Traveling To Croatia With Kids & Babies: What To Expect

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Traveling To Croatia With Kids & Babies: What To Expect

So you’re planning on traveling to Croatia for a Croatia family holiday, and you want to know is Croatia a family-friendly place to visit? You’ve no doubt googled and come up short with the answers -am I right?

That’s what happened to Chamisa; she wrote about her experience when traveling to Croatia for ten days with her three boys, and it got me thinking about the lack of information she found. Holidays with kids can be challenging, so I was surprised at the lack of knowledge.

As a mother of a two-year-old living in and traveling around Croatia every few weeks, I can tell you now that there is no definite answer to that question. What I can tell you is that when I asked fellow travel bloggers:

What Does Kid-Friendly Or Family-Friendly Holidays Mean…?

….they all answered a little differently. They all agreed that knowing in advance the types of challenges or limitations you’d be faced with were essential to understand.

So to help you decide if planning a Croatia family holiday is the right move for your next trip, I’ll take you through each of their answers.

Nichola from the family travel blog Globalmouse Travels says that to her, family-friendly holidays doesn’t mean kid’s menus or gifts for the kids when they arrive (although obviously, kids love all of these things!), it means that somewhere is friendly and welcoming to families, that they want families to be there.

Is Croatia Family Friendly?

Yes, overwhelming. Of course, you do need to pick and choose your accommodation options, and avoid the upscale restaurants as you would in any country to avoid ‘those looks.’

Annalyn, who runs the family travel site Travel Turtle, said that her friends tell her that a place is considered family-friendly if: it has plenty of bathroom access, bonus points are given if the place has child-sized toilets and sinks and baby changing tables.

Traveling to Croatia with kids - Travel Croatia like a local
Traveling to Croatia with kids – Is it for your family?

Does Croatia Have Child-Sized Toilets, Sinks And Changing Tables For Babies?

No. My year of traveling Croatia with a baby (now toddler) has proven a little tricky in this regard. There are so very few available. New shopping centers and restaurants(or renovated ones) will offer a place for you to hide away and change your baby. But those places are very few are far between, and none have child-sized sinks and toilets.

However, changing your child while they are in a stroller or pram in a park or in the corner of a bustling town square is acceptable, and no one will bat an evil eye toward you. Pack with you small plastic or paper bags to stuff the offending material into and simply pop it into a public trash can as soon as you spot one.

Annalyn has another friend who told her that she likes to go to places that have a supply of car seats.

Do Rental Car Places In Croatia Offer Car Seats?

Yes, we have rented several cars in Croatia and never had any issues securing a car seat with our advanced booking. If you need to hire car seats with your car rental, I would strongly advise booking as FAR IN ADVANCE as possible, especially if you plan to visit between June and September.

Michele, an American expat who travels and blogs at Malaysian Meanders, agrees with Nichola. To her, a family-friendly/kid-friendly place welcomes children without expecting them to behave like mini-adults. They smile when the family enters instead of bracing themselves.

Find great Croatia rental car deals here:


Do Croatian Hotels And Restaurants Welcome Children?

We’ve stayed in dozens of places, eaten, and enjoyed drinks in many bars, restaurants, and cafes, and we have never yet been let down. When dining out, our little baby donkey has, on many occasions, been picked up by the staff and always treated well.

Little people make a big mess, and I always attempt to clean up and apologize. As I do, I am often told by staff that ‘kids are kids‘ and to leave it and that they will clean it up. No eye-rolling, no smarmy face pulling.

Find the best Croatia Family Resorts & Hotels For Family Holidays in Croatia here

Traveling to Croatia with kids - Travel Croatia like a local
Traveling to Croatia with kids – What will you find there?

Jenna at This is my happiness said, for her, it’s things like diaper changing tables, family bathrooms in big public areas like airports and high chairs at restaurants.

Do Restaurants In Croatia Have High Chairs?

Not often enough. All of the small cafes and family-run places we tend to enjoy never have any available. It does prove difficult as our son likes to try to run off, so we end up taking turns to try and get him to sit still while the other person enjoys a meal.

When we have come across a place with a highchair, it’s such a treat for us. We now never comment on how old, or rickety it maybe like we would if we still lived in Australia and instead relish having two hands to eat and drink with.

Places that always have high-chairs available are at all-inclusive resorts like Hotel Berulia in Brela and Hotel Elaphusa in Bol. Those hotel chains cater wonderfully to children of all ages.
Sharon from Where’s Sharon gave me a great tip. Purchase a travel highchair that easily folds up into your day-pack to always ensure you a highchair at your disposal.

Oh, and if you own a restaurant in Croatia or know someone who does, tell them that us Mama’s like those easy to wipe down IKEA highchairs that you can buy real cheap.

