check out the famous Firule tennis courts nearby. They’re right by the sea so that you can enjoy a game with a sea breeze. Don’t worry if you didn’t pack your tennis gear; you can rent everything you need right there.

Zenta Club

Close to Firule Beach, there’s Zenta Club, a top beach club in Split. By day, it’s a laid-back beach bar, and at 11 pm, it transforms into a lively nightclub. Even if partying till dawn isn’t your thing, Zenta is worth a visit during the day. It’s one of the best beach bars around, and hey, they offer free parking!

You’ll also find changing booths, showers, and toilets at Firule Beach, making it a convenient spot for a full day of beach fun.

4. Ježinac Beach (Jezinac Beach)

A hop away from the city’s waterfront, Jezinac Beach combines convenience with beauty. The fine pebbles and crystal-clear waters invite you for a chill swim while nearby amenities cater to all your beach needs. This beach is ideal for its mix of accessibility and natural charm.

It is just a 30-minute walk from Split’s ferry port along the Meshtrovich promenade; this beach is a local favorite. It’s usually not too packed, which is a big plus. You’ll find all the essentials here, like showers, changing booths, toilets, and even a beach bar for those mid-day refreshments.

The water is shallow, clean, and crystal clear, making it super easy to get in and out – perfect if you’re keen on getting in some swimming practice. There’s a bit of natural shade but not loads, so packing a beach umbrella might be a good call.

Are you driving over? No worries, there’s a parking lot right next to the beach, so it’s super convenient.

5. Kašjuni Beach (Kasjuni Beach)

Hop on bus line 12 and you’ll find yourself at Kasjuni Beach, tucked away at the southern base of Marjan Hill. It’s a chill spot where you can unwind in peace.

The beach club’s got you covered for lounging, and there are sun beds for those lazy days in the sun. Plus, it’s pet-friendly, so your furry friends can join in on the fun.

Thanks to a handy breakwater, the waters here are calm, making it a perfect haven for some quiet time away from the hustle of the city. And for those who prefer an au naturel beach experience, there’s a section here for nudists, too.

6. Kaštelet Beach (Obojena Beach)

Kastelet Beach, a short drive or a pleasant walk from Diocletian’s Palace, is tucked at the base of Marjan Hill. It’s a peaceful spot, offering essential amenities for a relaxing beach day without the crowds. Meanwhile, not far away, Obojena Svjetlost stands out as a less-known gem near Kašjune.

This beach draws locals and visitors who enjoy its distinctive shape, quieter setting, and more affordable prices.

Obojena Svjetlost is primarily a pebble beach with some concrete areas, so bring your beach shoes. This is where I once forgot mine, so I improvised by using my flip flops and tucking them into my bikini bottoms while I swam.

One thing to note is the lack of trees, so shade is scarce during those hot summer days. However, you can always cool off and take a break at the nearby beach bar, a perfect spot to unwind and escape the midday sun

7. Ovčice Beach (Ovcice beach)

Aerial view of Ovčice Beach and the city of Split, Croatia.

Strolling away from the bustling Bacvice Beach, you’ll find the more tranquil Ovčice Beach. It’s an excellent spot for some relaxed sunbathing or a leisurely swim, thanks to its pebbly shores and crystal-clear waters. If you’re up for a bit more action, you can rent a jet ski at Ovčice. You can even take out a paddle boat or play in the playground with the kids.

The beach blends pebble, gravel, and concrete parts. Safety is a priority here with lifeguards on duty so that you can swim with peace of mind.

Need a break from the sun? The nearby cafes and bars offer the perfect spots for a refreshing drink or a bite to eat – I suggest trying a cold Croatian Karlovačko beer. And don’t worry about the practicalities; Ovčice is well-equipped with showers, toilets, and ample parking spaces.

Getting to Ovčice is a breeze, no matter how you travel. It’s well-connected, with buses, and if you’re driving, you’ll find plenty of parking. For a more direct route, taxis and ride-sharing services are always an option. And for the more active, why not bike or walk? It’s a great way to see more of Split’s scenic views.

