Things To Do In Zagreb, Croatia For Families, Singles & Couples

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Things To Do In Zagreb, Croatia For Families, Singles & Couples

Despite being Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb is often overlooked as a destination in its own right. Yet this city has remained at the forefront of history and culture in Croatia since medieval times. There is always something happening in Zagreb. Visitors will undoubtedly find enough places to visit in Zagreb to keep them busy, ranging from elegant restaurants to fascinating museums.

We head to Zagreb several times a year, including for the Advent in Zagreb festivities that take place each Christmas. Ever since moving to Croatia, we’ve noticed how the city gets more fun each year. Over the years, we’ve discovered so many cool places in Zagreb!

This list of what to do in Zagreb is by no means an exhaustive overview, as there is just too much to type up. Zagreb is unlike other European capital cities in that it’s not over-crowded or polluted.

Things To Do In Zagreb View

In Zagreb, you just can’t get lost. There are signs on every corner, leading the way to all of the biggest Zagreb attractions. Zagreb is like all famous European cities, in that it has museums, galleries and churches, and other landmarks to visit.

Croatia’s capital is flat and compact, which makes walking about (even while pushing a stroller) super easy. Be sure to pack good travel shoes.


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Our Suggestions For What To Do In Zagreb

Things To Do In Zagreb Card

What to see in Zagreb depends entirely on your own taste, interests, and preferences. That said, though, there are plenty of things to see in Zagreb, regardless of what you’re after. To give you an idea, we have compiled a list of the greatest Zagreb tourist attractions, which has something for everyone.

Additionally, if you have time, consider going on a fun day trip from Zagreb; there are plenty.

First things first, though, head to the Tourist Information Centre (Trg Bana J. Jelačića 11) and buy a 24 or 72 hour Zagreb Card. This bad-boy gives you significant savings to many things on this list – including public transport. This is always one of the first Zagreb travel tips we share with first-time visitors!

So now, let’s check out what to see and do in Zagreb, Croatia’s vibrant, beautiful and historic capital.

Zagreb Funicular

Things To Do In Zagreb FUNICULAR

Start here; it’s within an easy walk of all the tram and bus stops. As with most funiculars, it’s nothing special to look at, but it has been in operation since 1893 and makes for a quick and easy trip to the top.

It costs just  0.5 euro and takes you to the Upper Town, the location of the historic district and one of the main places of interest in Zagreb for tourists.

Even if you skip the funicular ride and walk up, which will take you past some shops and coffee bars, you’re in for a treat if you decide to stop by one of those. With a top-notch view overlooking the lower city, this vantage point is one of the best views in Zagreb. Once there, you can see many museums, galleries and the like.

No matter how you get to the top, just be sure not to miss out on three of the best highlights of Zagreb, which are located in upper town: the Museum of Broken Relationships, Saint Mark’s Church, and the daily (noon) canon shot from Lotrščak Tower (more on them below)

Catch A Ballet At The Croatian National Theatre

What to do in Zagreb for culture, you ask? We recommend anyone looking for a cultural experience to visit the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. Admire the absurd architecture, design, and interior of this striking building. The ballet and opera performances are two high-quality productions worth seeing.

Next to the entrance to the theater is the famous Mestrovic work of art, Well of Life.

360° Zagreb Eye Observation Deck

Located on Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb on the 16th floor of a Zagreb High-Rise on Ilica 1a, the 360° – Zagreb Eye Observation Deck offers a spectacular view of Ban Jelačić Square, Manduševac fountain, Kaptol, Gradec, Upper and Lower Town, and the most important cultural and historic structures in Zagreb, including its squares, streets, and parks.

Things To Do In Zagreb Trams

Oh yeah, and on a clear day, you can see as far east as Moslavačko Gorje and west to Žumberak, and some say Slovenia.

While there, you can grab a drink at the bar, kick back on the sofa and soak up the views for as long as you wish. This is a must-do in Zagreb with kids; they’ll love this!

Take A Free Walking Tour Of The Upper Town

Things To Do In Zagreb Magnets

Love walking and looking for free things to do in Zagreb? As well as a street art tour (see below for details), you can also take a free walking tour that covers the city’s history and some cultural tidbits. Downtown is excellent and where most tourists hang out, but Upper Town may have even more to offer visitors and is, at least, equally beautiful.

You will learn a lot about Zagreb, so it would be a good thing to do the tour on one of the first mornings/afternoons in the city so that you are well-acquainted for the rest of your trip.

Although these tours are free, the guides make a living based on the tips you give them after the tour is done (based on what you think the journey was worth). It would be great to kindly leave them some money to keep the tours under operation.

Tkalčićeva Street

Don’t ask me to pronounce it. Out of all of the things to do in Zagreb, this one I just can’t wrap my tongue around. Just head there and enjoy a meal or coffee from the numerous places to eat and drink.

Be sure to wander along Tkalčićeva Street after dark. All the shops are lit up at night, and the street has a very romantic feel about it.

Museum Of Broken Relationships

Things to do in Zagreb: museum of broken relationships - #Croatia Chasing the Donkey

The contents of the museum are just as intriguing as the name suggests. Set in Zagreb’s historic Upper Town, the Museum of Broken Relationships is a place you must visit when in Zagreb.

Rather than being some bitter and twisted take on relationships, each piece has a little story of a real person who donated the item and what it meant to them. As you walk from article to item, you feel connected to the person and their feelings of loss and loneliness or relief. The descriptions were written by the person to whom the piece belonged, as opposed to a museum curator.

Yes, a museum that is dedicated to those trinkets people kept that reminds them of broken relationships. Allow about an hour to see this award-winning, small yet fascinating museum.

Once you have seen the exhibition, you can enjoy a coffee in the cafe and browse the gift shop. Overall an exceptional place to see and one of the many sights to see in Zagreb that are family-friendly.

Things To Do In Zagreb Walk

Other Zagreb Museums


Did you say you like museums? Good, Zagreb has plenty of them! I won’t list them all in this Zagreb travel blog, simply because there are just so many, but here are a few recommendations to get you started:

Tehnički Muzej

Do be sure to take kids to the Tehnički muzej. The Technical Museum was established in 1954, exhibiting numerous historic aircraft, cars, machinery, and equipment.

The Museum Of Illusions

The Museum of Illusions is another excellent place for kids and adults alike. Watch water flow uphill, climb onto the ceiling, see your friends shrink right in front of you…It’s a museum entirely dedicated to optical illusions, puzzles, brain busters, and more.

Torture Museum

For a more adult-appropriate museum trip, the new Torture Museum offers guests an up-close experience with instruments of torture that have been used throughout human civilization, including the chance to touch a guillotine and be locked in a replica of a dungeon.