Can You Find Family Bathrooms In Croatia?

No. As I’ve mentioned baby changing tables are rare, and  I am yet to see a family bathroom in the dozens of places we’ve traveled to. That said, many other children are with their parents in public toilets, so you, of course, won’t be the only one. By nature, most Croatian people are giving and kind, and on more than one occasion, I have been offered to skip the line & go ahead with my son. Sarah blogs at A Week at the Beach, and says that restaurants where her family can take their time, and where they can find food everyone is happy about, makes a place family-friendly. 

What Food In Croatia Is Good For Kids? Do They Have Children’s Menus?

I giggle at this when people ask me. Once you have been here and seen the food on offer, you’ll laugh too. Croatia has a wide variety of food available. You may find a children’s menu in some massive restaurants in big cities like OXBO Bar and Grill in Zagreb, but that is seldom the case. Fresh ingredients make up the regular menu, which many places gladly serve you ‘family style’ so food can be shared among the whole table. You and your kids will enjoy pasta, risottos, stews, and pastries. If you don’t see anything, do what we do and ask the chef to grill a chicken breast – no one has never once said no to my little boy. If all else fails, feed your kids ice-cream, pizza, and the yummiest Croatian pastry known as burek, which can be found on every corner. Corrine from the site Have Baby Will Travel, which aims to inspire, motivate, and help families travel with babies, toddlers, and young children, say that her determination of family-friendly is a few things, including somewhere that is safe, clean, has a welcoming attitude to families.

Is Croatia Safe And Clean?

The Homeland War ended in Croatia two decades ago, and Croatia is generally safe. We often comment on just how safe and relaxed we feel here, more so than we ever felt when traveling in the United States or in other parts of Europe. Take the usual precautions for pick-pockets, keeping valuables safe in hotels, and you won’t have an issue. If you plan to drive in Croatia, then you should be prepared for fast drivers, cars overtaking you in places that make your heart skip a beat, and parking in compact spots that may mean sucking in your belly to get out of the car. That aside, driving in Croatia is also safe and a great way to see many more sites than you could on a bus or train.

Travel to Croatia with kids - on the ferry
Traveling to Croatia with kids – Photo Credit Thrifty Travel Mama


Can You Drink The Water In Croatia?

Yes. The tap water across Croatia is perfectly safe to drink with just a few small exceptions (you’ll see signs warning you). Still, if you are worried, bottled water is available everywhere at very reasonable prices.

What About Buying Diapers And Other Baby And Kid Essentials?

Coming to Croatia with a baby, Easy peasy. Baby essentials are found all over. Every small corner store sells wipes and diapers/nappies. All supermarkets sell baby food for all ages, and in larger stores like the DM chain, you’ll find organic baby food.

I always suggest people bring enough for two days, after that you’ll find what you are looking for. Fellow Australian Erin Bender finds most countries to be family-friendly, but her favorites are where there are free playgrounds and opportunities to run around and for her two kids to let off steam.

Recording her 900 plus days on the road at Travel with Bender, Erin says that often travel comes with walking, “boring” history, and airplanes, so a place with local, easy to find playgrounds is fabulous.

Are There Many Parks Or Playgrounds In Croatia.

Yes, yes, and yes! You never have to go very far to find one. Every town and small village has one – often more than one to keep your children happy. I should say that much of the time, the equipment is older than you would find across the USA or Australia, but it’s always safe, and because Croatians love coffee so much, a cafe bar can be found close-by, a win for the entire family. In addition to free parks, Croatia has dozens, and dozens of adventure parks dotted all over the country, offering something for older kids like Paintball. Plus, if you are looking to turn this trip into a family adventure holiday, consider time in the outdoors at Croatia’s only UNESCO Geopark or get tickets to the new Aquapark Istralandia, white water rafting, rock climbing, zip-lining, bike hire or hop around the family-friendly islands. Annalyn and Michele also points out how easy it is to access to medication and medical care in Croatia. 

How Far Away Is A Good Hospital & Will I Be Able To Communicate With The Doctors And Nurses In Croatia?

We feature places and activities on our travel blog that are not always in the center of town and, therefore, not always within easy reach of a hospital. Big cities like Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, and Zagreb (among many others) have local hospitals with emergency care. But, you should know that there are places such as the Croatian Islands that do not. It may take a  few hours to reach a hospital, and so you should factor that into your travel itinerary planning. English is spoken far and wide in Croatia, and all hospital staff & pharmacies will have an English speaking member of staff (if not all of them) just be sure to make sure that you have the adequate level of family health insurance cover or have lots of cash (no credit cards) with you to foot the bill. If not, it could ruin your Croatian vacation. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, DIAL 112 FROM ANY PHONE TO REACH FIRE, AMBULANCE AND POLICE.

