Tipping In Montenegro: How To Tip In Montenegro Etiquette

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Are you headed to Montenegro? Then, you’ll need to know what to do when it comes to gratuities, as tipping is becoming more common across Europe and in Montenegrin culture.

You need to know if you should round the bill to the nearest euro, what is customary to tip, or when it is included in the price. This tipping in Montenegro guide covers hotels, restaurants, tours, and tipping taxi drivers in Montenegro. 

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In terms of landscapes, Montenegro is one of the world’s most spectacular countries. Its name literally means “Black Mountain,” It is a place of magnificent coastal hills, sandy beaches, rugged inland mountain ranges, deep canyons, and shimmering lakes.

Additionally, Montenegro also has vibrant coastal towns. The most well-known one is Budva, one of the Adriatic epicenters of luxury and beach travel. Its hospitable people make this one of the most enjoyable places to visit in southern Europe, especially if you’re after an off-the-beaten-track outdoor adventure.

It would help if you didn’t miss places like the Bay of Kotor, Durmitor National Park, Budva, Sveti Stefan, and Lake Skadar.

Official Currency Information

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The currency of Montenegro is the euro (EUR)

Denominations :Notes: 5 – 100 EUR. Coins: 1-2 EUR, 5-50 cents

Other currencies accepted: Good news here because Montenegro has the euro! However, that is no good if you’re traveling solely around the Balkans, as it’s one of only a few countries with this continent-wide currency!

Despite that, some places will accept other currencies, such as Dollars. Having low denominations of euros on you for rural areas and markets is a handy idea. However, you can change any larger denominations when you leave the country in most other Balkan states.

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Tipping Etiquette In Montenegro

Places To Visit In Montenegro - Tivat


The major tourist hotspots, such as Kotor Bay, are opening up to the idea of tipping. You will find much more tipping culture in Montenegro than in some other Balkans countries, but nowhere near the level of the United States.

Despite that, it’s not mandatory in Montenegro, and you’ll not be cursed if you decide not to do so! It depends on whether you feel you got excellent service, and if so, it’s a good rule of thumb to go up to 10% of the bill price as a good tip.

Tipping In Restaurants And Cafes

If you visit some of the larger restaurants in the main tourist resorts, perhaps a more upmarket choice, you may find that a service charge is placed on your bill. In this case, the tip has already been decided for you, and you don’t need to think about whether or not to leave one.

If no service fee is added, then a gratuity should be left based on the level of service you received. Up to 10% is good practice.

For how to tip at the coffee shop, it’s pretty much the same for all Balkan countries; leave the small change. For example, if your coffee is 1.90 euros, leave 2 euros. If you are traveling with a big party and order several coffees and drinks on one bill, leave 2-3 euros on the table or the tip jar.

If you decide to pay the tip on debit cards or credit cards, then you should know that the restaurant will keep the tip; if you’d like the server to take the money home, then you should leave a cash tip in the wallet your bill comes in. 

Tipping In Tour Guides In Montenegro

If you want to tip a tour guide for outstanding service, you tip about  5-10 percent of the total cost of the tour. However, tour guides don’t have expectations for tipping, and whatever you leave as a tip will be accepted with grace.

Tipping Your Taxi Driver In Montenegro

Tipping is not mandatory for Taxis, and they don’t require tips per se, but you can round up the fare to the nearest euro if you want to leave a small tip as a thank you. When it comes to tipping taxi drivers for luggage, I like to give them extra if they carry bags to the door or help my kids or something to show a gesture of appreciation.

Tipping Customs In Montenegro Hotels

Hotel staff in Montenegro, such as the housekeeping staff and the hotel porter, will always be very grateful for any tip you want to leave. How much you leave is really up to you as there is no hard and fast rule here. A euro for every day you stay is generally more than enough for the maids. I know people who will leave 2-3 euros a night, but I think that is too much unless you receive exceptional service somehow. 

If you have the porter assist you with your luggage, then consider tipping 1 euro per bag.

As a side note, do remember to carry small denominations of euros with you if you’re going to a small restaurant or cafe, as they won’t appreciate having to give you all their change!

Now you have read this tipping guide and have a good grasp of the local customs on where to leave a small or larger tip in Montengeto – happy travels!


Is tipping in Montenegro common practice?

Yes, tipping is customary and appreciated. While tipping in Montenegro is not mandatory, it’s a practice that is used to show appreciation for good service in restaurants, bars, and other service industry oriented establishments.

How much tip should I leave in restaurants or cafes?

It’s standard to leave a tip of around 10% of the bill in Montenegro restaurants and cafes if you’re satisfied with the service. However, the exact amount is entirely up to your discretion and how much you feel the service provided is worth.

What currency is used for gratuities in Montenegro?

The currency used in Montenegro is the Euro (EUR). Therefore, tips are usually given in euros, whether in cash or added to a card payment. It’s advisable to keep some small change or low-denomination notes handy for this purpose.

Is tipping taxi drivers customary in Montenegro?

Kind of. For a smooth taxi experience, you might round up the fare or leave an extra 2-3 euros, which is typically well received. You may tip more for longer journeys or excellent service.

Are there situations in Montenegro where tips are not expected?

In Montenegro, tips are generally appreciated for exceptional service, but there might be situations or establishments where tipping is not as customary. For example, tipping might not be expected in fast-food restaurants or some casual settings. However, offering a small token of appreciation is seldom unwelcome.

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