Zagreb City Museum

Zagreb City Museum, modernized in the last few years, has loads of fascinating historical, cultural, archaeological, and artistic exhibitions that give visitors an excellent overview of Zagreb’s rich history.

Mimara Museum

Art lovers might want to check out the Mimara Museum at Roosevelt Square. Housed in a vast 18th-century building, it exhibits a wide variety of European art and artifacts spanning several centuries.

Museum Of Arts And Crafts Zagreb

A similar museum to the one above, the Museum of Arts and Crafts Zagreb showcases European arts and crafts from the 1300s until the present, from paintings to silverware. The building itself, a gorgeous Renaissance structure, is a beautiful sight in itself.

Museums With Free Admittance

Ask your hotel or host about the museums that don’t cost anything in Zagreb. For example, check out museums with free admittance like the Mushroom Center, the Bank Museum, or the Psychiatry Museum. There are free museums all over the city, all you have to do is find them.

Exhibition Halls

There are also several exhibition halls for famous people – writers, architects, Nobel Prize winners, and great chemists. Rarely is there a tourist who knows about these special places. That is what can make Zagreb feel so special. There seem to be secrets inside every door. Though sometimes the exhibitions are open only a few hours a week, which makes them even more exclusive – so again, ask your hotel for what they know is open. Visiting them can turn into a real treasure hunt.

St. Mark’s Church

Advent In Zagreb Christmas_St Marks In Winter

We’ve had the pleasure of visiting countless churches across Europe, so I’ll be honest and say that this church lacks the big “wow” factors on the inside that more famous churches do. However, it does have one distinguishing feature. What a roof!

Croatians are known to be patriotic, and the roof of St. Mark’s is a testament to that fact. With the White Castle (Zagreb’s Coat of Arms) and the national red, white and blue tiles emblazoned on the roof for all to see, it’s the reason I’ve included this as one of the absolute best sights in Zagreb.

Ban Jelačić Square

Things To Do In Zagreb - Ban Jelacic Square. Aerial view of the central square

Zagreb’s central square, Ban Jelačić Square, is the beating heart of the city and the center of the city’s pedestrian zone. One of the busiest and best places to visit in Zagreb, both for locals and visitors, it lies conveniently near the old districts of Gradec and Kaptol and the Dolac Markets.

Dating from the 1600s, this historic square is lined with gorgeous architecture and is the setting of many annual events, most notably the atmospheric Christmas markets in December.

Grič Tunnel

An unexpected attraction in the heart of Zagreb, the Grič Tunnel, is a pedestrian tunnel underneath the historic Grič (also known as Gornji Grad) neighborhood.

Constructed in 1943 as a bomb shelter and underground promenade, it consists of two passageways, leading respectively to Stjepan Radić Street in the east and Mesnička Street in the west, and a central hall as well as six exits. You can walk through this underrated and perhaps unknown feature of the city.

You also do not have to walk the entire length; you can take several exits to get to various parts of the city.

Dolac Markets: Fruit, Vegetables, And Other Tasty Treats

Things to do in Zagreb: Kumica Dolac Markets Zagreb - Chasing the Donkey

I wanted to make this the number one item, but that would have just been so predictable of me. Right? Nevertheless, Zagreb has a fabulous 80-year-old market called the “Dolac Markets.” You’ll find the markets located beside Trg Bana Jelačić Square.

The markets are easy to spot. Keep your eyes peeled for “Kumica” atop the stairs at the entrance into Dolac. Once you see this peasant lady with her basket on her head, the open space will be filled with rows and rows of red umbrellas. Then you’ll know you’ve arrived.

The Dolac Market consists of an enormous traditional-style outdoor area of vendors selling fruit, vegetables, beans, and some cheeses. Furthermore, underneath, you’ll be amazed at the covered space where you can buy meat, bread, cheeses, and so much more. A big highlight for us in Zagreb is always the rows and rows of little piggy’s hanging up in the butchers’ windows. Our kids love it.

Almost every town in Croatia has its form of an outdoor farmers-style market; we visit our own in Zadar often. Oh, how I wish we had one like this. It’s spectacular.

My advice is if you love food, book accommodation in Zagreb where you can prepare meals.

Things to do in Zagreb: Zagreb Dolac Markets - Chasing the Donkey

The market scene in Zagreb is terrific, with so much variety. The Dolac market in Zagreb is the perfect way to eat like a local during your vacay!

Simply put, if you’re looking for things to buy in Zagreb, whether it’s delicious food or a fun souvenir, you can find them here. As far as Zagreb’s top attractions go, this is easily one of my favorites.

Lotrščak Tower

Things To Do In Zagreb Tower
Each day At noon, A Canon Fires From Here

If your dream job is to fire a cannon every day at noon, Zagreb is where you need to be. The only problem is… that job is already taken. And the person who does it seems to really enjoy it. There is a cannon blast at Lotrščak Tower every day, precisely at noon, so be startled when you hear a loud bang.

Just saying!

You can also climb the tower for incredible panoramic views over the city.

Take A Free Street Art Tour

Things To Do In Zagreb Tesla

The street art scene in Zagreb is thriving and deserving of all the recent attention it is getting. It has one of the most beautiful cityscapes.

There are creatively decorated water pumps all over the city that you may run into during your visit. However, our favorite part is the plethora of murals covering the walls all over city buildings in both the city’s upper and downtown areas.

Zagreb opens up a whole world of art and alternative lifestyles, and it is no wonder young people all around the Balkans have flocked to this city to see what is going on. 

The best way to see all of these numerous installations of street art and make sure you don’t miss such a huge part of Zagreb culture is to join one of the free street art tours offered around the city. The tours leave from all different parts of the city, and, to be honest, we couldn’t tell you which area of the city is the most beautiful, but we really enjoyed the downtown tour. 

So, if you are trying to figure out what to see in Zagreb that’s unique and interesting, without costing anything at all, this is it! There isn’t a better thing you can do if you are looking to be inspired in Zagreb. The stories that go along with the street art pieces are more profound than you can imagine.

Pimp My Pump

Pimp My Pump Zagreb - Travel Croatia like a local

Of of the most famous street art initiatives around is Pimp My Pump. If you do not want to take the tour we mentioned above, you can be on the lookout for the old water pumps that can be found throughout the city. However, they used to be invisible; however, they now do not go unnoticed once made over by the Pimp, My Pump crew.


Sljeme Croatia - Winter in Croatia

You may also wonder what to do around Zagreb for physical activity and/or nature. If you want to enjoy some natural scenery, take a day trip and spend the day hiking up a mountain. Head up trail #12 for the best views. Or, you have 69 other trails to choose from, as well as eight cycling routes. 