Pushchairs, Strollers, And Prams In Croatia – Should I Take One?

Becca from Barefeet on the dashboard blog says her family needs places that are easy to navigate with a stroller. Hmmm, by all means, bring your pushchair to Croatia, I use mine almost daily. But, what you should know is that much of the countries best tourist sites are ancient and in nature. The Byzantinnians (is that a word?)  and Romans were known to leave many great sites across my new homeland, none of which include lifts or ramps or any other comforts you’d like when pushing a baby or toddler.  The maze of cobblestone streets in places like Zadar are what draw in crowds and add to the charm of Croatia; they just make it tough on your back and arms to push your stroller. Thrifty Travel Mama recently wrote about her experiences with a baby carrier in Croatia, and I think she has the right idea. Farrah, who travels with three boys under five (madness if you ask me) and blogs about it at The Three Under, says that for her family-friendly is somewhere that they all feel welcomed and don’t get the side-eye when walking into restaurant/beach/etc. Farrah wants her boys to learn how to travel young, so the question remains is a Croatia family holiday a good idea? Yes, no weird googly eyes going on here, and my family has always been welcomed at every restaurant.

What Language Do Kids Speak?

Here in Croatia children must learn English from seven years old in school. Although children much younger can speak basic English thanks to TV, iPad games and relatives abroad. While at the playground, remind your children that the kids around them may not understand them – but to ask if they speak English, and the chances are they will.

Is Croatia A Good Place To Take Kids?

For me, yes. A vacation with kids in Croatia is a great idea. Croatia is undoubtedly child-friendly.  Change tables I can go without a worry, I care nothing for small hand basins or family bathrooms. For me, I love that the chef is always happy to serve up some grilled chicken and chips for my toddler and that kids run around the beach making noise without people glaring at them to pipe down. If you need a smooth sidewalk to push your pram along and long for a quiet mother’s corner to nurse in, you may want to skip coming to Croatia until your children are older.

Do you think traveling to Croatia with kids is right for your family? What are the must-have things for your next family vacation?


Croatia Family Resorts | Family Holidays in Croatia | Croatia Travel Blog

2017: Best Croatia Family Resorts For Family Holidays In Croatia

This section appears in full here. 

Are you planning a holiday in Croatia with kids? Great – we’ve got lots of tips for traveling in Croatia with kids. As well as ideas for things to do with kids we’ve also narrowed down our top picks for the best 11 Croatia family resorts and family hotels for your Croatia family holidays in 2016.

Family travel is so enjoyable if you plan things well. After having our son, I realized that traveling with children is not only possible but exciting. It just requires some extra thought, planning, and a few things done differently. As a local living in Croatia, I know that travel to Croatia can seem daunting – but trust me, once you arrive at any one of these resorts, you’ll be relaxed and glad you came.

Zaton Holiday Resort, Nin, Croatia

Right in the Zadar region, Zaton Holiday Resort offers a variety of lodging options for your family vacation as well as a surplus of sporting fields, recreational facilities, sporting lessons (horseback, windsurfing, diving, tennis, swimming), Kid’s and Teen’s Clubs and other musical and cultural programs. It’s an all-in-one holiday option to fit your family’s varied interests.

Sleep under the stars in the midst of the Mediterranean greenery at the most-awarded Croatian campground. Sites offer electricity, water, and sewage hookups. Family bathrooms, laundry, hot water, and shower units along with playgrounds and a BBQ zone, which make for an excellent kid-friendly environment.

For those inclined to stay in the comfort of a holiday home, this family-friendly resort also has the option to rent three or 4-star apartments as well as pet-friendly mobile homes. Smaller groups can enjoy cooking in fully equipped kitchens as well as private bathrooms, and the option of terrace or balcony views from the apartments and larger groups will find comfort in the mobile home choices, also complete with kitchens, private bathrooms, and covered terraces.

No matter what accommodation guests select, all have access to the resort’s sandy beach. With shallow waters, Blue Flag cleanliness status, and the shade of pine trees and beach umbrellas in abundance, this beach is ideal for families with children. Other cool-off options include a “Big Pool” and a “Kids’ Pool,” each with fresh, heated water and jets. Grab a sandwich, snack, or cocktail at the pool bars for refreshment.

Grab dinner at the resort’s Dalmatian Konoha restaurant or the pizzeria or, if you choose not to cook on holiday, arrange to have half-board or takeaway meal services!

So much is offered; we can’t even begin to list it all. We suggest you make 2016 the year you check it out for yourself!

