How To Tip In Croatia: A Guide To Tipping In Croatia

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How To Tip In Croatia: A Guide To Tipping In Croatia

When visiting any country in the world where tipping is much more common than anywhere else, it can be a drama when it comes to bill time; it’s awkward, to say the least!

Now, if you’re visiting Croatia, the good news is that there is not a big tipping etiquette. Generally, gratuities are not widely expected, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re not appreciated!

The best rule of thumb to use here is that if you feel you experienced outstanding service and staff who were friendly and attentive, then, by all means, go ahead and leave a few extra kunas.

It’s worth remembering that servers in restaurants and cafes don’t earn so much, and although they do not expect you to leave a tip, every little does help.

Croatian Kuna Currency
Kuna – Croatian Currency

So, you want to show your appreciation, but how much of a tip do you leave?

Again, it’s not carved in stone, which takes the pressure off a little. Tip whatever you feel is appropriate because the amount of tip you leave reflects how much you appreciated the service.

On the other hand, if service is sub-par or not to your liking, you’re not obliged to tip anything – I know I certainly don’t!

If you want a more general guideline regarding what to tip, check out this rough guide to help you through this murky and sometimes awkward subject.

Tipping in Croatia: Restaurants

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Restaurants do not have a hard and fast rule about tipping, which is entirely down to you. But I know you’re wondering as the most common question we get about tipping is ‘how much are you supposed to tip a waiter?’

If you want to leave a tip, you could simply round up the bill and tell them you don’t want the change, which will be very appreciated. In higher class restaurants, e.g., fine dining, the most common amount is to leave 10% – 15% of the bill total as a tip if you feel the server deserved it.

If you’re paying by card, you probably won’t find the facility to leave a tip this way, so you would have to leave cash on the table instead.

In larger restaurants, a note to pay attention to is that there isn’t already a ‘service charge’ that’s been added to your bill.

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What to Tip in Croatia: Bars & Cafes


Again, there are no rules here, but if you want to round up the bill, it will be appreciated. For instance, if coffee is 9 kunas, it’s nice to pay with a 10 kuna note and leave the 1 kuna as a tip.

How To Tip In Croatia: Cruise Ships

The general rule here is 20-40 kuna per day, per guest, but again there is no hard and fast rule, and it is up to you on the whole.

What to Tip in Croatia: Taxis

There is no rule in Croatia that you must leave a tip for taxi drivers, but that will be very appreciated if you want to round up the fare.

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What to Tip in Croatia: Hotel Porters

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There is always that awkward moment when a hotel porter has helped you carry your heavy bag up the stairs, and you’re not sure whether it’s okay to tip or not.

It’s nice to do so, and if you want to, then the general amount varies from 5 up to 20 Kuna per bag. If you are staying in a costly hotel, you might want to up the figure slightly.

How To Tip In Croatia: Hotel Maids

Your maid looks after you throughout your stay, so it’s always nice to leave a little something at the end of your stay if you want to say thank you. The general amount here is around 15 kunas for every night of your stay.

What to Tip in Croatia: Tour Guides

If you head off on tour and you feel that your guide helped make it memorable for you, you could give them a 10-15 kunas tip, and they will be very appreciative of it.

As you can see, Croatia is pretty laid back about tipping, making the whole subject much easier on guests! You don’t have to tip by any means, but it will always be greatly received if you want to show your appreciation.

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