Medvednica Mountain is a superb destination for an active vacation in Zagreb, just 30 kilometers away. This is a fantastic place for hiking in spring, while in winter, it’s a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding.

Take A Romantic Stroll In Zrinjevac

Advent In Zagreb Christmas_Advent In Zrinjevac

Zrinjevac is an exceptional idea for a walking date night in Zagreb. It is a very romantic atmosphere, ideal for quiet walks, picnics, and even dancing under the moonlight with various concerts and live music that takes place around the park in summer or during advent when the whole park is a-buzz!

No matter when you visit, Zrinjevac always has something to see. It’s undoubtedly one of the best places to go in Zagreb at night, easily.

Dental Tourism In Zagreb

Dental Tourism In Croatia_Poliklinika Bagatin_BOY_8369

Croatia is one of the best dental tourism locations, and Zagreb is home to one of the very best dental clinics in Europe. If you’ve ever considered dental implants, Croatia is a great place to get it done! Now, this may not be the first thought you have for your holiday, but check out my incredible dental implant experience and get ideas on how to spend your downtime here.

Cathedral Of Zagreb

One of the top sights in Zagreb, this impressive Roman Catholic cathedral is the tallest building in Croatia, and you can see the Cathedral spires from many locations in the city. The Zagreb Cathedral has a sculpture inside, created by Croatia’s famous Ivan Meštrović. I spotted it straight away; his style is so unique and is not like any other thing I have ever seen in a Catholic church.

There is a large-scale restoration project underway, but you can still enjoy a visit. There are examples of the pre-and post-restoration works to the left of the building, and the difference is beyond amazing.

Take A Refreshing Dip In Lake Jarun

Zagreb has so much green park space. As a matter of fact, it is one of the greenest capitals in Europe.

Though, if you can’t find your complete nature fix in town, you must only travel to the outskirts of the city center where you will find a beautiful artificial lake called Lake Jarun. Surrounded by a beautiful park, many locals come to enjoy themselves, mainly on the weekends.

It is a popular spot for small summer festivals featuring local artists and tailored to a more authentic Croatian atmosphere rather than commercial events.

Lake Jarun is an ideal place for walking, running, cycling, or simply relaxing on the beach, and it is only a few minutes away by tram from the center of Zagreb – a perfect excursion for a quiet day in the park.

Mirogoj Cemetery

Mirogoj cemetery monumental arcades panorama

Don’t be alarmed at the name. The Mirogoj Cemetery is nowhere near as creepy as it sounds and is really a very relaxing and sacred place. It’s more like a park, and on a beautiful day, you’ll find students sitting about reading and studying.

Shopping In Zagreb

Things To Do In Zagreb Plates

Zagreb shopping is not what you would expect for a capital city of Europe, although the shopping options and experience get better and better each year I visit Zagreb.  A store you can’t leave Zagreb without seeing is the famous tie shop Kravata Zagreb.

See A Movie

When I say movies, I’m not speaking about that occasion when Jackie Chan destroyed the entire Dolac market in his famous Armour of God car chase scene. I’m not even speaking of all those awarded movies that have been filmed in Zagreb, including Sophie’s Choice, Fiddler on the Roof, and Orson Welles’s The Trial.

I’m actually suggesting you should go to the movies when in Zagreb. Allow yourself a little break during your travels and visit an old-school cinema, like Europa, because they don’t make them like this anymore. Cinema Europa offers an excellent selection of non-commercial films that have also been nominated as winners of the Cannes and Sarajevo festivals.

If you’re fortunate, there’ll be a film screening in the summer cinema Tuskanac during your stay in Zagreb. That is a really unique experience, a cinema well hidden in the very city center. And best of all, in Croatia, we still use subtitles, no dubbing – so you’ll understand what is happening.

Take A Tram Ride

Things To Do In Zagreb Zet

Super cheap and so much fun for the kids. A simple tram ride can be both fun and a way to get from place to place for a few euro quickly.

Go On A Spooky Adventure

Go and meet Iva, who is a Zagreb local and the host of Secret Zagreb Walks. She does by far the best storytelling (scary) walking tours in Zagreb, which are inspired by the mysterious side of Zagreb. Find out more about her tours on her website.

Take The Kids To Prisavlje Park

Prisavlje Park is a unique park where most of the young adults from Zagreb spent their youth. On the Sava River banks, this is a great place to take the children, also an ideal spot to get a workout in on your holiday. Many people exercise around the park in the morning and in the afternoon.

Along the extensive walking paths, you will sometimes find small art galleries or displays from local artists and the ever-present hipster club, Sidro.

Amazinga Adventure Park

Croatia Travel Blog_Croatia For Kids_Amazinga

This indoor adventure park in Zagreb is a must for families who need to get some energy out. The park offers trampolines, go-karting, laser tag, a rope course, a climbing wall, arcade games, bumper cars, a virtual reality park and even a soft play area for smaller kids. Grab snacks or lunch at the restaurant on site and make a day of it. There’s something to enjoy for all ages at Amazinga!

Find All Of Ivan Mestrovic’s Art Around Zagreb

Ivan Mestrovic is arguably Croatia’s most famous artist – and most people won’t debate that. We have already mentioned that you can find some of his work in front of the National Theater.

If you are a fan of his work (or even if you have never heard of him), and you want to follow his work around Zagreb, you can spend a day hunting down his displays all over the city.

In Atelier Mestrovic, you can get a map of the location of his works in and around Zagreb. This will help you in your search.


Hunt Down Unique And Fun Places To Eat Or Drink In Zagreb

Things To Do In Zagreb Art Park

In recent years, Zagreb has changed. From an array of organic, gourmet burger bars to the graffiti-covered ‘art park’ to swanky and posh cafes, the city that was once voted Europe’s most boring capital has become a destination of its own.

Here are a few of Zagreb’s most exceptional bars and places for coffee.

Spend An Evening At Strossmayer Promenade

The Strossmayer Promenade is a beautiful place in the upper part of the city, overlooking the entirety of Zagreb.

It is located on the top of the hill, where Zagreb’s cable car reaches its peak destination.

In the summer months, the Summer Stross Festival takes place at Strossmayer. It is a very lively hang-out, especially on weekends during the summer, and filled with young people from all places in the world.

It is a great place to catch free music concerts organized by local bands every evening. In the past, there have been great jazz and Balkan music performances for all to enjoy.

In addition to the free music performances, there are art venues, theatrical performances, food stands, and enjoyable people to mingle over drinks in the long summer evenings.