Check Availability & Read Reviews Here


Valamar Bellevue Hotel & Residence Rabac

Valamar Bellevue Hotel | Croatia Travel Blog
Photo Credit Valamar Bellevue Hotel


Luxury and a family-friendly atmosphere go hand-in-hand at the Valamar Bellevue Hotel & Residence. Located in Rabac, 50 minutes from the Pula, and close to the historic town of Labin, the hotel is set along white pebbled beaches overlooking the stunning Kvarner bay.

A wide selection of bright, contemporary rooms and family suites await guests. Each room is equipped with free WiFi, air-conditioning, mini-bar, CD player, satellite TV, and a bathroom with bathtub & hairdryer to ensure a comfortable stay. Free parking is included with the price of the room.

Guests of all ages can dip into either the adult or children’s outdoor saltwater swimming pools or head to the pristine, Blue Flag beaches along the hotel’s perimeter. Rubber rings and armbands are available for little swimmers, as are deckchairs and parasols. Bicycle rental, tennis courts, and a diving center are offered on-site for guests interested in exploring additional recreation in the area.

The hotel offers professional childcare along with kid and teen clubs in order to give parents alone time to enjoy the Jacuzzi or a cocktail or two! Snacks, Buffet breakfasts & dinners, and themed dinners with kid-friendly dishes are available at the hotel’s restaurant, lobby bar, and exotic snack bar. Even the pickiest of little eaters will enjoy the wide selection of foods offered!

Local Tip: Pre-purchased beverage packages (both alcoholic and not) are available to hotel guests at a much lower price than buying individual drinks throughout the day.

Check Availability & Read Reviews Here


Valamar Club Dubrovnik

Valamar Club prides itself on being the only family-oriented hotel in Dubrovnik. With an incredible location on the beautiful Babin Kuk peninsula, your family will enjoy the breeze of the sea, along with being only minutes from the old town. It’s the perfect base for making the most of your time in the area.

Clean, spacious rooms are designed with families in mind, and family rooms include individual children’s TV programming.

Dining is buffet style, and the restaurant offers a separate area -the Children’s Corner – for youngsters to dine and enjoy ice cream throughout the day. Beach bars and cafes are also located on-site for light snacks, and the all-important drinks throughout the day.

Excursions, fitness classes, pool and pebble beach access, massage, music, sporting events and an abundance of children’s activities will keep your family relaxed, active and entertained throughout your stay. So put your feet up, enjoy your sea view, and let Valamar club handle the rest!

Check Availability & Read Reviews Here


Hotel Manora

Hotel Manora | Croatia Travel Blog
Photo Credit Hotel Manora

With a prime location on the island of Lošinj, just 400 meters from the sea, this small, 4-star Croatia family hotel is the perfect base for an active family vacation. Lošinj has a mild climate, allowing visitors to explore the island. So get active in Croatia – bike, walk, climb, dive – and let Hotel Manora take care of the rest!

Relax in the modern rooms, complete with air-conditioning, WiFi and smart TV options as well as views of either the sea or the beautiful Mountain Osoršćica. A nice bonus – each room comes with a parking spot!

Spend afternoons at the outdoor pool, complete with a children’s area and lounge chairs. Take some time to indulge in a Finnish sauna or schedule a massage in the wellness center while the little ones play in the hotel’s children’s room. Enroll your kids in the sailing club or take the family out on rented mountain bikes or several motorboats.

Dine at Hotel Manora’s restaurant that offers families a variety of cuisine options using ecologically grown vegetables from the hotel’s farm, fresh fish from the sea and island lamb. Don’t forget a glass of Croatian wine to wind down the day.

Check Availability & Read Reviews Here


Tamaris Aparthotel

Cycle, dive, and snorkel on a family vacation along the Makarska Riviera when staying at the Tamaris Aparthotel. Located under the gorgeous Biokovo mountain and next to the beautiful, pebbled beach of Tučepi, the hotel is attractive for families staying in the area.

This unique accommodation offers parents the option of either apartment or hotel room lodging, ensuring relaxation in plenty of space. Apartments come fully furnished, each with a sea-view terrace and hotel rooms are spacious and comfortable, each with a skylight. TV, mini-bar, hairdryer, air-conditioning, and a private bathroom complete the contemporary feel of each room.

Relax in the outdoor swimming pool while children splash in the nearby children’s pool. Enjoy breakfast in bed, grab a bite to eat at the hotel’s restaurant or aperitif bar, or, for families looking to explore the area, a packed lunch can easily be arranged before the outing.