8. Stobreč Jug Beach

Stobreč Jug Beach, just a short drive from historic Split, is the ideal spot for a lively day out.

It’s a great mix of sand and pebbles, making it a hit with families. The beach is known for its shallow, warm waters, which are not only inviting but also top-notch in cleanliness.

Although it stretches along the Stobreč coastline, be ready for a bit of a crowd, especially during peak times.

While the beach itself sticks to the basics with toilets and changing cabins, you won’t have to go far for a bite to eat or a cold drink – there’s a variety of restaurants, cafes, and beach bars nearby.

Just remember, there’s limited natural shade, so pack your sunscreen and hats for sun protection. Whether you’re up for water sports or want to chill, Stobreč Jug Beach has a little something for everyone.

9. Trstenik Beach

Trstenik Beach, easily reached by a bus ride on line 17 or a short drive, is a gem in the Trstenik Neighborhood of Split. This pebble beach is known for its immaculate maintenance, thanks to the management by a nearby hotel.

While there’s a VIP platform for hotel guests, the rest of the beach is open for everyone to enjoy. You can rent deck chairs and umbrellas for a comfortable day by the sea. Convenient amenities like changing cabins and showers are at your disposal.

Plus, there are several cafes close by, perfect for grabbing a cold drink while soaking in the seaside views. It’s the ideal spot for those looking to relax away from the crowds.

10. Žnjan Beach (Znjan Beach)

A Split beach with a lot of family - Žnjan Beach

Note: Znjan Beach is currently under massive renovation and is expected to be closed for the rest of 2024.

Hop on bus line 15 for an easy trip to Žnjan Beach, a lively spot that’s a hit with families and sports enthusiasts. This pebbled beach, located just 8 km southeast of the city center, and has shallow waters.

At the beach in Znjan, you’ve got all the essentials covered: there are showers, toilets, and changing rooms, making it super convenient.

Are you looking for a bit of relaxation? You can rent lounge chairs and parasols right on the spot. And when it comes to fun, this beach doesn’t disappoint – there’s a playground for the kids, a beach volleyball court for some active fun, and even a restaurant to refuel after all that sun and sand.

Are you driving there? No worries, as there’s a large parking lot right by the beach, making your visit hassle-free.

11. Ovčice Beach

Are you looking for a quieter spot by the sea? Ovčice Beach is your go-to. It’s a fantastic choice for families with little ones or anyone craving some peaceful beach time. Keep in mind, though, you won’t find as many amenities here as on some of the busier beaches.

Ovčice is a pebble beach with some areas decked out in concrete. It’s got a couple of small play areas for kids, a terrace cafe to grab a drink or snack, and the basics like sun loungers, umbrellas for rent, changing booths, and showers.

Ovčice Beach Vs. Bačvice Beach

One thing to note – the waters at Ovčice aren’t as shallow as Bačvice, so it’s something to think about if you’re with younger swimmers. Also, a heads-up: bring some water shoes. They’re lifesavers for those sea urchins, pebbles, and rocky bits.

Getting there is a Breeze

Wondering how to get there? Just take a leisurely walk along the path from Bačvice Beach. This path links all the beaches on the city’s eastern coast and treats you to some pretty stunning views of the Adriatic Sea and the islands dotting the horizon. It’s not just a walk; it’s part of the experience!

Brands We Use And Trust

Water Quality And Safety At Split’s Beaches

Alright, let’s talk about the nitty-gritty of beach safety and water quality in Split. These beaches are pretty famous for their clear waters, but it’s always wise to keep an eye on safety stuff. Take Bačvice Beach, for example – it’s the star of the show in Split and usually has lifeguards during those busy summer months. Also, keep a lookout for flags: red means “no swimming” (think stop sign), and yellow is your heads-up to be cautious. If you’ve got kids or you’re not exactly Michael Phelps in the water, picking beaches with calmer waters, like Firule Beach, is your best bet.