Have A Drink At Program Bar

It’s a café and a well-thought-out bar. Very close to the main square and next to another popular local coffee joint, Booksa.

You can sit outside or inside under the abundance of natural light. The interior and atmosphere are almost as inspiring as the city itself. It is also a good place for digital nomads, with fast working WiFi and ambient background music that is easy to focus on.

Take A Coffee In The Unique Booksa

As mentioned earlier, Booksa is a low-key place that is known to locals as one of the better places to spend an afternoon. Any off-the-beaten-path article to Zagreb should include Booksa, which is a place encompassing everything you could need for a chilled afternoon, including a café, bookstore, and bar located just a few steps from the main square.

Not only that, but the joint will occasionally become a venue for unplugged musical performances as young people work and collaborate on projects. It is the perfect place to take in a slice of local life.

Art Park

Things To Do In Zagreb Colours

This small park in Zagreb’s center tucked away only a few steps from the cable car is an unusual project initiated by a group of local street artists.

In the past, the area received a bad reputation for being one with drug addicts. Still, today it is one of the most incredible places in the city to have a drink in the summer when it is full of people who go out, drink, and socialize until around midnight when the park closes, and the party moves to the nearby bars where things pick up and the night moves on.

The park is full of street art wherever you look, and every so often, you will notice a new installation that seemingly appeared overnight. You should not miss this unique place when you visit Zagreb.

Coffee At Cvjetni Trg (Flower Square)

This less popular square is named after a handful of florists who can be found all year round at their stands selling fresh blooming flowers. Come on Saturday morning, and you will see that it is a fabulous place for coffee and people watching on the terrace.

Flower Square is also home to a lineup of street performers, and it is not all that uncommon to witness tourists joining in on the singing and dancing. It is a great place to spend the morning full of joy and entertainment.

Sunshine Inn

Though the Sunshine Inn’s sign says, “Welcome back to the Sixties,” the interior feels more like it’s straddling the threshold of the 1970s and 1980s. Graced with a wall of small booths and an ever-present cloud of cigarette smoke, stepping into Sunshine Inn always reminds me of the kind of bar that’d been in a Springsteen song: Booze, billiards, regular Joes and Janes, and rock ‘n’ roll!

And while the aesthetic is more retro rock than classic rock, the sounds are just what the sign promises, the best hits of the 1960s (and the early 1970’s). 

Route 66

Route 66 feels as if it could be on Route 66. Housed in a squat building that looks more like it fell to earth than someone built it, Route 66 is the kind of place you might find on the edge of town in Eastern Oklahoma, Southern Arkansas, or better yet, a Louisiana bayou. There is nothing “cafe” about this place; it’s all bar.

Outside is a courtyard ringed by a wooden fence, filled with wooden picnic tables and large sawed-off logs to sit on. And even though you’re near the heart of Zagreb, a stone’s throw from the National University Library, and a quick walk to the central train station, it feels more as if you are in the countryside.

Route 66, at Paromlinska Cesta 47, lies on the edge of a large park near the intersection of Vukovarska and Hrvatske Bratske Zajednice (the street with the fountains on it). It’s open on weekdays from 10 am to 1 am and on the weekend from 4 pm to 1 am.

Best Restaurants In Zagreb

Frank & Otto

Things To Do In Zagreb Otto Frank

Head here to eat breakfast before starting your day – or for lunch (I recommend the tuna salad).  This is a small but pleasant bar & bistro located right in the city center of Zagreb.

Oxbo Bar & Grill

At OXBO Bar and Grill, you can enjoy a vast selection of wines, both domestic and international. Enjoy food or drinks here all day, as it’s both a bar and a restaurant. You are guaranteed the best steak in Zagreb at OXBO, plus you’ll get to try traditional Croatian dishes with a twist. We’ve raved on about how astonishing this restaurant is many times.

You won’t find anything like OXBO in Zagreb. It’s the first restaurant of its type, and although there are many tasty places to eat in Zagreb, you have to give the best steak place in town a try. Even if you don’t like steak, their menu has something for everyone.

I was surprised to learn that OXBO Bar and Grill imports the beef from a USA producer, who allows the cows to graze in huge pastures and are fed organic yellow corn. This makes for real quality beef, which in turn becomes magnificent steak. OXBO is on the list of Zagreb restaurants to revisit time and time again.  Read our full review here.


Located in the Esplanade Hotel, this is unquestionably Zagreb’s finest and most expensive place to eat. Dishes have a modern twist on traditional cuisine. Check the website

La Štruk

This small restaurant on Skalinska street specializes in one thing and one thing only: Štrukli. This traditional Croatian dish is one you have to try when you visit Zagreb, and this spot serves up a hot plate of it for a low price. Check the website

Dubravkin Put

Both a restaurant and a wine bar, Dubravkin Put, is a casual, warm, and inviting restaurant focusing on Mediterranean cuisine. Set in Tuškanac forest, which is only minutes from the city center, its terrace offers pleasing views of the surrounding natural scenery. Its contemporary interior makes it a great place for everything from family lunches to business dinners. The wine bar, located at the entrance, is a beautiful spot for a relaxed bite to eat and a glass of delicious wine. Check the website

Rubelj Grill

Rubelj Grill is the place locals go for a quick, inexpensive bite. Many branches are located around town, and grilled meats are the house specialty. Local dish to try here? The ćevapi. These grilled meat and onion sausages are delicious!

Things To Do In Zagreb Penalka

Stari Fijaker

Stari Fijaker offers high-quality local cuisine. Their claim to fame is authentic traditional culinary delicacies from the Zagreb-Zagorje region. One such local dish we recommend is štrukli. This fragile pastry is covered with a mixture of tangy cottage cheese, eggs, and sour cream and is tantalizing for your taste buds. Plus, if that is not enough, you can choose from a selection of loaves of bread at Stari Fijaker, all of which are homemade. Check the website

Restaurant Cuvee

Restaurant Cuvee is a small restaurant just ten minutes from the town center, with modern decor. You’ll find it on one of Zagreb’s nicest looking streets, which one of Zagreb’s main attractions all on its own: Tkalčičeva Street. This pedestrian zone has many great bars and restaurants like Cuvee. For us, the key to Restaurant Cuvee’s success are their staff. The waiters are extremely friendly and attentive. Their specialty is a beef tartare, made in front of your eyes!