Get active on land or in water with the hotel’s bicycle rental service and diving center amenities. Whether you are new to snorkeling & diving or a pro, the certified instructors at the center will have you enchanted with the underwater world in no time – shipwrecks, caves, springs, and walls can be explored at 20 different sites! A tour desk is also available for hotel guests to arrange other activities in the Tučepi area with the help of friendly, knowledgeable locals on staff.

Check Availability & Read Reviews Here


Sol Garden Istra

Sol Garden Istra | Croatia Travel Blog
Photo Credit Sol Garden Istra

For families looking for a Croatia family holiday full of active, recreational activity, staying at Sol Garden Istra in Umag is an excellent choice. With a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence award, a prime location just 250 meters from the sea, buffet & show cooking restaurants on-site and all the amenities for a cycling holiday at your fingertips, this 4-star accommodation offers something for everyone.

Children delight in the on-site Aqua-Park, complete with water slides, swimming pool, and a water playground, and daily entertainment programs are available at the various kid’s clubs, specially tailored to each age group. For guests between 5-12 years old, a special offer of snacks, drinks, and ice cream is available during the stay.

As a family, check out the hotel observatory, or if your kids are older, rent bicycles from the hotel to explore the area. Nearby water sports activities such as diving, boating, parasailing, and windsurfing are ideal for teenagers.

Adults can enjoy some time clearing their minds and relaxing their muscles at the Body Holiday Spa on-site, and cocktails can be ordered at the lobby bar.

The hotel offers a “child-friendly welcome in an elegant surrounding” with family rooms and suites designed to accommodate groups of all sizes and ages – the perfect home base for a Umag family holiday.

Check Availability & Read Reviews Here


Bluesun Bonaca

Bol Bluesun Hotel Bonaca Pool | Croatia Travel Blog
Photo Credit: Bol Bluesun Hotel Bonaca. Pool

If the lovely town of Bol on the Island of Brac has you itching to visit Croatia, this 3-star, the all-inclusive family resort will have you smiling in no time.

With 188 rooms, 48 of which are family rooms, and the options for additional children’s beds, there is plenty of space for your family to stretch out for a little R&R. Each room is equipped with free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, satellite TV, and a balcony or terrace (many of which offer views of Zlatni Rat Beach).

When you’ve got youngsters to feed, meals on holiday can sometimes become a headache. Not so when staying at the Bluesun! Food & beverages are included with your stay, and yes, this consists of the AMAZING local wines, brandy, and espresso! Children’s chairs are also available for the youngest diners.

Resort facilities for children include a kids pool, playground, kids’ club, and other entertainment programs. Adults will be pampered too at the outdoor pool, complete with a pool bar, access to the wellness & beauty center at the nearby Bluesun Elaphusa Hotel, and live music and DJs at the beach and cocktail bars. All in all, the perfect resort for your Croatia family holiday.

Local Tip: If a stop to the island’s famous beach is on you 2016 to-do list, check out our guide to visiting Zlatni Rat Beach with your family.

Check Availability & Read Reviews Here


Radisson Blu Resort Dubrovnik

Croatia Family Resorts | Radisson Blue Resort Dubrovnik | Croatia Travel Blog

The famous, 5-star Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Hotel, Dubrovnik is set 11kms away from the Old Town. It’s perfect for a family holiday along the Dalmatian Coast, with UNESCO World Heritage sites, Old Town Dubrovnik, and stunning Adriatic waterfront views at your fingertips.

Settle into one of the sleek, modern residences, designed for families of various sizes, and enjoy free Wi-Fi, coffee, tea, designer toiletries and gorgeous views from either a terrace or balcony. Our favorite feature? The residences have cooking facilities, which means no fuss and worry about trying to keep tired kids under control. Instead, you can cook while they play in the spacious family-friendly rooms. Having extra space and your own kitchenette is priceless when on holiday with kids!

This hotel offers kids activities all summer at the kid’s club, and youngsters will enjoy access to their very own kid’s pool. Parents can relax with sporting activities (squash, basketball, football and tennis courts; yoga classes; wall climbing and more!) along with grabbing a nutritional drink at the on-site sports bar while watching the latest professional sporting events. Indulge with some time in the sauna or opt for a steam bath or spa treatment or a stress-free day, have the hotel staff assist with sight-seeing or aquatic tours for the whole family!

Should a break from your kitchenette be needed, you won’t need to travel far! With multiple on-site restaurants and bars, your family will never go hungry or thirsty while on vacation here.

Check Availability & Read Reviews Here


 2016: Croatia Family Resorts & Hotels For Family Holidays in Croatia | Croatia Travel Blog Chasing the Donkey

Le Meridan Lav

Le Meridien Lav is a 5-star resort found along the Dalmatian coast, offering incredible views and fantastic family-friendly accommodations.