Best Time To Visit The Split Beaches

Timing is everything. So, when’s the best time to hit up Split’s beaches? If you’re all about sunny vibes and don’t mind a crowd, June to August is your window – think warm weather and beaches packed with energy.

But if you’re more into a chill beach day without the hustle, aim for May or September. The weather’s still nice, but you get more space to breathe. And hey, places like Kašjuni Beach have a totally different feel in the off-season – you’ll find the perfect spot for those quiet, introspective beach walks.

Local Cuisine And Dining Options Near The Beaches In Split

Now, onto the good stuff – food! Each beach in Split has its own dining scene. Near Bačvice Beach, for example, there’s a whole mix of places serving up everything from classic Croatian grub to fancy international dishes. Just looking for a snack to keep you going?

The beach bars along Žnjan Beach have got you covered.

And if you’re feeling fancy, check out the upscale eats near Radisson Beach – they’ve got meals that come with a view.

Don’t skip the local seafood – it’s fresh and delicious, and hey, why not pair it with a glass of Croatian wine? It’s like the cherry on top of your beach day.

How To Get Around In Split

Three women taking a selfie on a sailboat.

Navigating Split is a breeze whether you’re a fan of public transport or prefer exploring on your own. Each beach has its own charm, and I’ve made many fond memories at each one.

Pack your sunscreen, grab your towel, and come see why these beaches hold a special place in my heart. whether you’re a fan of public transport or like to explore on your own. The city’s compact size makes it great for walking, especially if you’re staying near the city center. To hop between beaches, you can catch local buses, which are frequent, affordable, and pretty convenient.

Learn Picigin

Picigin is a fun water sport that started in Split, Croatia, 100+ years ago.

It’s played in shallow water, where teams try to keep a small ball from hitting the water. The ball is like a tennis ball but with the outer layer removed.

In picigin, you have two teams with five players each. Some players stay in one spot, while others run around. It’s mostly just for fun, without any strict rules or scoring.

Sometimes, there are competitions where the focus is on cool jumps and tricks, not just keeping the ball up. The biggest event for picigin is the Picigin World Championship.

Other Sandy Beaches In Croatia

A breathtaking aerial view of a beach with glistening sand and crystal-clear water, showcasing the serenity and beauty of things to do in Nin.
Queen’s Beach, Nin 

Sakarun Beach, Dugi Otok

Sakarun Beach is one of the most famous sandy beaches in Croatia, located on the northern part of Dugi Otok. Known for its white sand and clear, turquoise water, it is ideal for families and those looking for a tranquil spot to relax and swim.

Sunj Beach, Lopud Island

A short ferry ride from Dubrovnik, Sunj Beach on Lopud Island is a rare sandy beach in the region. Its shallow waters make it perfect for young children and non-swimmers, and its remote location offers a peaceful escape.

Queen’s Beach, Nin

Near the historical town of Nin, Queen’s Beach (Kraljičina plaža) is famed for its medicinal mud and long, shallow sandy shoreline. This beach is perfect for families, with plenty of space to play and relax.

Zlatni Rat, Brač Island

Although more pebbly than sandy, Zlatni Rat’s unique horn-shaped tip has fine golden pebbles that feel soft underfoot. The beach is also a popular spot for wind and kite surfing due to the favorable wind conditions.

Paradise Beach, Rab Island

Known locally as Rajska Plaža, Paradise Beach on Rab Island stretches over 1.5 kilometers of fine sand, making it one of the longest sandy beaches in Croatia. Its shallow, warm waters and numerous amenities make it a favorite among visitors of all ages.

So, there you have it – a list of the most popular beaches and your go-to guide for beach hopping in Split. Each beach has its own charm, so why pick just one? Pack your sunscreen, grab your towel, and let’s hit these fantastic beaches!

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