Konoba Didov San

The Gornji Grad location of this restaurant is an excellent place to enjoy a mixture of Bosnian-Herzegovinian and Mediterranean cuisine at prices that aren’t too expensive. Some traditional dishes include uštipak (fried dough), house-made prosciutto, and brudet stew (this one has a frog in it!). Check the website

Pod Gričkim Topom

With a rustic charm, this restaurant located in Gornji Grad gives guests sweeping views of the city rooftops. It’s been described as “unpretentious cuisine” enjoy some delicious Dalmatian home-cooking. A healthy dose of seafood, a top selection of wine, and prices that won’t break the bank draw locals and visitors alike to this restaurant. Check the website.

La Bodega Cheese And Wine Bar

The tapas, wine, and service are all astounding, as well as the decor and atmosphere. They even have chargers for all types of mobiles in case you’re low on battery. Check the website


Previously voted as the best pizzeria in Zagreb, Vagabund is a place pizza lovers will certainly like. Its elaborate menu, warm atmosphere, and rock music attract various people, from locals to tourists, from musicians to professors, from doctors to bohemians. Check the website


Situated in the heart of Zagreb, Vinodol is a popular restaurant serving traditional continental and Mediterranean food. This classy establishment is a great spot for dining after a fun day exploring Zagreb. Its menu features conventional Croatian dishes prepared with a modern touch and fabulous daily menus with seasonal foods. Check the website

Bistro Apetit

Voted the best restaurant in Zagreb in 2018, Bistro Apetit is a superb restaurant by chef Marin Rendic, recommended by none other than Michelin. Its bright and cozy interior provides an incredible setting to indulge in unique culinary-artistic dishes. Food is prepared with ingredients from Zagreb’s Dolac. Dishes are mainly innovative and modern but with roots in Croatian tradition.

Vis A Vis – Gluten Free

Owned by the food company of the Vincek family, Vis à Vis is a fantastic cake and pastry shop with a patio in central Zagreb. It’s arguably the best place in the city for healthy desserts since they follow the latest nutrition trends. For example, all of their cakes and pastries are gluten-free, while only agave syrup, stevia, and brown sugar are used as sweeteners.

Moreover, there are also a dozen flavors of organic (soft-serve) ice cream, raw-food and vegan cakes, and dairy-free desserts. 

Top Zagreb Festivals

Things To Do In Zagreb Hidden Streets

Fantastic Zagreb Film Festival. This is fiction, science-fiction, horror, thriller, suspense, fantasy, animation festival, and the first open-air film festival in Zagreb. 

Špancirfest Festival. One of the best annual street festivals to check out while vacationing in Croatia is the Špancirfest festival. It takes place every year in the region of Varaždin, less than an hour from Zagreb. There are concerts, entertainment zones, shopping kiosks, and eateries. It also showcases street performers, musicians, and all kinds of artists that line the streets to perform. 

Zagreb Film Festival. The latest and most exciting debutant films of more than one hundred films from all over the world. The festival takes place in several locations, including Europa, Tuškanac, and MSU Cinemas. For a week, Croatia’s central puppet theater turns into an attractive movie theater, offering the best documentary films from all around the world. The main program provides feature-length and short fiction films and documentaries. 

Accommodation In Zagreb

Travelers making their way to Zagreb will need a place to rest, so here is a list of some of the best places to stay in Zagreb. There are lots of Zagreb hotels for all budgets, including many last-minute accommodation choices.

Just make sure not to wait too long if you want the best rates. Note that the hotels in Zagreb are not in the main square but are an easy walk to it.

We like to stay in hotels when visiting big cities on short breaks, and our two top picks are the DoubleTree Hilton or the Hotel Esplanade. Both are 5-star hotels and are within walking or short tram rides from all of these things to do in Zagreb. No matter what you plan to do in Zagreb, these hotels are all well-located options.

Things To Do In Zagreb Egg

If you are traveling to Zagreb with kids in tow or just like more space, how about renting an apartment? Find vacation rentals through places like, or you can take a more personal route and use a guesthouse. Hosts are helpful and will give you local info, like where to eat, what to do in Zagreb, places to visit, and so on. 

Zagreb To Dubrovnik

After you have explored Zagreb, we guess you’ll be heading to the Dalmatian Coast. Aren’t we right? Most people ask about getting from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, and this is how you can do it.

Rent A Car Zagreb Search


So, tell us, what are the top things to see in Zagreb you’ll check out first?


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  1. Hi SJ!

    I really love your guide. I am from Zagreb and I can approve all the locations and restaurants you mentioned. I would add popular flea market Hrelic, located in Jakusevac – . It is one of the biggest in this part of Europe and attracts many visitors and sellers. As for restaurants I would add Batak Grill, meaning “drumstick grill” if you prefer chicken. Keep up wit the good work, I like to read your travel recommendations.

  2. Zagreb is amazing. I definitely need to go there again after I discovered Zagreb as THE Vintage & second Hand shopping City in Europe – probably after Berlin 😉 But I lost myself in-between all this beautiful little shops. Next time I need to do shopping + sightseeing so I should stay longer than just 1,5 days.

    Great city.


  3. There are many national parks and much natural beauty over here .What a fascinating place! I had no idea there were so many cool things in this region of Europe.
    Awesome post with photos.

  4. Hi there!
    I am researching Croatia for a trip in a couple weeks and love your blog! The hub and I are doing 2 nights in Hvar, 4 days in Dubrovnik, and 2 full days in Zagreb. We’re hikers and wine drinkers…so I figured a day for Plitvice Lakes and a day (Sunday) for markets, museum, and maybe Plesivica? Any advice would be great (rent a car vs. buy a tour, skip one of these, etc.). We’re staying at Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb. Thanks so much!

  5. Hi SJ,

    cool hostel! Do you know the Swanky Mint Hostel in Zagreb as well? Big fan, you should say hi to them as well. It is also good for Families, I’d say:)
    Can’t wait to be back in Croatia, we have been last year, traveling the full coast and then headed over to Zagreb.
    You definitely live in a beautiful country!

    All the best,

    1. Ohhh cool, okay. I had seen it, but never knew anyone who stayed there- I always like to poll my family and friends if I have not been someplace myself before suggesting it. I’ll add it to the list. As you are the ‘hostel geek’ I’ll trust you. Wink. Happy travels buddy.

    1. Hi,
      I am planning for a solo trip to Croatia in August 2016. I see very few Indian travelers travelling there. How safe is this place for a Solo woman traveler from India?

      1. Totally safe!!!! Take a peek at these blog posts here from other solo female travelers. 😀

  6. A really wonderful post about my home town. 🙂 If you like museums, come and visit the Zagreb City Museum, it has a lovely permanent collection and an archaeological site in the basement. The Technical Museum is always a good idea to visit with kids, it offers a planetarium, a mine shaft tour, the Tesla inventions and much more. And last but not least, the Zagreb Zoo. 🙂 Not very big, but has many well kept animals in enclosures characteristic to their natural habitat, situated in the forest and among lakes of the romantic Maksimir park.