Decked out with fabulous facilities for active travelers, guests enjoy basketball and tennis courts, wall climbing, and numerous water sport activities. A unique Family Kids Club is available to ignite creativity and curiosity through play for younger guests, and qualified swim instructors are available to give little swimmers lessons in the separate children’s pool on-site.

Free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning, and spa baths come with each classically designed room, and families will love the space available in the family suites.

Other great amenities include a secluded, private beach and the luxurious Diocletian Spa area. Modern Mediterranean & Croatian cuisine along with cocktails are available at the hotel’s various restaurants and bars, and late night entertainment is available in the hotel’s casino for those wishing to try their hand at a blackjack!

Check Availability & Read Reviews Here


Falkensteiner Borik Funimation Zadar

Hotel Club Funimation | Croatia Travel Blog
Photo Credit: Hotel Club Funimation

Located on a gorgeous bay with a private beach and just 3km from the unique city center of Zadar is Club Funimation. The hotel was awarded the most beautiful family club/hotel in Croatia, and we can see why!

The club offers modern, stylish rooms and suites equipped with all the fun extras – hairdryers, integrated radio, minibar, satellite TV, and air-conditioning. If you’re bringing the kids, check out the Mini Family rooms, which have sofas that convert into bunk beds – they will be impressed with their calm sleep space!

During the summer season, all-inclusive buffet dining is available, with loads of organic and healthy options. Also included are beer, wine, and local liquors from Tramontana Bar and an inclusive snack bar serving up kebabs, hot dogs, sandwiches, pasta, and grilled meats for in-between mealtime munchies.

Youngsters will delight in Falky-Land – a children’s world complete with a playground and paddling pool. The adventure pool with water slide, children’s cinema, children’s disco, and kid’s clubs are also not to be missed. Adults can discover the healing power of the sea in the Acquapura Thalasso & Spa Center. Finnish sauna, Vichy showers, steam baths & salt baths await! For those looking for a more active holiday, onsite sporting activities, boats, and catamaran sailing is available.

Check Availability & Read Reviews Here


Smart Selection Hotel Epidaurus Cavtat

Nothing says family-friendly, quite like an All-Inclusive option! At the Smart Selection Hotel Epidaurus, that’s precisely what you can expect. This 3-star hotel is located in the beautiful Tiha Cove along the Dubrovnik Riviera, approximately 1 kilometer from the medieval town of Cavtat. With close proximity to town, but enough of a distance to get away from the crowds, this hotel is a peaceful oasis for families traveling with kids.

Quiet, comfortable rooms offer views of the gardens or the sea and have the option of adding a bed to accommodate various family sizes. Air-conditioning, WiFi, hairdryers, and LCD TV are great modern touches to each room.

An outdoor pool and children’s pool are available along with access to the nearby beach. Chairs and umbrellas can be used at no additional charge so that little swimmers can rest in the shade! Young guests will enjoy the hotel organized pool games and can also participate in the children’s program and “mini club” complete with mini-disco. Guests of all ages can relax with daily live music in the evenings and various sporting activities – diving, pedal boats, water skiing, beach volleyball, bocce, and more! If interested in Wellness and Spa options, a trip to the nearly Hotel Albatros might be in store for a massage or sauna.

All inclusive buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner are offered for those looking to enjoy a carefree holiday with kids for 2016. This offer includes local brands of alcoholic drinks, wine, and beer, so enjoy a few glasses of that famous Croatian wine on vacation!

Check Availability & Read Reviews Here


Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel

Valamar Hotel Dubrovnik | 2016 Croatia Family Resorts & Hotels

5-Star luxury is what the Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel is all about. Located on the very tip of the Babin Kuk peninsula, this seaside hotel is surrounded by the beach – it’s a Blue Flag beach that is great for kids.

Each of the hotel’s rooms offers a sea view, where you and the family can enjoy sunsets from the comfort of your own balcony/terrace. During peak season, a stack of children’s programs is available at the hotel, making it possible for adults to relax while kids play. Yay for us, Moms and Dads.  Oh, and ask about the all-inclusive options – a great way to save money.

Check Availability & Read Reviews Here


NOVI Spa Hotels & Resorts

If sunsets, panoramic views, and visions of the azure sea are what you’re after, a stay at NOVI Spa Hotels & Resorts near Kvarner is what you need. Book a room overlooking the exquisite Kvarner Bay to appreciate the real beauty of the region.

Rooms have a modern luxury appeal, and each comes with a mini-bar, high-speed internet, bathtub, luxury toiletry products, and slippers with bathrobes. This luxury, 4-star resort offers a little something for everyone. For those looking to bring Fido on holiday, pets are welcome for an additional charge. For those looking for ease and convenience, airport shuttles are available. For those traveling with children, kid’s club, babysitting, and Kids’ Town pools (think slides, animal fountains and splash pads for the youngest swimmers) can be used to your heart’s content. For adults looking for some rest and relaxation, a dip in the heated outdoor pool, a hydro-massage in one of the in-pool Jacuzzis, a cocktail at the in-pool bar, or a massage and spa treatment at the on-site wellness center can be indulged in.

Check Availability & Read Reviews Here


Falkensteiner Family Hotel Diadora

Hotel Diadora | Croatia Travel Blog
Photo Credit Hotel Diadora

One of the top family-friendly hotels in the Zadar area, Hotel Diadora, is found in the private peninsula of Punta Skala.

Rooms come equipped with air-conditioning and satellite TV along with a beach bag full of robes, towels, and slippers for the whole family. Enjoy views of the stunning Adriatic sea or take a dip in the outdoor pool. Children will delight in the giant waterslide onsite along with Falky-Land, a child’s dream world of gardens, arcade, cinema, and play area. Grab a bite to eat on the large terrace at the buffet restaurant and send the kids to their own special children’s restaurant.

There is something for everyone in your family when relaxing at Hotel Diadora!

Check Availability & Read Reviews Here


Hotel Eden Rovinj

Peace and relaxation await at Rovinj’s Hotel Eden. Nestled next to the Zlatni Rt Park Forest and overlooking a picturesque bay, nature is at each turn.

Modest rooms each feature a balcony giving your family extra space to spread out. Indoor and outdoor pools, along with a wellness spa featuring a suite for couples, will have the whole family rested in no time. Additional entertainment includes water sports, live music & shows, and even Croatian language school. There will be no time for the kids to complain of boredom! Various onsite restaurants with cuisine from around the world complete the package at this great family spot in Rovinj.

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Hotel Amfora Grand Beach Resort Hvar

Hotel Amfora | Croatia Travel Blog
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Secluded on a stunning bay and with a private beach at your fingertips, the Hotel Amfora in Hvar is perfect for families looking to experience island life.

Modern, cozy rooms feature views of the area, including the Paklinski Islands, along with free WiFi. The outdoor pool area features soothing cascade falls and mood lighting, along with plenty of room for the whole family to splash. Loads of fun restaurant options include rooftop dining, beachside tents with barbecue, and cocktail areas. For an extra special treat, parents can rent a seaside cabin to indulge in a massage. Should you decide to explore the town, the walk is just 10 minutes to the city center!

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Family Hotel Amarin

Located in Rovinj, the brand new Hotel Amarin is the perfect base for exploring the delights of Istria as a family. Situated on a stunning peninsula, surrounded by beachfront, families can enjoy the luxury of sunny days at the shore while being close to the attractions of the city.

Contemporary, modern rooms are decked out with all the comforts for family relaxation – minibars, balconies, free WiFi, and more. With rooms that can accommodate up to 8 people, families of all sizes will find space to stretch out, including even the smallest babies who can have beds upon request.

Indoor and outdoor pools are designed with all ages in mind, and a ride on the lazy river will leave the whole family with smiles. Kids will be entertained with a variety of clubs and playgrounds, while older teens can enjoy the fresh air with kayak, paddleboard, and bicycle rentals. If the whole family wants to get out, opt for a day on jet-skis!

Visitors can enjoy the availability of numerous on site eateries and bars as well as the ample opportunities for sauna and massage relaxation.

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Which of these Croatia family resorts & hotels sounds best for your family?

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Which of these Croatia family resorts & hotels sounds best for your family?

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  1. We spent 4 months discovering Croatia last year and just got back from a week in Zagreb which is so so underrated as a family friendly destination. Thanks for getting all these resources together in one place. Invaluable.

  2. A very resourceful post covering all the aspects relating to family holiday in Croatia….loved every points…I will love to share it right away…..Thanks

  3. Thanks for great tips!! I have five siblings and going on vacation in Croatia when we were little was AN adventure! Now that I watch all that you do for your son (which is amazing!) I also get to admire my mom a lot more!

  4. This is brilliant! We have added Croatia to our destination list when in Europe next year & will have 2 kids under 4. Any recommendations for kid friendly cruises or tours? 😉

  5. My kids loved Croatia and it was their favourite country on our recent European holiday. They cant speak Croatian so I acted as the interpreter when they met Croatian children at parks and playgrounds. My kids are fussy eaters but we always found something for them, whether it was pizza, calamari or “pomme frites”. I agree re: toddler seats for rental cars. I booked our car (and toddler seat) months in advance but they failed to provide one so Id recommend double checking with the rental company before arrival.