    1. I do love museums so thanks for these tips, especially one so good for the kids. We have since been to the Zoo and Maksimir Park, I should update this list. Thanks for stopping by Alex.

  7. Certainly you have to add Sljeme on the list. As the peak of Medvednica mountain it is great for active vacation in Zagreb. For a few winter days during Advent in Zagreb you can go sightskiing and after that for ski or snowborad just few kms away from city center or 30 mins by car.

  8. Nice one SJ!! If everything works out, Zagreb will be on my itinerary to my next trip to Croatia… which I hope to happen this year!
    Thank you very much for the recommendations! 😉
    Have an amazing week.

    1. You are so welcome!! Zagreb is small but vibrant. Great place to spend a few days before you rush off to the beach.

      1. Yes!! My husband went there once and he told me he wants to go back to spend more time, he found the city very cool. So next time, Zagreb will be included on out itinerary!
        Ps: I found out that the reply to my comments were going to my junk folder, that is why I didnt reply before. Now I changed that, so I am getting your messages on the right folder 😉 have a great week!

    1. I’d suggest the bus. There is a bus which picks you up outside the terminal and drops you in town. If you have a little budget you can also get a taxi, the price is around 200 kuna I believe (best to ask before you get in) and there are plenty to be found.

  9. This is some proper funicular. The one I took in Yalta (in Crimea) was like, a free-hanging bucket. Thank goodness I had a drink first!

  10. I’ve been lucky enough to live in Zagreb twice in the past 4 years, and it’s a fantastic place to live. Besides the places you mentioned, a few of my favorite places include:

    1. The National Theatre–it’s beautiful inside, it hosts a wide variety of performances very reasonably priced, and the musical performances I’ve been to included subtitles on English

    2. špica–on Saturday mornings, everyone in Zagreb meets up with friends at cafes at or near Cvjetni trg. If you can find a free table, it’s a wonderful time to sip coffee and people-watch. really, Zagreb has an amazing cafe scene any time of week.

    3. Zagreb Eye–for a few kuna you can take an elevator to the top of a tall building on the main square and get fantastic views of the city. You can walk around most of the outside of the building. Great nighttime views.

    4. I love just wandering the quiet cobbled streets of the upper town. It’s easy to imagine yourself transported back in time.

    5. Lotrščak Tower, at the top of the funicular–you can stand nearby and listen to the canon shoot at noon. Or you can pay a few kuna and climb to the top for great views.

    1. Ah perfect!!! Things I’ll add to my next trip to Zagreb and then update this post 🙂

  11. While in Zagreb, don’t forget to find all the planets. They are distributed around the city, done to scale, in terms of size and distance from the sun. It’s easy to find the sun, a large golden sphere near Ban Jelacic Square. On the building where we stayed (in the MAIN SQUARE APARTMENT) the planet Venus was located.

    Also, visit Verazdin, preferably not on a Public Holiday.

  12. Would add the Stone Gate to your list, their story is mentioned even in historic novels of August Senoa, whose statue is in Draskoviceva street. The gates which kind of connect Radiceva street (the one next to Tkalciceva) or the lower city with the upper city, they look as a mini shrine. The story behind it is amazing, you will find it on the internet. Virgin Mary is the patron saint or protector of the city. The locals and many visiting have come there to pray, cry, hope to get help from the patron. So throughout the years, they have given marble tiles which cover the walls there, and each tile has a special thanks engraved, as the people’s prayers have been answered, along with the signature of the one who is thanking. There are stories of surviving the war, loved one’s returning home safely, healings and much, much more. It is often overlooked, yet best to enjoy the atmosphere in silence. The energy there is amazing. There is a story behind literally each and every corner of both the upper and the lower city. One thing to note, all the parts of the center have hidden streets and passages there, which are amazing to walk through and you can find a peacefull oase of nature in the middle of it all. Near the St. Marcs church is the Croatian house of parliament and many similar, so you are most likely to see a politician or an official while there (unless visiting in Summer). Jelacic square has the well which supposedly to holds the story of how Zagreb got it’s name (Mandusevac), there are 4 candles there each Advent and people throw coins for luck. The clock is a legendary meeting place for all locals, they just say ”meet you near the clock”. Jelacic statue used to be pointed to Hungary, but the direction was changed when the 2 countries made peace (ater the fall of Austro-Hungary). Festivals of all kinds and stands of all kinds are a normal occurance on Jelacic square and the center part, many performances held there. Gradska kavana is considered one of the places to really have coffee the ”old Zagrebian” way. The legendary trams are a symbol of Zagreb, always blue and have a long history behind them. Upper town has the fort of Gric with an old cannon situated inside, the cannon goes off each day at noon precisely. While Dolac market is the most famous, Jarun, Tresnjevka, Kvatric and Britanac square offer the same with much more reasonable prices. Britanac is also an interesting part of the city. Hrelic is considered to be one of the most interesting flea markets around. Maksimir is a park with a lake (ducks and swans), children’s parks, amazing restaurants, there is a zoo, many jogg there, many treehuggers also. Cibona tower is considered to be a symbolic building, situated next to the hall of Drazen Petrovic and there is a statue of him there. For basketball lovers, caffee’s as the MVP or heja heja Cibosi which are in Cibona are a great catch. There is Ribnjak park near the cathedral, famous for the rock club often visited. Zagreb is very child friendly and there are children’s parks all over. There is a special park for kids in Prisavlje where many of todays young adult Zagrebians have spent their childhoods and take their children to play there. It’s near the embankment of the river Sava, where many run, walk or take their dogs for a walk. You will also find many art instalations there. The legendary ”underground” yet friendly club Sidro is there too. Lake Jarun and Bundek (park&lake) are also big for families with kids. Lake Jarun has an outdoor sporting facility of a kind. In spring, Botanicki vrt is where you can enjoy nature and just relax. It’s located near Glavni Kolodvor (the main train station) and a part of the Green Horseshoe, the nickname for all the connecting parks in Zagreb. Zrinjevac is a popular spot for romantic walks, walks with kids, picnics or reading in peace, dancing as live bands have concerts there often.. There is also a bar/club/coffee shop/restaurant for everyone, and no matter what it looks like, something is always open and there is always something happening. Sljeme (the peak of mountain Medvednica) is amazing for a walk around the woods, hiking experience or sporting events which are regularely held there. You can also get there by bus. The view is amazing, and you have to try the beans in one of the restaurants. While hiking, you will see the stream (creek?) which flows down through Vrapce, Mikulici and Crnomerec, going down even to Srednjaci neighbourhood. While at Medvednica you can visit the queens well, Veternica cave, old silver mines and many other historic locations which have stories behind them carried through generations, but unfortunately rarely given as tourist information. Medvednica got it’s name after bears which used to reside there, there aren’t any left though, so it’s safe to hike. The star (Gupceva zvijezda) also has an interesting story. The upper town neighbourhoods offer plenty in regards to how the city used to look, old gazeebo’s and antique benches, there are many small churches, buildings, stories which go unnoticed regularely. Mlinovi and Sestine (amazing church and parks), Mirogoj cemetary (beautiful and calm)… Would also advise to visit Tresnjevka and Knezija, the unknown neighbourhoods in the lower city with lovely and quiet parks ideal for a walk or if you want your kids to play in a calmer atmosphere (many parks). Park hrvatskog proljeca (the park of Croatian spring, I guess) is beautiful in spring time, blossoming cherry trees everywhere, there is literaly a house in the middle of the park and is usualy tourist free calm paradise. If you go to Vukovarska street, you will pass most of the city college’s there and see the National biblioteque, newly built fountains, and the Lisinski opera house which always has a program there. Suggesting you to see the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and to go to a ballet or opera show there, it is quality. The interior is also a must see, as well as the architecture. And there is the famous Mestrovic piece called the Well of life near the entrance. You can go for a kind of a scavenger hunt for the planets, an art instalation replicating the solar system. The Sun is in Bogoviceva, near Cvjetni trg and you can find instructions on how to find the rest. Cvjetni trg (Flower square) got it’s name after the flower stands which reside all year long, and is the place to be on a Saturday morning when all come out to have coffee and catch up. It is also a home to street performers, and it is not unusal to see people dancing to the music or singing along. Kino Europa (cinema Europa) has a great and up to date offer of non-commercial, art movies, Cannes and Sarajevo film festival winners, etc. Museums, art galleries and theaters are everywhere. The technical museum (very child friendly), Mimara museum (a popular place for skateboarders too), Klovicevi dvori, the Museum of contemporary art (Avenue Dubrovnik)…Theater Exit, childrens theater’s (Mala scena and Tresnja), Planet art…..One thing to remember, in the majority of the cases those are real pieces of art there, not just symbolic pieces. So when you walk past a lion statue, it’s really old and original. Most of historic sites are still in function and the buildings are used, lived in. So don’t let that fool you while visiting. In the centre you also have Dubravkin put which has some of the best hidden caffe’s around, you go through a small passage in Ilica. The unique souvenir are the hearts. The White Castle coat of arms holds the story of Zagreb being the friendly city for refugees wanting to build a life, it is called a friendly city with it’s doors always open. The main city infrastructure (which was renovated after the big quake in the 19th century) was built resembling a constellation…The best places to visit depend on what your interests are, it is a city which is never fully discovered by the locals either and has much much more to offer than just the center. It has a certain feel to it, intuitive, more a way of life than just a location, a mix of many cultures with a twist. Be sure to try strukli sa sirom, Zagrebian steak, visit Vincek, the traditional pastry shop. I could really write an essay on Zagreb, I love it so much.