  6. They may not have the high chairs & kids menus but our experience was that they were so happy to see our kids! We were often made to feel like family. Kids would occasionally get a treat “on the house”…ice cream, pudding, a sea shell, the chance to feed the fish in the aquarium. Everyone is so welcoming!

  7. Hi SJ!


    I really want to visit Croatia with my kids this year, and your blog just made me more brave. Our idea is to spent 24 days between Slovenia and Croatia. And we don´t know when is the best time to go. Our options are:

    – Going in June: My older girl would be 28 months and the youngest 7 months
    – Going in september:My older girl would be 31 months and the youngest 10 months

    What do you think it is best?

    Best Rergards,

    1. Hi there! Those two months are both great, and much the same in terms of the number of tourists. I would say that in September the sea water is warmer, and you are far more likely to get to swim. In June the water can still be too cool for the little ones, especially up north closer to Slovenia. Here are some ideas to get you started with planning your family fun. If you have any other questions, just ask and I’d be happy to help out.

      1. Thanks SJ for the help!

        I think I will go on september, my youngest will be older and this might be better for the trip.

        If you don´t mind, can you help me with the itinerary? I thought starting in Ljubljana, then bled, then we will be going to Plivitice. I think the drive from bled to Plivitice is too long, so maybe I will spend a couple of nights in Opatija. Do you think this is a good choice? Maybe there is another place to stop?

        Also I am having difficulties for finding accomodation in Hvar and Dubrovinik. Because we will with a hired car. Do you know a good place to stay around 150 euros a night?

        Best Regards,

  8. Great post!! For me one of the main things is also being welcomed in a restaurant. Our little one started eating (baby-led weaning) four months ago and everything is a mess after each meal, so being in a place where this isn’t a problem is important 🙂

  9. Another fantastic and really helpful blog post SJ. Been a busy summer so just getting some time to catch up some blog posts now! Keep the useful information coming 🙂

  10. Great post, glad I came upon your blog. My father travels to Croatia every summer and I had contemplated taking the kids. Although I wasn’t sure if they would enjoy – now I know they will, thank you! Cheers Monique

  11. Great post! I agree that it is family friendly considering we’ve been taking our son there almost yearly since he was born to visit grandparents and will now take our newborn baby. Although we have the luxuries of staying with relatives, there is still plenty for children to do. At first my son missed sandy beaches, but once he realized how calm and swimmable the water is he liked it better than american costal beaches with strong waves. He also enjoyed a petting farm near dubrovnik, ice skating at a near by hotel during the winter time and just being out and about in new places! I do wish there were more kid friendly museums and drivers are crazy! Every time we rode in the car i was worried for my family’s safety! Also, we had a bad experience when my son got sick with the stomach flu. We were told to go to a specific emergency center for tourist located at the airport, but when we got there they sent us to a pediatrician’s office 25 minutes away. Once we got there and waited to be seen, the pediatrician wanted to send him back to the airport to be seen! My mother-in-law begged the doctor to let us stay. The doctor obliged but not so nicely. So make sure you know exactly where to take your sick child and also have all meds your child might need. We live in USA and many meds I would’ve liked to have, croatian pharmacies did not carry.

  12. From how you’ve described Croatia, it does indeed sound family friendly to me. I’m glad that they have a welcoming attitude towards kids even if they do not have the abundance of amenities that families from America and Australia have come to expect. Your blog has made Croatia seems like such beautiful place from the historical sites in the big cities to the gorgeous nature experiences. I’d really love to visit there with the kids some day. Thank you so much for linking to me.

  13. It’s definitely about the attitude. The child-friendly conveniences are most necessary when nobody’s willing to help you out. If the community is tolerant and welcoming of all ages you can easily fudge along.

    That said, I do like it when you can drink straight from the tap (kids are not good at hygiene). Not a deal-breaker, but I worry less.

    Also! I don’t want to sound like a boostapak fangirl, but that’s our go-to for makeshift high chairs. (It’s also our car seat once they’re old enough for a booster – but we should have bought it earlier for our eldest to use in restaurants etc.)

  14. I took my 2 boys to Croatia last year on a long road trip that also included Montenegro and Bosnia. They were 8 and 13 at the time and I can wholeheartedly say that these 3 countries were completely child/family friendly. I find southern Europe in general to be much more tolerant/welcoming to kids than many parts of the world and I’m basing this on a fair amount of travel: my now 14 year old has been to 26 countries and now 9 year old, 21.

  15. Such a helpful post SJ!

    I have a little daughter myself (shes only 1 and a half). So I’ll keep this in mind if we ever do decide to do the Croatian tours in the future (which I think we will be!)

    Always a pleasure. Take care,


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