    1. Really wonderful post as usual SJ, and I particularly love this comment (indeed, a mini essay!). We currently live in Kvarner on Otok KRK, and this weekend we will visit the city of Zagreb for the first time. I’m keeping all of these wonderful suggestions on hand for our first of many visits to Zagreb. Hvala!

    2. I have just found your wonderful blog of Zagreb. I am going to be there in June 2018 and would love to do all the markets that you mentioned! I was wondering if you could recommend a decent hostel? One that would put me close to all the sights in your post, March 2014. I will have about four days, and was planning to go directly to Geneva and stay there for those days, but after further research Geneva is not that interesting and VERY expensive. You have made a believer of me that I should stay in Zagreb and get to know the town. Are your Markets and other suggestions in your old post still relevant? Public transportation easy to figure out? I am single and will be traveling on my own in June.

      1. Zagreb is small so any of these would suit.
        Yeah all the info in still fine – we prob just are missing lots of fun new stuff. Happy travels.

  13. The problem with a lot of people who visit Zagreb is that they use it as a stop over and don’t invest time in researching the city. It is a great small city of approx. 1 mill people thus no its not Paris which has 14 million or three times the population of Croatia, but what it has is very beautiful. I have been to Croatia 5 times in last ten years and love the diversity of the country. From Austro Hungarian Zagreb, to Medieval Dubrovnik and the many other Venetian cities and towns on the coast all mixed in with Balkan/ Turkish/ Italian influence.
    Zagreb old town or upper town is very nice and it is not so much about the landmarks as it is the atmosphere, beautiful buildings, beautiful people and a great outdoor lifestyle. People out every night of the week. Tkalciceva Street is a 800m café strip which has to be one of the nicest café strips I have been to in Europe. Very quirky and warm feeling and very safe unlike the strip in Barcelona- there are no hecklers here. You could sit here all night. Then you have lower town which is Austro Hungarian built and has many beautiful parks/ buildings and museums and shopping streets etc .
    But the one thing that many people don’t do here because of the lack of research and using the city as transit point is visit great places beyond the city core. The old cemetery is amazing and one of the best in Europe. Then the gothic quarter of Samobor is on the outskirts – very picturesque little town. The Maksimir Park which has a zoo is also greats as is Sljeme mountains which host skiing events and also has a cable car through the lush forest home to bears and wolves ets.
    Just outside the city is also great countryside with great castles like Trakostan Castle or veliki Tabor. You can also do day trips to visit birthplace of two individuals noted in the 100 most influential people of the last century. Tesla(the inventor of electricity) or Tito (the Yugoslav leader) prominent for his roles in WWII. Also within an hour and half of the city are beautiful Slunj and Plitvice lakes(UNESCO), and the town which has been voted the prettiest in Croatia in Varazdin (yes ahead of DUBROVNIK) which has one of the greatest remaining Gothic remains in Europe. Oh and for the young ones there is the Yarun lake- great sporting surrounds during the day and at night abuzz with nightlife. In all a great city of 1 million.

    1. Thanks so much, you’ve actually given me an idea for a new post. ‘day trips from Zagreb’. You are very true that people rush off far too quickly, but I wonder if that is why the town is so wonderful 😉

  14. The museum of broken relationships is an interesting idea. At first thought it sounds like a something a bunch of jilted lovers put together, but reading the description, it sounds as though there are more emotions on display than just pure anger. Cool idea 🙂

    1. Yeah thats true, but it’s so not about anger. You can read the despair and sometimes relief in the notes about each item.

  15. Going to Zagreb soon, so some places to hit. I’ve heard of the Broken Hearts Museum before…gotta go.

  16. I don’t know that our travels will ever take us here, but it was neat getting a glimpse! The museum is great! I could definitely see that on my list.
    Stopping in from SITS!

  17. We spent Thanksgiving in Zagreb in 2012, and really appreciated the markets there. We were able to find all the ingredients we needed to make an American-style turkey dinner in our rental kitchen, even the cranberries! The Museum of Broken Relationships was really moving. Such emotion on display! I would add to your list a visit to the world class Contemporary Art Museum across the river. We enjoyed seeing more of the city by taking the tram there. Don’t miss the slide from the top floor to the ground floor!

    1. Oh thanks for those tips, we will def go back. Although I am not so sure about glass any my toddler… hmmmmm 😉

  18. I’ve only spent a couple of days in Zagreb (came in the summer about 10 yrs ago, headed to the coast) – the pictures in your post will help me sell my wife on a trip to the Balkans.

    1. Oh yes, you can show her the market photos and she simply can’t deny you, After all you just promise her an amazing meal…

  19. I’ve never been to Croatia, but when I go (when, not if! 😉 ), I will definitely stop by Zagreb! And I would have to visit the Museum of Broken Relationships! Very original!!

    1. You should, I’ve been to a gazillion museums there is nothing a strange as I have ever seen. And do not forget to have coffee and Kremsnite while you are there!

  20. Oooo those piggies made me squirm! But the veggies looked delicious 🙂 And what a quirky museum about breakups – love that. Too bad we won’t have time for Zagreb on our trip.

  21. I’ve never actually been on a funicular – they’re not really big in the US ( I think a couple cities in California might have one) or Canada. Though I did see one in Montreal. It looks fun!

    I think I would get totally over invested in the Museum of Broken Relationships – every exhibit could be like a mini soap opera.

  22. Wow! Looks like Zagreb is another city I’ll have to my must-visit list. The Dolac market looks great.

    1. Yup, add it to your list. And you can also add some coffee and Kremsnite while you are at it.

  23. What a beautiful city! Love the variety of things for everyone here. I can spend hours at that market. Interesting how the cathedral is the tallest structure. Thanks for this great tour of a city I’d love to see someday.

    1. Ohhh Mary if it was not raining, and we had a place to cook. I’d have purchased one of everything!

  24. I love visiting cathedrals and old churches, but the Coat of Arms on St. Mark’s church interests me that much more! Coupled with a good stroll through a market, and you can call me a happy camper. =)

    1. And just close to the church is a great little place to buy the wee man a wooden toy. I missed that in my post. So it’s tip just for you.

  25. sounds like an interesting city to visit. I have read about the Museum of Broken relationships in many blogs and everybody seem to like it, what an unusual concept

    1. Yeah, you just have to stop in, because it is so unusual. Then you have coffee so either way it’s a win, win.

  26. I’m glad you loved Zagreb as much as I did, I was so surprised by the city since lots of people have told me it’s supposedly kind of boring. Too bad I missed that museum, definitely a reason to visit again in the future.

    1. Boring? No way man, maybe compared to Paris or something. But it’s Croatia not France. Big shame you missed the museum, what did you see that I didn’t? I’m going back in the Spring I think,

  27. Okay you have now totally sold me on the fact that I need to visit Zagreb rather than just passing through the airport, it looks so pretty and I’m guessing most tourists never actually venture there if visiting Croatia; they just visit the Dalmatian coastline. xx

    1. Wonderful! I am sure the town will love to see you. The coast is amazing, but the city has something to temp you too 🙂

  28. Zagreb looks and sounds totally fascinating… I really really want to come and visit thanks to you! 😀

  29. You had me (and most people) at Museum of Broken Relationships. Whenever I finally make it to Croatia, I’m adding a few items 🙂 Also love the Kumica statue, although the lady does remind me of a few of my aunts (I am born of village folk). Great post, as usual! Good luck!

    1. Yes, she is a fat old lady. One whom I guess had a few kids and never ran a marathon 🙂 Crap that’s almost me… gulp.

  30. lol I love the museum of broken relationships. I’m going to be chuckling about that for a long time to come!!! 🙂

  31. Looks like an awesome place to explore! Love your pictures of Zagreb Dolac Market!! Interesting how they display the pigs! Overall, another excellent post!

  32. I love the museum of broken relationships…what an interesting and original idea. I also love markets too! I’ve only been to Dubrovnik and so i can’t wait to explore more and more of Croatia. Great post as usual 🙂

  33. There really does look like there is a lot to do in Zagreb. This is one of those cities in Eastern Europe that I would like to visit and experience the uniqueness for myself. The market in particular looks amazing.

    Great post and an excellent advertisement for Zagreb!

  34. Ooh I love markets! That’s a lot of pigs hanging there.. also what is that vegetable? that’s on the right side, middle picture. Never seen that before!

    1. Ohh good pick up! When we asked the guy said he was a mix of the Broccoli and Cauliflower… I am still not sure if he was pulling my leg or not?!?

  35. Hahahahah what a weird museum. I would love to go. Also, the funicular photo is beautiful! I really had never considered going to Croatia before reading your blog (okay, I barely knew where it was), but now it’s definitely on my list.

    1. Nawww Syd, that makes me smile. Really big smile. Add it to your list for sure. Lots to see and do (and eat)

  36. All highlights listed. Done them all. Love Zagreb green market. Did you try corn bread that the old ladies sell in the bottom part of the market. Like a cake! Funicular ride, although it is not maybe spectacular, it’s still romantic to take that ride. I love it!

    1. No i did not BUT I saw the huge lines for it!! I want to go back in the Spring and eat it all!

  37. Great list of the must see attractions in Zagreb! We were there last September and although we only had one day we managed to make it through most of your list. We were really impressed with Zagreb and did not expect so many gorgeous buildings and large parks. One of our favorite things was just wandering down pretty looking streets, it’s pretty hard to get lost in the compact centre. Also the Museum of Broken Relationships is really quirky but also a lot of fun (and sad at times too). Safe travels!

    1. Yeah, I can see how you can do it all in one day. Such a little compact city, I should have mentioned the architecture – so many things I wanted to say, but the post was getting long. Yes, it was sad it a way you are right – how odd was some of those items – RANDOM!

  38. Having never been to Europe, reading your description of the capital city of Croatia makes me want to visit…at lease Croatia. The Museum of Broken Dreams – wow – didn’t see that one coming – all in all the town and time of year sound very interesting.

    1. Ohh no, if you are coming to Croatia, you can’t stop at just Zagreb, But if you can, def stop by that museum, it’s fascinating.

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